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I love saving $ any way that I can. I raised two brothers after my mom passed away, and they are grown now pursuing their music career in Hollywood, CA and I'm still trying to figure out life haha-I guess you could say I'm living out the teen years that I missed out on. I will always be the Mom/Dad to them both and I am thankful they turned out to be awesome young men! I love music, the internet(slight addiction lol), spending time with friends/family, movies and I am currently about to enter the review/giveaway realm on my blog! I am also called a twitter monster alot because I LOVE twitter!:)

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  • What is your favorite Ebates merchant?: Target
  • Your Name: Joe's Place
  • What are your favorite blogs?: There are SO many that I enjoy but here are a couple: and MANY more..Will update soon..
  • What are you currently reading?: I really don't read that much, but I should lol
  • What is your favorite website other than Ebates?:
  • What products are on your "Wish List" right now?: a new laptop, preferrably a Mac:) Kitchen-Aid stand mixer new clothes(I have lost weight & need to update my wardrobe) a Kindle

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