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October 31, 2009

Watch Top Chef on BravoThere's nothing I love more than window shopping, even if by window, I mean Microsoft. Inspired by my favorite Top Chef contestant Jesse Sandlin (who btw is self taught) I've been shopping for all sorts of kitchen goods in the hopes that the right tools will take me from a mere cook to a bonafide culinary expert. Of course, shopping for quality kitchen items is usually an expensive project, but thanks to Target it's become a money saving adventure. Why? Because Target sells the same top brand items as other retailers, but for much less. In addition to saving upwards of 50% (more in some cases), you'll also get 4.0% Cash Back.

Kitchen Essentials From TargetI use to think that a large chopping block was only sold at expensive specialty shops, but this 20x15 End Grain Chopping Block is just $53.99. That's a savings of 60% from other retailers. This Mortar and Pestle is $20 less than competitors. I bet down to earth chef Jesse owns a few of these.

"Winging it" may work when adding salt and pepper, but not for baking. Properly measuring your ingredients will determine if you're eating banana muffins for breakfast or banana oatmeal. A sturdy measuring cup like this one from Pyrex ($6.74) and Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons ($13.99) are essential to any chef. Both these are listed at well below what other sites would charge. Last but least, Mixing Bowls are an essential tool even when not baking. This set comes with lids (perfect for storing left over batter, etc.) and they also make great salad bowls. Considering stainless steel items cost more, this set is a steal at $26.99. Bon appetit!

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October 31, 2009

By now you should all be familiar with the wildly popular Flip Mino camcorders. You've all seen them - they're about the size of a circa-2005 cell phone, shoot in HD, and can store pretty much absurd amounts of video considering the small form factor.

Flip MinoHDI don't know about you, but I personally think these things are the bee's knees. They're small, highly portable, and pretty rugged. It survived a trip to Vegas with my friends and I, which is more than can be said for three pairs of sunglasses and another friend's cell phone. Still, what I think is truly the best about these little gems is their price point. You can get a high quality HD camcorder for under $200 bucks.

As I was searching around a little bit yesterday, I noticed that Newegg, where I almost always go to check out the best and latest in tech, had a great sale going on. Just enter coupon code FLIP161 for $12 off a Flip MinoHD in chrome finish, with a 60 minute storage time. You even get a free tripod while supplies last! But you'd better act quick - the free tripod is while supplies last, and the $12 off code is only good through the end of the day. Still, you can always earn 1.5% Cash Back from Newegg when you shop through Ebates.

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October 30, 2009

Petit Bateau Spring LookbookWith over twelve hundred Ebates merchants, its easy for a few of the smaller ones to get overshadowed by the big-draw retailers. Which isn't to say that we forget about the little guys, actually quite often the smaller retailers become personal and office-wide obsessions. Take, for example, Petit Bateau, a relatively new merchant who offers 6.0% Cash Back on high-quality women, children, and baby clothing. I had already been checking out the merchant more frequently because I had discovered what a great resource it was for quality basics like cute Parisian-chic stripe t-shirts, undergarments, and more. It would seem that I was not the only one shopping Petit Bateau, as many items were selling out quickly and more were being added by the week. My obsession reached new levels when I saw the Spring 2010 lookbook, available here from Refinery 29.You can see the collection strikes the perfect balance between classic and trendy items, and all are super comfortable and made with high quality fabrics that will last more than just a season (and you will want to wear them much longer too). 

Petit Bateau Mariner T-ShirtThe photograph above is part of the Spring 2010 collection and therefore not available for months. Get a head start with this Mariner T-shirt fabricated in a thick winter weight ribbed cotton and priced at $85 with 6.0% Cash Back from Ebates. Hurry, I have seen this style sell out more than once! Sign up for the email list and take 25% off your first order. Check out all Petit Bateau coupons before you shop.


October 30, 2009

free shipping couponsHere we are again, it's the eve of Halloween, which means it's also the eve of the end of the month. You know what that means - sales aplenty! If you're like me, you'll probably be running out Sunday morning to get all those great deals on leftover candy in the stores. But if you want your savings to come on Halloween itself, look no further than the Free Shipping page; there are more deals there than I can even wrap my head around, let alone try to pick the best. So take a look for yourself, chances are between the holiday and the end of the month, your favorite merchants might have some special sale running.

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October 29, 2009

As most of you are probably aware, one of the main facets of my job is just spending time on Ebates, searching for new sales and coupons to bring to your attention. Generally speaking, it isn't terribly interesting outside of the pure thrill of finding that great bargain and bringing it to all of you. But then again, some days, you get a little thrill from time to time when you are out searching. Today was one of those times.

So I was clicking around, just like any other day, and I happened across a coupon from a book merchant, Alibris. I've known the site - being a literature nerd, I tend to know most all book merchants rather well. But this coupon code jumped out at me, not just because of the interesting figure, but because of the code itself. From now through Halloween, if you enter coupon code "GANDALF" you can save $4 on any purchase $40 or more. I thought this was a wonderful idea and a great code, so I went to the Alibris coupons page. What did I discover? A whole slew of coupons, all connected to characters from Lord of the Rings, all for a different dollar amount. They were all there - FRODO, SAMWISE, GALADRIEL, even SAURON.

FrodoThese are the small joys in life, when I find a fun merchant who comes up with a great set of coupons with thematic names. Of course it doesn't hurt that you also get 3.0% Cash Back. I am almost tempted to spend the next few minutes entering in other Lord of the Rings words just to see what happens. Maybe if I type in Gollum, I'll get a free ring...

What coupons will you find? Just look at the Ebates coupon page to find them all!


October 29, 2009

Shop Chic Winter Clothing

Just as I was becoming accustomed to Fall's cool nights and blustery days, Winter's cold mornings are swooping in at a rapid pace. While the Winter solstice is still a while away, I'm eager to stock up on Winter must-haves. Large suede bags (perfect for holiday travel), oversized sweaters, and the right accessories will have me on a fashion high, even in low temperatures. Here are just a few items that are making my Fall/Winter wish list.

Grey Suede BagThe It Bag
There are some things a girl will gush over. Then there are other things she'll loose a heartbeat over, like this Grey Suede Bag. Complete with handles and shoulder strap, this tote is on point with the season's trends. Of course, the right bag needs the right jeans, and these Gwenevere Skinny Ankle Jeans are dark, sophisticated, and look perfect with glitzy holiday items. Both are available at Shopbop where you'll get 6.0% Cash Back.

Frye Hutch BootieThe New Flat
Although extremely comfy and chic, wearing flats means I'll have to expose the tops of my feet in the dead of Winter. A big no-no. The Frye Hutch Bootie sports a one inch heel so they're comfy like a flat, but they cover like a bootie. Available at Urban Outfitters you'll get 2.5% Cash Back.

Black Magic Pave RingBold Accessories
Nothing adds extra oomph like accessories, so make sure you have at least one larger-than-life piece. This Black Magic Pave Ring from Bloomingdale's is a bold statement, and looks even better with 3.0% Cash Back. Topping matters off is a vintage-inspired Cloche Hat.

Joie Cowl Neck SweaterThe Cozy Sweater
Cold weather is enjoyable when you're warm and toasty, and this Joie Cowl Neck Sweater is guaranteed to become a favorite of mine. Available at Nordstrom you'll get 3.0% Cash Back. I can't wait to wear this with motorcycle boots and leggings.

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October 28, 2009

Chanel Powder Blush from BloomingdalesBy the time Wednesday rolls around, the past weekend is a distant memory and you have fully immersed yourself in the work routine. So good ol' hump day is usually dominated by feeling that the weekend is so close but at the same time, so far away. I find that by the time Wednesday rolls around all my promises to myself to "be more put together" have faded and I am more focused on getting rest. This morning, after a late start, I was in desperate need for a little pick-me-up to get me through the week and over the hump of hump-day. I reached for an old favorite, my bright-pink Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush (available at Bloomingdale's with 3.0% Cash Back and $5 shipping on all beauty orders). With a couple of swoops on the checks, I instantly felt (at least that I looked) a little rested with a natural healthy glow. Despite my rather lackluster outfit choice and hurried attempt to do my makeup, the blush made me feel more put together and ready for the day.

For a steal, try the Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection Blush in Blushing Berry. Priced just under $10 at ULTA Beauty with 3.0% Cash Back from Ebates,  this natural formula is good for sensitive skin, and contains just enough subtle shimmer for a "lit from within" glow. Get $3.50 off any order of $10 or more with ULTA Coupon code 20594 at checkout.  Pearls of Perfection Blush at Ulta

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October 27, 2009

Wardrobe Must: The Black BlazerEverything in life has an expiration date. Even clothes. After many years of dutiful and fashionable service, my beloved Acne Blazer is showing signs of a nearing expiration date. Naturally this is completely devastating, as this item is my very own miracle-working, outfit-transforming magician, capable of making a trash bag look chic. But better to replace it while it's still in working condition, than wait until I'm in need of just the thing I don't have. After a few hours (no lie) spent searching countless sites, I found a few options that are strong contenders. Keep in mind the dominance of 80's fashion (oversized lapels, boxy shoulders) made this extremely difficult, but I managed to come out on top. Note: Above are Kate Moss and Ashley Olsen in the quintessential black blazer.

