November 29, 2007

This Christmas, Go Permanent! Ten Trees Under $200

If you haven't made the switch to permanent Christmas trees, now's the time! Not only are permanent trees easy to set up and maintenance-free, they are a smart investment that will last for years. The following trees are elegant, unique, and available in a variety of styles to suit anyone's decor.


1. 6.5 Ft. White Tree: $149.99

2. 7.5 Ft. Bristol Pine: $169.99

3. 6.5 Ft. Full Sierra: $199.99

4. 6 Ft. Pull Up Tree: $99.99

5. 8.5 Ft. Balsam Fir: $199.99

6. 7.5 Ft. Fraser Fir: $139.98

7. 7.5 Ft. Spruce: $174.98

8. 7.5 Ft. Hamilton Pine: $168.98

9. 7.5 Ft. White Miracle Tree: $149

10. 7.5 Ft. Wesley Pine: $139


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