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I'm a stay at home (working & homeschoolling) mom of 2. Although I teach couponing workshops, and have a frugal blog I'm not a couponing kind of girl. I've got ADHD, I'm unorganized and I hate math. At the same time, I love speaking hope into peoples finances and inspiring people to become purposeful givers. People always ask me 2 questions. Is my accent real and how tall I am. Yes, it's real I'm a sassy southern girl & I'm 6 foot tall.

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  • What is your favorite Ebates merchant?: Old Navy - I can order tall clothes!!
  • Your Name: Kasey N Trenum
  • What are your favorite blogs?: Right now, I've got issues with Pinterest. Everything else has taken a backseat.
  • What are you currently reading?: A Confident Heart - Renee' Swope James Bible Study - Beth Moore The Bible
  • What is your favorite website other than Ebates?: Pinterest
  • What products are on your "Wish List" right now?: Not really a product - I'm wishing for a massage right now!

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