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There are four things I love (and not necessarily in this order well maybe my husband is always first) my husband, cooking, gardening and my job. The first three came naturally to me but getting into affiliate marketing was a little more challenging. I've had many careers (the longest was being a meeting planner & traveling the world) but this is by far the most challenging. I came up in the days when it was sort of the "wild west". I had no idea what I was doing but neither did anyone else...so we learned together. And the biggest lesson was making the affiliate space an honest level playing field for all merchants and affiliates. Building win/win affiliate marketing partnerships is what it's all about. I strive to manage fair programs that benefit us all and contribute to our mutual success in a tough economy.

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  • What is your favorite Ebates merchant?: Designer Linens Outlet
  • Your Name: MissBobbie
  • What are your favorite blogs?: Ebates!
  • What are you currently reading?: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  • What is your favorite website other than Ebates?: Upromise
  • What products are on your "Wish List" right now?: it's just too long to list

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