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November 30, 2006

113006blogwiimoteHaving trouble finding a Nintendo Wii? Me too!

If you're sick of calling every game store within a 10 mile radius of your home to find a Wii, why not try your luck in Newegg's 22 Days of Wii Sweepstakes?

Through December 11th, Newegg will be giving away two Wii systems every day! All you have to do is sign up to receive their newsletter.

I finally had a chance to try out the Wii and believe me, it was a blast! Long gone are the days of the solitary gamer huddling in a dark room, suckling on a greasy Big Gulp. The Wii is an active, social gaming system. Players swing tennis rackets, whack baseballs and knock down bowling pins with the Wiimote controller - how many gaming platforms can beat that?


P.S. Newegg is an Ebates merchant, but the free newsletter subscription does not earn you Cash Back. Sometimes people get confused about this. It's true.

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November 29, 2006

I recently met some Ebates users who say they've earned hundreds  (sometimes thousands!) of dollars in Cash Back! Even if you've barely earned enough Cash to fund a pre-work Starbucks run, it can really add up if you give it time.

Did you know that you have three payment options for your Cash Back? You can choose to have it...

  • Mailed to you in the form of a Big Fat Check
  • Deposited in your Paypal account, or
  • Sent to the charity or  organization of your choice

With the holidays coming up, people are looking for ways to give back to their favorite charities. Why not top it off with your Cash Back from Ebates? It only takes a second to visit your Account Profile and type in the address of the organization. Instead of mailing your Big Fat Check to you, Ebates will simply send it to your charity. The last round of checks went out on November 15th. Although you will have to wait until next quarter to get your Cash, it's never too late to give.

If you don't have a regular charity to whom you give, you could go with a trusted favorite such as a local food bank, Toys for Tots, The Salvation Army or Meals on Wheels.

The Global Fund has also been getting quite a bit of press this year with the launch of Project Red. World AIDS day is on December 1st; this may be a great time to start giving.


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November 28, 2006

112806blogsearszuneToday is Double Cash Back Tuesday at! Sears is running several promotions at the moment, including...

  • Free shipping on orders under $99 with mail-in rebate
  • Get a 5% mail-in rebate on fitness equipment over $399 with your Sears card
  • Instant free shipping on all orders over $99 112806blogsearsgame
  • Save 20% on all Kenmore kitchen appliances

I'm sure I'll get made fun of for mentioning the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer be it. It's gorgeous, and Sears has ooooh, about 22 colors from which to choose. Considering you get free shipping plus Double Cash Back from Ebates, it's a great deal.

Other hot gift items include games for Nintendo Wii,  holiday jewelry up to 40% off , and marked-down plasma and high-def televisions.


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November 22, 2006


It can be hard to keep up with the constantly changing security guidelines implemented by the TSA. For anyone traveling within the next month or so, keep in mind the new "3-1-1 for Carry-Ons" rule.

From TSA:

  • Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers three ounces or less
  • Items must be put in a one quart, clear plastic zip-top bag
  • Only one zip-top bag per passenger

What this means is that you could stock up on oh-so-exciting  travel bottles and Ziplocs, but why not use this as an excuse to buy lots of pint size luxurious beauty products? Sephora and are featuring beauty goods available in 3 oz. or smaller sizes. Try Cargo Daily Lip Gloss, Smith's Rosebud Salve, GoSmile Jet Set Kit or L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.

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November 22, 2006

112106blognativitiesFor those of you who aren't up to battling the masses on Black Friday, this is the perfect day to save big on holiday goods!

Ebates is not only giving 8% Cash Back today only at, but Target is doing free shipping on over 25,000 items! Get your holiday shopping done now, without even leaving the house!

I'm in love with Target's Global Bazaar Christmas decor. My favorites are the painted ceramic nativities. They've got a huge selection of artificial permanent trees as well if you'd like to stay environmentally friendly with your festivities.


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November 21, 2006

112106blogtoleranceWhat comedian of former Seinfeld fame went on a racist tirade during a performance at West Hollywood's Laugh Factory and then tried apologizing last night on David Letterman's show?

*cough* Michael Richards! *cough* (See? Told you it wouldn't be that blind).

