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July 31, 2006

After careful analysis and critical examination, our Ebates Science Team has revealed that Ebates blog readers are PC-lovin', reality show hatin', iPod totin' suburban folk that love a medium-well done burger. Let's take a look at the results of our recent "Getting to Know You" survey:

Favorite Reality TV Show: Yikes! The audience has spoken! Apparently reality tv isn't de rigeur for the Ebates set these days. 51.1% of respondents selected "Other". Here is an excerpt of your comments:

  • "I hate reality shows"
  • "None"
  • "The Real World"
  • "They're all stupid!"
  • "I HATE reality tv shows!"
  • "The next food network star"
  • "I detest reality tv shows"      

Cell Phones: Ebates users have mixed feelings about the gadget we love to loathe. Most of you use 'em, but don't exactly love to hear  them ringing off the hook. Here are some of your comments about our  most conflicted convenience, the cell phone:

  • "Always on vibrate, never in restaurants"
  • "Only use it for WAP to check bus arrival
  • "Like mine, don't live for it, though"
  • "I leave it in my car in case I breakdown"
  • "A necessary evil."
  • "Hang up and DRIVE!"
  • pie chart cell phone


    How Do You Get Your Music?: Put  away your eyepatches, we've got hardly a pirate in the bunch! Most of  you like to get your music the old-fashioned way: with the radio, or CDs. I encourage you to check out iTunes if you haven't before used mp3's. It's really easy to organize your music, and you don't have to buy an entire album.

    tunes pie chart

    Mac vs. PC: A whopping 80% of you are PC users! Can't anyone else show a little love for the Mac? Anyone?... Bueller? Well, I suppose the remaining 20% of us can go play by ourselves- with iTunes and iSight and iChat, and, well- you get the idea.

    ben stein ferris bueller


    July 27, 2006

      I'd like to know who reads this thing! Why not take a moment to get better acquainted by filling out this very fun survey? Just click on the image.

    This survey poses only relevant questions, like, "What feelings do you have about cell phones ?" and "Do you like reality tv?".

    Come on, how well do you really know someone if you don't know how they like their burger?



    July 26, 2006

    Going back to your recent merchant recommendations, I know iTunes and Bloomingdale's were suggested by a couple readers- we do in fact have both of those  merchants. Bloomingdale's was just added last week and iTunes has been  here for a while, which is great news for us iPod junkies!

    Stores  such as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Victoria's Secret,  Anthropologie, Pier1 and Bath and Body Works unfortunately do not have  an affiliate marketing program, so we can't offer Cash Back for these stores. Zappos.com does have such a program, and we'd love to work with them, but for now, they choose not to go through Ebates.

    Our  goal, of course, is to always have as many popular stores on our site  as possible. In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret: In the very  near future, Ebates is adding two new stores: a popular hotel merchant  and a leading apparel store.

    (Hint: Where'd ya get them jeans?)

    Our team is always trying to add new stores that you love. And we've got some great ones! Looking for:
    restoration hardware glider chair

    • POTTERY BARN or CRATE AND BARREL ? Try Restoration Hardware.  If the look you want is sleek, espresso-stained tables or luxe bedding,  Restoration Hardware's got it. It's in a similar price range and even  has some more retro-style items like their popular Walton Lane  collection. Plus if you're a Six Feet Under fan *cough* you'll remember  the time that Keith was talking up Restoration Hardware to the social  worker in Season 5- but I digress. Moving on!target global bazaar vase
    • PIER1? Try Bombay Company or the Global Bazaar at Target.  If you're in the market for affordable furniture with a worldly flavor,  the Global Bazaar is the place to be! You can get pretty darn specific  with what style you're into: India Traditional, Asia Modern, European,  the list goes on!
    • VICTORIA'S SECRET? Try Frederick's of Hollywood or figleaves.  figleaves features many designers, ranging from Bali to LaPerla, so  you're sure to find something that suits your budget for the budoir.  Plus their site is so easy to navigate- it'll make shopping a breeze.
    • ANTHROPOLOGIE? Try Urban Outfitters, Bluefly, CoutureCandy or SmartBargains. The secret here is that the bread and butter of the  Anthropologie collection primarily consists of three brands (among a  few others): Free People, Rebecca Beeson and Ella Moss. Free People is  Anthropologie's wholesale line that you can find easily at Urban  Outfitters and SmartBargains. Rebecca and Ella can be found at  CoutureCandy and BlueFly. You'll likely find several pieces that are  being sold at Anthopologie or that have the 'Anthro' look.
    • BATH AND BODY WORKS? Try The Body Shop, ShopNBC or CosmeticMall.  As a former devotee of Bath and Body Works, I can understand why you'd  be wont to use their familiar lines and scents, but that's just because  you haven't tried Jaqua. Trust me, with body whip in scents like  Buttercream Frosting and Mint Chocolate, you won't be longing for your  old Vanilla Bean moisturizer. It's that good. You can find the Jaqua line at CosmeticMall or ShopNBC. (Really! I know the NBC part sounds weird- but they've got it!)


