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October 31, 2007

You'll rock out like never before with the third release of the smokin'-hot Guitar Hero game series! Guitar Hero III includes head-banging hits like Barracuda by Heart, Sabotage by Beastie Boys and Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss. Packed with more action, more unlockable content and more rock hits, Guitar Hero III is available for Wii, XBox 360, PS2 and PS3.



October 31, 2007

We at Ebates love shopping online, Cash Back, and, of course, dressing in elaborate costumes for Halloween! Here's a quick peek at today's Halloween festivities. Isn't Jorge the most lovely ballerina you've ever seen? Such grace!



October 29, 2007

As any good gardener knows, one frosty night can put an end to even the hardiest of garden crops. Protect plants like lettuce, broccoli, basil, spinach and strawberries with The Ultimate Cold Frame- a sturdy, polyethylene enclosure that provides an extra 26 inches of growing space for your garden! Recently reduced to only $44.99, this frame will extend your growing season by up to several months. You'll enjoy salad greens almost year-round and ripe, juicy tomatoes for Thanksgiving!



October 26, 2007

102507bloggourmetburgersMouth-watering filets mignons, juicy gourmet burgers- does this sound like your family dinner? If not, then it's time to step it up and treat your family to delicious gourmet meats from Omaha Steaks! One of their best-selling premium beef combos is The Family Pack. You get eight six-ounce filets mignons and sixteen five ounce gourmet burgers for just $99.99. The regular price on this deluxe package is $175- that's $75 in savings! Throw some burgers in a pan and the rest in the freezer so you'll have an easy gourmet meal at hand.


October 26, 2007

Put your best foot forward in these sexy wedges from Piperlime, now marked down to $74.99! I am blown away by the stunning stripes on these sultry shoes. There's nothing hotter for fall than deep, shimmering jewel tones, and you have your pick of three color schemes: Java, Black or Brown. All feature a mesmerizing mix of purple, emerald, cobalt or chocolate stripes. Get yours now for half off plus 3% Cash Back at Ebates!



October 23, 2007

102307blogannacrowleyOur office was excited to find this little gem in our Google alerts this morning! WCNC, the local NBC affiliate in Charleston, North Carolina, featured Ebates on Monday in a piece titled "Cash For Shopping Online". The following is a transcription of the report, but be sure to check out the accompanying video!

Cash for Shopping Online

05:56 PM EDT on Monday, October 22, 2007

We've all heard the horror stories of schemes that entice consumers by promising to pay them to shop.   Well, what if there really was an honest-to-goodness, bona fide offer like that out there? Imagine heading out to the mailbox to find a check waiting for you, just for shopping online.  Check out www.ebates.com.  Here's what it promises:  when you log on and start shopping at your favorite stores, you'll get some of that money back because E-bates gets a commission on what you spend and they are willing to give you a cut. You have 800 stores to choose from.  When you earn more than $5.00 back, E-bates cuts you a check and puts it in the mail. The site also updates coupons and other discounts daily to keep you in the savings loop.  There's a daily double. I checked out www.eopinions.com to see what they think and there are a couple of catches.  First, cash back can be as little as two percent of your purchase.  That means you'd have to spend $250 before you are eligible for a check.  But keep in mind, cash back percentages vary from purchase to purchase. Some deals are better than others and checks are issued quarterly so you have to be patient. We found out the site does have a satisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau.


October 22, 2007

My coworker and I are baffled that this adorable sweater, originally $48.50, is now just $7.99 at dELiA*s! Available in a range of sizes, this fashion-forward top is made of cozy acrylic-wool and hits at the hip, offering a flatteringly long shape. The mustard and cobalt fairisle pattern makes for a refershingly modern take on a classic print. If you're a forward-thinking fashionista, you'll adore this sweater. Pair with skinny cords ($19.99) for a hip silhouette.



October 18, 2007

Between the flowers, the venue, dinner and drinks, planning a wedding has never been more expensive! And the dress? We all know it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don't blow your budget on a dress you'll wear only once- buy this gorgeous gown from JCPenney and save hundreds! Featuring a classic A-line silhouette, luxurious satin and an elegant cocoa sash, this dress looks like a million bucks but only costs $69.99, marked down from $200! You'll be the belle of the ball. And the price? That can be your little secret.



