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August 31, 2006

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August 30, 2006

If you haven't read about the Free Iced Coffee Coupon scandal at Starbucks, you can catch up on it here.


August 29, 2006

Over at, they're running a "Buy One Box Set Get One Free" sale.

While most of the selections could probably be featured in this article, they could come in handy. Even if you don't have time to watch all of the Gallagher Sledge-O-Matic collection, you could pick up a couple of these as holiday gifts, "I'm sorry you're sick" presents, or even just "Thinking of You (and your bizarre love of 21 Jump Street)" friendship tokens.

Some would suggest queuing these on Netflix (and getting $18 Cash Back with Ebates upon joining), but you've probably got some friends or relatives who'd appreciate Hercules or Xena on DVD!

And, hey- I don't know one woman who hasn't curled up in front of Lifetime Television for Women on a Sunday afternoon. Cut out the middle man; buy Danielle Steel volumes one through four! Nothing says "relaxation" like an unending supply of Jaclyn Smith.


August 25, 2006

So, you'll notice that today is a big day for The Daily Cash Back! Much like the gal in this classic film, the blog received a glamorous makeover. Though instead of a donning a new crop top and highlights, it's now being hosted by Typepad and has a stylish new header, thanks to the graphic design gurus here at Ebates.

ALSO- the 'comments' function is much more easy to use- no more waiting hours and hours to see your comments published. Why not try it out? Tell me what's on your mind!

Now, to the matter at hand: An Ebates staffer sent me a great coupon code yesterday afternoon. Rumor has it that upon making a purchase at or, the following codes will hook you up with an employee discount of 30%.

These merchants aren't affiliated with Ebates, so I can't guarantee that these codes work, but why not give it a shot?

These expire on August 27th, so hurry on over! Unless of course you're looking for a new day job at Foot Action- then you can just use the real employee discount. You know, that might be a good plan. Think about it; you'd be up to your neck in all the discounted Pumas you could possibly want with nary a care about things like coupon codes...or rent. Or your cell phone bill.

Foot Action
*Use promotion code EM34FF68 at checkout (8/24-8/27)


Champs Sports
*Use promotion code EM20FF68 at checkout (8/24-8/27)


August 24, 2006


There are lots of reasons to like American Eagle Outfitters. Not only are they a merchant catering to the under-30 crowd who actually clothe their models (unlike a certain competitor), they recognize that people come in a whole rainbow of colors and choose their models based on this revolutionary notion ( unlike...well, you know the rest)! Who knew that Western European ancestry isn't a pre-req for wearing polo shirts and trendy layering tops?

Off the soapbox, American Eagle is doing Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more! There's nothing better than jeans and a comfy sweater for sitting in class, so why not get 'em from American Eagle?

This deal will last until August 27th, so head on over and get those last minute basics for back-to-school. Just use discount code 78965027 at checkout.


August 22, 2006

082206blogbugposter4_1And I thought bed bugs were only a myth. According to the Washington Post,

"Bed bugs, the longtime scourge of nursery rhymes, have made a real  world comeback, leaving experts scratching their heads to find a  solution.  Before World War II, infestations were as common as polio,  but improvements in hygiene and the widespread use of DDT (not  available at Whole Foods) helped relegate the little brown bloodsuckers  to bedtime myth.  Now entomologists and pest control professionals are  reporting a dramatic increase in infestations throughout America.   A combination of factors such as less aggressive spraying,  environmentally friendly poison, and increased travel may be to blame  for the current outbreak."

Pretty strange, huh? If you haven't seen a picture of these insects before, they are  not the kind of thing you want to wake up next to and have bagels with  in the morning.

Considering they resemble something from this movie,  you may want to take some preventive measures so you, too, won't be eaten alive by these horrific,mind-shattering bloodthirsty devils! Pest Control Canada (they had the most detailed, safe advice of the sites I visited) suggests the following:

Do your  laundry! Toss those sheets in some hot water (at least 120 degrees fahrenheit) and get 'em clean! Try Ace,, and HomeClick for Cash Back on popular detergents.

Get a bug-tight mattress cover! Not the kind with elastic that fit over the mattress, but one with a zipper. Try the ones from Target, Boscov's or JCPenney.  Even if you're not worried about bed bugs, these can be good for those  with allergies since they decrease the amount of dust, dust mites, mold  and mildew that you inhale every night.

bed bugsBuy furniture that's new -  not stuff off the street! Though you probably wouldn't consider taking  a mattress off the street, old chairs and couches are more likely to  have bed bugs in why not get some cute new chairs?  Hey- it's in the name of saving the world from getting eaten alive by  bloodthirsty insects. Unless of course you don't care about saving the  world. It's your choice. Don't say I didn't warn you.