Perhaps Mr. Richards would benefit from a few carefully chosen stocking stuffers this holiday season:

-A biography on Martin Luther King Jr.?
-Books on tolerance?
-The Supreme Court for Dummies? (You know, that pesky Civil Rights hoopla in the '60s!)

Looks like someone's career is O to the V to the ER!!


November 17, 2006

111706blogbaggallini_1I was announcing Cyber Monday at the DisBoards when I saw a bizarre word pop up, over and over again.

Bellini? No.
Tortellini? Nuh-uh.
Baggallini? Huh!?

What is this mysterious yet popular Baggallini Disney fans keep mentioning? Do you eat it? Carry it? Drink it from a flute? Well, I wouldn't sip it with brunch if I were you, but it certainly would be useful for some weekend shopping.

Baggallini is a line of bags known for their durability, stylish colors and amazing functionality! They're used by moms, commuters, shoppers, travelers- just about anyone that needs a sturdy bag.

111706logbagallinitote_2I don't know about you, but whenever I hear the word "durable" I equate it with...well, ugly. But guess what? Baggallinis are really cute. The prices range from $14.99 for a small bag to $184.99 for mid-size luggage.

Two of the top-rated Baggallinis on are the Small Doctor's Bagg and Expandable Microfiber Tote. Both are available in several colors.

You can also get Baggallinis at Ebates merchants like QVC, Magellan's, LuggageOnline, but lemme give you a hint: use eBags! They'll knock $15.00 off any handbag purchase and give you 6% Cash Back through Ebates!


November 16, 2006

Earn 4% Cash Back at eLuxury through Ebates and use coupon code GOLD at checkout to get free shipping!


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November 16, 2006

111606blogps3_1According to the top secret Best Buy employee handbook , "Video game history will be made Nov. 17 (PlayStation 3) and Nov. 19 (Nintendo Wii), when two new console platforms launch for the first time in the same year since 2001 - within 48 hours of each other."

At midnight tonight, Sony will release the Playstation 3. Gamers in New York and San Francisco are already camping out to get their hands on a piece of HD gaming history.

Sony has met criticism for its failure to meet its target number of released PS3 units. The original goal was 1 million on launch day, but that number has slowly dwindled down to 400,000 or less! Needless to say, those who get their hands on the PS3 before the holidays are pretty darn lucky.

If you're confused about this new-fangled WiiStation3 stuff, here are the main differences between the two platforms:

-Wii: $249, groundbreaking controller design, modest image quality, 6 months free online access
-PS3: $499, HDD drive, Blu-Ray Drive, free online access always

While it may be nearly impossible to get a PS3 on launch day without camping at the Sony Store or resorting to Ebay, you can always stock up on games before the holidays. Some of the most popular include Sonic the Hedgehog, Madden '07, Call of Duty 3 and Tony Hawk's Project 8.

Check out this handy comparison chart from to see the major specs (Xbox 360 also included):


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November 15, 2006

Enjoy 20% off at Sephora with coupon code FF2006! Use Ebates to get 4% Cash Back! The coupon is valid 11/18/06-11/26/06 online only.


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November 15, 2006

190x143_cartofchecksToday marks an event every Ebates user looks forward to: the mailing of the Big Fat Checks! We mailed the checks today, so they should be arriving at your house within a few days.

Last quarter, I took pictures of the checks getting shipped out. It's always an exciting time for us here at Ebates, since most of us are major Cash Back earners. I can't even bear the thought of shopping online without getting Cash Back!

Some Ebates users get a little Cash Back- say, $10. Others are earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars from their purchases! Needless to say, we've got some very loyal users.

Whether you are using it for holiday shopping, donating it to charity, or just putting it in the bank, enjoy your Big Fat Check!

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November 14, 2006

111406blogpiglet_1For some, it's a Bar Mitzvah. For others, their high school graduation. For those who grow up in Orange County, California, the crowning rite of passage is...working at Disneyland.

I was a cast member for three long months at the age of 17. I often get asked if I ever saw Mickey shuffling around backstage, taking deep drags on a Marlboro Red, novelty-sized plastic head clasped half-heartedly under his arm.

The answer is no, but I did glimpse dozens of  Piglet suits drooping sadly on their hangers waiting to be washed. The whimsy melted away at that moment; the costumes department looked more like a slaughterhouse than The Hundred Acre Woods!