    July 25, 2006

    sur la table platesSur  La Table is known for their exquisite culinary gadgets that appeal to  the gourmand in all of us, even if that gourmand prefers to put Fritos in their Hand-Thrown Tuscan Pottery.

    For those of us that have filet mignon taste on a mac n' cheese budget, it's probably better to wait for the  sales to buy a twenty dollar ice cream scoop. Fortunately, that time is  here! I'm blown away by these discounts at the Sur La Table Summer Sale:

    Sur la Table also has other great items on sale, such as Wusthof knives and Anolon Aluminum cookware for $100 off the regular price! At these prices, you can have your foie gras and eat it, too!


    July 24, 2006

    Thanks to everyone who responded to last  Wednesday's blog with their new Ebates store recommendations- you all  made awesome suggestions! This blog is the way for YOU to voice your  opinions about Ebates, make suggestions and dish on your favorite  strategies for getting your money's worth!

    I've  included several of your suggestions below, but left out those that  echo each other too closely; Who knew you were such a Zappos, Pottery  Barn and J.Crew lovin' bunch?

    Come back soon to see what stores on Ebates offer similar merchandise!

    Brianne.M: J.Crew!  J.Crew! J.CREW!  Because I buy a lot of suits, and suit pants from other stores never fit me right!  I know you can do it!anthropologie dress

    rjpersonal: Ebates working with IKEA would be the best! Sooner the better, I say!
    pier1 chairrbragg: L.L. BEAN would be great to have on ebates

    IanSunrise:I would love it if ZAPPOS were a part of Ebates as well as SHOEBUY.COM! love those shoe stores!

    Amanda K.: I would love to see POTTERY BARN --  they participate in UPromise,so there's no good reason that they  shouldn't play nice with eBates! :) Y'all have done a FANTASTIC job of  bringing great stores online -- I almost cried when you added AnnTaylor.com and AnnTaylorLoft.com! :) Other wish list entries? CRATEANDBARREL.com; TIMELESSINVITATIONS.com; PIER1.com; itunes.com... reply: Thanks for your comment, Amanda! We in fact do have iTunes Music Store on Ebates! Great suggestions!-Rebecca

    jat252: AMAZON.com, because it has such a great selection of merchandise!

    madpotter: You MUST include BATH & BODY WORKS in your list of merchants! Their fragrances and other products are the  only ones I buy. They are exceptional, as I am sure other Ebates  members will agree with. I make many purchases at Bath & Body Works  online, and would definitely go through Ebates if I could. Please add them soon. Thank you. Judycoach tote

    Stevie: I would love to see ANTHROPOLOGIE, CB2, JCREW, and COACH.  I know that Coach is a long shot, but it would compel me to spend even  more money than I already do at these stores. I love EBATES!

    harry and david pearsKyndlewood: I would love to see HARRY AND DAVID (www.harryanddavid.com) I enjoy sending goodies to frineds and family  for occasions. What better way to make people happy then YUMMIE snacks  and treats!

    lisou21: Banana Republic was on my wish list for a long time, and it's here! Thanks for adding it! What about Bloomies? It's wedding season and my friends and I always spend a fortune there buying dresses. Reply: Lucky for you, Bloomingdale's was just added! Have fun!-Rebecca

    DelawareBelle: I think you should add VICTORIA'S SECRET to your line-up. I know several people that shop on their online store  and I believe that buyers would purchase more merchandise if they were  able to access the store through Ebates!

    Note: Some names have been modified for your privacy!


    July 21, 2006

    Note: Remember to keep sending in your recommendations for NEW EBATES STORES so I ca post them in a blog next week!helioplex neutrogena sunblock

    We  may be nearing the end of summer, but the sun is having no mercy on our  skin. No matter what hue you have, you risk sun damage when you step  outside unprotected. The two types of damaging sun rays are UVA and UVB. Neutrogena sums up the difference on their website:  

    "UVB  rays harm the skin's surface and are the primary cause of sunburn. UVA  rays are more penetrating– damaging collagen and elastin, which results  in signs of premature aging and may lead to skin cancer."

