September 21, 2006

Who Won the $500 Prize?!

Congratulations, Vicki! You are Ebates' biggest fan! Blueribbon

We loved Vicki's enthusiastic entry on why she loves Ebates- she may have been skeptical at first, but is now a loyal Ebates shopper! Enjoy your $500 gift card to!

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Here is Vicki's winning entry:

I was just sitting at home buying my Christmas gifts and came across Ebates' website. I sat there and started reading all it offered to me...Yes, ME!  It was not for the stores or to win some so-called "FREE" gift card if you go to 60 websites and buy 20 items.  This was actually for MY benefit. It was sooo simple: Just buy what I was going to buy anyways...and get paid!!  I just couldn't believe it.  In the back of my head I was saying "Whats the catch for this website?". So here I go. I started to sign up. Wait, they haven't asked me to buy anything yet? Wait, they haven't asked for my credit card? Whats going on here? Could this be for real? Alright, I'll try and buy something from their website and see what happens...WOW! Nothing was asked of me except from the merchant I was buying from. OK, well let's see if that "Fat Check" really comes. It sure did...and has been coming faithfully ever since. This is the NUMBER ONE EASIEST way to make money on the web...all you do is buy as you normally would, just use EBATES' website....THANKS EBATES!

We had a lot of great entries from Ebates users. Here are some excerpts:

"...I really gush with enthusiasm when I tell someone about EBATES. I feel that if someone is empowered with the knowledge that they can receive money back with the ease and variety that is offered through Ebates, it would be foolish not to give Ebates a try." -Lynn

"Well, I'm getting ready to pass my $500 mark in Ebates cash back!  That's a pretty hefty chunk of change for 3 years of membership. My friends and family tease me because I JUMP to purchase online anything anyone wants just so I can get the Ebate!" -Kelci

"Anyone who doesn't even try Ebates or even take a minute to see if the merchants they shop online with is simply overpaying and cheating themselves.  This is truly a no brainer!" -Cindy

"Ebates centralizes the buying experience and then they (get ready for this!) give you money back on your purchases. And you get to watch the dollars add up and find their way back into your pocket for a change. It's free. It's easy. It's the smart thing to do." -Michelle

"I have to be's biggest fan!  I was skeptical at 1st when I saw the ad saying you'll get 5 or 6% back, but believe me, I have deposited checks into my bank account and this is the real deal!" -Jason


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This is a good example of how great ebates is, couldn't agree with you more.

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