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December 31, 2009

Ah, New Year's Eve. Try as I may to overlook the hoopla that is the last night of the year, I always get sucked into it's "do or die" mentality. This year, instead of making absurd resolutions, I'm making realistic ones. For example, my resolution to be healthier doesn't have to involve fad diets, countless hours at the gym, or swearing off cake (like that's possible) for the rest of my life. Instead I'll eat healthier by cooking at home, and live a better life with even more cash in my wallet!

Jamie Oliver at HomeWhen it comes to healthy living, a proper diet is top of the list. I love the satisfaction of cooking a meal filled with ingredients that are both good for me and taste delicious. It's for this reason that I can't wait to buy Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook, Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way To The Good Life. Inspired by the chef's own vegetable patch, this book is filled with mouth-watering recipes like asparagus and potato tart, and winter veggie coleslaw. Selling at Barnes and Noble, you'll get 8.0% Cash Back thanks to Ebates December Double Cash Back. Hurry! Today is the last day for double cash back!

La CreusetWhen it comes to cooking, tools can make or break a meal. Yummy dishes are often the result of proper cookware like this Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Perfect for baking, roasting, broiling, braising, sautéing or marinating, this piece is just $109 at CHEFS. Considering Le Creuset can cost hundreds of dollars per piece, this is a great deal. You'll get 6.0% Cash Back by shopping at CHEFS, and enjoying years of yummy, healthy meals.

December's not over yet! There's still time to shop December Double Cash Back!


December 30, 2009

As you well know, I do my best with this weekly installment to balance entertainment and information. This week I wanted to make things a tad more informative than usual, as we have an Ebates-exclusive deal to bring to you. See, one of our most popular merchants, has given us a rare increase in cash back. Rather than the standard 1.0% Cash Back that they usually offer, from now until January 7th, they will be offering 3.0% Cash Back. It may seem small, but for those of you who shop a often are well aware, they don't increase cash back much, if at all.

buy dot com dealsWhile most of you probably first think of as an electronics retailer, most people forget the wide array of products they offer. They've got everything from books & games to kids toys, outdoor & home goods, even apparel. There are always a vast array of coupons available, most of which will lead you directly to some pretty amazing deals.

So if you love the convenience of having everything you need available at one single website, take advantage of triple cash back at!


December 29, 2009

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil With 5.0% Cash BackI will be honest and admit that I never really make new years resolutions. I find that the letdown of not following through on a resolution is usually worse for my psychological state than the bad habit I want to break. One thing I always do is try to get a little healthier. I like to clean out the old and bring in the new; usually some part of this process involves my closet and my heath and beauty routine.

This year I will try to keep my skincare routine simple and streamlined, I will try to only buy products I need and use full bottles before I buy replacements. That sounds resolution-ish but I assure you it's not, it's more of a new year effort than a conscious decision to change. One product that will make the road to keeping my beauty cabinet clutter free is this muti-tasking, best-selling godsend: Shu Uemura Premium a/o Cleansing Oil. Equal parts skin treatment and cleanser/makeup remover, this oil makes cleaning your face in the evening a therapeutic experience. Gone are the days of rubbing my eye makeup off with an abrasive cotton ball doused in an eye-stinging formula; this oil literally melts away all of my makeup, smells great and moisturizes my skin. In a real hurry (or a very late night) I could completely skip moisturizer and have my face perfectly clean in one step. There are six different formulas available for a range of skin types, and prices are based on the formula type. Shop at Shu Uemura online and get 5.0% Cash Back and free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

If you don't want to commit to a 5.0z bottle, Sephora has this mini version of the Premium a/o for just $12 with 8.0% Cash Back. The size is great for travel and will undoubtedly convert you to a beauty oil believer!


December 28, 2009

Last night I spent the evening rummaging through the chaos that is my closet. While trying to make sense of why, despite having two full racks filled to the brim with clothing, I manage to never find anything to wear, I realized that I am lacking in the shoe department. I know, sounds crazy for a fashion addict such as myself, but the good news is that I can shop hundreds of fabulous options at YOOX. Of course I'll also get 6.0% Cash Back.