Elizabeth and James Fitted BlazerMy prerequisites for the perfect blazer are 1. 100% wool, 2. single button, and 3. expertly tailored fit. This Fitted Blazer by Elizabeth and James has all three, and it has lapels which belong on a lady and not a clown. The extensive seaming means this will show my curves, and as an added and artsy bonus, this has an extended bottom hem which flatters the derriere quite nicely. This piece is available at Saks Fifth Avenue where you'll get 2.5% Cash Back. Another Ebates merchant that carries an extensive collection of blazers (102 pages to be exact) is YOOX. There I found several options in just about every color, cut, and price.

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October 27, 2009

Even though Halloween is just days away, the consensus around here seems to be that most do not have their costume prepared (to say nothing of Halloween decorations). The good news for those who wait for the last minute is that you do not need to miss out on savings from the Halloween Sale at Ebates because many of the participating merchants are offering two-day or express shipping with a guarantee your order will arrive in time for Halloween. So procrastinators rejoice with the double cash back and the best costume selection from Ebates!

Edward Cullen Standup Cutout

Costume Supercenter, Half Price Costumes, WBShop, DisneyStore, and Star Costumes all have shipping options to make sure your costume arrives in time for Trick-or-Treating. With vampires overloading popular culture (Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries and more) it is sure to be a big theme this Halloween. I found this Edward Cullen Stand-up from Half Price Costumes and figure that it is the must-have Halloween accoutrement for any Twilight fan, plus it's just $42.99 with 12.0% Cash Back from Ebates. Ideal for anyone who is not dressing up, a special Halloween gift for a friend or a year-round decoration for inspiration, it is a pretty great deal that will be shipped to your door before the big day! If you are looking for costume ideas, find your best vampire look from any of the Halloween Sale merchants and save big!


October 26, 2009

No, silly. Not the people who will crack down on you if you should pirate DVDs or re-broadcast baseball without express written consent. I'm talking about that band of dapper hipsters from New York. You know who I'm talking about -- those guys that made tie clips and aviator sunglasses cool again.

I'm going to show you how to get their look for less. There are two basic concepts: first is the color palette, which is pretty much entirely black, white, grey, and burgundy. Stick to these four colors, and you pretty much can't go wrong. The second is to find a items that flash just a bit more personality than any standard "off-the-mannequin" look. The unspoken third rule is to go through Ebates to earn cash back on all your purchases.

Rule number one: the Blazer.
J Ferrar BlazerIt's gotta be black or grey, generally a solid color, though if you can get grey herringbone, you're also fine. Pinstripes are a no-no, at least for the jacket... pants might make it work. If you are lucky enough to look good in fitted clothes, then by all means, go with the really slick fitted coat. If you're of more... ample proportions (like yours truly) find either a three quarter length topcoat or a good single-breasted coat. If you're much more than about a size 42 jacket, double-breasted is a pretty major no-no. Try this Two-Button Blazer from J. Ferrar. It's just $59.99 at JCPenney with 3.0% Cash Back.

Rule two: the Tie.
J Crew TieLuckily for the entire world, skinny ties have come back. However, to avoid the probability of looking like an extra from Reservoir Dogs, you'd better find at least a medium-width tie. This makes pairing tie clips tough, but if you can find one to do it, you'll look like the bee's knees. Generally speaking, finding a tie with colored accents (read: white or burgundy) will really pop well regardless of what color shirt you are wearing. Gents, do yourselves a favor and learn how to tie a double windsor. The single is too status quo for this look. For a timeless look, try the Prospect Pinstripe Tie from J. Crew, which is $59.50 with 1.5% Cash Back.

Rule three: the Shirt.
spread collar shirtSee that collar on the gent in the middle? That's called a spread collar. That's what you're looking for. Button-down collars are out. Oxford shirts are out. Honestly, you're better off wearing a western shirt with some subtle detail than wearing a boring over-starched white shirt. Whatever you do, avoid the white-collar-dark-shirt look. Leave that to investment bankers from 1985. Find a muted grey or a black shirt, or white in a pinch, and make sure you have the spread collar. Try this grey spread collar shirt from Target, just $27.99 with 4.0% Cash Back!

Rule four: the Shoes.
Doc MartensGo simple. Don't wear those square-toed Kenneth Cole dress shoes that we all have a pair of (yes, I do too, but I haven't worn them in a while). Honestly, if you really want to polish this outfit off with some personal style, get a classic pair of Doc Martens, get a helluva shine going, and rock those. No one questions a man wearing Docs. And you won't question buying these beauties for $99.99 with 4.5% Cash Back from Boot Barn.

Rule five: the Sunglasses
aviator sunglassesAviators. No matter what. Black, mirror, or gradient lenses. Gold or silver (make sure your metal matches your tie clip if applicable). Classic, and luckily for you, inexpensive. You can get a great pair from Buy.com for under $40 with 1.0% Cash Back.

If you can nail these five points, you will have the look down. Be smart about pants, of course, but a good shirt/tie/jacket combo can cover up for wearing something as simple as Dickies or even a really dark wash jean.

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October 26, 2009

I try to be as healthy as possible, I really do. But quite frankly, these days it's nearly impossible. Sure, I quit smoking and I limit my processed foods, but in the age of e.coli spinach and teflon leaking chemicals, eating vegetables isn't enough to save me from the big C. After reading an article regarding how bad Tupperware and other plastic storage containers are, I decided to replace my collection with the big G - glass. Because money doesn't grow on trees, I'm thankful The Container Store is having 20% off site wide when I use coupon code SAVENOW. A healthy wallet is just as important as a healthy body.

Glasslock ContainersThese Glasslock Containers are exactly what I had in mind. Made from tempered glass, they withstand everyday use, and because they're made from glass they won't stain or keep smells from past meals. I should point out the lid is plastic, but there are other all-glass options available as well. Sold individually, these range in price from $2.99 to $14.99. Subtract off 20% and add 4.0% Cash Back, and you've got a greener lifestyle for a lot less money.

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October 25, 2009

Egyptian-CostumeLet it be known I am a sucker for larger-than-life movies. So much so that I can remember the very first time I saw "Gone With The Wind", and my excitement when networks like ABC would broadcast "The Ten Commandments" commercial free. What I loved most about epic stories like those of Rodgers and Hammerstein and Cecil B. Demille were the elaborate costumes. With Halloween around the corner, I'm in costume planning mode, but a school girl Britney Spears or sexy nurse is not for me. Instead I'll emulate the beautiful Anne Baxter as Nefretiri.

Most costume stores have some sort of Egyptian get up, but only Star Costumes has exactly what I'm looking for. Known as Nefertari, this costume looks as if it were pulled of the set of "The Ten Commandments". Complete with detailed collar, headdress, and cuffs, this costume eliminates the need to buy multiples items. With that being said, if I did want to add more, Star Costumes also sells wigs, wings, hats, and accessories. They offer same-day shipping on numerous costumes and until October 31st, you'll get 8.0% Cash Back. If, like me, you're sick of "sexy" anything, or costumes that were so 2008, check out Star Costumes.

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October 24, 2009

Most women have a weekend uniform that usually consist of comfortable jeans or leisurewear that gets thrown on in the morning (with every intention of changing) at stays on all day. This is pretty much the case for my weekend wear. My bad weekend outfits leave me wishing I lived a glamorous life where my social obligations would  have me dressed in chic cocktail dresses and stylish day ensembles, rather than slouchy jeans, tennis shoes, and a ratty t-shirt. I know weekend clothing can be comfortable and stylish and found a few pieces that were up for the task.

Alexander Wang Stripe Sweatshirt

Every good outfit starts with a central piece that you build the rest of the look around, whether it be a top, a shoe or a piece of jewelry. For the Weekend Chic Look it is this Striped Sweatshirt from Saks Fifth Avenue with 2.5% Cash Back. It is just as comfortable as it is stylish, and therefore it's the perfect starting point.

Rib Sweater Legging
The top can be worn with virtually any bottom, from jeans to leggings, or even rolled Khakis. Keeping in mind that the temperatures will be getting colder, it is best paired with a thick legging (which will keep various shoe options open). Try these Mossimo Leggings from Target for just $14.99 with 4.0% Cash Back. They are thick and cozy, but still fitted.

Tie-Front Cashmere Sweater
Invest in a go-anywhere cashmere cardigan like this Tie Front Cardigan from JCrew. It is made of super-soft and durable Italian cashmere, available in four colors, and ties in front so that no matter how much you are layering you wont lose your shape. Priced at $198 with 1.5% Cash Back, you will make up your money in countless seasons of wearing.

Neo Zebra Scarf

Add a good accessory like chunky necklaces or even mix prints with this Neo Zebra Scarf from Shopbop, for $165 with 6.0% Cash Back. It will make the outfit more of a fashion statement without being over the top.

Finish off the outfit with a good pair of flats like these or virtually any boot or shoe to suit your taste.