    The  buzz lately, according to our graphic designer here at Ebates, is that  most sunscreens protect you from only one type of ultraviolet ray at a  time, whereas a new ingredient called Helioplex does double duty, blocking out both the UVA and UVB, so your skin is thoroughly protected and your face won't look like this at age 80.

    Fortunately Ebates has several stores which are carrying this new wunder-elixir at a great price, including Skinstore.com and Drugstore.com. Skinstore gives a whopping 12% Cash Back through Ebates while Drugstore has a ton of Coupons and Discounts. Check them out and see which one works for you!


    July 20, 2006

    You guys have some great ideas for new Ebates stores! I've been getting lots of comments on yesterday's post. Your comments will be posted next week. so keep 'em coming!

    A rather urgent concern for many of you is that of J.Crew. It would be simply dreamy to have them on Ebates, but currently they do not have the option of giving Cash Back. The crisp summer linen, plush cashmere for autumn- oh, the agony.  The urgency I mentioned concerns the current Final Sale. They're taking  an additional 20% off sale items- imagine $118 blazers for less than  $49...yeah, it's that good.

    Fortunately, Ebates has other wonderful stores that will quell your want for well-crafted, classic attire: Banana Republic (currently with markdowns up to 60% off!), Nordstrom, and

    *drum roll please...*


    That's right, folks. The Big Brown Bag has just landed on Ebates.

    They've  got it all, from Lucky to Lacoste, so even though we don't have J.Crew  yet, rest assured that your preppy pinings will be sated.

    lacoste polo bloomingdale's

    Did anyone else hear a...pop?



    July 19, 2006

    So the saying goes. (Who said what? Clusters of- huh?!)

    It is your turn, gentle reader (yes, YOU!) to make a wish.  Not for a pet unicorn or a shiny new Schwinn, but for new merchants!

    Ebates has over 800 stores! There are lots of great ones  like American Eagle, iTunes, and Restoration Hardware, but haven’t you  ever longed for Cash Back on Pottery Barn linens or coupons for  mod accent chairs with names like “Snorg Lund” from IKEA? You know you have!


    1. Comment on this entry   

    2. Name a store you'd like to see added to Ebates

    3. Explain WHY it should be added to Ebates

    I will take the most compelling, heart-warming suggestions and post them in a new blog next week. Let's butter up the folks on the Sales team here at Ebates and tell them what stores you yearn for!   

    Personally,  I'm hoping for Anthropologie and Zappos. The way they take those  lovingly multi-faceted shots of a pair of wedges sends chills up myspine.

      red ikea chairjcrew sweaternintendo ds   

    Cash Back from  Ikea? Coupons for JCrew? Discounts at NewEgg? Tell us what you want.  


    July 18, 2006

    If you head over to the Coupons and Specials page on Ebates, you will find tons of great deals on travel from  Mazatlan to Minneapolis. It's hard to know where to begin! Considering  it's mid-July, lots of people already have their summer travel booked,  which makes it hard to use those "BOOK YOUR FLIGHT IN 10 MINUTES AND  IT'S FREE!!" specials.

    mexican beach vacation travelocityWell, maybe they're not that extreme, but a lot of them require some, er....last-minute planning. This may work for some, but for the rest of us with certain day-to-day obligations, a little advance notice would be helpful. Travelocity is giving $200 back when you book a vacation..The best part is that you can travel anytime  before January 7th, 2007! That's nearly 6 months to kick back and plan  your trip. How about some winter cliff-diving in La Quebrada? A little gelato di fragola for late August? You can travel to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean- there's lots of options.

    If you want to keep your vacation domestic, assuming you don't have a fear of mice , why not consider a family trip to Orlando? I've heard they have some great theme parks there. I promise you won't have to sit in a 1972 Ford Squire for 1,200 miles.

    Just book a vacation to Orlando through Travelocity, and you get $150 back! You can wait until October to take your vacation, or go now! These deals both expire in July, so be sure to book soon.

    Have any of you gotten a great vacation deal on Travelocity? They've always got lots of Coupons and Specials- post a comment and let's hear about it!

    family vacation travelocity

    P.S. Got a spare moment? Visit our Technorati Profile


    July 17, 2006

    Remember a few years back when the only affordable consumer-grade  digital cameras rarely exceeded 2 megapixels? And those screens so tiny  you had to wear reading glasses just to delete those never-should-have-happened auto-flash disasters?