October 17, 2007

101707blogkeyboardIn an e-society like ours, it's hard to imagine life without a computer. Like many Americans, you might work at a desk for more than eight hours a day, then while away your evenings responding to email (or shopping through Ebates). It's not hard to believe, then, how stressful these activities can be on your body! Going ergonomic takes some getting used to, but there are lots of available tools that make the process a whole lot easier. Try substituting your desk chair for an exercise ball (red and purple are the preferred colors of Ebates staffers) or simply invest in a new, ergonomic keyboard. From Ebates' Top Picks Newsletter: 

While an ergonomic keyboard will certianly relieve pain in your wrists, it might just strain another key area: your wallet! Don't bust your budget on $200 ergonomic keyboards when, for just $29.99, you can have the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. Engineered to reduce hand and wrist stress, this state of the art keyboard reduces your risk of carpal tunnel injuries caused by long term computer use. Score a refurbished one for only $29.99, or spend $46.99 for a brand new model.  You can't go wrong- this keyboard has a five star rating on ConsumerReview.com!


October 16, 2007

101607blogpuroptionsEight glasses of water per day? Are you crazy? For some us, plain old water is, well, a little bit boring. Perk up your palate with new PUR Flavor Options! Starting at just $9.99 for a flavor cartridge, the PUR water filtration system mounts on your faucet and not only eliminates lead and chemicals, but infuses your water with calorie-free, sugarless fruit flavors like raspberry, peach and strawberry Get your faucet-mounted PUR filtration from Drugstore ($49.46, 4% Cash Back) or J&R.com ($44.99, 3% Cash Back).


October 15, 2007

Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, nagging purse fetishes that drive one to blow $400 on a leather bag; these are some of life's little mysteries (although I suppose some are more little than others).

Comrades in bag-love, you will certainly appreciate the latest news from the front lines. COACH is now being sold at Nordstrom.com, making them only the third online authorized COACH retailer. You will be even more delighted to know that you get 2% Cash Back from Ebates when you shop at Nordstrom.com. Don't miss the new Bleecker line, a fantastic collection of bags featuring easy lines and supple, buttery leather that's softer than a baby's behind, hardware so shiny you just might see your reflection if you shine it up just right, that rich, unmistakable smell of a brand new never-been-used bag and...well, there I go again. Please excuse me; it's an uncontrollable affliction. 

Just trust me. They're nice bags and you won't be sorry.



October 12, 2007

EasycycleDid you know the US has issued new fitness guidelines, recommending "thirty minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity five times a week"? Yes, it's true. For those of us who don't have time to spend hours at the gym, this next product may very well be the perfect solution. San Franciscans, I dare someone to use this on BART. From Monday's Top Picks newsletter:

Juggling a hectic schedule of work, kids, friends and errands? No wonder you don't have time to work out! Don't sacrifice your health when there's an easy solution: the $79.99 Easy Cycle at JCPenney. This super-compact cycle is portable so you can  use it at home or bring it to the office! It includes a remote control with vivid LCD display so you can manage the intensity of your workout. Imagine toning your legs, arms, shoulders and back all while sitting at your desk! The Easy Cycle is regularly $129.99, but now it's only $79.99. Hurry and get yours while they last!


October 11, 2007

101007bloglancomebaumebaiserLet me tell you- there are times when it is ok to spend $25 on lip balm. Perfectly ok. Lancome has released a deliciously soft and pillowy balm that tastes like a little kiss of heaven. I kid you not. It's called Baume Baiser and it tastes slightly coconutty, a tad rosey, and 100% delish. Lancome designer Gucci Westman dreamed up an art deco-inspired Mystery Game line for the 2007 Autumn/Winter Lancome collection, and this adorable  little balm is one of the most highly anticipated pieces! From next week's Top Picks Newsletter: 

Soft and cushiony, pillow-like, coconut milk fragrance; ladies, how can you resist Lancome's Limited Editon Baume Baiser lip gloss? If you've been looking for the perfect balm to toss in your bag, look no further! This ultra-hydrating lip treat is enhanced with a luscious coconut fragrance and deposits just a hint of shimmery tint to your lips. Remember, this in-demand, limited edition product won't be around for long! Get your Baume Baiser at Lancome for $25 and enjoy free shipping plus 6% Cash Back at Ebates!


October 10, 2007

I just found out that Free People has joined Ebates! Is it weird that I jumped three feet in the air and clicked my heels after the meeting? 

If you love the whimsical fashions at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, you'll fall head over heels for Free People! Lucky for you, they just joined Ebates and you get 2% Cash Back. You'll love their charmingly bohmemian clothes, shoes and accessories- plus some significant savings in their sale section! The oh-so-sweet Crosshatch Smocked Waist Top is only $69.95- marked down from $118! Layer it over wide-leg trousers and pair with a cardigan for a fabulous fall look.