October 23, 2009

It is no secret that I am a person who believes that there is a beauty product for every need. Dry Cuticles? Get a cuticle pen. Sallow Skin? Try an exfoliant. The list goes on an on. When it comes to cleansing my face, however, I have found it difficult to find a good balance between cleansing and retaining a natural moisture balance. I found also that the more products I used, the worse my skin felt, especially now that the season has changed from Summer to Fall. Lately I have been reading about skipping cleanser for those with sensitive skin and instead trying a warm wash cloth and water to rid skin of the daily grime. I figured the routine was worth a try and rounded up a few products to get the job done.
The Body Shop Ultra-Cleansing Cloth

First, it is important to use a wash-cloth that is not super abrasive. Too much friction on the skin will strip moisture. This Ultra Gentle Cleansing Cloth from The Body Shop is perfect for the task. Plus, its reasonably priced at just $6 with 5.0% Cash Back.

Lavender Oil From Vitacost

If the thought of just water and a washcloth makes the routine seem a little lackluster, add some essential oil to the mix to spice things while reaping the aromatherapy benefits of a soothing scent. Try Aura Cacia 100% Pure Essential Oil in Lavender from Vitacost for 40% off and just $6.03 with 5.0% Cash Back from Ebates. Add a couple of drops to a sink basin full of water and cleanse with the cloth.

I have tried the routine myself and find that it works especially well for a pick-me-up in the morning. It feels great and is a calming ritual to add into the routine. Try it out for yourself for just about $12 with cash back!

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October 23, 2009

free shipping coupons
So, Ebates Blog readers, we meet again. So nice that you were able to make it. Things have been good here on the homefront, and we have but one more little week before we enter into a new month, before we move into daylight savings time, and before we unveil our next new promotion! Keep your eyes peeled for more information... In the meantime, how about I give you some free shipping deals to help tide you over until then.

Friday, October 23rd
- Free Shipping on any order at FragranceNet. Code EMFS9

- Site-Wide Free Shipping at Relax The Back

- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Wrapables. Code WYWHFS

Saturday, October 24th
-  Free Shipping on any order at Prescriptives. Code NUDES

- Free Shipping on all Contact Lens orders at Walgreens

Sunday, October 25th
- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Saks Fifth Avenue. Code OCTSHIP9

- Free Shipping on any order at Coldwater Creek. Code WKH5475

Monday, October 26th
- Free US Ground Shipping on 2 or more items at Spreadshirt Designer. Code TREAT19

Tuesday, October 27th
- Free Shipping on any order at 77kids

- Get Free Shipping at Horchow.com. Enter promo code FREESHIP at checkout

Thursday, October 29th
- Free Shipping on entire order with Shoe purchase at Nordstrom. Code SHOES

Have a great weekend!


October 22, 2009

Retro Kitchen TableMore than just a place to cook food, kitchens are a meeting ground. A place where friends, family, or just yourself can unwind and enjoy the comforts of food. At this point it's obvious I love a yellow kitchen, but instead of infusing yellow with modern aspects like acrylic chairs or crisp lines, I want to pair this color with country decor. Old bread tins, glass canisters filled with preserves, and a retro kitchen table are essential to getting this look. When it comes to buying antique or vintage items, there's no better place than eBay. Along with 2.0% Cash Back, you'll find thousands of options for the home, regardless of style or budget.

Retro Kitchen Table From eBayKitchen Table
The centerpiece of any retro kitchen, this Retro Kitchen Table really sets the tone with baby blue color and ornate table top design. Although this item is available for pick up only, I am constantly finding many more tables just like this one in all sorts of different colors.

Vintage Bread BoxVintage Bread Boxes and Canning Jars
One of the best ways to get a country look without the use of hens (or other tacky ornamentation) is through old containers like this Vintage Bread Box. Complete with sage green color and worn handles, this is the quintessential item to have in your kitchen. Canning jars like these Ball Mason Jars are not only a healthier way to store spices, preserves, etc, but they also make great vases and terrariums. I prefer to find older versions, but if you want a newer (and rust free) jar, you'll find those too.

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October 22, 2009

With the release of the Spike Jonze-directed feature length film this past Friday, all of the internet is abuzz over "Where the Wild Things Are". The movie, which brings to live a timeless childrens book, has fortunately brought a renewed interest to the book itself.

Where the Wild Things AreBeing a fanatical reader, I'm one of those old-fashioned types who believes that the book is pretty much always better. That's why the kid in me is so up on the idea of Glamma Toys. Right now their featured products are all various shapes and sizes of plush characters from the movies, puppets of the characters, or packages including the stuffed characters along with a copy of the book itself. So, in other words, anyone who wants to can play director and make their own home production to see how they stack up against Jonze, who is somewhat of a cinematic hipster wunderkind. 

Want to save money on these great products? Then buy before Halloween and use the coupon code EBATES10 - it's our exclusive offer to get an extra 10% off your purchase. Plus, remember, when you shop through Ebates, you will also get 3.5% Cash Back at Glamma.

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October 21, 2009

You Better Watch Out...You Better Not Cry... and if even if you do pout, it won't stop the holidays approaching faster than a speeding sleigh. In some places temperatures are still topping 80 degrees, but other parts of the country have already experienced falling snow and cold snaps below 20 degrees leaving no doubt that summer is over and it's time to start making that list and checking it twice. 

If you drag your feet like I do, the holiday planning process starts some time around December 15th. Unfortunately that usually means a poor selection of gifts, crowds, and a mad dash to mail the holiday cards.

Sleigh bells ring - are you listening? Here's a great website, CurrentCatalog.com, that's a procrastinator's salvation. Whether you celebrate Christmas Hanukkah, Kwanza or something in between, their unbeatable selection of holiday greeting cards - personalized for free - will save you time, money, and last-minute trouble:

FREE Shipping on any order of $40+ from CurrentCatalog.com: Halloween, Kids Crafts, Holiday Gift Wrap & more. Offer expires 10/31/09.

Personalized Canvas PrintAre you tired of giving the men ties, women slippers, and the kids gift cards? Again Current Catalog comes to the rescue with unique gifts at affordable prices. One of our family and friends favorites this year is the new Personalized Canvas Prints. You can even use your own photo for a truly personal touch.

Elf Pants

And if it's something small and memorable you're after, the Santa and Elf Treat Pants will be hanging around for many holidays to come:

CurrentCatalog.com will also help wrap up your shopping early with seasonal gift paper, tags, decorated boxes, bells, bags and bows.

So kick back, relax and let Current Catalog be your one-stop shopping source for happy holidays without the hassle! Plus, put a little back in your stocking with 3.0% Cash Back through Ebates!


October 20, 2009

As much as I am a believer in the wardrobe ideologies of "less is more" and "quality over quantity" there are exceptions. One of these exceptions is in regard to flat shoes. When you live in a walking city like San Francisco, your shoes tend to get worn down very quickly, regardless of quality. Grimy streets, unpredictable weather, and long walks can shorten the lifespan of shoes, especially flats. This is why after so many have been ruined by city spills or worn down after mere months, I have sworn off pricey flats in favor of cheaper pairs that can be easily replaced.

T-Strap Flats from Urban Outfitters
A perfect example of a cheap but chic flat are these BDG Snake Skin Skimmers for just $28 with 2.5% Cash Back at Urban Outfitters. For under $30, the are perfect for wearing everyday, can be worn in and replaced ($28 is not much to lose and has a low-cost-per-wear) but don't skimp on style either. The faux snakeskin adds a little edge to the lady-like t-strap style and can be worn with Fall's trousers, paired with denim, or made cozy with tights. I picked up the black pair myself and cannot wait to break them in.

Shop more flats under $30 with cash back from Urban Outfitters or check out a wide selection of shoe deals in our Shoes and Accessories category.


October 20, 2009

If you read this blog, you should already know all the wonderful benefits of shopping at Shopbop; the great brands and styles, the excellent selection, and the fact that there is always site-wide free shipping, just to name a few. The one thing that you might not know is that right now, through tomorrow, they are doing their Friends and Family Sale, which means you can take an extra 15% off their already-low prices, all while earning 6.0% Cash Back.

Shopbop Friends and Family SaleWhile you're there, make sure you take advantage of the expert knowledge that can be found all over the Shopbop site - there are great resources like the Shopbop Buzz, Look Books, Fashion Trends, Denim Guide, and much more. In addition to giving you the chance to purchase styles straight out of the pages of the latest fashion magazines, it gives you a chance to see what is right at the forefront of fashion, all in one handy location.

Head over there ASAP and take advantage of 15% off with coupon code INTHEFAMILY15, and earn 6% Cash Back from Ebates!


October 20, 2009

The GlamouraiA daily stop on my web travels, The Glamourai is filled with vintage clothing, out of this world jewelry, and outfits so chic, it makes even the most fashion-minded girl feel a twinge of jealousy. While the juicy fashion is to die for, what draws me back day after day, is the one-of-a-kind jewelry courtesy of creator Kelly Framel. Her combining of opposing materials like ribbon with metal, and pearls with leather, is a refreshing change from the norm. On the hunt for exotic pieces like that featured on the blog, I came across these two items from J.Crew and Shopbop.