All kidding aside, Ebates is giving Double Cash Back at today only! Get 8% Cash Back on cool Disney stuff like:

-Rhinestone Mouse Ears (Bling Bling! Imagine the Cash Back!)

-An Alice in Wonderland Divine Hoodie

-Art Deco style Steppin' Out Mickey Watch

-A cuddly Nala Bean Bag!

The possiblities are endless. Hey, go for the piglet costume if you want. I was just kidding about the whole slaughterhouse thing.

I can't believe I just used the word "slaughterhouse"  three times in a blog about Disney.



November 13, 2006

Big Sale Fever is still running rampant, and things have heated up with coupon codes for free shipping from some of our favorite apparel merchants!

Personally, I recommend stocking up on rain gear. Just because you may be soaking wet from walking 6 blocks from the subway in the rain, it doesn't mean you can't look stylish.

111306blogburberryboot_2Neiman Marcus: HOLIDAY on $150+, expires 11/27/06
and 3% Cash Back at Ebates

Bloomingdale's: FS125 on $125+, expires 12/04/06
and 2% Cash Back at Ebates

eLuxury: GOLD, expires 12/14/06
and 4% Cash Back at Ebates Holiday06 on $100+, expires 12/19/06
and 3% Cash Back at Ebates

Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday6, expires 12/20/06 at 1pm EST
and 3% Cash Back at Ebates

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November 9, 2006

110906blogwii_1November 19th is the most anticipated day of the 2006 holiday season.


Better yet, Wii! The 19th marks the U.S. debut of the hottest video game system of 2006. Nintendo is releasing one million Wii on November 19th and another 8 million by the end of the year!

If you haven't preordered a Wii and you want to find out where to get one on November 19th, check out the Wii Locator which lists Target stores that will have Wii in stock.  The store closest to me only has 39! Looks like I'd better get the tent and sleeping bag ready...

You can pre-order Wii games, too! Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is rumored to be incredible.

Ebates user Nate has offered the following as some of the best reasons to get a Wii:

  • Low power usage
  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • Remote has a motion sensor and can detect where it’s pointing – can be used as a pointer, gun, steering wheel- whatever the game calls for
  • Turn the remote sideways and it functions just like the original Nintendo controller


  • There will be 29 available games on launch day; the biggest launch of any game console
  • Keeps track of how often your kids have been playing the system – for the parents
  • Huge variety of games: pick-up and party games, kid games, shooter games, driving games, and original Nintendo and Sega games (the classics can be downloaded for $5-$10 each!)
  • Built in web browser
  • Compatible with Nintendo GameCube games

To truly empathize with the passion of the Wii, behold the following clip from South Park:



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November 8, 2006

110806blognordglasses_1 Heart racing? Hands trembling to the point that you can barely scroll  through Paypal to update your credit card info? You may have a case of  Big Sale Fever.
This morning, an Ebates staffer was unexpectedly roused from sleep at six a.m. with an inexplicable urge to get to Nordstrom within one hour. After a forty-five minute bout of tearing through the Half Yearly Sale, she arrived at work breathless but with adorable new flats on her feet.

It was soon apparent that the fever was contagious.  After speaking with the afflicted party by the coffeepot, another staffer raced to her computer. She immediately visited Ebates, whereupon it was discovered that the following merchants were spreading Big Sale Fever through their promotion of heavily discounted clothing, accessories and home decor: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdale's and Macy's.

Four out of five shoppers agree that prevention is key to ending the spread of  Big Sale Fever. Be sure to shop often, earning Cash Back at Ebates to ensure a regular intake of hot deals. Consume plenty of fluids, and most importantly, shop the semi-annual sales at the above merchants to relieve existing symptoms of this temptingly frugal condition. 


November 7, 2006

A wiseman once said, "I'm going to stop procrastinating...once I get around to it."

Words never rang truer- especially for those of us who haven't bought our plane tickets for Thanksgiving! Buying tickets for air travel is a real pain, especially when you've found your ticket, click "BUY NOW" and suddenly the fare jumps up $50. Understandably, it's a task better left 'til tomorrow. Or maybe Friday, if I get around to it.

Today's the day to buy your ticket if you've been putting it off! Ebates is doubling the Cash Back at to 4%!