Ballet Flats From YOOXWhat I really need are flats. I don't do heels (except for these) and I'm tired of the boots-tucked-into-jeans look. These Ballet Flats By Alessandro Dell Acqua serve several purposes, making them not just a fashionable choice, but a reasonable one too. Featuring black suede and a pink bow, these shoes are fancy enough for formalwear but look equally chic with this season's ankle jeans thanks to a matching pink ankle strap. Now on sale at YOOX, you'll find lots of options by brands like Armani, Paul Smith, Maloles, and more.

Shop our Shoes and Accessories category!


December 27, 2009

I'm not going to lie to you, folks. I'm a bit under the weather. Too many nights of merry holiday revelry have got me dragging a little bit, and I think my general lack of sleep has taken a toll, and now I'm paying the price with a head full of congestion and a scratchy throat. Due to these symptoms, I went all the way to the back of my closet for an accessory I almost never wear: my cashmere scarf.

Himalaya-Cashmere-ScarfAs you have surmised, I'm sure, I don't really get too dressed up well..... ever. I work, live, and play in jeans and t-shirts. Maybe if I want to class it up a little I'll switch over to a button down collared shirt or a western shirt, but those are generally still accompanied by jeans and tennis shoes for the most part. So, needless to say, I don't have a lot of occasion to wear a nice cashmere scarf with my t-shirt and hoodie. But today I did, and man am I ever happy about it. Now that after-Christmas sales are upon us, and Winter is just really beginning to remind us all what it's all about, it's the perfect time to find something to help keep you warm when it gets cool outside.

If you're looking for a gift for a special fella in your life, or if you are a special fella without someone to get you a gift, or if you just want a new cashmere scarf for less, may I recommend the Himalaya Trading Company Men's Cashmere Scarf. It's not the finest quality cashmere scarf, though it is still absolutely 100% cashmere. However, it is only $49.99 at, so you can have a 100% cashmere scarf without the 100% cashmere price tag. Take into consideration that you will also take home 4.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates, and you've got yourself one of the lowest prices on cashmere that you'll find anywhere.

Find more warm looks in our Men's Clothing category.


December 26, 2009

After Christmas Sales at EbatesBy the time Christmas is over, along with all the shopping and deal hunting that precedes the holiday, the last thing I really want to do is shop. Which, if you know me, is quite shocking because I always want to shop. Still, after-Christmas sales are usually too good to pass up, and there are a few items that I always keep my eye out for to pick up at staggeringly low prices the day after Christmas.

After Christmas I always check out my favorite e-tail jaunts to a great deal (and cash back) on winter wear, including cashmere sweaters, coats, and more. Macy's (with 5.0% Cash Back) and Bloomingdale's (with 5.0% Cash Back) never fail me with a good after-Christmas sale and have tons of markdowns on my favorite brands (shop all clothing and accessory sales). Another thing I always manage to get on sale after Christmas is luggage. Because most holiday travel is over and done with, retailers usually put some luggage on major markdown. While I do not need an exorbitant amount of travel gear, I like to have the right bag for my travel needs. Sears has a great selection of luggage at a great price with, of course, 4.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Not only will you find savings on clothing and accessories, but also electronics, toys, home goods, and holiday decor. Avoid the crowds and shop after-Christmas sales through Ebates and earn yourself some cash back to spend in the new year!


December 25, 2009

Hey there gentle readers, since we're all out of the office today, this seemed like the perfect time to not worry about finding deals or coupons for once, and just say thank you personally from all three of us here at the Ebates Blog. We have had quite the year. Thanks to all of you who tune in and read us on a regular basis (even those of you who just read on a semi-regular basis... we're still cool).

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of finding great deals and sales tomorrow.


December 24, 2009

Because I'm not making the long trek back to Boston this year, Christmas will be spent in a different way. Instead of waiting in long lines at the airport only to have my flight canceled (as was the case last year), I'll be cuddled up in bed with a glass of wine and a good book. While I'll miss seeing my larger-than-life family, there's no reason why I can't bring the holiday spirit into my home. Here are the top two items I look forward to on December 25th.