Pastiche BraceletPastiche Bracelet
What better example of mix and match can you get than this bracelet from J.Crew? A mix of pearls, metal chain, and crystal, this is the modern woman's tennis bracelet but with flair. Whether you pair this with a crisp button down, or with this season's oversized cardigans, you'll look chic and get 1.5% Cash Back.

Munich NecklaceMunich Necklace
An emerging trend in jewelry, the bib necklace can be seen in the pages of Vogue and the hottest fashion blogs. This necklace is made of leather and features silver chains, and detailed beading. Use this to dress up a white tee, or to compliment a strapless neckline. Available at Shopbop, you'll get 6.0% Cash Back.

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October 19, 2009

It's my experience that Halloween is a rather polarizing holiday: you either love it or hate it. I can say that I fall into the latter category because I am not particularly fond of constructing an elaborate costume, dressing up, or being festive. Yet, there is one thing about Halloween that I cannot get enough of: sweet, delicious, addictive candy. Halloween is a special time of year for candy lovers because most everyone has some to give out, special edition candy is available, and you can basically eat of ton of it and rationalize your over-indulging with the fact that it only comes once a year. Another way to rationalize heavy candy consumption is shopping at Candy Warehouse, through Ebates during the Halloween Sale where nine merchants have increased cash back and offer special deals for the event. The Candy Warehouse has increased to 7.0% Cash Back and has more candy options for holidays, special occasions, and themes than you could even imagine at amazing prices. Check out the Candy Warehouse and find delightfully creepy candies like chocolate filled eyeballs (yum), candy-corn shaped lollipops, gummy earthworms, and much, much more.

7% Cash Back at Candy Warehouse
Shop at the Candy Warehouse now and save on your candy purchases that will please everyone from the die-hard candy addict to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, and the Halloween lover.

Shop all of our Halloween Sale Merchants with increased cash back!


October 19, 2009

Shop Rain Gear In Our Clothing Category!I have a thing for rainy days.

It's not because I love the Smiths or because I'm a gloomy person, there's just something about dark, rainy days that makes me happy. Maybe it's because the atmosphere is altered from that of a typical day, maybe it's because I love waking to the sound of pitter patter on my window, or maybe it's because I have a deep romantic side, that secretly imagines I'm in a Jane Austen book as I make my way through slicked streets. Regardless of the reason, nothing ruins the joy of rain more than not having adequate clothing. Above is my ultimate rain outfit. Complete with waterproof bag, high tech (and wind resistant) umbrella, and even a faux fur stole for a touch of luxury. These items are all available through Ebates merchants, meaning you'll get cash back and stay dry.

Urbahia Rain CoatUrbahia Rain Coat
Available at YOOX, this rain coat has something most other rain wear doesn't; it's waterproof. You'd be surprised how many jackets masquerading as rainwear aren't waterproof, and this one is made from polyurethane meaning water (or coffee) can't penetrate. You'll get 6.0% Cash Back while staying dry, even if it's raining cats and dogs.

Burberry Rain BootsBurberry Rain Boots
These days I don't even attempt to brave the rain with anything less than my rain boots. Available at Nordstrom, you'll get 3.0% Cash Back while keeping your toes and pants dry.

Wind Defying UmbrellaWind Defying Umbrella
During blustery weather it's protocol to see stranded umbrellas on the street, twisted and mangled from the wind. This umbrella from Hammacher Schlemmer has vents which allow wind to pass through rather than causing your umbrella to invert. You'll receive 6.0% Cash Back.

Liz Baby BagWater Resistant Bag and Faux Fur Stole                                          
While technically this is a diaper bag, one can not pass up such a stylish bag with so many compartments. Made from patent vinyl, this bag is water resistant and won't become spotted when out in the rain (like suede and leather bags). For a bit of fun this Faux Fur stole will keep my neck warm and my outfit chic. Both are available at Shopbop where you'll get 6.0% Cash Back.

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October 18, 2009

We're in the middle of our Halloween rush, and there are some of us out there who want something a tad more entailed than the microwave on the head look that we've used the last three years running.

bat miteIn Halloween, just as in life, when I'm in doubt, I always look to Batman. The caped crusader hasn't let me down yet on either front, so this year I am going to head on over to the Warner Brothers Online Shop to find all the Dark Knight accessories I could possibly want. What I also appreciate is that they don't limit themselves to the Batman world of modern cinema, there are classic "comic book" Batman costumes as well.

Say you don't love Batman as much as I do (I realize it, few people do), there are a wide range of costumes to be found, most of which are finding greater and greater price reductions as the days inch closer to the thirty-first. Find Harry Potter costumes, Wizard of Oz costumes (and therefore Wicked costumes), and a whole array of other great get ups that will get you all the treats on Halloween Night. Best of all, no matter what you get or what you pay for it, you'll get 8% Cash Back on that purchase!

Find your perfect costume with some help from Ebates! Earn Double Cash Back with our Halloween Sale.


October 18, 2009

Hocus Pocus at DisneystoreBeing from Massachusetts means Halloween is more than a holiday, it's a cultural tradition. Steeped in nearly 400 years of history, The Bay State is home to The Salem Witch Trials, The Granary Cemetery (final resting place for Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and John Hancock) and cobble stone streets so old, you'd think you traveled back in time. With this being said, it should come as no surprise that my all time favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. Thanks to Ebates Spooky Savings, I can buy this wickedly funny movie at DisneyStore.com where I'll get 5.0% Cash Back and find other savings like up to 25% off all costumes.

A tale of three sisters who travel back from colonial Salem to work their witchcraft in hopes of eternal life, this movie stars two of my favorite actresses; Betty Davis and Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself, SJP. At just $12.99, this movie is more than a sweet treat for a homesick New Englander, it's also a great deal. While others may hit the streets in costume, I'll be curled up on my couch, sipping hot apple cider, and watching my three favorite witches.

Find the scariest savings with Ebates!


October 17, 2009

Shopping for the best deals and picking out worthy products (both clothing and grooming) is what I do for Style Flavors and today I'll be doing that for you guys at Ebates.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and with good sartorial reason: colder weather brings about a myriad of clothing option and creating a layered look with jackets and outwear is something I enjoy doing.

The important thing to note when buying outerwear is fit. A good coat should fit snug, not tight. It should look fitted with enough room for movement. A good rule of thumb to follow when buying outerwear is to keep going a size down until you can't no longer fit into it and then buy the next size up.

For top and trench coats, bring along and wear a blazer or jacket when you are trying the coats on so you can have an accurate feel of how it would move and look with layers underneath it.

Banana Republic Tri-Blend Military Full Button Jacket
This Banana Republic Tri-Blend Military Full Button Jacket ($198) has clean lines and an updated modern military-inspired look. The elastic loop at the neck and the button hole allows you to slip your music player into the interior pocket and loop your earphones for easy, organized use - making this perfect for running errands or for the commute to work. An 8% Cash Back makes this even more enticing.

Shades of Greige Trench Coat

Shades Of Greige is an up-and-coming label that makes stylish, quality clothing at affordable prices. This trench coat is a fine example. In a classic khaki shade, this will get you through wet days and then some. The attention to detail is commendable: from the buttoned cuffs to the buttoned back pleat to the partial plaid lining. Keep warm and dry while looking good. Best thing is, it's on sale ($249.99. Was $348)! Plus you get a 2.5% cash-back from Urban Outfitters.

Armani Collezioni Knit Jacket
If you are looking to splurge, this Armani Collezioni Knit Jacket ($575) has my vote. Its asymmetrical zip closure gives this a current, fresh feel that won't go unnoticed. The dark grey shade is classic and will serve you well for years to come. The velvet fabric on the collar, seam and elbow patch is luxurious and timeless. You can wear this in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s. That to me is the make of a coat worth every cent. And you get more than a few cents back with 2.5% Cash Back from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Richard Chai Wool Motorcycle Jacket
Another piece worth splurging on is this Richard Chai Wool Motorcycle Jacket ($695). The fusion of a classic double-breasted style with a modern motorcycle look gives this an instant kick-ass effect. The side zipper detail adds a hit of cool to this piece while the zippers on the cuffs give this a stylized rebel feel that only increases its desirability. Get 2.5% Cash Back from Saks Fifth Avenue.

As you can see you don't need many pieces to update your wardrobe or jazz up an outfit. Buying one key favorite piece and building your everyday outfits around that is a simple, easy way to get as much mileage out of your purchase as possible; giving you bang for your buck.

And getting a cash rebate for something you would already buy is just fantastic icing. So I do believe you can have your cake and eat it too. In this case, you can have your coat and cash back too.


October 16, 2009

Rag & Bone Fall 2009 Runway SlideThere are those moments for even the most seasoned shopper where fate or the proverbial shopping gods seem to step in and bring you deal that is nothing short of amazing. Two factors need to be present for this to happen: one is that a good sale needs to cross your path, and two is that you really, really need to covet something.