At that price you may as well upgrade to first class. Didn't you know that's it's healthier to line your stomach with a nice helping of complimentary champagne and caviar before eating turkey?

I uh, heard it cuts down the carbs or something.


Not only can you buy your plane tickets on Priceline, you can book a hotel, car reservation or ticket for a local attraction. Let's face it: after a couple days of grubbin' with your travel-weary fam, a trip to the local aquarium just might be a welcome respite.

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November 6, 2006

110606blogchampagne_4 The Wine Messenger says the rule of thumb for Thanksgiving wine is to pair "bigger, complex whites, and light- to medium-bodied reds" with your meal.

If, to you, light bodied red translates as Two Buck Chuck Shiraz with an aperetif of Franzia, then it might be hard to select a holiday vino that will impress and delight the wine connoisseurs at your table. Save the stress for delumping the gravy and use these handy recommendations found on The Wine Messenger. I've narrowed them down to four price categories.

(P.S. If you use The Wine Messenger, they offer a coupon exclusive to Ebates members that gets you free shipping on a case (up to twelve bottles) of wine. Just use coupon code EbatesShip. ) 

Ten Buck Chuck!:

Red: Domaine des Coteaux des Travers Char Vin Ctes du Rhne 2005. $11.00. "This is a well-balanced, and very soft and smooth wine with sweet fruit flavors of berries, blackcurrants, and a touch of white pepper."

White: Metairie Chardonnay Les Oliviers 2004. $9.00. "A typically floral Chardonnay nose with almond, peach, and acacia notes."

Sparkly/Pink: Campo Liberto Rosado 2005. $9.50. "Smooth and fruity on the plate with red berry fruit and a nice dry finish, it avoids being sweet or unbalanced like most ross in this price range."

About Eye Level on the Safeway shelves:

Red: Cordo Pinot Noir 2002. $24.00. "Cherry fruit aromas abound on the nose with a touch of spicy oak. Black cherry, pomegranate and cranberry abound on the palate coupled with good acidity, and balanced tannins, with a gorgeous finish on fruit."

White: Chateau Haut Selve Graves Blanc 2003. $23.00. "Beautiful nose of lychee, peach, and vanilla. Smooth and supple with developing flavors of peaches and other stone fruits. A fresh, concentrated wine with a crisp finish of wood and citrus notes."

Sparkly/Pink: Champagne Leclerc Briant Cuve Extra Brut NV. $28.00. "This Champagne is very versatile. The light nutty nose with some earthy aromas is followed by a palate of complex fruit (green apple) and hazelnut flavors with a hint of butteriness. A full-bodied champagne with good acidity and focus, and a great dry finish."

Your Wine Snob Friends will be Impressed:

Red: Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Fves Chanson Pre et Fils 1998. $65.00. "Intense red fruit, violet, and berry aromas. Elegant and very appealing. The palate shows concentrated spiced fruit flavors with a dry finish."

Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches Chanson Pre et Fils 2000. $68.00. "Developed nose with delicate oak, mushroom, fruit and floral aromas. A very integrated wine with complex fruit and oak flavors balanced by a long finish."

Sparkly/Pink: Alfred Gratien Champagne Brut Millesime 1997. $88.00. "Red fruit (red plum) and biscuit aromas with a hint of nuttiness. Rich palate of ripe fruits rounded out with creamy bubbles.  "

Call me Diddy,  P. Diddy:

White: Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru Domaine Caillot 2000. $179.00. "Great aromas of citrus, apple, and apricot with a spiced/candied fruit tang. A full-bodied wine with excellent mouthfeel, depth, and finesse; not at all flabby or hot." (Flabby and hot?!)

Red: Clos Vougeot Grand Cru Musigni Gros Frres et Soeur 2002. $119.00. "Rich aromas of blackberries, cherries, wildflowers and spice. Great power and concentration of sweet, ripe, black fruits and silky tannins. Long finish with freshness."

Sparkly/Pink: Alfred Gratien Cuvee Paradis Rose NV. $110.00. "A delicate and harmonious rose, a magnificent Champagne that is a foretaste of paradise! A delicate orange peel and gingerbread patate. Served in First Class on British Airways."

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November 3, 2006

110306blogjeans_1Let's face it. When you shop online, you want numbers. And letters. You want cryptic patterns of symbols that magically shave 10% (or hey, 50%, but who's counting?) off your order.