Egg Nog
Egg Nog From SafewayThis should be named liquid heaven, because it tastes that good. This year I've taken to drinking this savory concoction almost every night, but the corner store near my house charges an absurd amount. Good thing Safeway carries egg nog for around $2-3. Never shopped You should, because new customers receive $15 in free Groceries and free Delivery on $99+ orders with code HOLIDAY (Exp. 12/31/2009). Not to mention you'll get $5.00 Cash Back!

A Christmas Story
A Christmas StoryQuite frankly the best Christmas movie ever, A Christmas Story is a personal tradition of mine as well as my family. It's true that TV stations like TBS will play this classic tale the entirety of Christmas day, however owning a copy is a must for whenever you need a good laugh. This copy sells at Barnes and Noble  for $18, and you'll get 8.0% Cash Back.

Happy Holidays from Ebates!


December 23, 2009

Few things excite me quite like the prospect of "party makeup". It sounds random, I know, but as a true makeup lover I really get excited about some extra special party looks. It's that time of year where over-the-top makeup is acceptable and experimenting with colors and textures that you wouldn't normally wear is a little more comfortable. Red lipstick, glittering eyeshadow, and dramatic eyeliner are all fair game even for the natural look gal (like yours truly). Now is my chance to whip out all those colors that collect dust all year or to invest in some new and fun colors for the ultimate party look.

Bobbi Brown Goldstone Eye Palette
Limited edition holiday palettes are all over the place, making it easier (and more affordable) to push the makeup look envelope or to justify buying more because you are getting a good deal. The best of makeup pallets and wearable holiday looks are at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, who offer 4.0% Cash Back from Ebates and a ton of free gift coupons.

I am not sure if it was the sleek titanium case or the contents inside (or both) that turned me on to this Goldstone Long Wear Eye Palette, available as a limited edition item for $40 with 4.0% Cash Back from Ebates. Perfect for the glamorous party look, this palette has two long-wear cream eyeshadows (in gorgeous shimmering shades) and a long-wear gel eyeliner in black with a double-ended mini-cream shadow, ultra-fine eyeliner brush. With just this palette, a couple of coats of mascara and some lip gloss, I can have the ultimate party look in no time. Plus, the long-wear formulas ensure that I will not be rushing to touch up my makeup while the sleek lightweight case make it easy if I have to.

If you are looking for a quick party makeup look, pick up this palette or shop many others and get cash back from Ebates!


December 23, 2009

Outside of musical instruments, I'm not really prone to flights of fancy when shopping. I don't share my fellow bloggers' "gotta have it" spirit when it comes to looking at new products or fashion. As a matter of fact, outside of a new guitar, amplifier, or anything that can be used to make music that I write and play sound better and louder, there isn't much out there that I swoon over when I see it for sale. That is, except for one glaring exception...


skyline lampI have no idea why this might be. Chances are it has some deep connection to the fact that my ceiling is so low that I hit it every time I take a t-shirt off. Maybe I just have some sort of odd sense of design that comes along with my Scandinavian heritage that only applies to discount furniture and fun, quirky lighting. Maybe it's none of these things. But whatever the reason, I get a little giddy when I see sites like Euro Style Lighting. What I appreciate most about this site is that most everything comes in a decent range of prices, meaning I don't have to sacrifice a down payment on a condo in order to illuminate it. Naturally, this wouldn't be blog worthy if Ebates didn't help you out. We've got you covered to the tune of 6.0% Cash Back on all your purchases from Euro Style Lighting.

Lighten up your life a little bit with a new purchase from our Lighting category.


December 22, 2009

I normally stay away from making grandiose resolutions I know I won't keep, but one resolution I am making (and keeping) this year is to shop smarter. Instead of purchasing complicated tops, shoes, and other items that leave me with a mismatched wardrobe, I'll shop for basics. Goodbye strappy gladiator sandals, and hello sleek black pumps. Adios ten-sizes-to-big-uber-expensive-jeans that are now my cleaning uniform, you've been replaced by simple black ponte pants. Because rebuilding your wardrobe can be a costly endeavor, I've made it a point to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue where I'll get 2.5% Cash Back. As an added bonus, I'll also receive Free Shipping with coupon code HOLIDAY9. Hurry, though, because this offer ends tomorrow!