October 9, 2007

Newbalance What better way to show your support for breast cancer research than by investing in your own fitness? Fifteen percent of sales of Lace Up For the Cure merchandise go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. One of their best selling items is the Tonic Top: a full support tank with built-in bra for $42.45. Need a boost in your morning workout? Slip into New Balance Adrenaline Capris and enjoy an easy fit and the comfort of wrapped side seams- you'll have a chafe-free run! Go ahead- show your support. There are more Lace Up For the Cure items available at ShoeBuy!


October 8, 2007

HighschoolmusicaljpgHonestly, it is a little tough to write about Disney's High School Musical and keep a straight face. Perez Hilton readers? You know what I"m talking about. While it may have been of peripheral interest during a recent scandal, High School Musical is still a wholesome, fun performance you can enjoy with your kids. The only cameras involved will be yours. Taking pictures of the show. Promise. From today's Top Picks Newsletter: 

Parents, you've probably heard an earful about the fantastic cast of Disney's High School Musical! Wow your kids and treat them to a live show of Disney on Ice: High School Musical- it's perfect for the whole family! Start at Ebates' and save on tickets to your favorite performances with coupons and up to 7% Cash Back! TicketsNow has two money-off coupons that will instantly shave $15 or $25 off your order- don't even think about buying your tickets without this coupon code! Get ready for a treat the whole family will love- see Disney on Ice: High School Musical and save!


October 5, 2007

100507blogprojectorLiving in a big, gnarly, ex-garment factory warehouse that lacks certain essentials like, say, cable, heat or even a bathtub (yes, I bathe, thankyouverymuch), I've had to develop some creative ways of entertaining myself indoors during the cruelly cold fall/winter months of the Bay Area. (Hey, fifty degrees is cold to some of us.) Projecting movies at home instantly turns your home entertainment system from drab to fab, even if your chosen projection surface is a linty old sheet held up with clothespins. So up your Netflix queue to an eight-disc rotation; during the cold seasons, you'll want to curl up with a DVD every night. From next week's Top Picks newsletter:

Now that the weather's cooling down, your home entertainment experience is more important than ever! Why not treat your family to the very best: try a one hundred inch movie display, right in your very own home! Recently marked down to only $899.99, the Toshiba Multimedia DVD Projector is an incredible alternative to high-priced flat screen tvs. This powerhouse projector boasts a built-in DVD player, booming Dolby Pro Logic surround sound, and a vivid 2000:1 contrast ratio. Project your favorite movies on a wall, garage door, sheet, or projection screen for an authentic theater experience!


October 4, 2007

NewbalancetopWhat better way to show your support for breast cancer research than by investing in your own fitness? Fifteen percent of sales of Lace Up For the Cure merchandise go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. One of their best selling items is the Tonic Top: a full support tank with built-in bra for $42.45. Need a boost in your morning workout?Slip into  New Balance Adrenaline Capris and enjoy an easy fit and the comfort of wrapped side seams- you'll have a chafe-free run! Go ahead- show your support. There are more Lace Up For the Cure items available at ShoeBuy!


October 3, 2007

I know I've said it before, but I love accessorizing for fall. A gorgeous pair of leather gloves can give you the pollished look of a classic Hollywood starlet- think Grace Kelly whizzing down Pacific Coast Highway in a Chevy Bel-Air, smartly gloved hands clutching the steering wheel. Treat yourself to some fabulous fall gloves like these, featured in Monday's Top Picks Newsletter:

If you love luxe accessories and love to save, check out Bluefly's collection of reduced-price, high-end gloves by Hermes, Prada, Portolano and others! These exquisite ebony leather gloves by Gucci were $395, now they are just $316. Featuring 100% Cashmere cuffs, they'll keep your hands stylishly toasty. Try Portolano for the same supple leather but at an even lower price. Choose from six colors for just $78.00- gotta love the pair in magenta! Use code AFF30 to save $30 on your $150 order!



October 2, 2007

If you're looking to upgrade to a fantastic new Mac, don't hold onto your old, broken-down printer! Choose from over a dozen printer models at The Apple Store when you buy a Mac and save up to $100 via mail-in rebate. There's a model to suit everyone's needs. Looking for something super speedy? The Samsung ML-1630 ($99.95 after rebate) prints up to 17 pages per minute! Need the ultimate in professional quality photo prints? The HP Photosmart 8750 Pro ($399.95) is just what you're looking for. Remember- orders over $50 qualify for free shipping at The Apple Store.



October 1, 2007

What better way to stave off the fall chill than with this irresistibly cozy, chunky knit sweater from Maxstudio? Featuring cable-knitting details and hand-embroidered french knot flowers, this sweater has been marked 68% off! The luxurious cowl neck adds an elegant shape to the neckline while soft cotton yarns give a gossamer texture that feels oh-so-soft on your skin. Balance the look with a pair of slim trousers (now 76% off), and you'll look perfectly put together for work or play.



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