October 6, 2006

So You're Looking for an Anthropologie Coupon Code

100606blogurbanWe've noticed.

Lots of people find us on Google while looking for an Anthropologie Coupon Code, Anthropologie Promo Code, Anthropologie 90% off Coupons, et cetera.

As a fellow Anthropologie addict, I understand the desperation one feels when they've unearthed the perfect wrap sweater or most flattering jeans...but when they cost $300? For many, a coupon code is the only way to seal the deal.

I called Anthropologie's Customer Service line. I was told that the only way to get promo codes is to be subscribed to their newsletter. As a subscriber, I can honestly say I can't remember the last time I was given an exclusive offer or code.

It's a classic scenario: Luxury taste on a bargain bin budget. What's a gal to do? Well, at the very least,  I would want to shop through Ebates and get Cash Back on my Anthropologie purchases. Problem is, Anthro does not have an affiliate marketing program. 

What's the alternative? Buy Anthropologie clothing somewhere else! A while back, I posted about Ebates merchants who carry the same merchandise at a lower cost. The secret is to join Ebates first, then shop at these stores. You get Cash Back this way. Here's the part about Anthropologie:

"Try Urban Outfitters, Bluefly, CoutureCandy or SmartBargains. The secret here is that the bread and butter of the  Anthropologie collection primarily consists of three brands (among a  few others): Free People, Rebecca Beeson and Ella Moss. Free People is Anthropologie's wholesale line that you can find easily at Urban Outfitters and SmartBargains. Rebecca and Ella can be found at CoutureCandy and BlueFly. You'll likely find several pieces that are being sold at Anthopologie or that have the 'Anthro' look."

While it's not the same as a coupon code, you can still get your luxe fix without emptying your pocketbook.

Want to get Cash Back from merchants similar to Anthropologie? Click Here to join Ebates!


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Thanks for the Anthropologie coupon tip! I'm not sure how many people already know about this, but my friend highly recommended Anthropologie's free stylist services! She went to the store and a stylist put several really nice outfits together for her for free, with no obligations to buy them! Now that's worth checking out!

There is a way to get promo perks. Spend loads of money and get invited to their "coterie" or exclusive list of friends. Or, at least that was the case maybe 5 or 6 years ago, it used to have a direct link and phone number, which was only short lived. You got free upgraded shipping and returns. I believe if I still say I am a member, and if I call in, I can get perks (which are useless because I am close to warehouse for shipping anyway, so no need for upgrade!) I also got a little calendar with a day each month circled last year for 10% off total order. So, that was nice. I usually get a gift around the holidays, but none this year? Bummer. Company service has really changed over the past couple of years as well. Its becoming bigger and less personalized but more a selection. I am really surprised they do not offer any sort of deals or at least free shipping for that reason alone to compete. Its a bummer because most of my wardrobe comes from them, I feel your pain even with my sometimes extra perks.

Totally came here looking for Promo codes. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to look for the labels instead of shopping exclusively from Anthropologie.

Just an FYI - I have hunted and hunted all over the internet looking for a free shipping promo and never found one. I did though call 888-286-9031 and explained that I'm wanting to buy 2 items but the shipping is holding me back. The nice man apologized and said that if I ordered with him right now over the phone he would give me free shipping. It's worth a shot, it worked with me.

Definitely call them at 888-286-9031 and explain your situation. I was able to get my item shipped for free by calling and courteously telling them my situation - it's definitely worth a shot!!

If you have an anthro card (I signed up for free at the store) you can usually get free domestic shipping. Log onto my.anthropologie.com and enter your email and the 10 digit number on the back of the card. I think you can sign up for a card from that website as well.

Thanks for the info, Melanie!

I've just signed up for the Anthro Card today. It said that it may take 5-8 business days to issue me the card number. I was hoping to purchase one dress (which is not available at the local store) with free shipping before the 8 day waiting period. I've emailed their customer service for help.

Uh, Thanks for the info, Julie. I've just realized that author's name appears below the message instead of above it.

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