T-Strap PumpShoes are truly a woman's best friend, and these T-Strap Pumps By Elizabeth and James are sure to be my go-to shoe. Featuring black leather and a gold-tone heel, these shoes are perfect with my LBD, or look smart when paired with loose cargo pants. They're now on sale for under $200. Not bad for a shoe that looks as if it costs three times that.

Theory Ponte PantsA pair of slim black pants is essential to any woman's wardrobe. Not only do they work with everything from a t-shirt to a blouse, but they will remain in style for years to come. These Theory Pants are slim and basic, yet feature cargo pocket detailing that adds a bit of style. At $141, they're almost $100 less than full price. Pair these pants with a white button down shirt for a chic take on menswear, or a loose blouse for dinner with friends.

Shop your fashion resolutions in our Clothing category! 


December 22, 2009

There are several instances where I have expressed my frustration with buying a clothing or accessory item for only one occasion. I have no problem with spending a chunk of change on something if I will wear it over and over, but refuse to spend even a small amount on something I will never wear again. This style of shopping is only inconvenient a few times of year: New Year's Eve, a random wedding, or rare special event that requires a very specific outfit.

As New Year's Eve is around the corner my thoughts have drifted to the ultimate question "What am I going to wear?". A mental review of my closet was fruitless and uninspiring. So I turned to some Ebates stores with pre-holiday sales to help me find a practical and affordable solution. I checked out Bloomingdale's, who is having a huge pre-holiday sale (through December 24th) where select items are marked 20-40% off. I knew I would find something here at a good deal that isn't a one-time wear purchase.

Cash Back on Aqua Jacket at Bloomingdales
Although sequins seem very specific and holiday-esque I think something like this Sequin Drape Front Blazer (30% off and now just $138.60 with 5.0% Cash Back) can be worn for a special occasion all year. Being a jean and t-shirts girl, this Sequin Blazer is the perfect sparkly and festive addition to my laid-back style. I'll wear this over a little black dress for New Year's Eve and with black boots, jeans and a tee for dinner or date night. Plus, it's classic enough that it won't go out of style and can be my go-to when I want to add a little oomph to all the boring basics in my closet.

Find a ton of New Year's Eve party frocks, accessories and more on sale (and with cash back) at Bloomingdale's!


December 21, 2009

While there is still time to receive gifts from your favorite stores with express shipping, (see a full list of shipping deadlines here) the perfect solution for a last-minute gift is always a gift card. Giving someone a gift card is often seen as impersonal or thoughtless. However, in this day and age, gift cards are in fact a useful and practical gift that allow the recipient to pick out whatever they want and everyone is satisfied. Also, when the gift-giver gets a little cash back from Ebates on the purchase of the gift card, everyone wins.

Cash Back on American Express Gift Card
If you find yourself wondering which Ebates stores offer cash back on gift cards or which store categories (apparel, electronics, health and beauty) have gift cards, check out the Ebates Gift Card Category, where we have it all organized for you. Shop for gift cards by store (, Nordstrom) or by category (Home & Garden, Electronics and more). If you are not sure which store to purchase a gift card from and are afraid to get something too specific that the recipient won't use, purchase an American Express Gift Card. Available in a multitude of amounts, these cards are accepted wherever American Express is accepted. And you will get coupons (order two or more gift cards, get $5 off with code AFL5) and 1.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Get cash back in our Gift Card Category, or on American Express Gift Cards. Find shipping deadlines for all of our top stores or shop our gift pages for more ideas!


December 21, 2009

Yes, I know Christmas is only four days away and the clock is ticking, but before you start re-wrapping last years white elephant win, head over to Nordstrom for 5.0% Cash Back and the easiest gift guide out there. If you shop before the 23rd, you'll get those gifts in time with express delivery. Whether you shop by recipient, price, or both, Nordstrom has you covered. Here are just a few of the many great gift ideas available.

Jonathan Adler S&P ShakersFor the design guru, these Salt and Pepper Shakers by Jonathan Adler are perfect for those with quirky taste. Made from porcelain they're a funky way (and classier than plastic) to add decor to a kitchen. Priced at $48, they're also affordable.


Michael Aram Soy CandleFor the naturalist this Michael Aram Soy Candle is just the thing they'd love. Made from soy, this candle doesn't contain petro-chemicals often found in traditional wax, and also comes with a decorative lid. If your friend is both a design guru and naturalist, this candle should please both sides.

