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February 28, 2007

This week, our momma-to-be explores the softer side of impending motherhood. Readers, do you think body pillows are necessary for the comfort and health of an expecting mom? 

PillowI am having issues not being able to sleep on my back anymore since I have been pregnant, as that is the way I always would sleep before.  Did anyone use a pregnancy wedge or body pillow to help ease sleeping problems during pregnancy?  Did it help?  What was better, the wedge or the pillow?  How did your spouse, boys this is your turn to put your two cents in, adjust to this?  I know that some pillows are huge, like the size of another person, was that bothersome for your significant other?

Anna (Product Manager): The pregnancy wedge is the way to go! I used it to comfortably support my belly while lying on my left side (best position for the baby). My husband would then stuff pillows behind me and basically tuck me in every night, because I too am a back sleeper and would often roll onto my back at night. With our “technique”, I basically couldn’t move so it was the perfect solution!

Wilma (Engineer): No, I did not use any body pillow to sleep on my side. If I used one at all, I used a regular standard sized pillow.

Ray (Director of Operations): You need a queen sized bed or bigger for this, though the pillow does help quite a bit, and it's not especially in the way if the bed is big enough.

Sam (Design Director):My wife used something called the “Snoogle”, and she loved it! The Snoogle extends to the length of the body from a “coil” – you can also use it in several different positions as well. Towards the end of her pregnancy my wife had to augment the Snoogle with a normal pillow under the belly, and this set-up seemed to work pretty well. I must admit I was a little jealous of the Snoogle at first, but then I got used to its presence, and I actually hi-jacked it a few times 'cuz it’s very comfy!

Ready to get your hands on a pregnancy pillow or wedge? Look no further than Ebates! You can find a Mini Snoogle starting at $32.39 with 4% Cash Back at Target. For the full-size Snoogle, get the lowest price at Drugstore.com. You'll pay just $46.99 and earn 6% Cash Back! The pregnancy wedge is an even more affordable option. Anna recommends a wedge shaped like this one from Best Rest. She says that the vertical piece prevents mom from rolling onto her back, which can restrict blood flow and oxygen to the baby. At just $24.99 with 4% Cash Back, it's a great deal.

Save even more by using a coupon from Ebates! Here is a list of all of our current Baby Store offers.


February 27, 2007

022707blogmonitorToday only, earn 4% Cash Back at Office Depot! Office managers, this is a great opportunity to get more mileage out of your monthly expenses. Think about it this way: let's say you have one thousand dollars to spend at Office Depot on office supplies. If you earn 4% Cash Back after spending to your limit, you will have forty dollars to put toward next month's expenses. Better yet, use your Cash Back for something fun like better coffee, sodas for the kitchen or even an office party!

To stretch that budget even more, use coupons! One of the most popular coupons on Ebates happens to come from Office Depot. If you spend $150, you get a $30 rebate! (Be sure to read the fine print; some purchases don't qualify.) Plus, get free shipping on most orders over $50.



February 26, 2007

022607blogclaritinIn this week's newsletter, you'll notice we have a small blurb about cold and allergy medicines. The itchiness and congestion I've had for the past few days have inspired me to post this:

With cold and flu season in full swing and springtime right around the corner, it can become expensive and inconvenient getting all the pharmaceutical supplies your household inevitably needs.  Don’t wait until you’re sick to stock up on medicine when you can earn Cash Back on all of those purchases. Pick up your Claritin, Benadryl, Tylenol, cough syrup and any other vitamins or health aids online today through Ebates and save with Cash Back and coupons! You can even earn Cash Back when you refill your prescriptions through stores like Drugstore.com and Wal-Mart. I’m sure you’ll agree that it beats running to the corner store when could be curled up in bed!

There's a chance that you're not signed up for our brand new newsletter. Simply go to your Account Profile and check the box next to "This Week's Top Picks Newsletter" and you're set!

