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August 29, 2008

With this being my first real deal blog, I feel like I should come clean about something that's plagued me as long as I can remember. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this, but as a tech guy, I seem to suffer from a clinical syndrome known as "download-itis." Now don't worry, it's something I've managed to cope with so far, but it's never been an easy battle. See, while most people out there seem to be able to survive on their 80GB stock hard drives in their laptop, I have an this insatiable desire to fill every inch of mine with more movies, music, and random data than seems humanly possible.

I216158main_3Now I know what you're probably thinking: "Cole, why don't you just delete all that extra junk you'll probably never use?" Well, that the problem; I know I absolutely need everything. And I know I'm not just the only one. If you're anything like me, there's no such thing as "too much" hard drive space. Whenever I feel like everything's perfect, my newest drive seems to magically fill itself up, leaving me in a bind at two o'clock  in the morning when I'm deleting family pictures to make space for my newest movie. While I'm not sure I'll ever cure myself completely, this massive 750GB Iomega External Hard Drive should let me horde in peace for a good long while.

With enough space for almost 200,000 songs, 700 movies, or billions of office documents, 750GB of space should make even the crankiest of nerds crack a smile. And with the added portability that comes with an external drive, you'll be able to take years worth of music and movies with you wherever you go. For only $100 (that's a little over $0.13 per gigabyte) it's also one of the best deals on an external out there. Of course you also get a sweet 3% Cash Back just by using Ebates, so consider it only $97 before shipping. Hard to beat that for such a monster drive!


August 29, 2008

That's right, dear readers, it's the news you've all been waiting to hear.  It seems that at long last we have figured out all the issues we had with the new web formatting that Gap, Inc. was doing with their new combined shopping cart, so at the time I am writing this posting, you should be able to get all your favorite products from Gap, Old Navy, PiperLime, and Banana Republic with the wonderful Ebates shopping experience that you'd come to expect.

I know there has been a lot of chatter recently about when this would happen, and as I'd assured you in the past, we were working as hard as we could to get them back, and all that work has finally paid off. So rather than my usual ideas of going outside, getting active, or doing something out of the ordinary, I'd rather that you stay in, do your weekend travelling if that's what you have in store for yourself, and click your way to great bargains with the classic pairing of Ebates and Gap, Inc.

And while you're at it, have a great Labor Day from all of us here!






August 29, 2008


Before I get into listings for today, I will warn you ahead of time - there are far too many coupons expiring on the 31st for me to even scratch the surface of listing them all. If you want to see every single deal to be had, click on the picture above and it should take you to the sorted list (at least I think it should, assuming my computing skills are up to snuff) where you can see every single free shipping deal sorted by their "about to expire" status.

Still, just because I am sending you in that direction, it doesn't mean that I can't keep up the end of my bargain, and let you know about some of the highlights of our free shipping deals for the upcoming week. 

Friday, August 29th
- The Palm Store has free shipping on everything. So pick up a PDA or a SmartPhone and get it shipped for free.

Saturday, August 30th
- Benefit Cosmetics is offering free shipping on all orders in the U.S. with the code AUGUSHIP

Sunday August 31st
- For all the young readers in your life who have gone back to school, The Scholastic Store is offering free shipping on all orders of $39 or more.
- For the end-of-summer baby rush, Baby Universe has free shipping for all orders over $99, so stock up on binkies and diapers while you can get them sent to you for free.
- Boden is one of my new favorite apparel stores, and ending on Sunday, they have free shipping and returns plus ten percent off. Jump on it while you can, and get 5% Cash Back from Ebates
- As I mentioned last week, Dickies has free shipping on all orders through the 31st. I love everything they make, pretty much, and I love that I can get it shipped to me for free.
- Ralph Lauren has an interesting offer: if you buy two or more regular priced polo shirts or chinos, you get free shipping on your order. Seems like a great deal to me.
- C&C California has free shipping on every purchase as long as you enter the code FREE808 at checkout time.
- Sephora is offering free shipping on all orders over $50
- You can get free shipping on all orders through the end of Sunday at Wet Seal

Monday, September 1st
- BagsBuy has free shipping and free returns, so over the weekend, take a chance on the handbag that you may have been hesitating on. Even if you don't like it, it won't cost you a dime to return it.

Tuesday, September 2nd
- Timbuk2 has free shipping on any orders over $75 as long as you use the coupon code ShipAug. If you're buying a new bag, chances are it's over $75 anyways, so you might as well save a little extra coin
- If you're thinking of popping the question, or just want to surprise that special someone with a diamond, Ultra Diamonds has free shipping through August 2nd with code LABOR

Wednesday, September 3rd
- Shutterfly is offering free shipping on all their photo books. I speak from personal experience when I say that these make fantastic gifts for every occasion. Plus Ebates offers 8% Cash Back as well.

Thursday September 4th
Biotherm is making looking good a little less expensive. Through September 4th, get free shipping on any anti-aging set with the code AGEFIT.
- is cooking up a great deal with free shipping on all orders over $99. Get all the latest kitchen gadgets and gizmos, and get them sent to you for free with code C98859.
- Costume SuperCenter is giving you the chance to plan ahead for Halloween and make sure that you get the costume you want. Use the code SHOPEARLY and get free expedited ground shipping on any order over $40.

I'll be back shortly with the weekend fun idea. Until then, make sure you hop on some of these great deals on free shipping before the products you want get snatched up!


August 28, 2008

Hi there I'm Allie, one of two Apparel Category Managers recently added to the Ebates team. Consider me your headhunter, your personal deal finder poised to bring you the best items in apparel at the best prices. If nothing else, I hope to at least mildly entertain while you scour the internet for money saving tips. Before my arrival I was styling photo shoots and working as a visual merchandiser, so rest assured I know a thing or two about fashion. I'm here to answer any and all questions. Go forth and save!

Happy Shopping!



August 28, 2008

Hello! My name is Poppy and I am one of the new Bloggers here at Ebates. I am responsible for women’s apparel and accessories and I will hunt for the best of what’s hot right now.  It is my passion and duty as a self-proclaimed Fashionista to discover fresh off the runway trends at every price, be it a splurge or a bargain of a lifetime. My fashion motto courtesy of the honored Diane Von Furstenberg, “Dress for the woman you would like to become”. It doesn’t get truer than that, Diane, and with irresistible deals we can become who we want many, many times over.


August 28, 2008

Hello Ebates technology enthusiasts!

My name is Cole Jones and I’m the new gadget guy around these parts. From here on out, I’ll be bringing you the hottest tech deals on the web with the added bonus of Ebates’ Cash Back. While there may be dozens of other deal sites on the web, none of them know Ebates’ list of vendors as well as I do, and none will help you get the absolute lowest price anywhere on the ‘net thanks to our Cash Back.

Now, many of you may be wondering who I am, or how I got interested in the technological side of things. Unfortunately, I can’t really say that I remember a real beginning to my love affair with all things related to electronics. As far back as I can remember I’ve been tinkering around with electric doodads, ranging from little things like computers and consumer electronics to big, burly home audio setups and massive widescreen TVs. Almost as long as I’ve loved electronics I’ve loved getting them for the lowest price possible, which naturally led me to Ebates.

Here in the Ebates blog I’ll be bringing you a handful of quality electronics deals that I carefully select for their rock-bottom prices and bonus Cash Back. While you may have to worry about conflicting coupon codes or secret handshakes to get you best prices elsewhere, my deals of the day will be simple and come with the added piece of mind that you are undoubtedly getting the best price on the ‘net. After all, life’s far too busy to keep track of the hundreds of deals on the web yourself, so let me save you the hassle and bring a selection of the best deals on the web right to you.  So check back here regularly in Ebates’ blog for my posts to make sure you’re getting the best savings and deals at the absolute lowest prices on technology on the web!


August 28, 2008

We're going to start today's blog with a little visualization exercise:

Imagine you're coming home from work, you've had an awful day. Everything took longer than it should have, nobody got any of their work done, and your boss yelled at you for problems that aren't even associated with your job description. If you take the bus, there was a blackout in the transportation system, so the buses stopped running for two hours at the peak of the commute hour, and you ended up shelling out way too much for a cab ride home. If you drive, your car broke down and you got to drive home in a tow truck. Ladies, your heel broke so you're all wobbly. Gents, your zipper got stuck and you had to spend the whole day trying to cover up the fact that your fly was down. You get home to realize that the rest of your family, roommates, or pets have decided to go out to eat, so you have to fend for yourself for dinner after this awful day. The cable is out. The hot water is broken so you can't even take a nice warm bath to soothe your nerves, and that aromatherapy kit just isn't getting it done any more.