I have had my eye on this Rag & Bone Kato Jacket since I saw it on the runway (pictured left). Not only am I a huge fan of Rag & Bone (the quality is amazing, much of the line is made in the U.S.A and it is the epitome of classic meets edgy) but this jacket could literally be worn with everything and is reversible with one side navy and the other black! I was looking for a lot of bang for my buck in this seasons jacket purchase and this fit the bill. See it pictured in the runway slide layered over a floral dress and styled on the Saks Fifth Avenue website (pictured below) with denim.
Rag & Bone Kato Jacket From Saks Fifth Avenue
When Saks announced their 25% off Friends and Family Sale (with code FRIENDS2), I new I had to bite the bullet. I saved over $100 with the friends and family discount and a free shipping code (OCTSHIP9) saved me an additional $22. Add on 2.5% Cash Back and  I will bring my savings well above the hundred dollar mark, transforming the rather pricey purchase into a manageable investment.

Shop our Clothing Category and save on your Fall wardrobe must-haves!


October 16, 2009

free shipping couponsTop o' the Friday to all of you once again. I hope everyone out there is staying warm and dry, as SF got our first official rain storm this past week. (Yes, East Coasters, I know - it's just water, but it's still a big deal for us) But, as is the case with mother nature, so it also goes with savings - when it rains, it pours. And we have got some great free shipping deals coming down the pipe...

Friday, October 16th
- Free Shipping on $50+ Kids Clothing purchase at Macys. Code JOY

- FREE Shipping on $65 or More at PETCO.com!

Saturday, October 17th
- Free Standard Shipping & 3 Free Minis with $40+ order at Clinique. Code HOLIDAY

- Free Standard Shipping & Free 3 Piece Gift with $25+ order at Prescriptives. Code BESTSKIN

- This Week - Free Next Day Delivery on most orders at Office Depot. (Standard Exclusions Apply)

Sunday, October 18th
- Free Shipping on $200+ order at Brooks Brothers

- Free Shipping on $30+ order at Kiehl's Since 1851. Code AUTUMN09

- Free Shipping & Handling on select NFL Shop Items at QVC

Monday, October 19th
- Free Economy Ground Shipping on Skincare items at Elizabeth Arden

Tuesday, October 20th
- Free Shipping with 3 or more items at American Eagle

Wednesday, October 21st
- Free Shipping on any order at Colonial Candle. Code GIFTS

Friday, October 23rd
- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Wrapables. Code WYWHFS


October 15, 2009

HSN and Lucky magazine are joining forces to create an unforgettable fashion event: Lucky Shops Designer Event! From now until November 9, the original home shopping network and the sassy gloss mag present an exclusive, limited-edition collection of designer apparel, jewelry, and accessories... all at unbelievable prices.

Lucky Shops at HSN.comRebecca Taylor, Shoshanna, Tracy Reese, Rebecca Minkoff, Abbe Held of Kooba, Helen Ficalora, and Gerard Yosca join HSN's top designer lines: Chi by Carlos Falchi, Curations with Stefani Greenfield, Sam Edelman, and R.J. Graziano in this premiere shopping event, guaranteed to make your fall it's most fashionable (and affordable!) ever.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Be sure to catch the Lucky Shops: Designer Event premiere on HSN TV tomorrow, October 16 from 8-10 pm ET and October 17 from 8-10am ET. Join the fashionable fun as these seven spectacular designers share insider tips and the real stories behind their impeccable designs.

You can also visit Lucky Shops: Designer Event on HSN.com here.


October 14, 2009

Get 2.5% Cash Back at The Trend BoutiquePart of my job here at Ebates is to look for deals from over 1,200 online stores, with more added everyday. This task gives me a pretty good grasp of what's happening out there in the land of e-commerce; it also gives me the opportunity to know intimately the inventory of my favorite sites. So, as you may imagine, new merchants provide us bloggers with some extra excitement with uncharted inventory. The Trend Boutique, a new merchant here at Ebates, was a little extra exciting because they carry many of the designers I love, and have a perfectly edited collection of all the top names. Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders and 2.5% Cash Back.

My obsession with Kain Label borders on crazy, so I was overjoyed to see that The Trend Boutique carries a huge inventory. Plus they have photos of stylish celebs wearing them, so if you are one of those people who feel inspired by outfits of your favorite icons or have been hunting down a item you spotted, this is the place for you. Or, if you are like me and would rather see a close-up of what you are buying rather than it strutting down Roberston Boulevard, many items are also pictured on models. So check out The Trend Boutique and shop a great selection of the best designers, get 2.5% Cash Back and free shipping!

Looking for more new merchants? Check our or New Merchants Page!


October 14, 2009

I am a man who loves his gadgetry, but from time to time, there is really something to be said for classic design. There's one odd product that this holds incredibly true for: ice cube trays. I realize, it's completely silly that I care this much about ice, but it's true. For all the wonderful advancements in ice making in the last fifty years or so, if you discount the refrigerators that make perfect ice for you, the best ice trays are the old aluminum ones with the pull handle. There's no twisting, you can get as many or as few cubes out as you'd like, and it just looks kind of classy.

ice cube traysLuckily, after developing an obsession with this style of ice cube tray, I stocked up by rooting through every second hand store, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and thrift store in about a twenty mile radius. I kid you not. I was an optimistic nineteen year old with a dream, and I made it a reality. I owned like eight pull-handle ice cube trays. Don't have ten hours to devote to ice cube trays? Do you just want one of these beauties without the hassle? Well, if you haven't clicked one of the links, you can probably imagine where they go: to Easy Comforts, where you can purchase your very own pull-handle ice cube tray for a mere $8.99. I think I spent more than that just on the gas for my adventures.

But I digress, this post is about Easy Comforts, not my love of chromed-out ice cube trays. At East Comforts, you'll find all sorts of various products that will make your life a little bit easier (hence the name!) no matter what your needs are. They've got everything from medical supplies and weight loss aids to easy-to-wear jewelry. All of which comes with 2.5% Cash Back, and Free Shipping on orders $40 and up when you use your Ebates account.

One one final note, they also sell a knife/fork combination called The Knork. I hope this one works better than the one they created on the cartoon "Clone High".


October 13, 2009

Celebrate Halloween with More Cash Back!It's no secret that holidays tend to benefit children more than adults. They get more time off, receive more gifts, and enjoy vacations, for free. That's not to say adults don't get their play time too. There are New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and (my favorite) Halloween, a day when adults can goof off, eat too much candy, and act like a kid. In celebration of Halloween, Ebates is having a Halloween Cash Back Extravaganza, filled with increased or doubled cash back from stores like Giant Party Store, Costume SuperCenter, Candy Warehouse, and more!

Not only will you get increased cash back, but you'll also find great deals like saving up to 40% off costumes at DisneyStore.com (5.0% Cash Back), costumes as low as $14.99 at Half Price Costumes (12.0% Cash Back), and tons of ways to save (literally too many to mention) at Coastal Contacts (18.0% Cash Back). Regardless of whether you are buying for the kiddies or for yourself, you'll earn big and save big with Ebates!

Start the spooky savings here!


October 13, 2009

These days when budgets are extra tight, it is important to pay just as much attention to where your money is going as to what you are buying. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is more important than ever to support the cause with a purchase of a product where a portion of the proceeds are donated. With a huge array of Ebates merchants participating in Breast Cancer Awareness month, it's easy to support the cause, get something you actually need, and earn some cash back too. Bloomingdale's is supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by offering easy donation on their site, or you can enter their beauty sweepstakes to win a beauty bag (they will donate $1 for each entry). You can also shop their Pink Boutique, where all products donate proceeds to a participating foundation and, of course, you will get 3.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Breast Cancer Awareness Leather Jacket at Bloomingdale's
I really can't ever say no to a leather jacket, much less one that donates a portion of the proceeds to the cause. This Levis Capital E Leather Jacket is the perfect topper to all my Fall ensembles. Plus, there is an option of a burnished red color which is less harsh than black and different than anything I have. At a reasonable $298, I know that even if I am making an investment, I am also stretching my dollar for a good cause.

Shop Breast Cancer Awareness products from more of your favorite merchants like Sephora, drugstore.com, Nordstrom, Macys, Ann Taylor, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Shopbop and many more! Click here to shop all of our 1,200+ merchants!


October 12, 2009

Columbus Day is here and most of you (like me) do not have the luxury of a day off from work to celebrate. Instead of feeling the entire holiday was a wash, there are ways you can reward yourself with something a little special... like shopping the last day of increased cash back and exclusive deals from eight different stores during the Ebates Columbus Day Sale! If you have not shopped the sale yet, now is the time to take advantage and earn big with a great variety of merchants from Sears to Ann Taylor and computers from Dell and HP.

Double Cash Back at Woman Within
Reward yourself for working on a holiday with 6% Cash Back at Woman Within and also take an extra 25% off  orders of $60+ with code WWEBATES at checkout. With those kinds of savings, there is no reason not to shop the leading destination in plus size clothing and accessories for women. Find weather appropriate fleece robes, tunics, sweats, and jackets priced from just $9.99 that will keep you comfortable and toasty all season long. Or shop their Boot Bonanza and find boot styles of every variety on sale, most under $80, and of course available in the sizes you need in the styles you love.

