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March 30, 2007

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Reebok Freestyle, that iconic women's athletic shoe that put spring in the step of thong leotard-wearing aerobics divas everywhere. Reebok has released an Easter line featuring an array of Flashdance era colors-  think pale yellows, lavenders and sea foam green. So far, only limited styles have been released, including this model (available in two color options) for $64.99:


So they're not too offensive. Well guess what?  It doesn't stop there. Behold the Reebok Pump Omni Easter edition sneaker, available in early April:



You tell me. Reebok's Easter Line: Stylin' or Scary?


March 29, 2007

NykochargerMy friend Jen just informed me about a new accessory for your Wii or XBox called the Nyko Charge Station. Wii owners familiar with the frustration of popping in a disc, grabbing your Wiimote, and discovering yet another dead battery in the controller will be thrilled!

The station comes equipped with a base, two rechargeable battery packs and two rubberized battery covers that fit your Wiimote (perfect for a heated tennis match!). When the battery pack is empty, just set your Wiimote in the base, and two hours later, they're fully recharged and ready for more game play.

Get yours at Target for $29.99 plus 4% Cash Back!

Xbox users, get yours for $29.99 plus 3% Cash Back!


March 28, 2007

Gymdeluxe_2Sam, Design Director at Ebates, tells Hollie his top three baby must-haves:

1. Ergo Baby Carrier

We’ve tried several different baby carriers and this one seems to be the most versatile and comfortable for both Margot (she usually falls asleep within a few minutes of getting into it) and us parents. This carrier mimics the natural way you’d hold a baby close to your body - some of the other brands like the Bjorn (which we have as well) support a baby from the crotch, and can put stress on the baby’s spine. It’s a little bit complicated at first (it comes with an instructional DVD!), but once you get the hang of all of the straps and do-dads it’s pretty easy. A major plus is that it has several pockets to keep pacifiers, wallet, etc. in, and a hood for rainy days or for shade from the sun.

Find Ergo baby carriers from just $92.00 with 6% Cash Back!

2. CoSleeper

This comes in the “Original” version and the “Mini” version – we have the original version, but if I had to do it again I’d get the mini for it’s smaller size (by the time your baby outgrows the mini they’ll be ready for a real crib or bed anyway). The only advantages that the larger size has is that it can “convert” into a changing table or “play yard”, but in reality once you get this thing set up and put together you’re not gonna want to rearrange it again (very hard to put it together, and not very clear instructions!). The benefit of a co-sleeper is that your baby is right there next to you in bed, making late night feedings much easier (not to mention being more easily able to calm fussiness and give her a pacifier). And it’s great to bring her into our bed in the mornings as we all wake up together – a great way to start the day!

Find CoSleepers from just $107.99 with 4% Cash Back!

3. Tiny Love (Symphony-in-Motion) Mobile & Gymini

These seemed to be Margot’s favorite toys from the get-go, and after four and a half months they still keep her entertained and engaged. She loves the mobile and the (unfortunately for us parents) cheesy digital classical music that it plays (I now have the three “tunes” that it plays permanently burned into my brain). The Gymini is a play mat with arching struts for small toys to hang on (over the babies head). She took to it right away – again, there’s a hanging flower-pillow which plays a digital tune that she particularly loves (not great for parental sanity though).

Get your Tiny Love Mobile for just $19.99 with 7% Cash Back!

See Tiny Love Gyminis from just $54.99 with 4% Cash Back!

Honorable Mention: Grembo Sleep Sack

Once you’re through with the swaddling (after 3 months or so), this is a great way to keep a baby warm at night with a comfy cover that doesn’t fall off. Plus it’s really easy to get them in-and-out of (you’ll appreciate that after 3 month of swaddling…).

Find baby sleep sacks from just $8.99 with 4% Cash Back!


March 27, 2007

Ebates users, what would we be without you? To show our appreciation for your support (and shopping habits), we are giving Double Cash Back at Staples for today only! 

You may be thinking, "Ebates gives Double Cash Back every Tuesday. What's so special about today?". Truth is, we don't usually double the Cash Back at two office supply stores just a few weeks apart (Office Depot was the featured merchant on February 27th). You did, however, show such a huge response on February 27th, that we decided to go ahead and double the Cash Back at Staples today! Enjoy!

Check out the Staples coupons page on Ebates so you can save even more!