What is the one thing that could make this day okay? What is the one last little bastion of comfort and happiness in this otherwise awful day? That's right, gentle readers: the welcoming comfort of your favorite arm chair. I can speak from experience that a comfortable chair can make all the difference on my world view. I'm not talking about your everyday recliner or barcalounger, not that there's anything wrong with any of those chairs. But still, I'm talking about one of those chairs that just seems to welcome you with open arms whenever you see it. A chair that rather than falling into it, you ease yourself into its comfort.  I'm talking about a chair like the Havana Chair from Bellacor.
Just look at it: doesn't it look inviting? Doesn't it look like the kind of chair that is just asking to be sat in? I know that when I so much as look at this chair, my bum feels just a little warmer. If you're not convinced, let me fill you in on a little bit of what makes this chair so exceptional. First and foremost, this chair is made of natural leather stretched over a hardwood frame. It doesn't take a particularly distinguishing person to tell the difference between natural and artificial leather, and you will really appreciate the difference when you sink into this chair. Another aspect of this chair  that I personally like is that it features hand-tied construction, which means no metal rivets. I realize that some people prefer the more classic riveted look, but those same people are always the folks who end up buying a new chair when the rivets start to come loose and fall off. Finally, the chair's cushion is removable. This may sound trivial to many of you, but when you lose something out of your pocket down there, or if you ever need to replace the cushion despite the fact that the chair itself is still in great condition, you'll really appreciate the ease of removal.

Yes, I'll admit, the chair is expensive, but with 13% off the list price, free shipping, and 6% cash back from Ebates, you do end up getting a good deal for an amazing chair that will make you happy to come home for years to come.


August 27, 2008

Greetings dear readers, it is again my favorite time of the week. No, it isn't the end of the workday nor is it even happy hour. It's time for the weekly installment of "Did you know?", and oh my goodness do I have a site for you today.

I will be the first to admit it: as soon as someone says the word "barware", my ears perk up. So it should be no surprise to anyone that today's site focuses in part on all your needs as a discerning imbiber of spirits. However, as I discovered more and more about all that there was to be had from this fine site, the more I realized just how much they deserved their spot in the "Did you know?" pantheon. 

Their products include all things imaginable for the proper host or hostess, from simple things like serving platters and cocktail shakers to cheese labels and wine decanters.  Being a relatively clueless gift giver, I also appreciate the fact that they offer customized gift guides for any number of varied interests that your recipient might have.  But enough teasing, let me get down into the meat and potatoes (pun partially intended) of what it is that I like so much about this site. 

Since I set up my "meat and potatoes" pun, I'd better follow up with that first. I have never seen a product like this before, but I think it's perhaps the most genius idea ever for the devoted BBQ chef. I have seen custom aprons, monogrammed sets with tongs and spatulas, even monogrammed oven mitts (which a real BBQ chef would never be caught dead using). However, for that little extra step in personalization you need the BBQ Branding Iron. That's right, if farmers can mark their cattle, why can't you mark your steak? Use this branding iron to let your guests know exactly who it was who cooked their steak to perfection, or just call dibs on the best-looking steak in the lot.

If you're not so big on red meat, or even outdoor cooking, impress your friends by offering them raclette. Never heard of raclette?  Me neither. Apparently, it's a large amount of cheese that is melted and served along with potatoes, pickles, and any other number of side dishes. It's origin is Swiss, and it's similar to fondue, but with a much thicker consistency. So if you want to prove your continental status and impress your friends and family with your vast knowledge of all things gourmet, pick up a raclette set that allows service up to six people. I don't know for sure where you can find the raclette itself (if there is a specific cheese you have to use) but either way, it sounds like  a fun culinary experiment.

Finally, on to the drinkware. I don't know why, but this belted silver cup strikes me funny. Chances are I just find it funny that my drinkware might have an actual minature crocodile leather belt around it. I have to admit, it looks very old money, and would make me feel like a king if sipping a fine scotch out of it, but I'd imagine washing might involve some de-belting, and that might cause your cup's pants to fall off.

If silver drinkware doesn't strike your fancy, perhaps the Bottle Buddy ring might be more your speed; I can gaurantee you it's more to my liking. I think this particular piece of finery might change drinking as we know it. No longer will people have to use all sorts of tricks from bike lock keys to Bic lighters to get the caps off their bottles when no one has a proper opener. Wear this ring to a party, and you will immediately be the most popular person there. Imagine the ease of opening at picnics and barbecues where people bring their own beer but not their own opener.  Sorry ladies, these rings start at size nine, but go all the way up to size 14, so even if you've got big ol' monkey paws like myself, you can still find one to fit comfortably. 

So there you have it. Click around Klinq a little, see what you can find, check out the gift recommendations, and someday you and your special someone could be cozying up along side your own fondue set like this happy couple:

Plus, with your Ebates account, you get 7% back on any purchases you make from these wonderful folks.


August 27, 2008

Ladies, you know me and you know that I don't venture into the world of women's fashion much, and when I do I'm about as lost as a small child.  Still, I had to try to give you a heads up on this deal while there are still a few of them left.

In our relentless pursuit of bargains, one of my co-workers pointed me towards this amazing Alfani patent leather clutch. She coined the phrase "instant chic for $20" and so far as I can tell, that is the most accurate description of this purse that I could possibly find.  The bag flashes some class with silvertone accents and a detachable chain-link strap, but the real boasting point of this bag is its price.  Presumably, the price drop is a result of dwindling stock, and I will warn you: they already sold out of these purses in red in the time it has taken me to write up this blog, so I can't guarantee that the pink purses will stick around all that much longer.  Still, in the meantime, this is a bag that originally listed at $68 which has now dropped all the way down to $20.40.  The sale price is effective until the first of September, but at this price, I don't expect stock to hold out that long. Plus, as always, you get an extra 4% back from Ebates on all your Macy's products.



August 26, 2008

Since it's still "Tech Tuesday" and since yesterday marked the first day back to school for the city of San Francisco, I figured it was only fitting to add one more tech deal to help get everyone in the back to school kind of mindset.  Alas, in this modern age, when students hear "folder" most automatically think of a file folder in a computer. In that spirit, make it impossible for the student in your life to forget their homework by picking them up this Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB thumb drive.

Flash_drive There are a few things that set this particular travel drive apart from its competitors; first, it comes with a twenty inch USB extension cable so if you, like me, don't have easy access to your USB slot, they provide a cable to make this drive truly portable. Second, this drive is water resistant; while you may not want to go swimming with it in your pocket, but at least it can stand up to the wear and tear of travel in rainy weather.  Another great benefit of the Corsair brand is that they offer a ten year warranty, so this drive will be covered by warranty long after the technology becomes obsolete. Finally, the transfer speed of the drive is incredibly quick, so you won't spend all afternoon waiting for your files to load to or from your drive.

While all these bonuses are great, perhaps the best thing about this drive is the price.  While Newegg automatically gives you ten dollars off the list price, you also get a mail-in rebate to save another ten dollars. This means two things: first, that you are only paying half the list price for a great drive that will give you tons of mobile storage.  While that is great in its own right, what's better is that you get your 2% rebate (1% after midnight on account of the Daily Double) on the price you pay through Newegg, which is $30, despite the fact that you still save ten dollars after making the purchase. Plus, let's not forget the free shipping...


August 26, 2008

Good morning all and welcome to another exciting installment of Tech Tuesdays.  Today we have a fortuitous little coincidence: this Tech Tuesday posting happens to fall on a day that is our Daily Double special. What does that mean for you? Simple: from the time this posting makes its way out into cyberspace, you will have somewhere between fourteen and fifteen hours to log on to your Ebates account and you will get a 2% rebate instead of the usual 1% that you save on the already-great deals from Newegg. 

As you may have gathered from the title, I've got a special deal that I discovered at Newegg if you didn't know exactly where to go to put that 2% rebate to its best use.

By now, most of you know all about Bluetooth technology. Most of you have phones that are Bluetooth-compliant. But the thing is, I'm sure there are a number of readers here who haven't jumped on the bandwagon and gotten a hands free Bluetooth headset to use with that great cell phone of yours. If you're like me, you probably share in the sentiment that I once had that Bluetooth was just a clever ploy for the cell phone companies to get us to spend more money on more technology that we don't need, but I have to say, I've been converted.