August 21, 2006

This is one of the best back-to-school deals I've seen so far! Best Buy has put together a Dorm Room Package that includes a mini-fridge, television and discount dorm suppliesmicrowave for $199!

This deal is so popular that it's backordered for a week or two.

Here's the low down on the goods:

  • Avanti 1.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Thermoelectric Refrigerator:  This cute little fridge holds just enough to keep your room stocked  with cool drinks, and is big enough to hold a 2-liter bottle of of  Jarritos. Or Sprite. Because that's what you drink in college.
  • Insignia 20" Flat Tube TV: So, technically it's not a flat screen TV, it's a flat tube TV...  but the screen just looks flat. Best Buy describes it this way: "Flat  picture tube produces vivid images without the glare and picture  distortion common with curved picture tubes." Whatever you want to call  it, it's a pretty darn slick looking TV for the price.
  • Proctor Silex .6 Cu. Ft. Compact Microwave:  Just think- with a microwave in your dorm, you can practically bury  yourself in mountains of Easy Mac! They don't tell you this in high  school, but that's what college really is all about: creamy, delicious  Easy Mac. Ramen is so '90's.


August 18, 2006

discount booko...  you've bought some new clothes, a backpack, and you've got your  highlighters all ready to go, but where are your books for your lit  class? Barnes & Noble is marking down their Classics  50% off! Lots of them are around $2.47, and that's before Cash Back from Ebates!

Why not buy your books with a friend? If you spend $25 or more, you get free shipping!

How  often can you buy brand new books for this cheap? It's a lot better  than chipping dried chocolate off your student store used copy of "Madame Bovary".

discount booksdiscount bookdiscount book


August 17, 2006

On TLC they do "A Wedding Story" and "A Baby Story". Here at Ebates, we're doing the first ever "A Big Fat Check Story".

So stock up on Kleenex, and grab some Bon Bons. You already know the part about the Big Fat Check arriving in your mailbox- now watch what happens on our end!

The check printer sits, innocently enough.

Then they print- thousands upon thousands.

Then, we get a ton of crates
from USPS.

The crates are filled with your Big Fat Checks. (we have to hire people to do this. It takes days and days!)

The checks wait patiently to be picked up...

Finally, a person from USPS arrives to haul away the Big Fat Checks. It takes several of
these loads!

*taps fingers*

This part takes a while.

Phew! That's a lot of Cash

Once they're all stacked, we can hardly see the postman.

Wait, there he is!

Then the van is loaded and
ready to go!

This was yesterday, so you should receive your Big Fat Check within a few days!

Like you grandfather always warned, "Don't spend it all in one place, now, ya hear?"


August 16, 2006

According to Wikipedia, "'Flea season' is traditionally at the end of summer and in the early fall, but in warmer areas can last year  round." For anyone that has a carpet or knotty old wood floor, you know  how futile this battle can be! They lay their eggs in the carpet, bite  you when you're sleeping and drive your cat or dog into violent  scratching fits that make their legs go like this for hours! The little blood-suckers are more stubborn than Mariah Carey's backstage demands. There are myriad ways to keep your cat or dog flea and tick free, but how do you know which way is safest?

The East Bay SPCA says that "flea collars, powders and sprays are ineffective and are not recommended. DO NOT use anymedication or flea-killing agent not recommended by your veterinarian". In fact, on the insistence of the Environmental Protection Agency,  Hartz, a popular brand for flea and tick preventives, "has agreed to  cancel uses of several flea and tick products that may be associated  with a range of adverse reactions, including hair loss, salivation,  tremors, and numerous deaths in cats and kittens." It's comforting to  know that the EPA has steppedup on this issue. Hopefully Hartz will be able to develop non-toxic alternatives to their current line of flea and tick control products.

The widely reputed safe alternative to flea collars and drops is Advantage topical solution. Highly effective and veterinarian-recommended,  Advantage has become one of the most popular methods offlea control for  dogs and cats. The East Bay SPCA supports it, saying "Advantage works  best for fleas". This kind of effectiveness, however, doesn't come  cheap. If you buy Advantage from your veterinarian, you can end up  paying hundreds of dollars for a several-month supply (especially if  you have multiple cats or dogs)!

