October 10, 2009

Target Shopping With Ginger

Target CouponsI don't remember exactly when I fell in love with Target. I think that the process was pretty swift or there was some sort of magical dust in the air. I can't put a finger on it, but suffice it to say, I've become a dyed-in-the-wool, Tar-jay loving, blogging maniac about all things Target for almost two years now. What do you want to know? Great tips on getting the most out of shopping at Target? I can help! I am a Targeteer!

To start with, go to Target.com and sign up for their email. Then chant repeatedly that you will NOT click links in their email before you log into Ebates and route your shopping trip through the Ebates site once logged in so you get credit for shopping at Target. Target emails are your "cheat sheet" to getting deals. Just search for the item after you've gone to Target via Ebates to access the deal on the item you have an interest in purchasing. Is your brain asking you why I am telling you to do it this way? It ensures that you will get your cash back from Ebates. If you click on links from just going to the Target site first, you probably will not get credit for your purchase. This is because of the tracking that takes place so that Ebates can see all the info it takes to give you credit.

Next, go to the site map for Target. It will reveal many pages that you may not have known that were there that are also money savers. There is a page for rebates on products. That is updated as merchandise rotates on and off the list. There is a link for recycling your old cell phone where you can get credit via a Target Gift Certificate.

Now take a moment and check out their clearance pages. This is where you get the greatest savings. If you will shop off-season, you'll rack up savings as high as 90%. You will have to visit the site very often as the discounts deepen to snag your deal. How about Target's Daily Deals? There are usually about five items listed. Another fairly new category is the Red Hot Shop! You'll find a dozen or so items listed there that are very interesting, usually quite affordable, and often a little quirky.

Do you have a Target RedCard? I'm not advocating debt but if you can manage your credit, this can be a sweet deal. We purchase everything on our RedCard and after $1000 in purchases you get a 10% discount card good for one day. I usually use my 10% card for a shop where I can maximize my savings and pile up clearance prices, sale prices, shopping codes or store coupons and make my own sale.

Now that you know the basics of how to grab a really good deal, here are a few frugal opportunities that caught my eye this week... Thanksgiving Turkey is sure to be a hit when you use this Stainless Steel Roasting Set! Snag this deal now for $27.99 (reg $39.99). This is a smart purchase after saving 30% and it will last for many years to come. It includes two large fork roast/turkey lifters, a jumbo roast rack, baster, reusable turkey timer and marinade injector. Baster is stainless steel with a silicone bulb and comes with needle and brush; baster holds 1.5 oz; injector holds 7 tsp.

Serve up a scrumptious pumpkin pie in the Cornucopia Pumpkin Pie Plate for $8.99! You'll be happy you have this item to place on your Turkey Day dinner table after saving 25%. If you are the guest at someone else's table, take a pie in this pie plate as a hostess gift. This item is a 10 " hand-painted stoneware and will make all of your Pilgrims smile when they learn it is also dishwasher safe.

Snuggle up under this Kingsize Sleepwarmer Automatic Blanket. Save not only 50% on this blanket at $59.98 (reg. $119.99), but also on your winter heating bills too. It is currently available in a variety of colors (king size only) and is 100% polyester and machine washable.

Every girl needs a little black dress! Check out this Merona Collection Knit Wrap Dress! It is available in XS - XXL at ONLY $14.99 (reg $29.99). You'll save 50% on this dress and you'll get tons of opportunities to wear it to all sorts of holiday parties. Just change your jewelry, shoes and dress up or down with a wrap or a jacket.

Interested in getting more deals in the store? Surf on over to AttentionTargetShoppers.com and follow along as I lead you from one deal to the next, Be sure to sign up for the email feed. I also publish a complete ad match-up to coupons item-by-item every Sunday.

Disclaimer: I am not now nor have I ever been a Target employee. I am simply a Target loving blogger who loves to share her deals. I also do NOT have any "insider" info from any Target employee past or present. I find my own deals or they are submitted by others who love shopping at Target. Follow me to Target. I will save you lots of money.


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Great tips on shopping a great American store...

SUPER post -- very informative! I thought I was a savvy Target.com shopper, but I had no idea they had a rebate section or a GCs-for-cellphones offer! You know your Target stuff, lady!

I'm a long-time subscriber to Ginger's AttentionTargetShoppers.com blog and can attest to her ability to save you some big money in-store with her weekly coupon match-up plus all of the other specific deal tips she offers. When you're done shopping at Target.com through Ebates, be sure you check out ATS for all of Ginger's in-store tips, too!

Great job, girlfriend!

Thanks for the comments! I do try to do my best to help everyone find the best deals and save in every way possible.

There were 26 new stores that opened today. I hope that all the new Target shoppers find us! If I can't help you, Ebates can! :)

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