March 26, 2007

032607blogappletv2_2Although it feels like forever since its highly-anticipated launch at Macworld 2006 Apple TV is finally in stores, ready to ship. This is the easiest way to watch downloaded movies and tv programs on your television!

Want to get a cheap Apple TV? Here are your options:   

Now, I don't want to play favorites here, but the right choice is pretty obvious, isn't it?


March 23, 2007

According to, one of the hottest trends for Spring 2007 is the baby doll or empire waist dress.

"...some of the best-dressed women on the red carpet are wearing empire waists, bows, frills, ruffles, lace... we're placing all of these under a collective Baby Doll trend."

The baby doll dress is hot at nearly all women's apparel merchants, from this $280 silk brown slipdress from Neiman Marcus, to Isaac Mizrahi's $29.99 jersey interpretation, sold at Target. Some women like the  coverage of an empire waist, but not all. Ebates staffer Diana says "The waist of baby doll dresses is unflattering and this look can't be pulled off by all women, especially older women."

You tell me:  Are baby doll dresses flattering or frumpy?



March 22, 2007

As featured in the upcoming Top Picks newsletter,Digitalframe

At home or in the office, a digital photo frame is the newest, coolest way to show off your prized photos of friends, family, vacations and more!

I love this sleek, white Brookstone model.  It even plays movie files and music: the perfect accompaniment to your favorite slideshows. It is equipped with a 128 MB memory card, but supports larger cards if you have a big photo library.

Ebates rewards you with 6% Cash Back at Brookstone; that's another $18 off this already-reduced $299 frame. For maximum savings, use coupon code AFMAR. You will save yet another $10!

Check out Best Buy's digital camera sale that ends on Saturday. Hey, you've gotta have great pictures to put in the frame!


March 21, 2007

ChairIn today's Baby Q & A,  Ebates engineer Wilma tells Hollie about her top three splurge-worthy baby items.

Parents, out of all the baby products you have used, what are your top three, non-negotiable must haves? On which items is is ok to splurge?

1. Breast pump: If you are determined to give your baby breastmilk when you go back to work, invest in a good breast pump. The cost you would pay for three months of baby formula would pay for your breastpump. I’ve used the Medela Pump In Style with my first child and continue to use the same breast pump for my second child. Worth every penny.

Get a Medela Pump In Style from just $229.99 with 6% Cash Back!

2. Diaper pail:  We went through three diaper pails. We skimped on the first one and purchased one by Safety First . It didn’t mask the smell of diapers and researched and decided to purchase the Diaper Dekor Plus.  You don’t come in contact with the refills. Just step on the pedal and drop the diaper into the pail.  Changing refills is a snap and one pack(there are three inside) of refills will last you over a year. We went out and bought another Dekor because I played slam dunk with it to much so whatever you do, don’t slam the diapers in the pail or you can damage the diaper pail like I did.  The great thing about the Dekor Plus is that once you are done with having babies, it looks great in the bathroom for other needs such as dumping your personal products, kitty litter, etc.

Find Diaper Dekors starting at $29.99 with 6% Cash Back!

3. Glider: We did not think about getting a glider/rocker but I’m so glad that we did at the end. We have an un upholstered Maple finish glider and use it quite a bit. We have a glider by Dutailier which I highly recommend!

See more gliders from just $199.99 with 4% Cash Back!


What are your top three baby must-haves?


March 20, 2007

032007blogmichaelkorspumpThere are only two things you need to know about today's Double Cash Back at You will earn 6% Cash Back from Ebates and you'll get free shipping on all regular-priced shoes!

Need I say more?

Patent leather is hot for spring and Nordstrom's got a whole lot of it. Here are their current top five bestselling shoes for women:

  • Guess Foxylee Flat $109.95032007blogbetseyjohnsonpumps
  • Vince Camuto Filo Sandal $139.95
  • Via Spiga Cove Pump $189.00
  • Michael Kors Seaside Pump $97.95
  • Seychelles Mile a Minute Flat   $64.95

Join Ebates now so you can earn Double Cash Back! You never know: your favorite store might be featured



March 15, 2007

32lcdhdtv_5Step 1.  Go to PC (Starting at Ebates, of course!)

Step 2.  Search for the following phrase: 32" LCD HDTV Display HDMI with Stand.

Step 3.  In the search results, click on the picture that looks like the one pictured here.

Step 4: Buy the TV.

Step 5: Mail in the rebate.