Hurry and shop for whatever you are looking at Woman Within.


October 12, 2009

Hey all, since most of you have been asking about the blog naming contest, I just wanted to give a quick heads up to let everybody know where things are at currently.

In Round Two, Ebateable defended its title, receiving a vast majority of the votes. Thanks to all of you who submitted alternate names, but it looks like the public has spoken yet again.

Currently, we are working on a minor cosmetic re-design of the blog as a whole, which will incorporate the new name.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted names, and congratulations to Ebateable for proving yet again that it was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the public's favorite name.


October 12, 2009

Fall Fashion at J.Crew!As a child, whenever I whined, complained, or begged for something frivolous my mother would put an end to my bellyaching with one simple question. How's it feel to want? I always hated this response because I knew it was her way of telling me to be thankful for what I have, but to this day whenever I find myself lusting over a new pair of shoes or finding excuses for why I need yet another jacket, my mother's words of wisdom pop into my head and give me restraint. This Fall if there's one thing I want, make that really want, it's a pair of cropped and pleated trousers like the ones pictured above. 

Elan TrousersOne part Parisian chic, one part retro, these Elan Trousers are just the thing I need to round out my Fall wardrobe. The cropped length makes them the perfect pant to show off my shoe of choice, and the pleated front is a playful take on menswear. Paired with a crisp button down, these pants are office appropriate without being stuffy, but pair these with a blousey tank and the look is romantic and reminiscent of the 40's. Available at J.Crew, I'll get 1.5% Cash Back and satisfy my desire to have more tailored pieces in my wardrobe. A girl can't wear jeans everyday, and that's not a want, that's a fact.

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October 11, 2009

Sears CouponsAt this point you should already know that Sears has doubled their cash back for our Columbus Day Sale. You should know that through Monday you can get 4.0% Cash Back on all your purchases from this fine store. I also have to assume that if you're enough of a devoted shopper to use Ebates and read our blog, that you are beyond familiar with the wide range of products available there, from power mowers to ladies' underthings.

But there's one part of Sears that many people overlook every single day: their Shopping Helpers. This set of tools and resources can help even the most technophobic of us to find exactly what they're looking for at Sears.com, and sometimes they can even help you find the things that you never really knew you were looking for in the first place. There are specialized guides for picking the perfect appliances, the perfect outfit, or the perfect pieces to round out any room in the house. Plus, this one little page is where you can go for rebate information, product recall information, or to chat one-on-one with Sears' personal shoppers, who are trained even better than myself in helping pair you with exactly what you have always been looking for. Now that's what I call service!

Find just what you're looking for from all the great merchants in our Columbus Day Sale with increased cash back - ends tomorrow!


October 11, 2009

I spend enough time reading beauty blogs to be relatively immune to falling for some kind of home remedy that is likely to end as a fail with negative consequences or at least scars. To give you some idea what I mean, I asked a friend of mine if he thought it was a good idea for me to try out one of those at home waxing kits. His reply was an emphatic no and he said something about how he would find me like a hairless sphinx. The sad thing is, he is probably right. Most at-home treatments can go dangerously awry, but some actually work and can save you time and money. It is up to the discerning eye to know the difference and to research to know what you are doing is safe. One of these at-home treatments that piqued my interest was applying Castor oil to moisturize eyelashes (and eyebrows) and even promote growth. With all these products on the market for "lash vitality" and virtually every makeup brand selling some kind of lash conditioner, its hard to not think that maybe my lashes need a little T.L.C. and to jump on the lash care bandwagon.

eye beforeSo I bought my first bottle of Castor oil from the Vitamin Shoppe through Ebates for just $4.99 with 6.0% Cash Back. And I figured, at best my lashes could grow a bit (I also plan to applying it to sparse spot in my eyebrow) and at worst they could be naturally conditioned for under $5. Since I am by no means an impartial judge of my own lash growth, I thought that I could document my before and afters and let the readers be the judge! Starting today, I will apply nightly for three weeks and compare before and after shots to see if there is any discernible difference.

Castor Oil From Vitamin Shoppe
Pick up your bottle from the Vitamin Shoppe and do your own at-home trial or wait to see the results and decide for yourself!


October 10, 2009

Target CouponsI don't remember exactly when I fell in love with Target. I think that the process was pretty swift or there was some sort of magical dust in the air. I can't put a finger on it, but suffice it to say, I've become a dyed-in-the-wool, Tar-jay loving, blogging maniac about all things Target for almost two years now. What do you want to know? Great tips on getting the most out of shopping at Target? I can help! I am a Targeteer!

To start with, go to Target.com and sign up for their email. Then chant repeatedly that you will NOT click links in their email before you log into Ebates and route your shopping trip through the Ebates site once logged in so you get credit for shopping at Target. Target emails are your "cheat sheet" to getting deals. Just search for the item after you've gone to Target via Ebates to access the deal on the item you have an interest in purchasing. Is your brain asking you why I am telling you to do it this way? It ensures that you will get your cash back from Ebates. If you click on links from just going to the Target site first, you probably will not get credit for your purchase. This is because of the tracking that takes place so that Ebates can see all the info it takes to give you credit.

Next, go to the site map for Target. It will reveal many pages that you may not have known that were there that are also money savers. There is a page for rebates on products. That is updated as merchandise rotates on and off the list. There is a link for recycling your old cell phone where you can get credit via a Target Gift Certificate.

Now take a moment and check out their clearance pages. This is where you get the greatest savings. If you will shop off-season, you'll rack up savings as high as 90%. You will have to visit the site very often as the discounts deepen to snag your deal. How about Target's Daily Deals? There are usually about five items listed. Another fairly new category is the Red Hot Shop! You'll find a dozen or so items listed there that are very interesting, usually quite affordable, and often a little quirky.

Do you have a Target RedCard? I'm not advocating debt but if you can manage your credit, this can be a sweet deal. We purchase everything on our RedCard and after $1000 in purchases you get a 10% discount card good for one day. I usually use my 10% card for a shop where I can maximize my savings and pile up clearance prices, sale prices, shopping codes or store coupons and make my own sale.

Now that you know the basics of how to grab a really good deal, here are a few frugal opportunities that caught my eye this week... Thanksgiving Turkey is sure to be a hit when you use this Stainless Steel Roasting Set! Snag this deal now for $27.99 (reg $39.99). This is a smart purchase after saving 30% and it will last for many years to come. It includes two large fork roast/turkey lifters, a jumbo roast rack, baster, reusable turkey timer and marinade injector. Baster is stainless steel with a silicone bulb and comes with needle and brush; baster holds 1.5 oz; injector holds 7 tsp.

Serve up a scrumptious pumpkin pie in the Cornucopia Pumpkin Pie Plate for $8.99! You'll be happy you have this item to place on your Turkey Day dinner table after saving 25%. If you are the guest at someone else's table, take a pie in this pie plate as a hostess gift. This item is a 10 " hand-painted stoneware and will make all of your Pilgrims smile when they learn it is also dishwasher safe.

Snuggle up under this Kingsize Sleepwarmer Automatic Blanket. Save not only 50% on this blanket at $59.98 (reg. $119.99), but also on your winter heating bills too. It is currently available in a variety of colors (king size only) and is 100% polyester and machine washable.

Every girl needs a little black dress! Check out this Merona Collection Knit Wrap Dress! It is available in XS - XXL at ONLY $14.99 (reg $29.99). You'll save 50% on this dress and you'll get tons of opportunities to wear it to all sorts of holiday parties. Just change your jewelry, shoes and dress up or down with a wrap or a jacket.

Interested in getting more deals in the store? Surf on over to AttentionTargetShoppers.com and follow along as I lead you from one deal to the next, Be sure to sign up for the email feed. I also publish a complete ad match-up to coupons item-by-item every Sunday.

Disclaimer: I am not now nor have I ever been a Target employee. I am simply a Target loving blogger who loves to share her deals. I also do NOT have any "insider" info from any Target employee past or present. I find my own deals or they are submitted by others who love shopping at Target. Follow me to Target. I will save you lots of money.


October 9, 2009

Redesign Your Home with Home DepotOften thought of as obnoxious or only suitable for children's rooms, yellow (like all bright colors) is making a strong comeback and can be seen in the latest design blogs, magazines, and even in the kitchen of yours truly. The trick to keeping this bold color from going overboard is to pair it with neutral and less intense colors, such as white. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or as an accent wall, yellow is a great way to liven up any space. When it comes to buying paint only Home Depot offers top brands like Ralph Lauren, Behr, and Glidden, plus great perks like samples for just $2.49. On top of 3.0% Cash Back, you'll also find great deals on other products for the home.

If you're not sold on yellow (or any color for that matter) why not check out the the latest in paint trends all courtesy of the Home Depot. You'll find tips, ideas, and even inspiration regardless if you want something more traditional, or something with a bit more flair. For those who are faint of color heart, you can still inject this color through the use of pillows, plates, towels, you name it. So go ahead, get creative! 

Find more design ideas in our Home and Garden category!


October 9, 2009

free shipping coupons
Here we are again, friends. It's time for another thrilling installment of Free Shipping Friday, where you will get one heaping spoonful of savings from yours truly. Hope you enjoy...