Before I continue, I feel that I really need to qualify something. In my humble opinion, unless someone is constantly dealing with phone calls swarming in by the bucket load, you should never wear your Bluetooth headset all the time. People will mock you behind your back if you never take the earpiece out. If I see you, I might mock you for doing such a thing. Still, they are a wonderful accessory that allows people to not develop a cramp in their neck if they talk on the phone and need to use their hands elsewhere, but please, keep the headset in a pocket or something when you're not using it. I am amazed at the number of people I see in public, at baseball games, in the subway (where there is no reception) with their Bluetooth headsets stuck in their ears, making sure they're ready for calls that never come. It takes all of about three seconds to put a headset up to your ear, so just grab it and answer the phone, don't leave that little blinking piece of equipment hanging off your ear unless you absolutely have to. Also be prepared: if people don't see your headset while you're talking, they may well think you're schizophrenic and talking to yourself.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I have to say, that a Bluetooth headset is a pretty awesome accessory. I particularly like the design style of the iqua BHS-603WUS, which goes directly into the ear without the need for an over-the-ear hook. I wear reading glasses, and almost always have a pair of sunglasses whenever I leave the house, and it gets pretty uncomfortable to have the hook on my headset over my ear, competing for space with my glasses. The iqua avoids all that discomfort while providing a clear signal to go along with the comfort. There have been blog posts in the past about the hands-free cell phone laws in various States, so I won't bore you with that. Rather, I'll just tell you that you get your double rebate today from Newegg, and at $5 off of retail, this is a deal that may be too good to pass up if you don't have a Bluetooth headset yet.



August 25, 2008

... doesn't mean that you can't still leave the house in an outfit that will turn heads. This afternoon I'll be bringing you a couple of great deals on outerwear that will not only keep you warm as Fall rears its chilly head. 

First, for the ladies, is this wool jacket from Boden. Boden_jacket

For those of you unfamiliar with Boden, they are a newer (read: less than 20 years old) design company based in England.  What I've always appreciated about their work is that they have clothes that not only are highly fashionable, more importantly, their clothes all look comfortable. This jacket is no exception: the user ratings on the site give it an average of 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. Throw it on over a t-shirt if you're going out at night and think you might be chilly, layer it over a sweater for when Winter hits full force. This jacket is what some of us call a "chameleon" jacket - it blends with whatever style you want to use it with; it is a unique complement to your dressier outfits, but also looks completely natural when worn with casual everyday clothes. The coat is available in three colors, and if this is your first ever Boden purchase, you are eligible for 12% off on top of free shipping.

For the men, here is one of my all-time favorites: the classic pea coat. Pea_coat_2

This coat is an item that every man should have as an option. Regardless of your style, from preppy to punk, this coat goes with anything, and a wool coat like this will keep you warm no matter what. I will admit, on a personal note, it's almost a little too nautical to pair it with a white turtleneck like they do in the picture, but then again, that's just my opinion. I prefer to wear it with a plain white t-shirt and jeans or a print shirt with gray slacks. No matter how you pair it, it's a fine looking coat and is best when augmented by a bold colored scarf.

No matter how you dress them up, these two coats are a great way to get ready for fall and look great in the process, and with the everyday savings through Ebates, you can save enough money to buy a scarf to keep your neck warm and cozy as well.


August 25, 2008

So I got an interesting little piece of information the other day from Jen, our Online Traffic Coordinator, about some recent additions to our merchant list. The information didn't have so much to do with any specific merchants who have joined the Ebates family recently.  Rather, my excitement stems from the sheer volume of merchants that we now have to offer you wonderful people.

"But Bill," you say, "Ebates already promotes the fact that you have over nine hundred merchants. What more could you be excited about?" 

Simple, gentle reader. As of this past week, Ebates has now bumped our number of total merchants offering you the best in the world of online rebates to one thousand!  That's right... let it soak in a moment... you can now save money on nearly every facet of shopping from food to clothing to technology to toys to (of course) whimsical garden gnomes.

So what kind of shopping blog would this be if I didn't find a great deal to help you celebrate?  If you're at all like me you know one time-tested way of celebrating any great achievement (like adding the thousandth merchant to your website) and that is to crack open a nice chilled bottle of champagne.  And ohhhh readers, do I have a wonderful deal on a great bottle for you today.  As you know, if your champagne isn't from France, it isn't really champagne, it's just a sparkling white wine.  Well, ladies and gents, this is an honest-to-goodness bona fide French champagne, and it doesn't cost much more than a good quality bottle of regional wine. Champagne

From LeClerc, I present to you the Briant La Croisette; a single-vineyard champagne made exclusively of chardonnay grapes, and produced in a batch of only 3,500 bottles.  While it is still available, you can get a bottle of this fine champagne from The Wine Messenger for just $44, and if you find smaller purchases to get your order total up to $50, you can get 5% off with code EbateSummer508 through August 31st. That's a deal so good I can almost taste it!


August 22, 2008

If there is one down side to living in San Francisco, it is the lack of public swimming pools to be had within city limits. Granted, in my neck of the woods there about fifteen days out of the year that one would actually want to go swimming for any reason other than fitness; but still, there's nothing quite like taking a nice swim as the sun is setting to help ease you into the evening time.  While the dearth of swimming pools around me makes for a good excuse for my complete lack of a "swimsuit physique", and while Michael Phelps I may never be, I still wish that I could go swimming more often. True, at this point "more often" would be anything within two calendar years, but that's no excuse. Still, this is yet another great chance to turn my loss into your gain, as you can grab your swimsuit (trunks, board shorts, whatever) and go bid farewell to summer by splashing, swimming, or just relaxing with a nice cool drink while lounging on your favorite floaty.

I won't lie; this idea didn't come to me completely out of the blue. Rather, I was inspired by a Deal of the Week from our homepage.  I know that all too often, we skip over the Ebates homepage and go straight to the coupon or store that you are intending on visiting in the first place. The problem with that is all too often you miss exciting deals like the Daily Double, or the Deals of the Week, which is where you can really start raking in some cash. In this instance, the Deal of the Week was offered by, which specializes in women's swimsuits above a size six. They have some smaller suits, along with both men's and children's suits, but that isn't necessarily their focus.

Despite my natural male interest in getting paid to research women in swimwear, I do have a much less personal reason for directing you to this site: through August 31st, they are offering our customers an extra ten percent off all purchases with the coupon code PRIVATESALE.  Yes, I realize the irony of publicly announcing a sale known as "private" but hey, in the spirit of public pool users, I figured it was a good idea.

One quick word of advice when clicking around their site: they sort their clothes by numeric size, but only offer size-based searches using the S-XL scale. That means that if you search for XL trunks (like me), you won't come up with any results, but you can find that they have them in a 40 or 42; you just can't search for size 40 trunks from the get-go.  It's a little flaw in their web design, but I didn't want it to deter anyone from taking advantage of the extra savings offered on top of the 6% you already save just for shipping with Ebates.


August 22, 2008


And we even have a banner to make it official! So as another Friday morning dawns upon us, I am happy to bring you this week's worth of free shipping deals. Some are rather time sensitive, so I'll be brief and get those out to you ASAP, and some that come later are simply too good to pass up. So with no further ado, here we go:

Expiring Friday, August 22nd:
- Lancome is offering a great deal: they are giving you Free Shipping and a Deluxe Sample Collection with code BLACKCARAT. It's only good through midnight, so hop on this for free shipping and free goodies.
- Red Envelope is offering free shipping on all orders over $75 for the rest of the day today.

Expiring Saturday, August 23rd:
- Both Best Buy and Target have a slew of free shipping offers. Too many to list here, but look either of them up on the coupons page and search by store to find all their deals.
- Radio Shack is offering free shipping on all orders over $25 ending Saturday at midnight.

Expiring Sunday, August 24th:
- Bloomingdale's is wrapping up their Free Shipping on orders of $200 or more with code SHIP17 at midnight Sunday.
- Lee Jeans also has Free Shipping on Orders of $25 or More through the end of the weekend.
- Macy's is offering Free Shipping with a $125 Home purchase. Just use the promo code SHIPHOME.

Expiring Monday, August 25th:
- Kohl's is offering Free Shipping on all orders $75 or more through Monday.
- L'Occitane has Free Shipping with the purchase of any two hair care products.
- In the spirit of Michael Phelps, Speedo USA is giving you Free Shipping on all orders with code SPFREESHIP.