Dog Collar and ClipFor the pet lover this Crystal Dog Collar and Clip was made for dogs who are more princess than pooch. The clip features a bone shape encrusted with crystals, and a matching collar. The clip alone is only $18, but adding the collar means your total is just $73.

Not done shopping? Earn more with December Double Cash Back!


December 20, 2009

ChampagneHaving been single for the past... umm.... "quite a few" New Year's celebrations, when the clock hits midnight, and everyone reaches for their special someone, I do too. I reach for a bottle of champagne, and let that cork fly (always outdoors, of course). This year looks to be more of the same. So if you're looking for a little bubbly to help you ring in the new decade, I thought that I might remind you that you can find various bottles from various merchants with such a wide variety that we should hopefully be able to suit every taste. has 105 results for "Champagne and Sparkling" on their site, and with bottles ranging from $7.99 to $500.00, all with 3.0% Cash Back, you should definitely be able to find something that strikes your fancy.

The Wine Messenger has a somewhat smaller selection, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in quality. Each of the ten bottles in their Sparkling Section all boast a 90 rating or better, which is no small feat. Ranging in price from $11.75 to $85.00, you will earn 6.0% Cash Back on any of your purchases.

My Wines Direct has a significantly smaller collection to choose from, but they also offer the highest cash back out of the three with 7.0% Cash Back. They also have the most coupons to choose from of the three wine merchants I listed. So if you have trouble making decisions, find one of their four bottles, all of which are between $14.99 and $24.99, and it will be hard to go wrong!

Still searching? You can find all of our wine merchants in our Wine category!


December 19, 2009

Cocktail HatWith New Years Eve only two weeks away, I've begun planning my outfit. As much as I would love to wear something as fab as this Rosette Dress, the reality is I'll be wearing something that's already hanging in my closet. No need to get down though, thanks to Urban Outfitters I can purchase some much-needed accessories that will take a simple little black dress, and turn it into something fun and, most importantly, fashion forward.

This Cocktail Hat calls for an updo and pearl studs, which let's be honest, is a gorgeous look no matter what the occasion. Priced at just $28 this hat is affordable, trendy, and I'll get free shipping on orders over over $75. Not bad considering I can also find cute but inexpensive jewelry, shoes, and clothing too. No matter what I choose, I'll get 2.5% Cash Back at Urban Outfitters, and find the right items to take any outfit from drab to fab.

Shop for your New Years outfit in our Clothing category.


December 18, 2009

This time of year, when everyone has the holidays on the brain, its easy to totally lose sight of life's responsibilities. As we have all mentioned (and as you may imagine), this time of year at Ebates is busy and the entire team is working extra hard. Busier times at work, coupled with holiday season obligations, have caused a few chores on my homefront to remain undone for longer than I'd like to admit. And my newest bottle of eco-friendly laundry detergent (in a long line of brands and formulas I have tried) had remained unused until last night.

Method Squeaky Green Laundry detergent at
I recently purchased Method "Squeaky Green" laundry detergent, from and got 6.0% Cash Back from Ebates and also 15% off the suggested retail price. But let me say that getting a good deal on this detergent was the least of my excitement. I have tried many formulas that I didn't feel cleaned my clothes or was gentle enough on all my prized delicates and settled on mediocre detergents for far too long. That is until I gave this a try!

I have long been a fan of Method (their dish soap is great too)  and only recently bought their laundry soap, the long-time delay was mainly because the price at my local health food store put me off. But when I saw it at, I knew I was getting a good deal and cash back, so I figured at this point I had nothing to lose. I was so pleasantly surprised with the results of everything I laundered from my towels to my favorite blouses. Everything was clean without feeling stripped, smelled good and I know that I am doing good for the environment and my health. Plus I will get a little cash back in my pocket and a good deal when I shop at

Now, back to holidays!


December 18, 2009

free shipping coupons
Can you sense the excitement in the air? We are exactly one week from Christmas, and that means it's crunch time for all you procrastinators. I'd been thinking about the best way to approach this specific blog entry for the day, since I imagine a pretty solid handful of you folks are more interested in shipping that will get your presents to you before the holiday than actually finding free shipping. So I'm making a little compromise:

For those of you who want just the good old fashioned free shipping links, click here. That will take you to the standard Ebates coupon page, same as clicking on the banner at the top of this post.

