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I'm a "frugal" blogger ( with a new and completely modern take on how to shop, live and do better without sacrificing time, quality, style or nutrition-- I'm NOT a frumpy housewife, nor am I splitting toilet paper from 2-ply into 1-ply to save money. I'm a (relatively) hip mom who *loves* fashion at a (steep) discount and I save a TON of money on the things my family NEEDS, like food and toiletries, so I have the money to splurge on the things we WANT- like vacations, fashion, and a healthy savings account.

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  • What is your favorite Ebates merchant?: Depends on my mood-- but I'll say eBay-- because I love that you can buy just about anything from jewelry to a car to clothing and everything in between in ONE place-- and get cash back!
  • Your Name: Jodi Furman
  • What are your favorite blogs?:,
  • What are you currently reading?: Since I'm in the midst of writing my own book, I haven't had a chance to read as many books as I normally do-- I generally read a mix of 'chick lit' and crime thrillers-- and I'm a total magazine JUNKIE-- especially fashion, design and food magazines. I have binders filled with torn out pages of magazines-- especially recipes and organization/design ideas.
  • What is your favorite website other than Ebates?: Um, mine? :)
  • What products are on your "Wish List" right now?: Sadly, a minivan is the only thing on my wish list right now-- not particularly sexy or exciting, but a necessity with three kids and two large dogs.

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