Expiring Wednesday, August 27th:
- The Artful Home wants you to add a little flair to your walls, all the while enjoying Free Shipping on every order with Code: FREESHIP88.
- Catherine's has Free Shipping on all orders over $75 with code 776930604.
- Not do be outdone by her friend Catherine, Delia is offering Free Shipping on orders over $75 with code DWKAFF at dELiA*s

Expiring Thursday, August 28th:
It seems like Thursday is the last day to make your world a little bit more of a beautiful place...
- Avon is offering Free Shipping on orders of $40 or more.
- Fashion Bug is offering Free Shipping on any order of $75 or more with code 776224503.
- Giorgio Armani Beauty is also offering Free Shipping on orders over $50, and throwing in some Deluxe Samples as long as you enter the coupon code AUGUST when you check out.

Those are the head-turning deals for this week in shipping. There are a few more coming as we hit the end of August that I'll give you the heads up on two deals that I'm excited about which both expire on the 31st:

First, Champion Catalog has Free Shipping on all orders, which means you can stock up on all sorts of great tees and athletic wear for back-to-school time.  The other is that Dickies is offering Free Shipping on all orders as well. I've gushed about Dickies on this blog before, and with the 5% you get back from Ebates, I can almost guarantee I'm going to be taking advantage of this opportunity.


August 21, 2008

Despite working in the technology field, I still am a sucker for a good pen. So after checking out a number of tech-based products to discuss for this afternoon's blog and finding nothing that particularly struck my fancy, I took a brief time out and re-evaluated my subject. I thought to myself "If I could get any single product on Ebates right now, what would I want?" Suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, it came to me: I want a really nice pen. I'm not talking one of those inky gel pens that everyone has at the office these days, I am talking about an old school, classy, well-proportioned pen. Looking at the mug filled with pens that sits on my desk day in and day out, I have mostly freebie pens with some business name on the side. They work well in the most utilitarian of ways, but they lack that extra something. I am looking for the pen that will help me write the next great American novel. I'm looking for the pen that will make my co-workers say "Wow, this guy means business" when they see it sticking out of my pocket. I'm looking for a pen that people will have think twice about before they ask to borrow it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found that pen. Its name is the Apogee Black Star Lacquer Ball-Point Pen. Pen

From the first name in pens, A.T. Cross, this pen is quite simply everything a pen should be. It's built sturdily, has the subtle accents that will evidence your good taste in writing implements, and produces a steady flow of ink that almost begs you to write. It also meets my most test of a pen: it is incredibly well-balanced. This is the type of pen that turns you from a scribbler to a writer. It's the type of pen that makes even my horrendous handwriting just a tad more legible. Why? Because that's what this pen deserves. I realize that the price is steep, and I am being a little silly in my reviewing of this pen, but I'll be serious for a moment and reassure you that this is one of the finest pens that you can get; it makes a great gift, and it is something that, given to the right person, would really mean a lot. You do also get 6% back through your Ebates account which helps soften the blow to your wallet ever so slightly.

If you have issues spending that much money on a pen, Cross has a "Special Offers" page on their site which has a couple of Apogee pens at 50% off. Or, if you want to pair your pen with something, Cross also has their Large Signature Notebook for a mere $16. Any writer will tell you, a pen is useless without something to write in, and this cloth-covered notebook containing 100 acid-free pages is the ideal pairing for your new Apogee pen. 


August 21, 2008

Women talk all the time about the search for the perfect little black dress; men should be talking about the search for the perfect blazer. A good blazer is kind of like the holy grail of men's fashion: it's nearly impossible to find, but if you possess it, you will be more powerful than you can imagine. To start your quest, here are a few suggestions that will in turn have you going out in a blazer of glory. First, the Pendelton blue plaid blazer
does just what a blazer should: it makes a statement. Some question a plaid blazer, but it can be helpful in livening up an otherwise drab outfit, and at 73% off, you'll make a statement about your ability to spot a deal. For a more subdued look, try a basic black blazer from Claiborne.  At just $69.99, there's no reason not to have this great all-around coat in your closet. If you need a lighter, more summery blazer, try this tan houndstooth blazer from 40 Savile Row. It also has a light price - just $49.99, which makes it the best deal of the lot, as you'll be saving 78% off of the original price. For a little more formal look, consider the Traveler from Jos. A. Bank. This blazer, available in black or navy, is very traditional, but has a few modern touches that make it more desirable. Let's not forget that the chance to save $270 off the original price, which also makes this classy little number a bit more desirable. Finally, this pinstripe blazer from Armani Exchange was just too good not to mention. It might not be on sale, but you do get $5 flat rate shipping, and at $195, it still doesn't break the bank. At $200 out the door, this 100% cotton blazer is the most stylish piece of outerwear we've come across in a while, and it will be more than worth what you pay for it, and you still get 4% back from Ebates.

Blazer Blazer2


August 20, 2008

Before I start telling you about this site, I will add my personal disclaimer: if you are easily offended or take no joy in low-brow humor, do NOT go to this site.

If you're continuing on, don't say that I didn't warn you. 

So for this week's installment of "Did you know?", I'll be highlighting a site that flies under the radar a lot, and that is Just from the name, you should expect no surprises. This site is your one-stop shop for every single prank, joke, novelty item, and gag gift you could ever want. I can't say that I've ever found a website with such a wide variety of novelty items: fake toilet paper, fart machines, Jesus flashlight key chains, even exploding golf balls. For the devious prankster in your family, this site could be highly dangerous. From what I know of gag gifts and novelty items, the prices seem rather competitive, and through Ebates you get a whopping 7% back on all purchases.

The primary reason I am recommending this site is because of a few specific products they have that struck me particularly funny. I like to think of myself as possessing fairly refined tastes, and I'd like to believe that the majority of the products on this site are a bit more low-brow than I would usually be intrigued by. However, some products proved me wrong.

The first of those is The Toilet Monster. Green_redmonster I don't know why I find these little guy so amusing, but whatever the reason may be, every time I see them I start laughing. They're harmless, they're not crude or sexual, they're just kind of a nuisance if you really have to go.  Still, I have never seen one of these before, and for less than $20 before your cash back, it makes for a great gag gift for the prankster in your life.

A line of products that PrankPlace stocks that also cracks me up are the de-motivational posters. We've all seen the ones that talk about success and hard work, complete with an uplifting line or two about how important it is to look on the bright side of life. For the cynic in your life, these posters are a bit more fitting, and at $2.89, who could pass one up?  Here's an example:


If you can't read the text, it says "Underachievement: The tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the lawnmower."

Finally, what would a Bill-recommended site be without the presence of some garden gnomes?  Sure enough, PrankPlace has an entire page of their site dedicated to gnomes and gnome accessories. Mooning gnomes, gnomes who stand on their heads, even flatulent gnomes; they have got it all.

So there's your Wednesday "Did You Know?" and I hope that the information about this site doesn't fall into the wrong hands, because if it does, I could end up with a Toilet Monster where I least expect one.


August 20, 2008

Headphones_2 This is the oddest looking pair of headphones that you'll ever fall in love with. I realize that. I also realize that these headphones look like they should be plugged into a giant tape-playing walkman rather than a sleek and portable mp3 player. However, there's a reason that this pair of headphones looks like you should find them at a garage sale: Koss has not changed a single detail on them since they first started manufacturing them in 1984. That's right; twenty four years later, and they have not even changed the old metal headband to a cheaper plastic one. There is also a reason as to why they have not changed anything on these headphones: these headphones are hands-down the greatest pair of inexpensive headphones you will ever listen to. In all my online research, I have yet to be able to turn up a single negative review of these. Rather, the term "best pair of headphones under $50" pops up in nearly every single one of them.

So now it's time to discover what all the fuss is about for yourself. Get your own pair of Koss PortaPro headphones, and if you turn up the volume, you won't even hear your friends making snide remarks about the looks of these babies, and you'll be immersed in the amazing sound quality. From my research, the best place to get a pair of these odd little wonders is at, where for just $40 and some change after your Ebates cash back (plus free shipping, of course), you can be experiencing just how good your music can sound. What's better is that assuming you like these headphones (which I almost guarantee you will), it's all you'll ever have to buy. There is a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty that covers anything and everything that might go wrong in the course of normal use, so for six dollars worth of shipping, you'll get a new pair! Also, despite some concern about the padding wearing down, new pads can be had directly from Koss for about $5 shipped.

So, the long and the short of it is that if you want a superior grade headphones for a lot less, and are not hung up on fashion, these headphones could change your life.


August 19, 2008

Businesscasual Yesterday, I tried my best to find and promote some great deals in women's apparel, which is something I admittedly know little about. With the hopes of keeping things evened out, I'll write about something I know a great deal more about: men's semi-casual attire. These days, you're more and more hard pressed to find offices that insist male employees wear shirts and ties. Chances are, it is more likely to find jeans-friendly offices than those requiring a tie. However, with this emerging trend, it is also becoming more and more difficult to navigate your way through office fashion. The best thing that you can do is to look around you and see what everyone else is wearing, and use that as a gauge. However, once you have gotten a feel for what others are wearing, you still want a way to express your individuality, to set yourself apart from the crowd, and that's where I come in.

