March 29, 2009

Road-ready Travelers Rejoice! We have Enterprise Coupons!

It's officially travel season. Even yours truly, who usually leads a hermetic life within the seven by seven confines of San Francisco proper has booked a trip for Vegas next month. It's time for some Spring Break getaways or to start making graduation travel plans, maybe even get a leg up on summer vacations if you're really on the ball. Regardless of where you end up traveling, one thing is for sure: you don't want to pay full price for a rental car.

enterprise_detail_01.gifWhether you are doing a short weekend getway, taking a road trip, or want to do a more economical "stay-cation" by renting a sports car and tooling around your home town like a wild yahoo, a rental car can be a godsend. However, the price of a car can often be prohibitive. Luckily we have some great Enterprise Coupons at Ebates right now that will save you a ton of money in addition to the 2% cash back you'll earn on all your Enterprise Rent-A-Car transactions.

There are two Enterprise Coupons right now that you can take advantage of: first is 50% off weekend rentals at Enterprise on most cars at most neighborhood locations. That's about as good a deal as you can find if you're renting for weekend getaway that you don't want to use your own car for. But if you're traveling, fret not, we also have a coupon for a free upgrade on your next airport rental at Enterprise.

So there you have it: two great opportunities to put some Enterprise coupons to use for your getaway needs. Now you just have to earn some cash back on flights and hotels as well...

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