If you haven't visited the Pet Stores page at Ebates, take a moment to peruse the deals! You can find great  bargains on Advantage that will likely be a lot cheaper than the prices  offered by your vet. Most of these stores offer Cash Back through Ebates. Be sure to look at the coupons for each store to compare prices!:

These are the dogs and kitties of Ebates staffers- click on each one to see a different deal on Advantage!
discount flea medicine discount advantage discount dog food
  discount advantage  
cheap pet supplies discount advantage discount pet supplies


August 14, 2006

So what if I spent my entire weekend watching Queer as Folk? This is about poultry, people!

If  you're looking for a new pair of running shoes and you're hoping to do  a little more globe-trotting than marathoning, then why not get your  new kicks from Le discount running shoesCoq Sportif?  They're cooler than similar shoes from Puma or Gola, because no one  will know what brand of shoes you're wearing. Imagine how baffled  people will be when you lift up the leg of your Diesel jeans to reveal a proud and colorful rooster! You can say you picked them up in some quaint little boutique in Montmarte!

The best part is that this is one chicken the masses haven't devoured, so they are often on sale. Eastbay has a Pick Your Price sale right now, and you'll find lots of Le Coq Sportif sneakers for $29.99-$39.99! has an even bigger selection of colors at the same low prices.

discount shoes

Check out the Le Coq Sportif homepage. It's in French, and it's a Flash site (so can't be  translated), but it's still worth checking out the pigs in sunglasses,  chickens wearing sneakers- you know, the kinds of things one looks for  in a good website. Maybe you can woo some cute Frenchman (or  Frenchwoman) to translate it for you over a romantic dinner of brie and  baguette. Or poulet!



August 10, 2006

The Cell Phone: A triumph of humankind's ingenuity, and certainly one of the most significant developments of the latter half of the 20th century.

Let's face it: discount razrwhen someone's yacking next to you in line at Safeway, it can be more annoying than a hundred Hoodia spams in your inbox from your "pal" Richard Q. Unicorn.

Despite the petty annoyances, most of us need our cell phones simply for the convenience factor. Ebates offers Cash Back at some of the top mobile service providers:

Oftentimes, the mail-in rebates from these carriers are so good that your cell phone costs zero dollars. That considered, the Cash Back from Ebates is all gravy!

Soon, we'll look at some of the hottest phones on the market!

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August 9, 2006

One of the most important elements of college life is your dorm.  I can still remember my triple room at Cal: long evenings studying together, bonding over a glass of wine...wanting to rip my hair out because the boorish twits left a week-old turkey sandwich to rot on top of the microwave!!! Dorm life certainly has its charms, doesn't it?

Most universities keep the dorms pared down to a minimum- sizewise and stylewise. Some even have cinderblock walls! Fortunately, there's lots of ways to turn your otherwise austere abode into a cozy retreat: cash back discount bedding

Cool Bedding: Dorm size bedding has never looked better! Target and Delia*s both offer  stylish, modern designs that will warm up your space and make it feel like home. Whether you like pop-art apples, dramatic Victorian patterns or bold solid color, they've got you covered.

    Mood Lighting: If  you want your room to look a poorly-wired 7-Eleven, then by all means,  keep the flourescent lights so generously provided by the dorm. If,  however, you want a warmer, cozier glow, get some lamps! They'll change the whole mood of the room, and you won't have to resort to the often overused Christmas light scheme.

      A Cool Computer: For the budget-conscious student, the Compaq Presario v2000Z (as discussed yesterday) is a steal! For the Mac users, try a Mac Mini plus your own monitor. Target has a nice looking dorm bundle:  a set of wireless accessories including a keyboard, mouse and  router...this is handy since trying to snake a bunch of wires through a  room that's smaller than a naturist's armoire will be a little bit  tricky. discount french press cash back rebate

        Coffee (and food) : Two words for you: FRENCH PRESS.  Don't drink the stuff in the cafeteria. As one of our Ebates staff  said, "you could make better coffee by squeezing the grounds in your  fist and pouring water through your fingers". A french press is an  easy, no-stove-required way to make gourmet coffee any barista would be  proud of. Just pour in your fresh ground beans, mix with hot water and  the press takes care of the rest! Imagine how impressed your study  groups will be when you practically have a Starbucks a mere 3 feet from  your bed! Trust me, you'll need a strong cup for those lectures on  diasporic transnational migration.Oh, and you might want to pick up a  microwave and mini-fridge too. You know, so you'll have something to  eat with the coffee.