    Digital  cameras have drastically improved in the last few years. They're  smaller, sleeker, and pack lots of megapixels . If you're still  shooting with less than 5 megapixels, I highly recommend upgrading to  something higher. You'll be able to take much bigger photos, which is  great when you want vivid, crisp prints.

    canon digital elph sd630 camera

    Good news is that you no longer  have to blow hundreds of extra bucks to get those pro-quality shots! Circuit City has marked down some of their top-selling digital cameras up to $50 off.  I popped over to see which ones are on sale, and was excited to see the Canon Digital Elph SD630 listed at the top. While it's not the least expensive camera, it's their bestseller for good reason: It's got a really sleek  yet practical design, 6 megapixels and a HUGE screen on the back .

    As a professional videographer, I use my lil' SD450 Digital Elph just for fun- it takes short videos that are stunningly high quality  for being a primarily still camera. Even when played on a 20-inch television screen you can't tell that they were recorded on a tiny digicam. Just pop in a fat memory card, and you're good to go.

    Be sure to check out the other cameras Circuit City has on sale, and start at Ebates to get your Cash Back! They've also got a bunch of Coupons and Deals that look really good.

    Have  any of you used these cameras before? Do you have any favorites...or  not-so-favorites? Why not leave a comment and let your fellow shoppers  know what you think!


    July 13, 2006

    Have you ever visited Zazzle.com? At first glance, it seems like just another site where you personalize beefy tees with awkwardly posed pictures of your Schnauzer, but look again! They've got personalized postage stamps!

    Maybe I'm a little behind on the lastest in personalized gift technology, but I've gotta say- this is extremely cool. I had no idea you could do this!

    It looks really easy, too; you just upload some digital images to Zazzle,  add some text (which is optional) and voila! You've got your very own  postage stamps! They keep a gallery of what people have created in the  past. Some of them are so well-done it's tempting just to use theirs.

    On second thought, that's like taking someone's family photographs and putting them on your Christmas cards.

    If you don't want to use your own photos on the stamps, Zazzle provides "zazillions" of stock photographs. They've got tons of beautiful images, but why not make your own? You could use your dog, kids, vacation photos- the possibilities are endless. Head on over to Ebates and grab the coupon that gets you $2 off each sheet of stamps when you buy at least two.

    A little cooler than family photographs, huh?


    July 12, 2006

    Growing up, your mother probably told you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".

    Of course it's true; you shouldn't curse, would never gossip, and you certainly can't call other people names!

    Until now...

    uglydoll doguglydoll oxuglydoll moxy


    I saw Uglydolls for the first time at Kid Robot  in San Francisco, and fell in love! Sure, Barbies have computers, euro-hip rides and luminous locks , but do they have tentacles, wedge-shaped heads or chest hair? I think not!

    Maybe you're wondering, "Why on Earth would I want a doll with chest hair?" The question you should be asking is "Why wouldn't  I?".

    Come on, people! Uglydolls are so cute you'll want to buy the whole family. Plush, unique and  adorable, they're appealing to everyone: kids, adults, your relative  with the creepy doll collection in her living room... well, maybe not  her. Each Uglydoll has its very own story: a name, likes and dislikes, a family history... How many Barbies can say that?

    KBtoys.com is offering free shipping on Uglydolls and of course, Ebates is offering Cash Back! This is one time that your mom's advice is better left unheeded.


    July 11, 2006

    There are times when having a 3.4 GHz dual-processor PC with a 30-inch display is simply a necessity. You need the fast processor speed for those visits to Sony's Running With Scissors homepage, since you can't possibly wait until fall for the movie- hey,  Flash pages can take a long time to load! And it's gotta last at least until the next season of Lost begins. What else are you going to do on Wednesday nights?

    Other  times, though, you don't want to spend $3800 on a computer because you  have that pesky mortgage to pay, or you need to actually save for your  kids' college education (the degree-based meritocracy system is highly  overrated, right?).

    It's times like these that you should step back, take a moment to prioritize, and say hello to the Compaq v2000z:

    Compaq v2000z

    Pretty  cute, huh? By all means, take a moment to admire it's clean lines,  sleek aluminum-hued exterior and 1.29" thickness. I know, I know- it  looks pretty fancy. But guess what?

    It starts at $399.

    The HP Home and Home Office Store is offering a rebate that gets you up to $100 cash back when you buy a Compaq v2000z. It may cost scarcely more than certain other tech toys that are a fraction of its size, but it stands up pretty well to other  PC's in its class. It's got a 14" screen, a pretty darn fast processor  speed, and it's ultra-lightweight. It would make a great computer for  web browsing, CD/DVD burning, and at this price, it's affordable even  for a student.