I'd try to state the rules of  business casual, but honestly it's so dependent on what you see around you. I will try to sway your opinion on a few things being young-ish and fairly stylish. First and foremost: man can not live on khakis alone. I know they're the vanilla ice cream of the office world, but there's no reason for that. Do yourself a favor and sink a little extra money into a really nice pair of jeans or two. I'm not talking your Levis or Wranglers; go for a major name brand who makes fashion-oriented jeans. I am a big fan of Lucky Brand jeans, especially their relaxed bootleg jean. It's subtle enough that you don't look like you paid too much for your jeans, but you can walk in the confidence that you've got a well cut and styled pair of jeans. Also 7 For All Mankind makes great jeans, though they tend to be a bit flashier. Still, nice and well-tailored pairs can be found, like the Flynt in Minnesota, which have a nice dark wash and sit a little lower than your standard jean. If you have issues with blue jeans, 7 offers their basic 5 pocket bootcut jeans in black as well,  which are a bit more sleek and sophisticated than their blue brethren.

Moving along in the sins of male business casual, men need to realize two things: first, that polo shirts are about as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal, and that dress shirts are generally supposed to be worn with ties. There are far too many shirt options that can be implemented to stick to those shirts only.  There's nothing along with incorporating either into a variety of shirts, but wearing one every day might ruin your reputation. Make your statement with your shirt. Incorporate some color, some pattern, or just some unique stitching to show that you actually know how to dress yourself. Try to avoid striped shirts as well, as they tend to make you look like you're going to the club rather than the office too much of the time. Instead, try some plaids. For instance, the High Fidelity from Original Penguin, or the barman plaid western shirt from Either of these look good enough to wear to the office, and also look great worn open over a solid color t-shirt or a simple graphic t-shirt. If you're not a plaid person like myself, there are a few solid colored shirts that really stand out. First is the vintage-styled Pop Icon Seersucker Button Front Shirt, which looks like it just stepped out of the mid 50s or the 7 Diamonds Pictures of You Button Front, which has a pattern on the back that really adds a lot of spice to this shirt.

Finally, the shoes. Please, please don't ever wear loafers. Just typing the word caused a little acid reflux. I don't know who decided they were comfortable or stylish, but whoever that person is, they deserve to be punished. If you have to wear more respectable shoes, just get yourself a pair of Doc Martens, or if you can really go casual and wear tennis shoes, join in on the classic tennis shoe revolution.  I am a big fan of the look of the Converse Jack Purcell Turf Pro shoes, which are a subtle black (or brown) leather, but still have just enough white on them to remind you that you are wearing Converse. Similarly, the Puma Benny blends black and white to create a nice, clean looking shoe that would go great with any black shirt and the pants of your choice. If you really want to have the retro look in full effect, nothing says "1980s track star" like a pair of Saucony Jazz lowtops. They look great with jeans, they look great with blue or grey casual pants, and, most importantly, they'll be great for running to catch the bus.

So there you have it. This is your subtle key to making your mark in a business casual world. If you have suggestions for things that I should have included or things that need to be changed, please let me know. I'm not the authority when it comes to these things, but I am doing my best to make the workplace a little more lively.


August 18, 2008

Greetings and happy Monday, dear readers. I spent a little time this morning reviewing what I've written about over the last few weeks, and I noticed that there is a serious lack of women's fashion. There are really two explanations for this. First, my predecessor Rebecca had (and still has, I'm sure) an impeccable eye for women's fashion, so the bar is set pretty high for a new blogger to come in and consistently find great styles at great prices like she did. Second is that being a very hetero and very single male, I don't really have a lot of great insights into the complex and ever-changing world of women's fashion. 

Now, having said that, I'm going to hop out onto a limb and tell you all about some exciting deals on some great looking apparel from J. Crew. I've tried to gather some of the best deals that I've found so that you can save a lot of money while looking great whether you're dressing up, dressing down, or dressing to impress.

Say what you will about the moves being made to make offices and restaurants more casual, nothing turns heads like a well-fitting dress. Luckily, with the great sale prices on these two dresses, you won't feel guilty about buying them and getting your money's worth.  Fist, for those few warm evenings that will be coming up as summer winds down, you will remain cool and comfortable in this Silk chiffon Abigail dress, available in a variety of colors. It's lightly crinkled chiffon flows freely and the fitted bodice helps cut a striking silhouette.  At nearly half the original retail price, it's hard to say no to this great look. Still, if you prefer a more classic look when getting dressed up, perhaps the Cotton cady Lydia dress would be more your speed. Made from more traditional cotton and possessing a bit of a subtle sheen, the halter-style silhouette shows a bit more in your back and shoulders, so you can show off that great tan you worked on all summer long. It also has a universally-flattering empire waist, which creates the illusion of length and can help create a more slender look. Luckily, your wallet will still look fat, since this dress is more than $70 off the original retail price.

Unfortunately, as I said before, you can't really wear dresses every day, so for those more casual days, I thought I'd recommend a couple of jackets to get you ready for the Summer-to-Fall transition. First comes an elegant yet cozy way to keep warm: the Prima stretch wool solid one-button jacket. Made from lightweight Italian wool, this jacket is reminiscent of a man's blazer, yet distinctly feminine at the same time. The jacket is fully lined to protect you against the breeze, yet the stretch-friendly fabric will make it feel as if you're wearing nothing at all.  Match this dark jacket with a favorite light-colored top, and you'll be set for every occasion from a dinner party to a trip to the store. But act quick - these jackets are only about 22% of the original price, so I guarantee you they won't last long! With all the money you'll save on the Prima jacket, you will have plenty left over for this cute double-breasted sweater jacket. The Jamie jacket is the perfect compromise when a sweater or sweatshirt is too casual, but a jacket is either too dressy or too warm. With three-quarter length sleeves, a tied waist, and a crew neck collar, this little number is just casual enough to grab before running out of the house, but won't look out of place in a nice restaurant either. At less than half of the original retail price, this is a deal you shouldn't let slip away.

Finally, what would a women's fashion post be without a few great shoe deals? For those nights that you really want to step out in style, there is nothing quite as dazzling as patent leather. Let your feet do the talking with a pair of patent leather peep-toe Mary Janes. Made in Italy of Italian patent leather, these Mary Janes feature a three inch heel and antiqued-brass detail. At $79.99, you can afford to get a variety of colors to match your mood. For those casual days when you still want to make a statement, pick up a pair or two of Clea printed fabric ballet flats. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, these Italian-made flats are the perfect accent to any outfit, and are as unique as you are. Plus, at 50% off the original price, these shoes will also speak to your ability to sniff out a bargain.



August 15, 2008

Before I even start writing, I will acknowledge that I know next to nothing about fishing. I love to go fishing, but for myself, "going fishing" means gathering some friends, getting a one-day fishing license for each of us, buying some beer, renting a rowboat, and going out on a lake inside of San Francisco city limits. On these trips, I've caught more shoes than I have fish, and the whole trip is an excuse to sit around and crack jokes with friends in a venue that isn't one of our houses. Still, I realize that there are a lot of people all across this fine land who are avid fishermen. To you folks, the people who own boats and think that there is more to bait than finding a worm somewhere, I tip my hat.

Now, whether you are a weekend hack like myself or a devoted fisherman, you can find anything and everything you ever wanted in fishing supplies while getting some great cash back from Ebates. So if you want a new pole or some new lures to bring down to the ol' fishing hole in your town, or if you need a new bilge pump or sonar depth finder for your fishing vessel, I've found the sites that provide everything you could want, big or small.

The first of the two sites I found is more of an all-purpose nautical site, BoatersWorld. Here you can find more of the high-end boating supplies alongside of your standard rods, reels, lures, and sinkers. Devoted fly fishermen, don't worry, just because the website is focused on boaters, they still have all of your fly fishing needs.

The other site that can get you casting off in no time is the name I most commonly associate with fishing supplies, and that is Bass Pro Shops. This website has more fishing items in it than I knew existed. From baits and lures to fisherman-specific eye wear, they have it. They even have a entire category page dedicated completely to that northern wonder, ice fishing. The site has a number of products across a number of outdoorsy categories, but fishing is their specialty; and with a little help from the helpful folks at Bass Pro Shops, fishing can soon be your specialty as well. 

