September 2, 2009

Did you know? #50: Toynk

Wow. I just lost a half an hour of my life marveling at this website. It's one of those rare sites that is a complete jumble of things, which is really what these blog entries are all about. Yes, a fiftieth post in a series is a special occasion, and I tell ya, Toynk is a special site. They have toys. Lots of toys. New or old, ranging in items from costumes to collectible figurines and replicas. And, as always tugs at my heartstrings - they have pet costumes.

toynk couponsThere are so many varied items, I am having trouble trying to express myself here. Please; just go to the site, click around, and see how much awesome and bizarre stuff they have. You can order a $700 Gears of War bust of some snarling mutant creature, or you can spend $18 for a talking Donald Trump figure. Heck, they even have action figures of all five members of My Chemical Romance in a single set for $150. I tell you, if you're looking for most anything that has been immortalized in toy or figurine form, you have to visit Toynk, and if you visit Toynk through Ebates, you'll also get 5% Cash Back.

Check it out, you really owe it to yourself!

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