        August 8, 2006

        discount clive backpackYes, it's August- those last precious weeks of cavorting with friends, staying up late and going to the beach.      Come September, it'll be the red ink on that first history exam that'll require a pair of sunglasses!

        Why not look at the bright side? Back-to-School also means Back-to-School shopping, a welcome respite when you're about to dive into the books rather than the pool.

        Lets  take a quick look at some of the essentials you'll need for a proper  scholastic debut, whether you're shopping for yourself or the kids:

        • A great bag: eBags and Ebates have teamed up to give you $10 off on any backpack purchase of $45 or more! They've got LiveWire bags that have an iPod holder, laptop packs, ultralight bags, as long as it's a backpack, you get a discount!
        • A new computer: For students, a great option is the Compaq Presario V2000Z. At $399.99 after a mail in discount booksrebate, it's not a huge investment and is a great machine for word-processing and web browsing.
        • New threads: For great Back-to-School bargains for the girls, try Delia*s or Alloy.  Both offer free shipping fororders of $75 or more. For guys and girls, another good pick is Old They have a flat $5 shipping rate and a ton of brand new styles in stock!
        • Books: Wal-Mart is doing 97 cent shipping on all books! It doesn't get much cheaper  than that. Barnes and Noble is having a summer clearance with some  titles up to 80% off!


        August 4, 2006

        On a budget? Tired of leaving the Apple Store with nothing but your sleek, titanium-encased dreams? Try buying a refurbished Mac or iPod.

        I know, the r-word kind of gets stuck in my throat, too. It's hard for me to imagine my iBook in the arms of another. Word on the street, though, is that discount ipod nanorefurbished Macs and iPods are just as good as the brand new ones, but at a fraction of the cost. Apple has a very stringent refurbishment process, so you can feel confident about your purchase.

        If you still aren't 100% convinced, remember that all machines are covered by Apple's One Year Limited Waranty. You can even buy Apple Care for total reassurance. (Which I always recommend since the coverage is more than generous. My 2002 iBook turned out to have some irreparable glitches, so Apple issued me a new iBook- even though I'd had mine for 2 years already- all because I had Apple Care. How cool is that?)

        An Ebates member named Michael (not the same one from a couple days ago!) had this to say about his experience with Apple Certified refurbished computers: "As a member of Ebates, I have purchased several refurbished products and will continue to do so over the next couple of years.  The product is just a good as new and I save several hundreds of dollars in addition to getting my big fat check."

        Although most of you aren't Mac users (let's not go there), many of you love the iPod. Apple is reducing their refurbished iPods up to $80 off!

        Make sure you start with Ebates so you can get some Cash Back, too!

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        August 3, 2006

        Hey! What's YOUR Best Deal Ever? Keep sending 'em in!!

        parking meterI'd  like to tell you about Mike and his Best Deal Ever on Ebates. Mike is a  videographer in San Francisco who produces hundreds of DVD's on any  given week. Not one to slack on presentation, he prints a custom label  on each DVD. discount pet supplies

        Living  in the Bay Area, Mike spends most of his income on exorbitant rent and  parking fees. He needs the best deals he can find on things like cat  food, lens cleaner and, of course, ink!

        When  I told him about Ebates, he scoffed and said, "I already get the lowest  prices at Inkgrabber. I don't care about this Ebay- I mean Rebates- I  mean..."

        "Listen, Mike," I butted in. "You don't  understand. I know you're getting an ok deal on your ink already, but  you should really look at Ebates. You get Cash Back!" Mike,  unconvinced, returned to his editing (syncing "YMCA" to overserved,  arrhythmic groomsmen isn't easy).

        A few days later, I noticed a pile of fourteen new ink cartridges in Mike's studio. "Where did you get these?" I asked. discount ink

        "Actually," Mike explained, "I got them on Ebates!" Intrigued, I listened as Mike went on to explain his Best Deal Ever:

        • First,  Mike went to Inkgrabber for a Combo Pack of his regular ink (a generic  type that's good for fliers and DVD printing). At Inkgrabber, he  normally paid $6.42 per cartridge for a pack of 7.
        • Then, he went to through Ebates, and found the  same ink for $5.71 per cartridge for a pack of 14.
        • Next, Mike visited the Coupons and Specials page on Ebates and found a 10% off coupon for! This brings down his cost to $5.14 per cartridge.
        • On top of the already lower price PLUS the 10% off coupon, Ebates gave Mike 17% Cash Back at! That brought his cost per cartridge down to $4.27!
        • Oh, and to top it all off, he got Free Shipping!

