March 2, 2009

Take a Picture - It'll Last Longer (and Cost a Lot Less!)

The digital age has had a huge effect on the way we approach picture taking. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers having to make sure you had that shot lined up perfectly so you didn't waste a single shot, then waiting weeks until you got your roll of film developed before you could be certain that the picture came out just the way you hoped it would. With the increasing popularity of the digital camera, film developing is becoming a thing of the past, and we can now take pictures freely, knowing we can comb through our memory card after the fact to find those few pictures that you really want to print.

bigfatfun.jpgThere has also been a change in how you print photos: while many people print their photos at home on higher-end color printers, there are many of us for whom the convenience of ordering prints online while earning cash back is just too great to consider anything else. While I'm not exactly an avid photographer, I love having pictures around to remind me of good times, see how much my friends and family have changed over the years, and remind myself that there is always someone with a camera nearby whenever I embarrass myself. (see left) So, in the spirit of saving you money when ordering prints online, here are three merchants who will earn you double-digit cash back on online photo printing.
- KODAK Gallery: Kodak has probably been the most trusted name in photography about as long as there has been photography. They have made the leap into the twenty-first century cleanly, and first time members will also receive twenty complimentary prints as a way of saying "thanks" from Kodak.

- Shutterfly - Yet another quality service, they are the #1 online photo service (as it states on their site - no personal preference here) and there is a reason why. You get twenty five free prints if you are a first-time user, you can pick up your prints at local Target stores if you so desire, and at the moment, they are offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more with the code SHIP25, and you know how ecstatic I get about free shipping.

- Snapfish - Powered by Hewlitt-Packard, this service boasts a 110% satisfaction gaurantee, they also give you fifty free prints for first-time members, and the base cost per print is just nine cents. It's a great service and very intuitive to use.

So there you have it. All three of these print merchants offer 10% cash back through Ebates, so you'll be earning cash back on already-low prices.

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