    Hey, with a computer at this price and the Cash Back you'll get from Ebates, you can get your new-machine fix, distract yourself until fall programming resumes, and still afford to keep your house!


    July 10, 2006

    Ever wonder what other Ebates users do when they log in? Do they plan lavish vacations to Paris for $150 off on the Coupons and Specials page?

    paris vacation travelocity

    Do they buy a new iPod for those rather languid afternoons in their deeply discounted luxury hotel suite in St.Germain des Pres?

    ipod best buy

    I'll let you in on a little secret.

    They all go to Office Depot.

    Yes, you read correctly.  I know it doesn't sound as thrilling as a whirlwind holiday to Berlin for $673 or a browse through the Louvre, but goshdarnit! Ebates users  love some good old-fashioned office supplies! Especially those that get  them a $30 discount when they spend at least $150. It's one of the most  popular coupons on Ebates, and for good reason: Office Depot sells tons of practical items that you probably use every day!

    First,  make sure you read the fine print on the $30-off deal, because there  are a few things that you cannot buy at a discount, like computers,  cameras and printers. There are plenty of other cool items, however,  that'll get you big savings.

    For instance, everyone needs ink cartridges, right? Those things can get kind of expensive. If you're not planning on leaving the printer/scanner/FAX-using  population any time soon, you might want to consider stocking up. For  some models, getting $30 off is like getting an entire cartridge for  free! And you don't have to do anything but click "Add To Cart" to get  it!

    Other smart ways to use the coupon are with things like office furniture and supplies- you could get an ergonomic desk chair or even just the basics.. Hey, thousands of Ebates users can't be wrong!

    Remember to start at Ebates to get your Cash Back!


    July 7, 2006

    Visiting eLuxury.com's  Final Clearance is like going to the estate sale of a wealthy old  woman. As you exhume the plush leather bags and dazzling patent pumps  from their not-so-sepulchral digs, you wonder, "Who was this chic,  fashionable woman? When did she wear these? Did she love this bag as  much as I?"

    But really, this only makes you pause for a  moment before you grab the gorgeous goods and drop $20 faster than you  can say "Prada"!

    The difference between the estate sale and eLuxury.com,  of course, is that no one died, and you don't have to sift through  heaps of old, dusty housecoats and fifty-year-old hot rollers. And  while you won't find a vintage Louis Vuitton clutch for $20, you may  come across some pretty hard-to-beat discounts on some slightly more current fashions. Just think of it as an extra special splurge.

    eLuxury.com has marked selected shoes, bags and ready-to-wear up to 60% off! You  might expect to find a bunch of strappy sandals and vinyl beach totes  that you won't be able to wear until next summer, but think again! They've got plenty of seasonable fall attire that you can nab at a striking discount!

    I've compiled the following list of my favorite eLuxury.com Clearance shoes and handbags that are appropriate for fall and, most importantly, have a significant markdown (read: around 40%-60% off). Be sure to check the shoes because some are only available in a couple  of sizes! Don't even think about doing your shopping without first  logging in to Ebates- they will give you Cash Back when you shop at eLuxury.com!   

    • Etro: T-Strap Sandal,  Linen Canvas Large Satchel   
    • Juicy Couture: Pebbled Leather Superstar Hobo   
    • Marc by Marc Jacobs: Metallic T-Strap, Ankle Strap Wedge 
    • Fendi: Velvet Pump, Patent Lace Ballerina Flat 
    • Botkier: Crescent Bag, Holster Bag 
    • DKNY:Whipstitch bags (all) 
    • Tod's: Venghe Sera Micro Bag
    My personal favorites are the Metallic T-Straps from Marc Jacobs:
    marc jacobs shoes
    ...and the Pebbled Leather Superstar Hobo from Juicy Couture:
    juicy couture bag juicy couture bag juicy couture bag

    You can practically smell the rich leather aroma just by looking at this bag. Plus, there's a little pocket for your cell phone that  says, "Hello?". How cute is that? Even though no one else can see the  inside, at least you'll know it's there.

    Have fun digging through the discounts! And remember, start with Ebates to get your Cash Back!


    July 6, 2006

    I've been thinking about these past few months; about you, me,...about us. I've been reflecting on the many evenings we've spent together, the lazy mornings, the afternoons at home, sick with the flu.