For those of you who want to know where you can do your last-minute shopping and still get the presents by Christmas, click here. This will take you to the Ebates Last-Minute Shipping page, where you can find out cutoff dates for both standard and express shipping from some of our more in-demand merchants.

Happy shopping everyone!


December 17, 2009

I am consistently impressed by the deals and gift ideas that Allie and Poppy come up with for this blog; they always have a keen eye for fashion and style, and both have an innate knack for finding excellent deals. Still, when Poppy wrote up her blog about Gifts for Her Under $25, I wondered what would happen with gifts for him. Again, I know that both of our bloggers are up for the challenge, but there's one thing in particular that makes me a tad more qualified to write this particular blog: I just so happen to be a "him". So I will draw on my years and years of experience in being a male, and I bring to you three ideas of gifts for the man or men in your life that might help you out in a pinch. Yes, everyone has slightly different tastes, but these three in particular stuck out as being good red-blooded male gifts.

2-in-1 BBQ Tool from Brookstone - $20 with 6.0% Cash Back
2 in 1 BBQ ToolIt may be stereotypical to some of you, but the stereotype exists for a reason. Most men I know are avid grillers. Give us some charcoal, some meat, and some spices, and we will happily show our prowess. Even now, when there is snow on the ground, there are some of us men (present company included) who are already plotting and researching new methods and recipes for when the temperatures come back up and that grill can be fired up again. This 2-in-1 BBQ Tool incorporates a regular spatula and an over-sized spatula, pairing them together to make a functional pair of tongs as well. This provides you with everything you need to do, from picking up and turning something as small as a hotdog to flipping something as hearty as a Porterhouse - all for just $20.

BonJour 32 oz. French Press from - $19.95 with 5.0% Cash Back
Hugo French PressLike so many Americans, I adore coffee. You probably have noticed my posts in the past (like the one I posted yesterday), but I drink a lot of coffee. And I think about coffee a lot. Some might say I obsess over it. I prefer to think of it as me taking a strong interest in a hobby of mine. So it should come as no surprise that I  am a big fan of the French Press. It's coffee as it's meant to be had - where you can really get all the essences and the oils that make the flavor full and complex. Plus, this is large enough, at 32 oz, that I can drink it and not feel like having four more, as tends to happen with the little 12 oz models. There is also one word that absolutely sealed the deal for me: unbreakable. See, I have had about ten french presses through the years. Now I have about eight french press exoskeletons, as I would rather buy a whole new apparatus than just get a new carafe. Yes, it's crazy, but it's how I work. Since this is made of polycarbonate instead of glass, you'll never have that problem. Hell, I can even keep this in the office without fear of someone else borrowing it an subsequently shattering it to bits.

Two-Tone Strip Hip Flask from Target - $19.95 with 5.0% Cash Back
stripe hip flaskYou know I couldn't escape a gift guide without a little something for the tipplers in the crowd. Plain and simple, there isn't much out there that is classier than drinking out of a hip flask. Of course, I'd be negligent if I didn't remind you both to drink responsibly and to abide by your area's open container laws. So don't go messing up and blaming me. I warned you. Still, there's something comforting about knowing that you have just a little bit of your personal choice of poison at your side. There's something timeless about drinking from a flask, too. I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like something straight out of Mad Men when I've got my flask keeping me company. I don't know for sure if you can engrave this particular flask or not, but believe you me, there's little that says "I love you" like an engraved flask.

So there you have it - a few fun ideas from your friends at Ebates that should hopefully be slightly outside of the box. If you want to find more gift ideas, be sure to check out our Holiday Gifts Pages.


December 17, 2009

After years of living with roommates, I ventured out on my own and into a glorious apartment. Complete with hardwood floors, a giant bay window, and a Bungalow Bathroom, I'm eager to start decorating my dream home. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement that is a new home, but rather than buy mediocre furniture that I'll want to replace, I'm okay living in bare quarters, and putting together the perfect apartment piece-by-piece. As for my style? Well it's as diverse as I am. A bit vintage, a bit modern, and a touch of recycled. Of course when your taste is as varied as mine, there's only one place you're guaranteed to find what you want. eBay.

