August 14, 2009

Ebates checks and Paypal payments are on the way!

Cash Back from Ebates is even better when it comes early.  We were able to send out check to all qualified Ebates accounts.  If you use Paypal, your payment has probably already arrived. 

Please enjoy the weekend with your Cash Back from Ebates!

In order to earn a payment from Ebates today, your account balance needed to reach $5.01 by June 30th.  Also, you will have need to enter your name and mailing address into your Ebates account profile.

We love sending you money.   Happy shopping!

Ebates Customer Care


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Yay, i love it

Finally, it's time to get my Cash Back! I just got my gift card in the mail, so I can't wait to add all my savings up and spend it on something FUN!

in your help section ther eis a table that say qualifying purchases for this period ended on june 30th, not june 1st. either way, i should have had plenty of qualifying purchases to receive at least some of my cash balance via paypal and i didn't...why is that?

Hi ,

I have qualifying purchases too . My cashback hasn't been credited into my Paypal account as yet

I see that cashback payments were sent out early, but I have not received the payment to my Paypal account yet??

Sorry, we meant to say that your qualified cash-back needed to reach $5.01 by June 30th, not June 1st. You are right. We'll fix the post asap.

Ebates Customer Care

What about the paypal payments ? Have they been sent ?

My account has changed from $48 to $1.46. My account is set up to be paid by paypal and everything is correct. I have checked my paypal balance and have yet to see anything from ebates. Is their a lag time? I know most paypal payments are immediate. Wanted to get my first check before I shared with 2000 memebers of my blog. Thanks in advance for some answers.

Milton, your account has now been paid via Paypal. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Thanks!

Hi ,

I haven't receive any replies to my above queries , has my cashback been credited to my paypal account ? I haven't receive any notification from paypal or ebates . Kindly reply asap . Thanks


I am in the same boat as many ebates customers. No paypal payment received. It is now 2 days after the payment date. I use ebates almost every day and am owed A LOT of money. I've referred close to 200 people to your site. Please explain the delay.

I, too, am owed a LOT of money and haven't rec'd my paypal payment as of yet, 1 pm CDT on 8/17/09

What's up? Please check and reply asap.


Don't worry .. Ebates won't eat your money up . Be patient and your turn will come , I just received the funds from paypal ;)

I haven't received a payment or notification from Paypal about any payment being sent as of yet. I have to contact customer support every 3 months about the payment. Could someone reply! Thanks, Howard

when do they send the payments

I too have not received my payment via Paypal. It was also late last quarter. Is Ebates having financial problems? The late payments two quarters in a row is making me nervous and I am hesitant to recommend Ebates based on these experiences.

Noe, you are scheduled to be sent a payment from Ebates on November 15th, since your purchases began after July 1st. Thanks!

Pat, I'm not sure what the hold up is with your payment, but I will see that our payment department processes your Paypal payment asap. I assure you that business at Ebates is better than ever. We are very sorry for the delay that you experienced with your payments.

Howard, I will also see that your payment is sent out asap. We apologize for this delay.

Just got the payment via Payapl (8/18 at 12:00 pm). Thanks!

I don't get any payments via Paypal.What's wrong?

The paypal payment was received within hours of posting here. Thank you customer care, Howard

Strange I didn't get my payment via PayPal either.
Waited a day but nothing. Left note to Customer care this morning. Why is is this happening to your customers?

No ebate payment yet to paypal. I sent a customer service message yesterday. This is our first opportunity for cashback so far nothing. :0(

No payments via Paypal,so sad. My friends also.

No ebate payment via paypal yet. :(

Thank you for your messages. We are sorry for any delays. We are currently responding to all emails, and we are not that far behind, so we should get to your messages soon.

Some payments were slower to process than others. We apologize if you experienced a delay.

If you did not receive a payment that you expected, please remember that your account balance had to reach $5.01 by June 30th.

We hope to resolve any issue that have soon. Your patience is appreciated.

Ebates Customer Care

I have had cash pending for a few days now and yet no payment to my paypal account either.

I have had cash pending for a few days also and just checked my paypal account and nothing is in there. How long does it usually take?

Kim, we sent you an email now about your next payment from Ebates. Thanks!

Ebates Customer Care

Thanks E-bates just got my check in Paypal. :o)

I didn't get my payment via PayPal,Why?

Lisa, Ebates Customer Care has just sent you a message regarding the status of your payment. Thanks!

Me,too.NO payments.

Hi Judith, we have now sent you a message regarding your payment. Thanks!

Still no payment for me. My first Ebates payment. So sad.

Hi CNM, we have just sent you a message about your payment, thanks!

What's wrong with Ebates?My friends told me I must ask for payments by adding a commenton on blog.So surprised!Because we all know the rules below.

When do I get my cash back payment?

Every 3 months, we send you a cash back payment for purchases posted during the previous quarter based on the schedule below. But if you've earned less than $5.01 cash back, we'll carry over your money to the next check. Bonus Rewards do not count toward the $5.01 minimum.

But now,I must ask for payments.Why?

No payments received.Why?

Hi Harold and Kate,

Customer Care has just emailed you about the status of your payments from Ebates. Thanks!

Mr too. Still no payment received. Why?

Hi ChrisN, we have just sent you an email about your Ebates account. Thanks!

I just checked my Paypal account,no payments yet.

Oh!Me too,So long time,no payments.

When do you pay the money to me?

So sad!I don't get any payments.Reason?

No payments received yet!!!It's so long time.Why?

I too haven't received my PayPal payment and my balance was over the $5.01 mark as of 6/1/09 too. What's going on?

I think I need to ask for the payments here.

Hi folks,

We recently sent out checks and Paypal payments to qualified accounts. If you have any questions about the status of your payment, please contact our Customer Care department. Here is the link to send us a message:

Or click Help on the Ebates site.

We look forward to assisting you!

I didn't get the Paypal payments.Why?

I just checked my Paypal account and no payment.

No Paypal payment received. It's so many days after the payment date. What's wrong?

I was looking for my big fat check of my Paypal account.But nothing.

I am the one of them who didn't get any payments.I hope you can send money to me soon.

I didn't get my payment via PayPal either.When?

Hi folks,

We can assist you via email. If you have any questions about the status of your payment, please contact our Customer Care department. Here is the link to send us a message:

Or click Help on the Ebates site.

We look forward to assisting you!

are you kidding me? i put my check in the bank today and said there's a 'hold' on the check until next week

pretty embarassing, why would you do this? it's not my fault, of course, but it sounds strange to other customers listening!

get with it!

Hey! I was told that Big Fat Check was sent 17th Aug, but I still haven't received it yet (Woodbridge, VA). Any reason for possible delay?

Hey! I was told The Big Fat Check was sent 17th August, but I haven't received it yet (Woodbridge, VA). Any reason for possible delay?

Today is already Aug-16th. However, my cashback did not be credited to my PayPal account on time.

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