Thanks to Eumir for the tip!


March 15, 2007

IbookstandMac owners rejoice! Griffin Technology just joined Ebates at 4% Cash Back. This is the spot to snag all the accessories you'll need whether you own a shiny new Nano or an obsolete yet loveable second generation iPod (whose display looks suspiciously similar to this).  Griffin carries iPod speakers, cases, earbuds, FM transmitters and more.

They're also stocked with accessories for Macbooks, Powerbooks, iBooks and iMacs of most generations. Plus, you get free shipping on any order of $50 or more!

Mac fans, where do you buy your accessories? The Apple Store, Griffin or another Mac retailer?


March 14, 2007


There are SO many different types and brands of maternity jeans out there.  Can anyone recommend a brand that looks like regular jeans but are still able to expand for your growing belly?  I know there are some with a low waist, some with a full panel, some with a partial panel.  What would be best for your second trimester?  I am looking for comfy yet oh-so-cool.

Wilma (Engineer): Motherhood Maternity is your best bet.

Anna (Product Manager): My theory is to never spend too much on maternity clothes because you grow out of them so quickly! Jeans in the first trimester may not last you through the end. With that said, I’ve always thought Gap jeans are comfortable, stylish and affordable!

Cath (V.P. of Finance): I love the Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans – they fit just like regular jeans and are extremely comfortable.  I also love the way the Gap maternity jeans fit for a fraction of the cost!  Mid or demi panel, in my opinion, are the best fit throughout the entire pregnancy.

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans are available at Shopbop, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom starting at around $175. For the more budget conscious moms-to-be, Gap maternity jeans are no more than $68. In fact, they have some pairs on sale for $29.99 or less! And of course, you can earn Cash Back at all of these stores.

Readers, where do you think Hollie should buy maternity jeans?


March 13, 2007

DrugstorelogoToday is one of those magical days at Ebates when we are giving Double Cash Back at two stores.Today only, get 2% Cash Back at and 12% at (as part of our Daylight Savings promotion).

Drugstore is practically giving away merchandise in their Anniversary Blowout Sale. From free gifts to 50% off select merchandise to free shipping for new customers, you're bound to get a deep discount on popular items.

If you are in the market for electronics, games, books or DVDs, check out's coupon page on Ebates! This is quite possibly the longest list of offers I have ever seen for a merchant.

Blowout sales are all fine and good, but to be quite honest, there's only one product recommendation I have for you. Airborne. I've been savoring this stuff like a fine wine since six o'clock this morning. Buy the triple pack at Drugstore and earn 12% Cash Back! Your co-workers (not to mention your nose and throat) will thank you.



March 9, 2007

030907blogoglow_1Sephora is selling a brand new $26 blush called Smashbox O-Glow. According to Sephora's description,

The first intuitive blush, this clear gel reacts with your personal skin chemistry to turn cheeks the exact color you blush, naturally in just seconds!...When applied, the skin's moisture activates the energizing Goji Berry-C Complex™. It creates a microcirculatory effect, producing a rosy flush that lasts all day.

A gel that can determine the exact shade you naturally blush? That's a pretty big claim.

You tell me: Is Smashbox's O-Glow just marketing deception or a must-have for your complexion?


March 9, 2007

030907blogoriginsLet me first preface this by saying that healthy skin is always fashionable. Thus, my topic for Fashion Friday:

I am pleased to announce that Origins just joined Ebates at 6% Cash Back! Origins specializes in botanical-based cosmetics and skin care products that are full of good-for-you vitamins and essential oils. They're kind of like Kiehl's crunchier, earth-lovin' cousin. As a teen, I used their Oil Refiner Tonic and it was very refreshing.

They've recently introduced new formulas, including  Plantidote Mega Mushroom by Dr. Weil and a line of all-organic oils and cleansers.

Ebates has two coupons available for Origins: one for free shipping, and another that rewards you with a free gift! Check 'em out!


March 8, 2007

Vaio_1Ebates engineer Nenita just got a new Sony Vaio laptop:

(Disclaimer- Not for the Apple fanatics.)

Valentine’s Day brought a great tech toy gift for the geek in me: the Sony VAIO laptop. I've been a software engineer for years, so it's hard to believe that this is my first laptop! I chose the SZ series (SZ460N/C) because the TX series is way too small. The other series comes with powerful graphics for the game fanatics, but is way too bulky for me.

