November 28, 2006

Double Cash Back Tuesday:

112806blogsearszuneToday is Double Cash Back Tuesday at! Sears is running several promotions at the moment, including...

  • Free shipping on orders under $99 with mail-in rebate
  • Get a 5% mail-in rebate on fitness equipment over $399 with your Sears card
  • Instant free shipping on all orders over $99 112806blogsearsgame
  • Save 20% on all Kenmore kitchen appliances

I'm sure I'll get made fun of for mentioning the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer be it. It's gorgeous, and Sears has ooooh, about 22 colors from which to choose. Considering you get free shipping plus Double Cash Back from Ebates, it's a great deal.

Other hot gift items include games for Nintendo Wii,  holiday jewelry up to 40% off , and marked-down plasma and high-def televisions.


Want to earn Double Cash Back at Sears? Click Here to join Ebates!


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