I've collected a bunch of promo codes and coupon codes for Ebates apparel merchants that do just that. Well,  J. Crew isn't on Ebates, but that shouldn't stop ya.  Some of these codes came from sources outside of Ebates, so I can't vouch for them, but why not try your luck?

Remember to join Ebates so you can not only use the coupon codes at these stores, but to earn Cash Back!

American Eagle:
Free Shipping. 78982273. Expires 9/6/2009.

Ann Taylor:
Free Shipping on $125.
104001710. Expires 11/19/2006 

Ann Taylor Loft:
15% off $75 or 20% off $150, also get $25 savings card for every $50 spent. 50100001.Expires 11/26/2006

Banana Republic:

free s/h with BR Luxe card LUXE. Expires 12/31/2006
Free Shipping on $50 with Banana Republic card. BRCARD. Expires 12/31/2006

Free shipping on $125. FREESH. Expires 12/4/2006
110306blogpumaFree shipping on $125. FS125. Expires 12/4/2006

Free shipping. AZ9XEHR. Expires 10/5/2009
$15 off $100. AFF15. Expires 11/30/2006

Coldwater Creek:
Free gift with $100 purchase.
AFL4225. Expires 11/15/2006

Couture Candy:
15% off all dresses. DRESSME.Expires 11/30/2006

110306blogoldnavysweater Delia*s:
15% off. DQS243Z. Expires 11/13/2006
Free Shipping. DQM. Expires 12/31/2006
Free Shipping on $75 or more.
DQRAFF. Expires 12/31/2006

Foot Locker:
$15 off $90 or more.
LKS16N59. Expires 11/30/2006

J. Crew:
Free shipping on $150.  RN-469. Expires  11/21/2006

Neiman Marcus:
Free Lolita Lempicka gift set. GIFT. Expires 11/5/2006
$5 Shipping and $12.50 2 day shipping. Expires 12/31/2006

Old Navy:
$5 Shipping. 5555. Expires 12/31/2006

Urban Outfitters:
20% off $100  or more. Luckymag2006. Expires 11/30/2006

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November 2, 2006

Mike is an Ebates user and an Oakland based videographer:  

110206blogsonycamI bought my mother a SONY Cyber-shot DSC-T50 for her birthday last week. I picked this camera for her because the large touch-screen actually displays the names of the camera's functions, rather than relying on tiny icons on tiny buttons. It is much easier to understand, and she is already taking advantage of the advanced features of the camera. The touch-screen makes it easy to navigate through the menu system. You can even paint or draw on your photos directly on the camera with the110206blogsonycam2_2 included pen! 
The DSC-T50 takes 7.2 megapixel pictures and records large video  (640x480). The flash is nice and the pictures are crisp. I'm really pleased with the video quality for such a small camera. You will need at least a 1GB memory card. Go for 2GB (or 2x 1GB) and you won't run out of space.
This camera is fun, takes great pictures and video, and will fit your pocket or purse. I highly recommend it.


The DSC-T50 is today's featured product in the Ebates Pre-Holiday Promotion. For today only get 6% Cash Back at Sony, for a total savings of $30! Click Here to join Ebates!



November 1, 2006

110106blogdecanter I've got a soft spot for my mom's Thanksgiving table. Garnet-colored goblets sparkle, seasonal nuts and dried berries are liberally sprinkled, and a spray of autumn leaves stands alone as a centerpiece. It's an elegant table, comforting in its consistency, but I sometimes wonder how a more modern theme would look.

I've said it again and again, but is amazing! It's affordable and stylish and so easy to navigate! There are Thanksgiving planning guides for both modern and traditional tastes, so you don't have to poke through pages and pages of turkey shaped soup tureens if your table is more Asia Modern than prairie chic.

110106blogwreath Target even has alternative menu plans for the forward thinking Thanksgiving host. How about some Chile Maple Pecan Roasted Salmon instead of turkey? Or Curried Pumpkin Bisque instead of green bean casserole? If you prefer just a twist on the classic menu, the Pomegranate and Cranberry Terrine sounds yummy.

Today is doing Double Cash Back as part of the Ebates Pre-Holiday Promotion, so get 8% Cash Back from Target today only!

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