To save even more, be sure to use coupons when you buy your spring health meds. Some of my favorites include:

  • Buy one tube of Airborne, get one free at Drugstore.com. (Expires March 9th, 2007)
  • New shoppers get free shipping on orders of $25 or more at Drugstore.com. (Expires April 1st, 2007)
  • Get $5 off and free shipping on orders of $25 or more at GNC.com. (Expires February 27th, 2007)


February 23, 2007

For those of you who love premium denim, it's your lucky day! National Jean Company just joined Ebates at 6% Cash Back. They carry some of the most popular brands of designer jeans, including:

  • Citizens of Humanity

  • Paige Premium Denim

  • Joes

  • Rock & Republic

  • Seven For All Mankind

  • True Religion

  • Habitual

  • Cheap Mondays

  • Paper Denim

Not only will you earn 6% Cash Back at National Jean Company, but coupon code Natty2 gets you 15% off your entire order. This code expires on March 31, 2007.



February 22, 2007

022207unidenphone This week, Ebates CEO and founder Alessandro tells us how rerouting cell phone calls can make using your wireless plan at home more convenient:

Bluetooth isn’t just for cell phone usage anymore. I have a Uniden ELBT595 cordless home phone that also lets me use my Bluetooth headset when talking on my home phone. It pairs to your cell phone also, so when you get home your cell phone calls are automatically routed to your home phone, letting you answer cell phone calls from any of your handsets. Using the headset for long home calls is so much more comfortable and convenient than using a corded headset at home.

As an added bonus to the Uniden phone, you can call OUT using your home phone handset, but routing the outbound calls through your cell phone, allowing you get use those free long-distance minutes from your home handset.

The best deal I've seen on a Uniden ELBT595 phone system is at HelloDirect.com. It's just $249.99 with 8% Cash Back from Ebates! Or, try OfficeMax. The system is $249.98 with 4% Cash Back but with free shipping. Compare the two and save!


February 21, 2007

This week, our resident first time mommy-to-be ponders a new question. Our staffers seem to have mixed feelings about this topic. Readers, what are your thoughts?


Has anyone ever seen or used a pregnancy journal for both the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be to do together? You cant go to any bookstore or pregnancy store without finding a gazillion for moms-to-be, but nearly none for the dads-to-be. I would love for my husband to be able to be more involved with the pregnancy, and everything that is going on with me and the bambino, any suggestions? Has anyone heard of a pregnancy journal for parents-to-be?

Larry (Engineer): My wife had a week-by-week development book,  (i.e. in Week x the heart starts beating.)  It was very neat, but it wasn't precisely a journal or calendar.

Sam (Design Director): We never used an interactive pregnancy journal or calendar (although I think this idea sounds pretty cool).

Wilma (Engineer): I would just use a normal journal for this and keep a log of your thoughts and feeling when you   were pregnant. For example, when did you feel the first flutter, kicks, etc..

Cath (V.P. of Finance): Don't know; I did not use one during my first pregnancy.

Anna (Product Manager): My sister bought me a journal as soon as she found out I was pregnant. I think she bought it at Papyrus, but you can get one at any baby or book store. It wasn’t for us as a couple, but more for Mom to track all her thoughts and emotions. It’s definitely a good investment! I can look back on my pregnancy experience and relive every joyful moment of it…or at least the parts I wrote down!

Whether you choose a plain journal or one designed just for parents-to-be, Ebates has options for any budget. You can even buy a pregnancy journal meant for moms and let dad write in it, too! Try this one from Wal-Mart for just $11.74, or see all pregnancy journals available through Ebates.

Sam also recommends Shutterfly's memory books. They start at about $43.99 and are great for documenting your pregnancy and baby's frst year in photos.


February 20, 2007

022007blogipodshuffleToday only earn Double Cash Back at The Apple Store! If you were to compare buying directly from a brick and mortar Apple Store to Ebates, you would be guaranteed to get a better deal on Ebates. Why? Free shipping. When you make a purchase of $50 or more, shipping's on the house. Of course, you also get 2% Cash Back from Ebates!

For those of you still on a New Year's exercise kick, I have one word for you: Shuffle. This weekend, I bought an iPod Shuffle, and it is the best investment I've ever made in my fitness regimen (Aside from my flip flops, of course. Nothing beats the sweet, sweet security I have in knowing my feet will never touch the locker room floor). Prior to this weekend, I was using my 30GB, third-generation iPod at the gym, and let me tell you; I can hardly believe it still works. I must have dropped it on the elliptical trainer half a dozen times in the last month alone! The iPod Shuffle simply clips onto my shirt so I can listen to my music hands-free. I'll never have to worry about dropping it, or putting it onto the sweat-covered gym floor while I lift weights (Yes, I have major issues with the gym floor. Doesn't everyone?).