So there you have it, now go down to your fish and game office, get yourself a day or weekend permit, dust off your lucky fishing cap, and go have some fun this weekend!



August 15, 2008

Greetings, shoppers. Due to popular demand this will be the first of regular weekly installments of "Free Shipping Fridays" where I will be outlining some of the tastier choices for free shipping coupons offered by Ebates merchants for the upcoming week. I'll still be displaying my dazzling with and charm in the other blog postings, but these will be all about getting the information to you in the easiest and quickest ways possible. So here we go, in order of expiration, your free shipping deals:

There are three coupons that expire at the end of the day today, August 15th:

Champs Sports is offering free shipping on all orders over $50 with coupon code LKS18CHFS.

FragranceNet is offering a sweet smelling free shipping offer, with free shipping on all orders with coupon code LNKF8.

The Horchow Collection has free shipping on all orders over $150 with the coupon code 48HOURS. This does exclude furniture, so don't think you can order a brand new four poster bed and get it shipped free.

Remember -- these all expire at midnight tonight, so if you want that free shipping, the clock is ticking.

Moving on through the weekend, there are a few more offers winding down.

Through the 16th of August, you can get free shipping on any orders of $99 or more at Foot Locker with coupon code LKS18GF9.

Sunday August 17th is the end of the weekend, but it is also the end of the free shipping offers from these two stores:

Pfaltzgraff has a weekend special offer on free shipping on any order over $100 with code AFSHAUG. This offer is only good for these three days, so jump on it while you can!

Shu Uemura has free shipping on any order, so if you don't want to pay to have some new eyelashes or any of your makeup shipped to you, this is your chance to save some green, just enter coupon code SHU08.

During the week, you'll have the chance to cash in on a few other free shipping offers as well:

As I'd mentioned in the last free shipping posting, Wet Seal has free ground shipping on any order over $15.00 as long as you place your order before midnight on the 18th.

Kohl's has free standard shipping for any order over $75, which expires on the 19th.

Also expiring on the 19th is the free shipping offer from Ann Taylor, who is offering free shipping on orders over $150, just enter the coupon code FREESHIP before you check out.

Adidas has free shipping on all orders over $99 with the coupon code ADISHIP99A, which expires on Thursday the 21st.

Next Friday, Red Envelope's free shipping offer for orders over $75 will expire, but I will remind you of that again on the day of expiration.

And last, but far from least, I will remind you all yet again that Bloomingdale's does have free shipping on all orders over $200 through the end of next weekend. That is a great deal that you'll continue to hear about in next week's edition.

For now, that's all from Free Shipping Fridays.  I'll be back later today to provide my fun and exiting idea to have some fun this weekend.


August 14, 2008

Once every four years something magical happens, and I'm not talking about me having a successful first date. No, dear readers, I'm talking about the Olympics.

By now, you are probably all well aware of all the various story lines that are floating around this year's Olympic Games: will Michael Phelps set the record for most medals won in a single game? Will the US Men's Basketball team finally bring home Gold again? What will be the fate of our Badminton or WaterSki teams?

While nothing but time will answer those questions, there is one lingering question that I can answer right now on behalf of Ebates, and that is "Where can I go to find all the Olympic apparel and sports memorabilia that I could ever hope for?" The answer, dear readers, is go to the source: the NBC Universal Store. NBC's Olympic store is the place to go for all the official gear from the Beijing Olympics. The deals that can be had on some of the newest and best 2008 Olympic apparel are even more surprising than the USA Baseball team's loss to Korea in their Olympics opener. In addition to items that are already 50% off their original price, there is an amazing selection of memorabilia commemorating this year's Olympics. The NBC Universal Store has products exclusive to their site, Olympic collectibles like pins and jewelry, and even Olympics-specific clothing from designers like Nike and Ralph Lauren. However, just like the Olympics themselves, these products and these deals don't come around all that often, so act now or you'll be more "upset" than USA's Men's Beach Volleyball team against Latvia that you missed these deals. 



August 13, 2008

That's right folks, and I'm not just talking about my own popularity at the office when I say that we here at Ebates care about the beer drinkers. I didn't realize just how much until we added this new merchant.

Do yourself a favor and check out Bier Boot Haus, the online home for all your large-quantity beer drinking needs. For those of you who are familiar, the boot is a traditional way for Germans to serve beer, and they come most commonly in the two liter size. This site offers a wide variety of sizes of boot drink ware, along with a detailed history of the boot both in German and American culture. Considered to be the greatest test of a beer drinker's mettle, the beer boot is more commonly used as a table-wide drink, meant to be passed between friends. 

Das_boot_glass_2_liter_beer_boot Who couldn't love a gift like this?

What's even better is that the website also offers a number of both mugs and boots featuring the logos of some of Germany's most famous breweries. Or, if you prefer, they also have custom-engraved boots so that you can drink beer from a piece of glass footwear baring your name, a company logo, a team logo, or (even more intriguing), your picture.

"But Bill," you say, "Where am I going to find two liters of beer to put in a boot?  That's a lot of bottles or cans."  You know what, you're right. That's why the blog doesn't stop here. 

For those of you who ask for a little more from your beer drinking experience, I present Mr. Beer, the home brewing superstore. If you can't imagine filling giant drink ware with your favorite beer, you have no choice to brew your own. Mr. Beer makes the whole process painless with simple-to-follow recipes and more variety than anyone could have imagined, from Altbier to Zealous Bock. What makes everything taste a little better is that with your Ebates account, you will earn a 10% rebate on everything you buy from Mr. Beer.

In the end, I guess I just have to throw this out there: imagine how envious your friends will be when you greet them by saying "Come on in, would you like some of my home-brewed beer out of a giant glass boot with my picture on it?"


August 13, 2008

If you folks are like me, space in your garage is at a premium. I've got boxes of books, a bike, musical gear, assorted tools,  auto parts, and all sorts of bits and pieces of things tucked away into every last corner of my garage. Seeing how I nearly tripped over a misplaced box of junk while exiting my car the other day, I've decided to wage a war on clutter, and I hope to  pass along some of my great discoveries to you, dear readers. 

Number one of my wish list, if I could better utilize it, would be the RacorPro HeavyLift.
Personally speaking, I don't have a lot in the way of vertical clearance in my garage, so this would just be another low-hanging object for me to brain myself on; but if you have a ceiling that is more than about seven feet in your garage, this could be the greatest thing to ever happen to you.  As you can see by the picture, it is simply a four foot by four foot platform on a system of pulleys that allows you to load it at ground level and, by turning a crank, raise it up to the ceiling, creating a lot more floor space in an already-cluttered garage.  In product reviews that I've seen there have been questions about the 250 lb. weight capacity and the quality of the gears used, but most people seem happy overall with their purchase.

The next item that caught my eye was the Master Magnetics 24" Magnetic Tool Holder
It's just as simple as it appears in the picture: you mount it to the wall, and it magnetically holds anything metal.  Keeping tools lying around is a nightmare, hanging them on hooks means they will fall off if not put just right, and making your own custom racks for all of your tools is just a hassle. You've probably seen (or might even have) magnetic knife strips in kitchens, so why not put the same idea to use in your garage? But don't worry about tools slipping off: these strips have a whopping 20lbs of pull per inch!

Finally, if you're anything like me, what you call a "work bench" is more like a "clutter table". I don't know how it happens, but I end up with more stuff scattered all over the work bench than I do anywhere else in my house.  With the fact that I can never see the surface of my work bench in mind, I give you the solution: the Gladiator Fold-Away Workstation.
Glgafs42kdsg This wall-mountable work station has a fold-down work space that is perfect for lighter repairs. Made from easy-to-clean stainless steel, the surface measures 39"x14", and folds up into the unit when not in use.  The rest of the unit includes a shelf for added storage, in addition to the storage provided on top of the organizer itself.  Also, with the provided power-cord access hole, this unit can comfortably house a radio, a lamp, or any tool that needs charging.

All of these storage solutions and a lot more are available at Shop with your Ebates account and get 4% automatically on any purchase.


August 12, 2008

Sorry about the title, but I couldn't resist such a clever way to say "blowout". 

Now, let's get right down to brass tacks.  There are a few great free shipping deals going on right now that won't last long (some might even be gone depending on when you read this) that you probably want to know about.  So here we go, in order of expiration date.

Expiring at midnight tonight, Land's End is offering free shipping on all orders. 

Also expiring tonight, both Delia's and Alloy are offering free shipping on orders over $25.00. 
For Delia's enter code: DWJAFF
and for Alloy enter code: AHJAFF

The next offer, which expires on Thursday, comes from The Body Shop.  They are offering free shipping on all orders over $60.00 through midnight on the 14th.

