December 19, 2008

'09 Wish List: Buying What You Didn't Get For X-mas!

With just two weeks left in 2008, many people tend to re-evaluate the circumstances of their life before the dawn of the New Year. A New Year is a common time to reinvent yourself, banish bad habits, and start over. I personally feel like it's bad luck to stop bad habits January 1st; it's almost like you are setting yourself up to fail. Instead, I would rather start a few weeks before, kind of like today. So I ask myself: "Who does Poppy want to be in 2009?" Unfortunately I do not have the answer to that (although Mrs.Ryan Adams would be a fine start for me).  I do know, however, what I want to wear in 2009, and I am internet stalking items that I want to swoop up if Santa did not get everything on my wish list. Because, like most people, I plan on tightening my grip on my wallet this New Year, I am hoping to buy things that refresh existing items in my wardrobe, to work with what I have, and make it feel current and new - oh so very 2009. The first item on my wish list is an animal print scarf. Because I currently have nothing like it in my closet, it will definitely feel new and make the existing jackets, blouses, and t-shirts seem rejuvenated and more exciting.

Zebra.jpgI found this Kashmere Black Zebra Printed Wrap on sale for 50% off, just $138 at Bluefly with 3% cash back. The scarf will pair perfectly with my existing  winter wardrobe and will also go nicely with Spring's trends of big prints and pastel hues. It is truly a smart buy that I can feel satisfied with (and Poppy 2009 Redux will agree).

Shop on!

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