Of course, if you want to buy a Mac or Apple TV, even better! Imagine 2% Cash Back on a MacBook Pro. You could almost buy an iPod Shuffle with the Cash Back alone!



February 15, 2007

190x143_cratesofchecks4 It's that time again! Thousands of Big Fat Checks are on their way to Ebates users, so keep an eye on your mailbox! Remember you must have at least $5.01 in Cash Back (Tell-A-Friend or Sign Up Bonuses don't count towards the $5.01) in your Ebates Account to receive your check this quarter. If you have less than five dollars in your account, don't worry; your Cash Back will roll over to next quarter! For some of you, that means you'll have to do more shopping! I know, the pressure is almost too much, isn't it?

For those of you who are receiving a Big Fat Check this quarter, congratulations! There's nothing like getting free money in the mail.

I'll even let you in on a little secret: Even though I work at Ebates, I'm getting my very first Big Fat Check this quarter! No, that doesn't mean I haven't been shopping through Ebates. The truth is that I was too lazy to update my home address in my Account Profile! So please, people. Visit your Account Profile now and make sure your mailing address is correct.

Want to see the full payment schedule for Big Fat Checks? Go here...


February 15, 2007

021907blogtivo Alessandro, co-founder and CEO of Ebates, is a serious gadget buff. Whether he's upgrading to the latest European GPS or testing out a cool new DVR, you can count on him to be in the know on all things tech.

He recently acquired a TiVo HD, the latest version of the ever-popular TV recording device that now has millions of loyal fans. I really wish I had bought one of these sooner. I'm still bitter about missing the series finale of Six Feet Under two years ago. Here are Sandro's thoughts on the TiVo HD:

You may THINK you are happy with your current Tivo, but the new Series 3 High Definition Tivo is ligh-years ahead of the trusty Tivo you already love. Comparing the series three to even a DVD-burning series 2 Tivo is like comparing a Honda Civic to a new Ferrari.

The new unit houses two cable-card tuners, meaning no more IR emitter, no separate cable box, no conflicts (it can record two shows at the same time), and lightning quick channel changes. The picture quality is head and shoulders better than my old TiVo, even on when recording non HD content.

But best of all is the new found ability to record and time-shift HD content. HD is just so incredible that words fail me trying to describe how big an improvement is is from 'regular' tv; people refuse to believe that standard tv looks as bad as it does after switching back and forth from HD. It is simply amazing how vivid HD content is. Being able to pause and slow down playback of HD quality video pushes the new Tivo the top and makes it a must-have. Sports will never be the same.

If you've happily used your current Tivo for over a year (let alone the six or so years my original Tivo lasted), you owe yourself the upgrade. Everything is faster, smoother, and more streamlined, from the backlit remote to the beautiful glossy black finish and high resolution readout status disply. This is as big an improvement as we will see for a long time. Though it isn't a cheap upgrade, consider how long these things last. The series three is all you'll need for a long time; it will delight and provide years of pleasure. I see this as a must-buy for the Tivo addict.


February 14, 2007

Hollieheadphones My friend Hollie is a member of the Ebates sales team, a proud southern belle, and most importantly, a newly expectant mother!  She, like all new parents, wants nothing more than to keep her baby happy and healthy (while attempting to maintain her own sanity, of course).

As a new mom, Hollie finds herself bombarded with baby buzz left and right: bathroom-stall baby harnesses, Zaky pillows, musical pacifiers...does it ever end? Let's help Hollie figure out what she'll really need, and what's better left on the store shelf!

On Wednesdays, I'll be featuring Hollie's questions on all things baby: maternity gear, household items, exercise tips and more. A group of our staffers with young children will answer her questions, and of course we'd love to hear feedback from YOU!

Hollie's Question of the Week:
I keep reading about prenatal listeners, the small recorders that allow you to listen to your baby's heartbeat, kicking and even hiccups! It sounds pretty cool, but I'm not sure if it's worth the the $19.99. Would headphones do the same thing?

