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June 30, 2006

The moment has finally arrived! Welcome to the premier of The  Daily Cash Back, the official blog of Ebates. My name is Rebecca, and I'll be featuring the top  deals and savviest shopping tips on the web offered through Ebates! Be sure to come back often so you  can stay on top of the latest deals we have to offer!

The hottest thing right now is green. No, not the color of  your aunt’s avocado-hued fridge from the ‘60’s, but being a little more aware  of how your purchases impact workers and the environment. You may be thinking,  “Well, I’d sure love to buy those organic, fair-trade, free-range ,  solar-powered coffee beans from the Chilean mountains, but for $25 a pound? NO  THANKS.” Not so fast! You can still do your part to make Earth-friendly  purchases but keep plenty of green in your wallet.

For  instance, check out REI.com. They’re having a July 4th Sale and  Clearance on clothing, camping gear, footwear and more with markdowns at 25-30% off. If you haven’t gotten a membership to  REI, I recommend that you do so, pronto! Any Joe Schmo can get discounts during  the seasonal sale, but only REI members get hooked up with a nice fat refund  check at the end of the year. The more you spend, the bigger the refund- gotta  love those Bay Area consumer co-ops (businesses that are co-owned by the  customer). Top this off with 3% Cash Back from Ebates and you’ll have two Big  Fat Checks to look forward to! Be sure to take a look at their Organic Cotton  separates for men and women that’ll come in handy for yoga, summertime hikes  through Yosemite, or even just a walk around the block.

And  that fancy coffee I mentioned earlier? Start at Ebates (to get your Cash Back!)  and check out the shipping special for MotherNature.com. They’ve got several varieties  of fair trade, organic whole bean coffees by Green Mountain that are delicious!  Their Breakfast Blend has been getting great online reviews and would be  perfect for your first cup of the morning. Pick up some of their green-friendly  Divine Dark or Milk Chocolate as well and enjoy free shipping on the whole  order!


June 26, 2006

Independence Day. It’s a day when we, as Americans, can appreciate all our forefathers gave in the name of freedom and liberty. A day when we can hold our heads high, and take pride in what our nation stands for.

Let’s be honest- it’s also a day when we barbeque, shoot bottlerockets and drink pitchers of Sangria!

If you’re in the midst of planning a July 4th party like I am, don’t break the bank on planning the perfect Stars and Stripes bash. Granted, it’s already the 29th, but if you start ordering your party supplies now, you’ll be all ready for Tuesday afternoon!    Now,  some of us have already sent out the invitations, made the phone calls, but did  you first take a look at your grill? Maybe it’s a little rusty, or just plain old. Think of how impressed your pals will be if you have a shiny new grill on  which to roast those yummy, dripping ribs! Head on over to Ebates and then to  Kitchenetc.com for a great collection of grills and grill accessories in all  shapes and sizes- buy one that’s over $69 and it’s shipped for free!    

How about Target.com? Good ol'  Target has totally revamped its image in the past few years. It's become a downright classy joint, but their prices are still fair! Right now they're doing Free Shipping on over 10,000 items in the store! Here, you should buy BIG-  we all know it's the big things that add up fast in shipping charges. They've got free shipping on some great-looking barstools that would be perfect out on the patio or even for an indoor Independence Day soiree. Ebates will hook you up with 4% Cash Back on your Target purchases, which should make you feel a little more festive!   

If you want your barbecue to be really swank, why not Hail a Cab? Not the checkered kind! MyWinesDirect.com is doing Free Shipping on these great collections of wine- you get six bottles at a time (which, if your friends are like mine, you’ll finish long before the burgers have browned!). My favorite is the collection of Cabernet Sauvignons that’ll pair deliciously with ribs, chicken, steaks- really, any kind of meat you’ve tossed on the grill! And guess what? Ebates is giving 12% Cash Back! That’s certainly a reason to raise your glass.


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