Vintage Chair From eBayMy dream home is one that is equal parts feminine and masculine. When it comes to furniture though, I usually lean toward masculine pieces (feminine furniture can easily seem childish) and accessorize with femininity. This Industrial Brass Chair dates from the early 1900's, and features sturdy brass construction and a solid walnut seat. As a single chair, this could be a great accent piece in my living room, or if there were more, they would make sleek kitchen chairs. I imagine this chair seated next to a rustic slab table, adorned with gold filigree china, and a lace runner. Very Anthropologie. Until then, I'll shop eBay for more great finds and 2.0% Cash Back.

Shop our Home and Garden category!


December 16, 2009

Shop our Home and Garden CategoryCurling up in bed with a good book, cooking a delicious meal, or knitting yet another scarf. Know anyone like this? If your answer is "yes", then they are a homebody, and you need a gift for them. Below are just a few gift ideas sure to please the homebody in your life, and, like all purchases at Ebates, you'll receive cash back on your purchase. Let the gift giving begin!

Kashmere ThrowIn Winter, every home lover needs a throw blanket. Something cozy, stylish, and, above all, warm. If that blanket just so happens to be 100% cashmere, then it's no longer a need. It's a must have. This Kashmere Throw from Bluefly comes in seven colors and is a steal at $104. As an added bonus you'll receive free shipping on orders over $100 PLUS get 4.0% Cash Back.

UGG Dakota SlippersSpeaking of staying warm, these UGG Dakota Slippers will protect feet from cold floors, and they look cute to boot. Complete with sheepskin lining and rubber soles, these shoes are perfect for those times when the homebody does leave the house, even if it's to grab the morning paper. These are available at Nordstrom where you'll get 5.0% Cash Back.

Diptyque CandleIt's standard practice that homebodies love candles, and my personal favorite are candles by Diptyque. Saks Fifth Avenue carries an extensive collection of candles, including Diptyque, Jo Malone, Kilian and more. This Patchouli Candle sells for $60, which considering it has a burn time of 50-60 hours, is a great deal. Like all purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue, you'll receive 2.5% Cash Back.

Knitting BookChances are the homebody in your life has a hobby. Whether it's cooking, knitting, painting, etc, buying a book all about their favorite hobby is truly a thoughtful (and inexpensive) gift. A few years ago I was bitten by the knitting bug, and a book like this Knitter's Book of Wool is a great addition to my knitting collection. Available at Barnes and Noble, you'll receive 8.0% Cash Back.

Find more gift ideas in our Home and Garden category!


December 16, 2009

My coffee addiction is well documented, gentle readers. I make no bones about it; I consider my days "good" if I can have at least three cups of coffee, and don't consider the label of "great" until I hit at least five. So in my quest for a perfect and hassle-free (that's the important part) cup of coffee, I have tried literally hundreds of options. I've got a French Press that I love. I've got a single-cup drip brewer and a regular Mr. Coffee. I've tried doing turkish style, where the coffee is ground into basically a fine powder. I've tried the Starbucks VIA. I've tried all sorts of small countertop espresso makers with generally disappointing results.

But I digress.

A few months ago, a new and different brewing system showed up here in the Ebates office. It was small, self-contained, and used these bizarre little packets of honest-to-goodness ground coffee. It was the Flavia brewer. Granted, I bristled a bit at first because it was a foreign brewing system that I couldn't just intuitively figure out (yep, I had to read instructions), but I was pretty impressed with the result it yielded. You get a solid cup of brewed coffee, with a simple packet for disposal (read: no grinds all over the place) and for under $50, you can get a case of 100 single-serve brew packs. Yes, you do have to have the special brewing equipment, so you might want to see if there's a way to give it a test run first, but so far, I'd give it a thumbs up if you want a no frills, no hassle cup of coffee. I've even heard speculation that Flavia is what the astronauts drink, but I can't seem to find any hard evidence of that.