        Let's review: Mike used to pay $6.42 for each cartridge, but through Ebates he pays $4.27! He got a total of $12.24 Cash Back just for buying his regular ink! Suffice it to say, Mike is now a loyal  Ebates shopper and can buy ink, live in the Bay Area and still afford  to feed his cat.

        Special tip from Mike: "Generic  ink can save you a ton of money and is perfect for most printing needs,  like flyers, letters and even photos.  If you require precise color  accuracy in your prints, stick with name-brand inks.  If you can handle  a little variation in color (most people would only notice the  difference from a side-by-side comparison of prints), then save with  generics!"


        August 2, 2006

        Remember to comment with your Best Deal Ever story! Even if you just saved a few bucks, we want to hear about it!!

        In Style magazine recently posted their Best Beauty Buys of 2006! These products are tried, true and not terribly expensive! Nearly all are carried by Ebates merchants, including  Sephora, StrawberryNET and (If you subscribe to In Style through on Ebates you get 22% Cash Back!)

        Here are some of In Style's Best Beauty Buys of 2006 on Ebates:

        clinique deep comfort

        • Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter: "It’s no surprise that this cream, loaded with shea  butter,glycerin,vitamin E and other rich emollients, is described by  dermatologist Bruce Katz of N.Y.C. as “deeply moisturizing.” He also  praises its “refreshing, almost odorless” scent."
        • Nailtiques Formula No.2:  "Protein, keratin, gelatin and calcium “bond the nail layers together  for a strong finish,” says N.Y.C. nailexpert Josephine Allen, who has  used it on Julia Roberts."
        • Estee Lauder Go Sunless Towelettes: (Editor's Pick!): "Individually wrapped in convenient foil packets and pre-moistened with  just in stylethe  right amount of self-tanner, these single-use towelettes deliver a  foolproof, fast-acting tan—ideal for travel or for adding a hint of  bronze to hands and feet. The color looks even and natural on almost  any skin tone."
        • Neutrogena Instant Nail Enhancer:  "The ultimate low-maintenance nail tool, this translucent alternative  to polish gives nails ahealthy-looking, buffed shinein just one coat.  Enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E, it’s odorless, dries  instantly, andfades away gradually without requiring any polishremover."
        • Essie Nailcolor:  "The square bottle fits comfortably in your hand, and the brush reaches  to the bottom of the bottle, so youdon’t have to tilt it, says N.Y.C.  manicurist Jin Soon Choi. Plus, it doesn’t streak or thicken in the  bottle, adds Chicago essie nailpolishmanicurist Alla Krivens."
        • Barielle Rejuvenating Foot Treatment:  "This heavy-duty foot cream exfoliates skin and softens calluses with a  time-released dose of alpha hydroxy acids. Lavender and lemon-peel oil  add extra hydration and a great scent, according to dermatologist  Bradford Katchen."
        • Neutrogena Instant Bronze Streak-Free Foam: "Makeup artists rave about this fluffy, easy-to-apply foam because it  goes on evenly and dries in minutes. It’s tinted, so it’s hard to miss  a spot during application—and you won’t end up the least bit orange,  makeup artist Mitzi Spallas says."
        • Neutrogena Visibly Firm Active Copper Body Lotion: "Many dermatologists are skeptical about cellulite creams. But this  copper-enhanced lotion earned points for being smooth and  ultra-hydrating—qualities that, they say, make skin look less dimpled."


        August 1, 2006

        Lots of us have  swung a great deal on Ebates that we're extra proud of. Ever score a shiny new iPod or coffeemaker for free? Typed in a coupon code that chopped 34% off the cost of your new computer? Maybe you simply saved a few bucks on flea medicine and it's the best deal you've found yet! 

        Here is Your Assignment:
        1. Comment on this entry.
        2. Tell me about your Best Deal Ever, no matter how big or small.
        3. If you would like me to feature your story, you can even include a link to a photo of yourself or what you bought! (Trouble sending a photo? Comment and let me know! I'll give you my e-mail address.)


        free printercat meowing flea medicinegevalia free coffeemaker

        Later this week I'll be featuring  Mike and his Best Deal Ever; it was only his first visit to Ebates!   

        Money off, free gift, cheap pet supplies...what's yours?


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