Friday, October 9th
- Free Shipping On Thousands of Products at Meijer

Saturday, October 10th
- Free Shipping on All Fine Jewelry and Watch orders at Sears. Code OCTOBERSHIP

- Free Ground Shipping on any order at Lucky Brand Jeans

Sunday, October 11th

- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Dutch Gardens. Code MKA7037B

- Free Shipping with Ultra Facial Travel Set order at Kiehl's Since 1851. Code ULTRAFACIAL

Monday, October 12th

- Free Standard Shipping & Free All About Eyes Cream Mini with any $30+ order at Clinique. Code CONCERN

Tuesday, October 13th
- Free Shipping on any order at Coldwater Creek. Code WKH6788

- Site-Wide Free Shipping at Relax The Back

As always, there are plenty more, and you can check out all the deals simply by clicking on this link, but these are the highlights to my discerning eyes.


October 8, 2009

Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand CreamIt's that time of year when the onset of dry, cold weather coupled with overzealous hand-washing (twenty seconds!) causes dry skin that's virtually impossible to get rid of. Slathering your hands in a quality hand lotion several times a day is the only way to save them from being painfully dry and cracked. It's usually this time of year when I stock up on several tubes to equip my apartment, cubicle, and handbag so that I can be constantly moisturizing after constantly washing.

As you may imagine, I shell out a few bucks to keep myself in hand creme all season and I was happy to see that The Body Shop has released a $10 Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream, a limited edition product which will donate 100% of the proceeds to their global NGO partner ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Child Trafficking) International and national members of the ECPAT network, whose work aims to help protect children and young people from sex trafficking. Buying this product will not only help out a hugely important cause that is underfunded, but also it's quite simply a great hand cream with essential moisturizing ingredients like olive oil. Of course, you will also get 5.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates (which you can also donate to a charity of your choice here) and The Body Shop coupons for more savings. Stock up and get free shipping on orders of $60+.

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October 8, 2009

Play Fashion Editor at Piperlime!Playing dress up is always fun, but playing dress up when you have access to hundreds of the trendiest products is what I call heaven on earth. A job as a fashion stylist (like uber chic Rachel Zoe) is on my list of life long goals, but before I officially get there, Piperlime has a way for me to play dress up and win a $250 gift card. Think you've got what it takes? Ms.Fashion herself will decide the lucky winner, but hurry because this contest ends October 10th.

With Five Fall trends to choose from I went with my perennial favorite; the boho look:

Peasant BlouseThe Peasant Blouse
No boho look would be complete without the quintessential peasant blouse. Whether you prefer paisley to floral, or silk to cotton, this top dresses up jeans, looks great with leggings, and is a must-have for every woman. This MM Couture Blouse is from Piperlime where you'll get 7.0% Cash Back.

Rebecca Taylor Fur VestThe Fur (or Faux Fur) Vest
Also known as a gilet, this piece has a retro vibe and channels Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon, and just about every other 70's icon. Equally chic with a blouse and jeans, or as shown with a dress, this Rebecca Taylor Faux Fur Vest is available at Saks Fifth Avenue where you'll get 2.5% Cash Back.

DKNYC Cathee BootieThe Perfect Shoe
One of the great things about the boho look is how easily is goes with just about every type of shoe. For the warmer months try wooden platform sandals. Or for the colder months, a pair of knee high suede boots always gets the job done. I chose to try something a little different Like these DKNYC Cathee Booties. Available at Endless, you'll get 6.0% Cash Back.

Pink Studio Suede BagThe Bag
A boho bag should be a mix between urban country and all-out hippie. Think materials like leather and suede, and details like fringe and braiding. This Bag By Pink Studio is made from rich dark chocolate synthetic suede.This bag is available at Piperlime where you'll get 7.0% Cash Back.  

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October 8, 2009

It's Dell's Days of Deals - a wonderful little span of time from October 5th to the 12th where those of us looking for great deals on a whole range of electronics get to enjoy clearance price savings on more in-demand products. Essentially it's like a deal of the day, but for these eight days, there are eight products available for a two-day limited time discounted price. It's not just Dell Computers either; there are video game consoles, accessories, and much much more.

dell home days of deals coupons and cash backAs always, you need to act quickly on limited time deals like these - due to limited supply and ridiculously low prices, most items seem to be selling out before their 48 hour period expires. Luckily for Ebates shoppers, the Dell Days of Deals promotion happens to coincide perfectly with their participation in our Columbus Day Sale, so not only do you get lowered prices on Dell's end, you get an increase to 3.0% Cash Back on our end. It's the perfect win-win situation! So make sure you check back in each day at Dell Home and find out what great new discounts are being offered every day!

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October 7, 2009

It's not that I despise vacuuming, but with our yellow lab in the house, we've got furballs rolling around like tumbleweeds if we don't drag the vacuum out twice a day.

So after hearing that iRobot makes a robotic Roomba vacuum especially for pets, we decided to give it a try. It turns out that our Roomba is a tough little machine that cleans our floors better than a human (at least the ones in our household). If iRobot just adds a wagging tail, it might even earn 'favorite pet' status.

iRobot RoombaIf you haven't heard of the Roomba, it's basically a dinner-plate sized disc, a few inches tall, that sounds like a kid's radio-controlled car. It relentlessly scours your floor plan, avoiding stairs and other hazards, and is smart enough to return to its charging station when its battery is low. You can even schedule it to clean when you're not home. The machine's low profile allows it to get under many places you normally never vacuum, and its side brushes allow it to clean tight corners and baseboards. If it ever does get tripped up on something, it stops and gives you a polite beep.

iRobot makes different models for just about every floor type and cleaning chore, including the floor-washing "Scooba" and the industrial-grade "Dirt Dog". We bought one of the new model 562 Pet Series Roombas, which includes a high-capacity debris bin.

Check out their site and you'll get 3.0% Cash Back, a free gift with any Roomba or Scooba Purchase (up to a $130) value, plus free shipping.


October 6, 2009

Greetings world! We wanted you, the valued readers of the Ebates Blog to be among the first people to see our new commercial. We've decided it's time to tell even more shoppers about Ebates and cash back shopping - and we decided to let our members do the talking!

Check out your amazing fellow Ebates shoppers in our first national TV commercial (coming to select cable stations this week). We think the video looks and sounds great, and we hope you do too.



October 5, 2009

I can always count on Ebates special sales events to introduce me to a merchant that may have otherwise passed me by. The prospect of increased cash back and deals always makes me take an extra look at a merchant and see what they have. A perfect example of this is White House Black Market, a participant of the Ebates Columbus Day Sale, who have doubled to 4.0% Cash Back for the event. They carry chic clothing and accessories for women mostly in the namesake hues and have everything from work separates to affordable yet totally stylish shoes, jewelry, cashmere scarves, and more. They even sell double-sided tape for all those moments when you need to prevent a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

White House Black Market Contour Dress
One item that totally stood out was this Contoured Tank Dress for $178. It is everything a little black dress should be: timeless, versatile, and totally flattering. The go-anywhere style is perfect for someone on a budget, as it can be worn just as easily for work under a blazer as for a cocktail party with heels and glitzy jewels a la Michelle Obama's Date night LBD (the perfect inspiration). And get $20 off your White House Black Market order of $80 or more with code 8936 at checkout.

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October 5, 2009

Cambridge Silversmith 65pc SetYou may be surprised to hear there are some things I think are best left simple. Not everything needs to be over the top and uber stylized, like for instance, flatware and dinnerware. When it comes to serving food I think it's best to keep the utensils clean and minimal. No neon swirled plates or flatware in the shape of twigs. To be brutally honest, both are extremely tacky. I mean who wants to eat with a twig? Isn't that the point of civilization? To get away from such caveman activities? But I digress. In the market for an upgrade in the food serving department, I shopped at SmartBargains where I got 8.0% Cash Back (more than double!) and found a wide selection of dinnerware, flatware, really all kinds of wares.

The above Cambridge Silversmith 65pc Set is a "do" when it comes to flatware. No crazy designs or space age looking forks, just a simple and elegant set. Selling at just $89.99, I saved 33% of the retail and thanks to Ebates Columbus Day Sale I earned 8.0% Cash Back too. That's money that I can use toward something else for my home, like sheets.

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October 5, 2009

During our Columbus Day Sale, you can score some killer deals on some great tech over at HP Home and Home Office. Naturally, you can find whatever you desire on their site - there is a huge selection of everything from PCs and laptops to monitors, printers, ink, PDAs, and much more. I'm going to give two laptop recommendations, one for ease and portability, one for the sheer coolness of how far tech has developed in the last few years.

hp-mini-1000-roundup.jpgThe first one I'll talk about is the HP Mini 110 XP Edition. Equipped with Windows XP rather than Linux, making it a more familiar operating system, this little beauty is my netbook of choice for one major reason: the keyboard is as close to a real-sized laptop keyboard as I've found in a compact model. As you can see here, my hand is big enough to have trouble navigating a regular desktop keyboard, so you can imagine how twisted around I'd get if they made the keys even smaller. Plus, starting at $329, you've got a small price to accompany this small netbook.

