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With the success of www.GroceryShopforFREE.com, my wife and I have launched www.GroceryShopforFREEatTheMart.com to help people save money at Walmart. We also run www.GroceryShopforFREEatKroger.com and www.GroceryShopforFREEatTarget.com is coming soon!

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  • What is your favorite Ebates merchant?: Walmart
  • Your Name: Aarn Farmer
  • What are your favorite blogs?: www.GroceryShopforFREE.com www.TechCrunch.com www.teampyro.blogspot.com
  • What are you currently reading?: The Bible, My kindle is full of books on church history and Theology and I am currently investing a lot of time in understanding Islam
  • What is your favorite website other than Ebates?: www.Walmart.com
  • What products are on your "Wish List" right now?: I need a new laptop!

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