July 24, 2006

The Results Are In!

Thanks to everyone who responded to last  Wednesday's blog with their new Ebates store recommendations- you all  made awesome suggestions! This blog is the way for YOU to voice your  opinions about Ebates, make suggestions and dish on your favorite  strategies for getting your money's worth!

I've  included several of your suggestions below, but left out those that  echo each other too closely; Who knew you were such a Zappos, Pottery  Barn and J.Crew lovin' bunch?

Come back soon to see what stores on Ebates offer similar merchandise!

Brianne.M: J.Crew!  J.Crew! J.CREW!  Because I buy a lot of suits, and suit pants from other stores never fit me right!  I know you can do it!anthropologie dress

rjpersonal: Ebates working with IKEA would be the best! Sooner the better, I say!
pier1 chairrbragg: L.L. BEAN would be great to have on ebates

IanSunrise:I would love it if ZAPPOS were a part of Ebates as well as SHOEBUY.COM! love those shoe stores!

Amanda K.: I would love to see POTTERY BARN --  they participate in UPromise,so there's no good reason that they  shouldn't play nice with eBates! :) Y'all have done a FANTASTIC job of  bringing great stores online -- I almost cried when you added AnnTaylor.com and AnnTaylorLoft.com! :) Other wish list entries? CRATEANDBARREL.com; TIMELESSINVITATIONS.com; PIER1.com; itunes.com... reply: Thanks for your comment, Amanda! We in fact do have iTunes Music Store on Ebates! Great suggestions!-Rebecca

jat252: AMAZON.com, because it has such a great selection of merchandise!

madpotter: You MUST include BATH & BODY WORKS in your list of merchants! Their fragrances and other products are the  only ones I buy. They are exceptional, as I am sure other Ebates  members will agree with. I make many purchases at Bath & Body Works  online, and would definitely go through Ebates if I could. Please add them soon. Thank you. Judycoach tote

Stevie: I would love to see ANTHROPOLOGIE, CB2, JCREW, and COACH.  I know that Coach is a long shot, but it would compel me to spend even  more money than I already do at these stores. I love EBATES!

harry and david pearsKyndlewood: I would love to see HARRY AND DAVID (www.harryanddavid.com) I enjoy sending goodies to frineds and family  for occasions. What better way to make people happy then YUMMIE snacks  and treats!

lisou21: Banana Republic was on my wish list for a long time, and it's here! Thanks for adding it! What about Bloomies? It's wedding season and my friends and I always spend a fortune there buying dresses. Reply: Lucky for you, Bloomingdale's was just added! Have fun!-Rebecca

DelawareBelle: I think you should add VICTORIA'S SECRET to your line-up. I know several people that shop on their online store  and I believe that buyers would purchase more merchandise if they were  able to access the store through Ebates!

Note: Some names have been modified for your privacy!


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I'd like to see restaurant.com on ebates. We are always getting certificates to dine out. Thanks.

It would be great if you could add Quill to your list of stores. I do a tremendous amount of business with them!

How about adding Monterey Bay and Lowe's to the list?

Did you used to have LLBean in the past or am I confusing Ebates with another program?

I would LOVE 1800diapers! Being a mom in Germany I need all the discount I can get!

I couldnt agree with you more!!! Ikea and coach would make my day :)
Let's pound their door down and beg for them to use ebates!! 

I forgot to mention, I'd love to see Torrid ebates too, more plus size clothing. I'm in-between regular and plus size unfortunately and it would be nice to have some more options. Torrid isn't old lady style plus size either it's trendy/hip!

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