This carbon fiber cased laptop, weighing an ultra-light 3.5 lbs, came with an integrated adapter for wireless networking (LAN & WAN), biometrics (finger scanner) for security, G-shock hard drive protection against accidental dropping, Bluetooth integration with any Bluetooth-enabled device and of course the Sony trademark: high definition graphics with XBrite technology.

One complaint I have about my Vaio is the short battery life of only 2 hrs max - even the extra battery has the same capability and is not worth it to pay an extra $200 for a regular spare or $400 for 'longer-lasting'. But then again, they say that almost all laptops' batteries have the same, limited capability.

Being completely wireless was my main motivation to buy a laptop. I can soak up the California sunshine in our sunroom when Ebates lets me telecommute once a week. It was, however, very frustrating to spend days configuring VPN client for Vista. Almost all new, non-Apple laptops now come pre-loaded with Vista so a word of caution: since Vista is a new release, there might be some software not compatible with it yet but for general-purpose use it should be fine. I’ll admit, the constant nagging about permissions is a little annoying at times, but check out Microsoft's official Vista page for a complete list of 100 reasons for using Vista.

Readers, have you purchased a new computer with Vista? What are your likes and dislikes of the new OS?


March 7, 2007


Did you or your partner use pre-natal yoga gear during pregnancy? I see birth balls, prenatal yoga DVDs (even pilates!) and maternity yoga clothing. Did you or your partner find any of these helpful during or after pregnancy?

Our Design Director, Sam, has this suggestion for Hollie: 

I don’t think my wife used any kind of special yoga equipment during her pregnancy (but she did continue to do yoga even up to the day she went into labor!). The one special piece of exercise equipment we did get was an exercise ball (sometimes called a birth ball). This item actually proved invaluable to us – you can use it for pregnancy exercises, and for labor training (for actual labor too). The ball really came in handy for us though, after our daughter was born – holding her while “bouncing” on the ball was the ONLY sure method of calming her down and stopping her crying during the first month. Worked every time – and still mostly does today after 3 months.  

Readers, what do you think is the number one way to stay fit during and after pregnancy?


March 6, 2007

030607blogjamaicaToday only, earn 2% Cash Back at Expedia! It's the perfect time to book your air travel and accomodations for Spring Break! Expedia has specials on several different vacation destinations, like...

To see all offers for Expedia travel, see our coupons page!  A trip to Jamaica sounds mighty tempting.

How about you? What is your favorite spring break/summer vacation destination?



March 5, 2007

You have been randomly selected as the winner of Ebates'  Worst Valentine's Day Ever Contest! I hope you have fun shopping with your $250 gift card to Armani Exchange! I sent you an email a few minutes ago, so please check your inbox.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Even if you didn't win, why not treat yourself to a little shopping spree? You know that 4% Cash Back is callin' your name!



March 2, 2007

030207blogsocks_1If it were up to me, I would only write about 75% off clearances on Anthropologie clothing or 5 for 1 sales at Old Navy. I realize, however, that some of you may shop for clothes and accessories other than these. Please take a moment to select which of the following types of clothes you like to buy on Ebates. Hey, if you want it, I'll write it...unless that means dozens of posts about socks.:

Online Poll Using WebSurveyor


March 1, 2007

Razr_007_2Justine from our marketing department came to work on Monday with a new MOTORAZR V3m phone in a comely russet hue called "Fire". The following are her first impressions. (Oh, and that's Ryan, our Tech Producer, looking very cool while modeling her phone):

I just bought a new phone and I love it so much my co-workers are about to tape my mouth shut. I went for the Fire Razr, mostly just because I love the color. It turns out though that is actually a really cool phone (who says you can't judge a phone by it's cover?). It has a camera with 8x zoom, the perfect way to embarrass friends and family. It has email and IM so you can always be in touch. Plus with a storage card you can listen to music on it! It enables me to make rude gestures at other drivers on the phone since I can talk hands free with my Bluetooth headset. In doing the research I noticed a lot of phones with all of these options come with hidden charges, such as you have to buy a specific email package for $50 more. The Razr doesn't have any of these sneaky packages, it works straight out of the box. Did I mention it isMotorazr red?

Readers, you will be delighted to know that you can save on wireless phone services with Ebates. In fact, you'll earn  $19 Cash Back at Verizon Wireless! And yes, you can even earn Cash Back on your very own Fire RAZR.


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