The last offer expiring this week is from, and they are giving us all free shipping on every order big or small through midnight Friday.  Make your weekend a little sweeter by entering the code LNKF8 when you check out.

Looking ahead to next week's expirations, there are a few more free shipping deals that you probably want to know about.

First, for the young ladies in your life, Wet Seal is offering free ground shipping on any order over $15.00 as long as you place your order before the end of the day on the 18th.

Next, Ann Taylor is offering free shipping on anything over $150.00, so shop to your heart's content and make sure you enter the code FREESHIP before August 20th to save some extra coin.

Last, yet far from least, Bloomingdale's has free shipping on orders of $200.00 or more, and as any Bloomie's shopper will tell you, that isn't a hard total to reach.  So make your purchases, and enter coupon code SHIP17 at checkout before the end of the day on August 24th, and you're set.

Now get out there and start saving!


August 12, 2008

If there's one major benefit to living in the Bay Area, it is being close to a lot of technically inclined people who know more than me about gadgets and gizmos. A perfect example of this happened yesterday afternoon, when I mentioned to a friend of mine about the fact that I'd written a blog about iPod speaker systems. See, part of the reason I even mentioned it is because he is an engineer at Apple, so I knew he'd probably have some tip on some accessory that I might have missed in my search, and as is usually the case, I was right. As soon as I'd mentioned the subject of yesterday's blog, he asked if I'd researched the docking speaker system he had in his office, and of course, I hadn't. 

So, with his guidance, I did a little research into the Vers hand crafted wood sound system for ipods.


As you can imagine, since this is the system an Apple engineer uses to listen to his ipod at work, it is pretty awesome. The wood cabinet is more resonant and produces a warmer sound than rigid plastic or metal stereo casings, and the porting in the back makes for great bass response. It also has one of the better designed remotes that I've seen in an iPod system. Plus, for all you eco-conscious folks out there, this is one of the "greenest" dock systems. They use a much more energy efficient amplifier that also runs a lot cooler than most amplifiers used by other manufacturers. Their cabinets are assembled with screws rather than glue or fasteners, which means it can be broken down much more easily and the parts can be put to better use. They also use all recycled and recyclable packaging down to the fact that they don't even have cable ties, since those usually get thrown in the trash anyways. In short, if you want a good sounding system that will make you feel good about the environmental impact, this is a great option. While it may not crank out the volume like the Logitech that I wrote about yesterday, it does have a rich, warm sound at low and midrange volumes.


August 11, 2008

Over the weekend, I attended a barbecue at which a friend of mine was playing their iPod through one of those specially-designed docking speaker systems, and I was surprised at just how good it sounded. It had a great blend of clean and clear sound at higher volumes, as well as a surprising degree of portability. Being a music lover and an unabashed iPod addict, I thought I'd undertake a little search to find the best sounding and best performing docking iPod audio system. Since you can spend anywhere from five to five hundred dollars on these systems, I limited my search to models that are compact enough to carry around or put on a shelf, under $250, and durable enough to survive life with a complete klutz like myself.

After spending some quality time with my old friend, the Internet, I was able to find a hands-down winner: The Logitech Pure-Fi Elite.

This sleek yet powerful speaker system has almost everything you could ask for in an iPod system. It's got an easy-to-read built in LCD display, clear speakers with removable metal grilles, an auxiliary input if your iPod is not a docking model, a radio receiver, sleep timer, and a very easy-to-handle remote. It weighs just under eight pounds, and at roughly 16x4x7, it should fit comfortably on any bookshelf or counter top. More importantly to me, it cranks out a whopping 110 decibels, which will be enough to rattle picture frames off the wall if that's what you go for. There is also video-out capability which allows you to play movies from your iPod on a regular TV via either an analog or S-Video cable, but be sure to check the compatibility of your particular iPod, because some are not supported. The only drawback, and it is a minor one, is that despite the internal clock as well as the sleep timer, there is no alarm clock built into this particular model. It's minor, I know, but it is a feature that a lot of people look for.

Of course, this wouldn't be a proper Ebates blog if I didn't remind you about all the money we're helping you save. In reading some reviews of this product, I balked at the almost $300 sticker price. So I set out to find a better price, and did I ever! After checking most of what I consider to be the go-to electronics stores, I was surprised to find out that the cheapest online price I could find was from Office Depot, who currently lists this product at $141.95. What does that mean to you? Simple: you automatically get 3% cash back just for buying from them, but we also have a slew of coupons that will go great with the free shipping that the site already offers on this purchase. So don't hesitate - get out there now and get one of these before they disappear and find out for yourself why these are among the highest rated iPod sound systems on the web.


August 8, 2008

After a discussion with some co-workers over lunch today about the comparative populations of India and of San Francisco, I returned to my computer thinking about the lack of open spaces in the town I call home.

With all of that in mind, I would recommend you take a little time out of your weekend and get in touch a little more with your green thumb. If you have a garden, or at least some planter boxes, go take care of them a little. Science has shown that talking to and playing music for your plants helps them flourish, so if you're protected enough from your neighbors that they won't think you've gone off the deep end, go chat it up with your flowering little friends.

Whether you have a huge back yard or just a small patch of grass to work with, see if you can find some seeds or a plant to make your world a little more beautiful, and a little more oxygenated.  Begin the city slicker that I am, I have no idea about planting times and all that, so I can't say to run out and plant some seeds this weekend, since I can't rightly say that this is the time to plant. However, I am an avid on-line shopper, so I can tell you with all certainty where some of the best places are to get supplies, seeds, plants, and bulbs for all your gardening needs. When it comes to picking out plants, I find that there is a lot more available than can be found in the garden section of Home Depot. (even though that is a great place to start) Three of our Ebates merchants specialize in all things sprouting. There is Park Seed who has not only a vast array of seeds and bulbs, but also sells seed starting kits which are ideal if your climate is rough on young seedlings. Another merchant is Gurney's Seed & Nursery, who offer everything you could dream of: flowers, bulbs, seeds, potted plants, even trees! Finally, there is also BloomingBulb. Not to be confused with Bloomingdale's, this store is focused primarily on plants, though they do have some lovely garden supplies like bird feeders and butterfly houses.

Finally, having a love for all things kitsch, I am a firm believer that no garden is complete without a whimsical garden gnome. Granted, I don't think a bedroom or a cubicle is complete without a gnome either, but that's more my own personal hangup. Still, I know that there are some great gnomes out there looking for homes, so I thought I could send you in their direction. For a full-sized gnome, the twenty-one inch tall Rumple is one of your best bets. He is a European-styled gnome, and brings a classic no-nonsense touch of class to any home or garden. If you don't have space for a full-sized gnome, Home Depot offers a smaller digging gnome. At thirteen inches, he is a better fit in a smaller garden or planter box, or if your desktop looks anything like mine. At under ten dollars, this guy is hard to pass up. However, if you need to go smaller still, and feel that a gnome's place really is among nature, there is the Gnome and Garden kit, which allows you place a miniature gnome on a grassy patch with your choice of backgrounds.

At this point, I'm sure you're asking "What is this guy's problem? Why gnomes?" I wish I had a concrete answer. However, for those of you who feel that these little guys and their pointy hats have no place in civilized society, I have the solution: Mini Gnome-Be-Gones. Less expensive and less space consuming than their full-sized counterparts, these little guys make a silent statement that gnomes have no place around you or your garden.

Either way, gnome or no gnome, take some time and enjoy nature before the Fall hits and we're all stuck indoors, looking through sheets of rain or piles of snow at our gardens.



August 7, 2008

Good morning all, hope everyone slept well, and now that you're awake, have I got some eye-opening deals that popped up literally over night! Call it a domino effect, call it what you'd like, but we've got a bevy of sporting goods sites who have increased their rebate percentages so they can help us put even more money than we have before. Plus, with a little clicking around, I was even able to track down a few coupons to make the deals even that much sweeter.

Hopefully everyone who reads this blog is familiar with Foot Locker. They have been one of the largest names in athletic shoe stores for years now, and their sales associates are the easiest people to spot in the mall food court because of their referee-styled white and black striped shirts. If you're familiar with them, then hopefully you're also familiar with the fact that they're one of our merchants, and have been offering you a 5% rebate for quite some time now. The good news is that they have decided to double their 5% rebate up to 10%. It isn't just Foot Locker either, both of their partner stores, Lady Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker are offering the same 10% rebate now. To sweeten the deal even more, there are two coupons being offered right now that will save you big money: through August 16th, if you use coupon code LKS18GF9, you will get free shipping on all orders over $99.00. If you don't want to spend that much, you can use code LKS18GLK to get 20% off any orders over $75.00. It doesn't seem like they allow you to combine coupons, so do your math and double check it to see which one will be the better bargain for your needs.

