September 13, 2006

DS Lite...Not Just For Kids

I'm almost too embarassed to write about this- almost. Having left the jungle gym behind years ago in favor of pilates classes and Six Feet Under marathons, I thought my days of playing Nintendo were long gone.

Boy, was I ever wrong. I'd like you to meet the Nintendo DS Lite:


Isn't it cute? It's sleek and sexy with an iPod-glossy white finish (or pink...or onyx). With the stylus that comes included, It has the ambience of a personal organizer with all the fun of smashing Goombas and diffusing Bob-ombs (which is a fancy way of saying you can get away with playing Super Mario Bros. on your subway commute even if you're wayyyy out of puberty).

This is the first Nintendo game system with a touch-screen and, get this: the microphone responds to your breathing. You can blow up balloons and make the characters float just by blowing into the mic!

Now, I understand how someone may not be interested in the DS Lite if they didn't grow up with the Super Mario Bros. series. Fair enough. But it's never too late to learn the joy of the ever-popular Madden '07.

Now, be honest: Is it weird that, as an adult, I've played DS in public? During my commute? While shouting out the occassional profanity when my Kart gets knocked out by a Cheep Cheep?

Is it weird that I use these terms so casually? It's ok- you can be honest with me.


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I own one and love it! I just think that Nintendo is more kid-oriented than Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo has more strategy thinking games, which I think is way better for the brain than one person shooter games. Have you tried BrainAge?

yea, the new ds rules. i made my girlfriend get one and she is hooked. we've dropped watching brady bunch re-runs for mario kart tournaments. that game is crazy. you can play people from all over the world.

Sure why not!!?? I myself am TOTALLY addicted to all things SIMS... I can't wait for SIMS Pets!!!!

Just so you know, my 66 year old mother can no longer take the time to come to the phone to chat. Why? She's playing Nintendo. :-) And I'm a Simmer too, just like Quick6!

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