    I feel remorse when I think of all the times we could have shared; the many  long nights at Videomax...I didn't have to wait in those agonizing lines, watching my late fees rack up while  my life slowly rolled away- much like the tape in a dusty old VHS.

    I could have been with you, Netflix, safe at home with a bowl of popcorn and Six Feet Under, or the Second Season of Diff'rent Strokes ("Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis!" ).  I could have been watching The Lord of The Rings: Two Towers Widescreen, Special Extended Edition on the very day it was released with nary a care that for most video  stores, it would be out of stock. Those empty shelves in the "New  Release" section of Videomax would have been but a memory...

    zdiff'rent strokes dvd

    If I had only known that Ebates would give me $18 Cash Back,  upon signing up with you for the first time, maybe I would have acted  sooner- that's nearly two months worth of joyous laughter, tender tears  and precious, DVD-watching memories- for hardly any money at all! I  could have saved the money I threw away on late fees and five-day new  releases and saved it for something better: a shiny new DVD player, a flat screen TV , or perhaps an adorable mailbox in which you can comfortably wait for me to pick you up, dear friend.

    hdtv flat screen

    At least I can take heart in the fact that others will soon love you the way I have, Netflix.  Others will come to appreciate your sweet, sweet queue: your way of  knowing just what they like to watch, when they want to watch it.  They'll understand your many plan options, each one suited to an  individual's wants- and needs, whether they want one, two, or three movies at a time.  They'll also take pleasure in that $18 from Ebates, and know that in their mailbox, next to your delicate red envelopes, they'll find an even fatter Big Fat Check.


    July 5, 2006

    The Body Shop is one of my favorite places to indulge in sumptuous, yummy-smelling bath and beauty products. The coolest part is that they use tons of natural, good-for-you essential oils and (back to that whole green thing!) fair trade ingredients from around the globe. They are having their Semi-Annual Sale and have marked down their items up to 75% off, and Ebates is offering 5% Cash Back!

    I don't know about you, but whenever stores have sales that require me to buy eight of something just to save a couple bucks, I'm a little, uh, skeptical. Who the heck needs a dozen pistachio-vanilla scented candles or six bottles of jasmine-rose-palm tree infused foot scrub?! Fortunately, The Body Shop knows what we love; you'll be glad to buy more than one!

    Let's start with 5 glycerin soaps for $12. The Body Shop takes the most delicious, rich aromas and magically smooshes them into a regular ol' bar of soap. They've got about ten luscious scents to pick from; I highly recommend the Shea Butter, Nut and Passion Fruit. What I really like about these is that they are super fragrant when you are using them, but they don't linger all day. After bathing with these, you can wear your favorite scented lotion without smelling like a humid day a mall perfume counter!   
    Another good thing to buy in multiple is their Eye Color eyeshadow. They've got a huge palette of colors ranging from Pearl Gray to Peacock Green, so whether you're looking for something to wear to the office or out on the town, you'll find a color that suits you. These babies are normally $8.50 each, but right now they're marked down to 3 for $15! These cost less than your average drugstore brand but, unlike that goo from the Piggly Wiggly, they're made from natural moisturizers and essential oils, so stock up.  But remember, make sure you start through Ebates to get your Cash Back!


    July 3, 2006

    Thank goodness for digital cameras! They're great, aren't they? You can take hundreds of photos, have your finger over your lens half the time and still end up with a bunch that turned out great- all without having to buy film!

    But what happens when you get home from that tour of Europe or that night on the town for which you're, uh, having trouble recalling the details? Your digital pictures go straight into iPhoto (or whatever photo application you use) and probably never leave your hard drive! Sure, when you feel like reliving that day at the world's biggest biergarten, you can pull out your laptop and scroll through 100's of thumbnails, but wouldn't it be nice to have just your favorites organized in one album?

    Go over to Shutterfly.com. They've got a really cool service where you upload your digital images to their site, organize them into an album, and then Shutterfly binds it into a book which is sent to you in the mail. I went to India last January and actually bought one when I returned home. I couldn't believe how different my pictures looked when they were professionally printed and bound! The images come out looking crisp and vivid- just like in a magazine. I chose a simple black cloth cover, but they have many others to pick from: leather, suede, satin, you name it. All the options look clean, elegant and are a more modern (and easier!) alternative to traditional photo albums.

    Ebates will give you 8% Cash Back when you shop at Shutterfly.com, and we've also got a coupon code that'll get you a free 8x10 print when you spend $10 or more. So go ahead: drag and drop those digi-pics into an album. Won't it be a little cozier to curl up with one of these than with your laptop?


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