Larry (Engineer): Never used them. How about a stethoscope?

Wilma (Engineer): Yes, I used one of those prenatal heartbeat listeners and a headphone for my 2nd pregnancy. I even used a Dr.'s stethoscope to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Don't bother buying it as it's a waste of money. You can hardly hear anything and you really need to be in quiet place, no distractions, etc. to hear anything. If you want really want to record your baby's heartbeat, bring a tape recorder to every prenatal appt.

Anna (Product Manager): Yes, we bought one (suckers!) and for us, it was a waste of money. I had friends who it worked for (same exact listener), but we couldn't really distinguish the baby's sounds from mom's indigestion! It would probably have been more effective later in the pregnancy, but by that time, we had given up using it!

Sam (Design Director):We didn't use a listener (again, I didn't even know they existed). It WAS a lot of fun to hear the heartbeat during visits to the doctor though.

Cath (V.P. of Finance): I did and I love mine, especially with the first pregnancy when everything was so new. Listening to my baby's heartbeat whenever I wanted to was super important to me and my husband! :-) Headphones would not work!

Admit it. You're curious. Why not give a prenatal listener a try? They range in price from $19.99 at Target to about $29.95 at BabyWise.com!


February 13, 2007

021307blogroses_1Let's start off today's blog with some wise words on procrastination, shall we?

"My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry 'til a more convenient season." -Mary Todd Lincoln

"In delay there lies no plenty." -William Shakespeare

"Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today." -Abraham Lincoln

Wow, seems the Lincoln family had some pretty strong opinions on this topic. Why not take a little advice from Shakespeare and one of history's most highly regarded presidents and buy your Valentine's Day present already? Ebates is doubling the Cash Back at 1-800-FLOWERS  to 14% today only. It truly does not get any easier than this. Order your flowers, have 'em shipped, and voilà! You're happy, your Valentine is happy, and you don't have to buy another Valentine's Day present for a whole year!

Next time, though, why not start a couple days earlier? Make Mr. Lincoln proud!



February 9, 2007

020907blogwelliesAnyone that knows me knows my strong dislike for rain. Don't get me wrong; I'm a California-raised child of drought. I remember Ricky the Raindrop awareness presentations at school and I wholeheartedly support the well-being of our nation's farmers. It's just that...well, rain is so wet. It's cold, wet, and I really don't like when my pants have soggy hems.

I've seen a lot of women wearing bright, rubber wellies. They come in prints like cupcakes, tiny whales or apples- patterns usually reserved for kids. I'm one of those people that sees kids clothes and usually wishes they came in my size, so of course I'm completely behind this trend! One of my favorites has images of classic tattoos (ok, so maybe that one isn't exactly childhood-inspired).

While you can get wellies from several Ebates merchants including Nordstrom,  I recommend Target. They have a huge selection of wellies for $19.99. And really, if we're talking rubber rain boots, why pay anything more?



February 8, 2007

113006blogwiimote_1Oh, the Wii. It's rarer than a Loch Ness Monster sighting. Rarer, even, than a sashimi dinner.

Lots of people want a Wii but simply can't find one. In desperate times like these, it's time to let go of your pride and try your luck at a Wii giveaway. Our friends at Newegg are giving away 2 Wiis! All you have to do is fill out a brief form, and you're entered. The contest starts today and ends on February 22nd.

Be forewarned- playing Wii can be hazardous! As a Kiwi news source said,

Just be careful not to get too carried away, because it's all too easy for the Wii-mote to slip out of a sweaty palm. It comes with a wrist strap but some people have got so carried away the straps have broken and the Wii-mote has gone flying, breaking lamps, dishes and 42-inch plasma TVs.

Nintendo recently issued a recall on Wiimote wrist straps. To order the new, reinforced version, simply fill out this form.

I recommend getting one! Wii Sports really unleashes your inner Rocky.


February 7, 2007

020707blogtaxesNow that you've received your W-2 or 1099, it's time to think about that most joyous of joys: filing your taxes! I know it's exciting, but please, cork the champagne for a moment and hear me out. You can earn Cash Back when you purchase tax preparation services through Ebates! There are currently four tax services available:

I recommend taking a look at H&R Block's Most Overlooked Deductions (under "Tax Tips"). It is so, so comforting to know that the Old Navy very expensive designer coats I donated to charity will cushion the financial blow...hey, I have receipts!