If you can't find what you want at Foot Locker, try Champs Sports. I'd say in general that while they may not necessarily have the shoe selection that Foot Locker does, they certainly have them beat in sports equipment. Not to be out done by their competitors, they bumped their rebate percentage from 2% all the way up to 10%. Take advantage of these savings for all your back to school or athletic needs, and use the coupon code LKS18CHFS for free shipping on any order over $50.

Another pair of sites that have upped their rebates to keep up with the trend are Eastbay and their partner site, Final Score. It's strictly a matter of opinion, but I have long felt that Eastbay has the widest selection of sporting goods I've seen gathered in one place. I remember my days as a high school athlete; you knew the day that Eastbay's catalogs had been shipped out because everyone in the athletic department had a copy crammed into their back pocket. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a wrestling uniform, lacrosse gloves, or something as simple as a new baseball bat - Eastbay has it somewhere in their catalog, along with all the shoes you could ever dream of and an expanding clothing selection as well. Save even more using coupon code LKS18AUP to save 20% on back to school deals or LKS18AUG to get 15% off of any purchase of more than $75. Until recently, I thought that coupons were the only way to save at Eastbay, but that was before I found out about Final Score. This partner site to Eastbay specializes in deals on equipment and apparel nearing the end of the season, so they act almost like a clearing house for products at Eastbay, and they have a ton of brand new equipment at a great built-in discount.

So if your kids are trying out for the team this year, if you want to take up a new sporty hobby, or you just want a great deal on some new tennis shoes, be sure to check out any of these sites and take advantage of their increased rebate rates, and tell them Ebates sent you!


August 6, 2008

Greetings Ebates shoppers, have I got a find for you today! I don't know if it's the six cups of coffee I've had so far today, or the sheer happenstance of my discovery of this merchant, but I am deliriously excited about this website. The better part is that you'll be deliriously happy to find out that you will get a six percent rebate on anything that you buy from these folks.

Why (besides the coffee) am I excited about a site that has such a nondescript name? Simple: they have all sorts of fascinating, unique, and clever products; most of which are made of recycled material. I've given a little listing of some of my favorite items either for him, for her, or for the house. While I'm providing links directly to their products, do yourself a favor and check out the whole site at your leisure since they really do have a number of fascinating products that make great gifts for yourself or for someone else.

In my humble opinion, nothing starts a conversation quite like an interesting or eye-catching item in your home. Whether new or not, if you can connect an interesting story to anything around the house, it automatically makes that item more special in both your eyes and the eyes of your guests. Imagine a guest's reaction when they realize that the drink you offer them is being served in a pilsner glass made from recycled windshield glass.These pilsners are not only good looking, they are also nearly indestructible, as they are made of safety glass. You may want to reassure your guests, however, that all effort was taken by the manufacturer to make sure no bugs were left on the windshields before they became glasses.
These glasses aren't the only item that celebrate the union of beverages and the open road; you need something to open the bottles before you can pour beer into the pilsner glasses. What better to do that with than with the bike chain bottle opener? Rugged construction is equally at home in the garage as in the kitchen, but you don't want to keep this beauty hidden in the garage - show it with pride. If you're going to drink from a windshield, then you'd better put your old bottles to use too, and how better to do that than with these recycled wine bottle platters? They say wine and cheese go together perfectly, so why not show how perfectly by serving cheese on a recycled wine bottle? Finally, for the serious snacker, imagine eating your next handful of popcorn out of these LP bowls. Perfect for any musician or music enthusiast, not to mention anyone who owns a jukebox, these high-capacity bowls come in a variety of record labels, which only gives you and your guests that much more reason to finish all your snacks.

There are a number of interesting products for  the man who has everything, as well. Having been called one of those men before, I know that I found a number of products that I will be spending my next paycheck on. The first item at the top of my list is a pair of typewriter key cuff links. I know that this is influenced in part by the fact that I was a literature student in college, but still, these possess both vintage flair as well as a unique take on the idea of monogrammed cuff links. For the hobbyist or tinkerer who wishes he had an extra pair of hands, check out the magnetic wristband. It holds anything from nails to screws to nuts and bolts. While this might not be ideal for a night out on the town, it sure is ideal for work around the house. The last item I found fascinating is a rubber belt made from recycled truck tires. Not only is it a fashion statement, it's nearly indestructible, and will never fade or crack like it's leather counterparts.

Ladies, don't think that I've forgotten about you! Rather, I've saved the best for last. First, for the fashionable female who just wants a little clutch bag that will draw a lot of attention, try out the recycled subway map clutch. Hold all your necessary belongings, add a little flair, and even help figure out where you are if you happen to visit the Big Apple. Who could ask for more? For those with a bit more sedate taste, feast your eyes on this gorgeous silver and sea glass necklace. The varied colors of the pieces of sea glass, which have been polished through years of being tossed around the surf, make this piece of jewelry a great accessory to wear with almost any color, and will be sure to catch almost anyone's eye. But if you prefer function over fashion, then you'll love this last recommendation: the wet bikini bag. If you love going for a swim or to the beach, but hate trying to transport your wet swim suit back home, this bag is like a dream come true. There are a number of different colors, and despite the fact that it says "bikini" on the outside, I'm sure it won't discriminate if you want to put any type of suit in it. Just toss this bag into a backpack or your car and don't worry about keeping everything around it dry.


August 4, 2008

This has been a great summer for book-based movies. As of today, six of the top ten grossing movies of the year started out as books. This isn't surprising, considering the comic book blockbusters like "The Dark Knight", "Iron Man", and "The Incredible Hulk" all did so well. The other three are "Sex and the City", which existed first in novel form before being adapted into the television series, "Horton Hears a Who!" from Dr. Seuss, as well as the latest installment from the Narnia series, "Prince Caspian". Being a literature nerd, I always assert that the book is better than the movie, and generally speaking, I am right.  Having said that, now is your chance to really cash in on great deals at Border's on all the books that I just listed, or to get a jump on some of the new movies that are due out soon. Most of the buzz in "book-to-movie land" is about "Twilight", based on the wildly popular first book in a series about teen vampires, which is set to hit screens on December 12th. Since comic book movies are obviously scoring high marks, keep an eye out for "Watchmen", which is set for release in March of 2009. This graphic novel is one of the most widely applauded comics ever released, and from the initial trailer release, the movie shows the promise of being an amazing adaptation. Finally, the latest buzz is surrounding "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist", based on the popular young adult novel of the same name; due out in early October, this promises to be the next "Juno".

Now is your chance, click over to Border's, add some of these titles to your cart, and you can also feel the joy of saying "I liked the book a lot better." With a rebate of 4% through Ebates, on top a coupon for free shipping on any purchase of $25 or more, this is the perfect opportunity to read a few quality page-turners before you see them on the big screen or to read the books that inspired some of your favorite movies of the year.


August 1, 2008

Another Friday has popped up on the calendar, and that means another weekend is just a few anticipation-filled hours away. While most of us have our weekends booked up by Tuesday, some people (myself included) love to have at least one day without any obligations where it really feels like a weekend rather than just a day where you don't have to go to work. For these days, I always try to do something a little out of the ordinary, and I usually pass along these recommendations to my friends. Now that I'm employed here at Ebates, I am passing along these recommendations to you, along with all the information of how to get the products to make these suggestions a reality.

Having said that, as the title indicates, my recommendation to spice up your weekend a little bit is to go out and take some photos. In this age of technical innovation, anyone with a decent digital camera can take enough photos and give your picture enough tries to really capture that "perfect shot." With so many choices of cameras out there, and so many features to decipher, I know it can be somewhat overwhelming when you try to find a new camera, especially the point-and shoot style. My recommendation? The Panasonic DMC-TZ5A. I personally own an older model of this camera, and have been absolutely in love with it since the day I bought it. It also bears mention that when a friend dropped my camera, I was able to get it repaired for free under warranty from Panasonic without a single snag. It's got an unreal 10x optical zoom which pairs with 9.1 megapixel resolution, which translates into some of the sharpest, clearest, and most vivid pictures you'll ever snap. Go out and explore your creative side with this great camera, a great value at just under $300 out the door.

If you buy this camera from Crutchfield not only do you get free shipping included and their free installation guide, you can also use the coupon for a free 1GB SD Memory Card.


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