December 28, 2008

Make Your Desktop Shine with a set of Creative T20 Speakers!

Many aspiring audiophiles undersell the importance of a quality set of computer speakers. After all, how much time do you spend plopped in front of your monitor a day? Why rob yourself of quality music-listening time with an inferior set of speakers that either overcompensate through obtrustive, muddy bass, or have highs that sound like they were hand crafted out of flotsam? Even though these Creative T20 speakers may be unimpressive when compared to some of the hulking 5.1 space stations you can get elsewhere, they pack a powerful punch in a small package that simply cannot be understated.

creative.jpg A month or two ago, I decided to look around for a nice set of 2.0 speakers. Having had 2.1 and 5.1 speaker sets in the past (that's [# of speakers].[number of subwoofers]), I knew what I didn't want. Namely, bass that shook my walls at the lowest settings, unwieldy amounts of speaker wire strewn across my room, and the hassle of mounting countless speakers in a small space. While both 2.1 and 5.1 speakers suffer from these problems, a nice 2.0 set is an all-encompassing set of speakers that pack both clear highs and thumping bass in one small package, and is perfect for the minimalist desktop I've always striven to have.

I looked into a few different sets of speakers before siding with the T20s. Even though the mid-range Bose counterparts looked nice, their sound didn't quite justify their extra $50. Likewise, the comparable Altec Lansings left me wanting a little more "oomph" than I expected. It was the T20s that packed the best overall sound for under $100, with an attractive exterior and small form-factor that I knew would perfectly match the rest of my desktop setup.

creative2.jpgThe beauty, and simplicity that comes with a nice set of speakers cannot be understated. Even though these speakers couldn't fill my entire living room with enough sound, they're perfect for a desktop/small room setup. The  BassXport sound hole provides enough air for the low-end thump, while the separate tweeters help to let the highs breathe without any interference from the more-than-adequate mids. While you could easily find a pair of far more expensive audiophile-grade speakers to beat these with ease, for a $90 pair of computer speakers, they perform admirably well.

If you're in the market for a nice set of desktop  speakers, I'd have little to no problem recommending these fully. For only $90 from BestBuy, these speakers would make a great last-minute gift (or after Christmas steal) for anyone. Consider it a Christmas gift to your ears!

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