In times like these, you may want to treat yourself to something soothing: a lovely bottle of wine, some gourmet chocolates, a trip to Hawaii... Ok, so maybe the trip to Hawaii sort of negates the whole "I'm broke because of tax season" thing, but at least you'll be miserable and broke while sitting on the beach, sipping a pina colada. Oh, and you can earn Cash Back on credit card services too since you'll probably need them!

I'm such an enabler.


February 6, 2007

020607blogguccibagToday only get 8% Cash Back from Ebates when you shop at Bluefly! For the label-conscious clotheshorse, Bluefly is the place where dreams come true. Chanel pumps? Check. Vera Wang party dress? Double Check. Coach wallet? Checkity-check-check. Bluefly has a lot of designer clothing, and it's heavily marked down.

For those of you feeling amorous, Bluefly has marked sleepwear and intimates 40% off, and as you know, something lacy and/or silky is always a welcome gift for Valentine's Day. So are Gucci bags. Oh, and Manolo Blahnik pumps.

One of the best things about shopping through Ebates is that not only do you earn Cash Back, but you can use coupons at the same time. Use code AFF10 and get $10 off your first order of $100 or more!

To see all of Bluefly's current promotions, visit the Bluefly coupons and specials page on Ebates.



February 5, 2007

020507blognewspaperandcoffeeFor those of you who subscribe to Ebates' newsletter, keep an eye on your inbox. We've given the newsletter a makeover! Not that we didn't like the old newsletter, of course. Change can be good. Healthy, even! The new newsletter will feature product reviews, hand-picked offers from our resident coupon guru, and, well, a rather thoughtful looking photo of yours truly.

It will also have information on products and services you may not have known are on Ebates. Did you know you can earn Cash Back on tax services, Netflix and designer handbags? (Real ones, thankyouverymuch!) How about car rentals, hotel reservations and groceries

Yes. Cash Back. All of them.

The new newsletter will be coming to you weekly, so keep your eyes peeled. Visit your Account Profile if you haven't subscribed!


February 2, 2007

020207perryellisA lot of people see Valentine's Day as a holiday meant for women. You don't see stores selling heart-shaped boxes of sour cream and onion chips or bouquets of beef jerky, now do you? (Stereotypes sure are fun!)

For the women out there who'd like to give their husband or boyfriend something special for Valentine's Day but aren't sure that flowers and candy will do the trick, why not try something practical but with a touch of luxury? Perry Ellis just joined Ebates at 4% Cash Back, and I don't know one guy who wouldn't love a rich leather wallet or fancy, lizard grain pen (just don't think about the whole lizard part).

Perry Ellis was one of the most iconic sportswear designers of the 1980's. In fact, Marc Jacobs started his career at Perry Ellis and was subsequently fired for his precocious design aesthetic that didn't match Perry Ellis' more conservative style. Marc moved on (and introduced grunge to fashion in the early '90's before becoming design director for Louis Vuitton) while Ellis continued to thrive with sportswear until his death at age 46.

I know it sounds like I ripped a paragraph from the Fashion Geek Encyclopedia, so please forgive me. It's just that knowing the history of a company makes the products seem more special. It's like reading the back of the cereal box while spooning delicous, wholesome, heart-healthy Corn Flakes into your mouth.

You know you can relate.


February 1, 2007

This week, Microsoft announced its newest operating system upgrade, Windows Vista. I'll be honest. It's tough for me to write about this. I'm not shy about my love of all things Mac. I know, however, that many of you are eagerly awaiting this upgrade, what with the new Aero interface and cool (yet strangely familiar) Gadget mini-applications. Being the fair and open-minded individual I am, I've decided to post this very informative video clip in which New York Times columnist David Pogue refutes claims that Vista ripped off Apple's OSX.

Most importantly, here is Bill Gates' response to these absurd claims. Isn't tolerance grand?

Remember to buy your copy of Vista on Ebates so you can earn Cash Back! It's easy- just click on the links and go shopping. Try Staples, J&R, Computers4Sure.com, or Wal-Mart. Click here to see all of Ebates' search results for Vista!


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