HP TouchSmart tx2zUp next is the HP TouchSmart tx2z, a tablet PC with a sweet touch screen interface. With its diagonal twist screen, included digital pen, and a whole slew of options, this should be more than enough machine for most of us. It's also a dream come true with handwriting-to-text conversion for you note-takers, and a great graphic interface for you photoshoppers! You can even upgrade to Windows 7 for free if you order now, so you won't have any worries about Vista. Depending on your options, this will cost you anywhere from $800 for the base model to over $1500 for the super-fine Cadillac model.

No matter what you get from HP, make sure you place your order during our Columbus Day Sale, while we're still offering double cash back and tons of coupons for all you Ebates shoppers!


October 4, 2009

Renowned for capturing street style and all its grandeur with the most selective and editorial eye, The Sartorialist is inspiration for the fashion conscious around the world. With prime real-estate on The Ebates Blogroll, we don't hide our love for the blog and we regularly check out street-shots of the worlds most fashionable people. I came across this look from London and couldn't help but be inspired. It stands out because she effortlessly pairs simple with trendy and quirky items. She wears a white the tank with black leggings, boots with the statement sequin jacket and the personal touch of the heart-shaped glasses. Its super wearable and perfectly in style and can be varied depending on your taste. Get this look for a lot less with cash back from Ebates.

White Tank From Old Navy

Start with a white tank like this one for just $12.50 with 8.0% Cash Back at Old Navy.

Bloomingdale's Sequin Jacket
Wear the tank under this Aqua Sequin Jacket, modestly priced at just $198 and Black Leggings From Bloomingdalesperfect for a legging look or paired with denim and even as a topper for favorite dress. Get a pair leggings also from Bloomingdales for only $25 with 6.0% Cash Back (hurry and get 20% off with code EBATES20 until midnight tonight during their Friends and Family Sale).

Charles David Boots From PiperlimeAccessorize off the outfit with a pair of perfectly worn in leather riding boots, like these from Piperlime for $385 with 7.0% Cash Back and quilted bag, like this stunning vintage Chanel from Shopbop.

WCAGA Vintage Chanel Bag at ShopbopAdd your own personal touch with a fun accessory to polish off the look, try Bluefly for a great selection and cash back from Ebates!

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October 4, 2009

Ann Taylor Columbus SaleCake lovers would agree their favorite dessert wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the icing. Fashion lovers would agree an outfit isn't as good without a topping as well. This topping of course would be a coat. Being a self-proclaimed fashion lover I have several (read: far too many) coats ranging casual to fancy, and appropriate for just about every weather/activity imaginable. Always looking to satiate my fashion sweet tooth I headed over to Ann Taylor for 5.0% Cash Back, and beautiful jackets, coats, blazers, you get the idea.

Just as chocolate icing is a perfect topping to any cake, a lady jacket is the perfect topping to any outfit. This Boucle Lady Coat has ribbon detailing and button closure yet manages to look sleek and not "cute". The dark blue color adds a bit more attitude than basic neutrals, and with a slim tailored fit, it stays away from the boxy look so many other coats tend to have. At just $225, this jacket is easily hundreds less than other options out there (I know I've looked), and considering you'll get 5.0% Cash Back, this coat is also a sweet deal.

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October 3, 2009

Did you know that you can now have a Vera Bradley wedding? There are now custom bridesmaid dresses & tableware in Vera Bradley fabrics! The only reason that I know this is because I am a Vera Bradley addict. My obsession began after the birth of my first child. I had purchased my first Vera Bradley Diaper Bag and I fell in love with the fabric design & the structure of the bag (it has tons of pockets to hold everything). Since then, I have purchased at least two a year.

Vera Bradley toteThe prints are so eye-catching and make such a fashion statement that I can't help myself. Each week Vera Bradley seems to have a new bag on sale. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Vera Bradley has the Pinwheel Pink & Daisy Daisy bags on sale for 40% off!! Between the sale price & getting 3.0% Cash Back through Ebates, you can really get a steal of a deal!


October 2, 2009

Cashmere High Neck PonchoIn French it's called "Il faut souffrir pour etre belle", but in English it's known as suffering for beauty. A concept that implies looking good (whether beauty or fashion) takes a bit of pain. After many uncomfortable years wearing spiked heels and jeans so low they made sitting rather impossible, I've given up on this idea and apparently so has the Fashion industry. This Fall over-sized sweaters, cashmere ponchos, and drapey cardigans are everywhere including RalphLauren.com, which means I can look great while staying in my comfort zone, all while getting 3.0% Cash Back!

Speaking of comfort, the above Cashmere High Neck Poncho is both stylish and comfortable. While looking good and feeling comfy are always in style, so is the act of giving. That's why until October 12th I'll save 25% at RalphLauren.com, with 10% going to a charity of my choice. Charities involved include Pink Pony, Ralph Lauren's breast cancer initiative, and the Ralph Lauren Center, an organization dedicated to cancer care and awareness. No matter what your taste, everyone looks good when they help others.

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October 2, 2009

When you think of HSN, you probably think of a shopping television network that sells a variety of products from the quirky to the seriously discounted. And while this is true for HSN, the range of products that they sell is quite staggering and goes far beyond storage solutions and hand-held clothing steamers. Shop HSN and find chic clothing and accessories (including designer collaborations), top-rated electronics, food, sports and beauty products and much more.

Todays Special Value At HSNIt's not just variety that makes shopping at HSN appealing to even the most seasoned shopper, it is their endless amount of deals, coupons and in celebration of Columbus Day, they have doubled to 6.0% Cash Back. I was lost in the deals in cookware (they have some amazing prices) when I stumbled upon an amazing deal on a product that I absolutely needed, perhaps more than a Wolfgang Puck Skillet. Today's Special Value at HSN is this Foot Petals Kit for just $29.95 with 6.0% Cash Back. The kit includes solutions for every shoe dilemma: from sliding forward in sandals to sore feet in stilettos, this kit has you covered and comfortable.

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October 2, 2009

free shipping coupons
Here we are again, folks. I hope you're enjoying the new look of Ebates - we're happy to have done a few cosmetic touch-ups to the site with the hopes that it will make your experience a little better. The blog, whose new name is going to be revealed shortly, is due for a little mini makeover soon too, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, how about some free shipping deals?

Friday, October 2nd
- Free Standard Shipping & Free Deluxe 5 Piece Eye Sample Set with $45+ order at Lancome. Code EYEWISH2

Saturday, October 3rd
- Free Standard Shipping on orders containing at least one bareMinerals item at ULTA Beauty. Code 32818

Sunday, October 4th
- Free Standard Shipping on $59+ order at Cooking.com. Code C98348 (Exclusions Apply)

Monday, October 5th
- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Clinique. Code CAUSE

- Free Shipping on Custom, Kit, and Modular Wine Racks at The Wine Enthusiast

Tuesday, October 6th

- Free Standard Shipping on $45+ order at Current Catalog. Code 9QJYWT

- Free Shipping on Outerwear and Operation Warm at 77kids

Yeah, it tapers off a bit at the end of the week, but hey, there are some great deals in there still, especially if you happen to be a fan of beauty deals. Either way - I hope you all have a great weekend!


October 1, 2009

I will be among the first to admit that I am a coffee snob. I have been one for years. Ever since I first tasted beans roasted on premises that were ground individually for each order, I have gone down the dark path that leads to more and more perfect cups of coffee.

But it was not always this way. I used to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere. I could go to the diner down the street and be fully content with their warmer-plate seventy five cent bottomless mug. Not to say I don't still drink it now, but I certainly notice the disparity in tastes when I do.

Starbucks VIASo it was with some skepticism when I decided to try VIA from the Starbucks Store. Being a former barista for the "green team", I know the standards to which Starbucks holds their coffee, so I was curious to see how their to-go option would translate. I have to admit, I was impressed. For being a packet of micro-ground coffee that can be tossed into a bag, briefcase, or pocket, it actually makes a solid cup of coffee. Considering you're paying less than a dollar a cup (only eight ounces, but still), with 8.0% Cash Back from Ebates it's a good deal too.

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October 1, 2009

Fall Must Haves From BloomingdalesThe phrase "stocking up" usually refers to canned goods or sundry items like toilet paper, and is typically only used by paranoiacs preparing for a major disaster, yet this Fall that's exactly what I'm doing. No, I'm not talking about buying a lifetime supply of water or "domestic preparedness", I'm talking about the other necessity of life; fashion. A great wardrobe is something worth stocking up on, and thanks to Bloomingdales Friends and Family Sale I'll save 20% with Bloomingdales coupon EBATES20 and get 6.0% Cash Back. If there's one thing to stock up on, it's definitely cash.

The above outfit shows Fall must-haves like 7 For All Mankind Skinny Jeans, and the Cross Front Cashmere Sweater from Aqua. The perfect cold weather outfit, this combo of dark indigo and luxurious cashmere means I'll be prepared for a stylish Fall. So while some may stock up on canned peas or Gatorade, I get prepared with fashion from Bloomingdales.

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