March 7, 2007

Hollie's Baby Q & A: Prenatal Yoga


Did you or your partner use pre-natal yoga gear during pregnancy? I see birth balls, prenatal yoga DVDs (even pilates!) and maternity yoga clothing. Did you or your partner find any of these helpful during or after pregnancy?

Our Design Director, Sam, has this suggestion for Hollie: 

I don’t think my wife used any kind of special yoga equipment during her pregnancy (but she did continue to do yoga even up to the day she went into labor!). The one special piece of exercise equipment we did get was an exercise ball (sometimes called a birth ball). This item actually proved invaluable to us – you can use it for pregnancy exercises, and for labor training (for actual labor too). The ball really came in handy for us though, after our daughter was born – holding her while “bouncing” on the ball was the ONLY sure method of calming her down and stopping her crying during the first month. Worked every time – and still mostly does today after 3 months.  

Readers, what do you think is the number one way to stay fit during and after pregnancy?

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