FlaviaSo check them out; they offer a solid 6.0% Cash Back, and have a couple of coupons where you can get free brewing equipment if you spend certain amounts of money on their drink packets. There are a few exceptions to cash back as well, so make sure you check out the My Flavia page for all the fine print.

Find your perfect cup of coffee from one of our Coffee merchants!


December 15, 2009

With Shipping Deadlines of your favorite Ebates Stores on the horizon and Christmas Day just ten days away, I can imagine that many procrastinators have not even started thinking about Holiday shopping. With that in mind, I figured that you may need some inspiration about what to get the women on your list. And better yet, what to get them that costs a mere $25 or less.

Makeup Palette To Go at Sephora I will start with this Sephora Brand Mini-Makeup Palette for a mere $15 with 8.0% Cash Back (and free gift coupons galore found here). Complete with eight eyeshadows, four lipglosses, and a blush in universally flattering warm tones, this palette is suitable for anyone from their teens to far beyond and is compact enough for any gal on the go.

Chunky Cable Knit Fingerless Gloves at Nordstrom
Another great gift idea for just $18 are these Chunky Cable Knit Fingerless Gloves. Ideal for anyone who wants to keep their hands warm while being able to use touch screen devices, these are cute and functional and come in a range of colors suitable for any taste. Get them at Nordstrom, earn free shipping on orders over $100 with code HOLIDAY09, and 5.0% Cash Back from Ebates!

Potted Culinary Herbs from Sur La Table

In a completely different vein but something any cook will love is these Potted Culinary Herbs for just $24.95 from Sur La Table with 4.0% Cash Back. Good looking and also great tasting, the pot comes with rosemary, sage, and thyme, pesticide-free and ready to eat.

Looking for more gift ideas under $25? Check out our Gift Guide. Need to know shipping deadlines for your favorite store? Check out our compilation Shipping Deadlines here.


December 15, 2009

Yesterday's "Cyber Monday II" marks the generally accepted end of many retailers' shipping deadlines, but here at Ebates, we have you covered - one quick visit to our Christmas Shipping Deadlines page, you can find in one convenient place all the info you might need in order to find out how late you can wait to get your purchases by Christmas.

Speaking personally, I have bought exactly one present thus far for Christmas. I know it's somewhat hypocritical for me to sit here and talk to you about how you need to allow time for things to ship, but I figure that if I publicly announce that I have hardly purchased anything for my friends and family this year, I might be a tad more motivated to actually sit down and figure out what I plan to get for my loved ones. The good news for me (and you, if you procrastinate nearly as much as me) is that there are still a number of stores who offer standard shipping well into December, some going as late as the 22nd of December. Or, if you find that perfect present, most stores offer priority shipping, albeit at a price, through the 23rd or 24th in many cases.

So visit our Christmas Shopping Deadlines page, find out where you can still shop, and go earn some cash back on all your holiday purchases through Ebates.

If you need suggestions, don't forget to visit our Holiday Gift Ideas pages.


December 14, 2009

Shop HSN For Exclusive Offers!The fashion world is all about exclusivity, and here at Ebates, so are we. Our members not only enjoy cash back, but exclusive coupons, deals, and promotions not available to others. For example, take this exclusive HSN offer which includes a 1-year Glamour subscription ($12 value) with any purchase of $25 or more with code Glamourbonus1 (Exp. 01/10/2010). Such an amazing deal can only be found through Ebates, and because HSN is part of December Double Cash Back, you'll also receive 6.0% Cash Back. A one year subscription to Glamour (one of the most renowned fashion magazines around) and double cash back? It's obvious you and I are V.I.P. status.

IMAN Global Chic Crystal BangleIf, like me, you're holiday shopping is still unfinished, HSN makes it possible to shop for everyone on your list. For my best friend this Crystal Bangle says "I think you're fab" without the hefty price tag. For my mom, there's luxurious throw blankets starting at $19.95, and for my dad there are the electronics he wants at a price I can afford. Of course giving to others warms my heart, but it doesn't quite make me tingly like say, the monthly arrival of Glamour magazine does. Now thanks to HSN, the joys of receiving can be had by all. Hurry though, because this offer is only good while supplies last!

Shop for more gifts here.  


December 14, 2009

The danger of shopping for gifts, especially when it is your job to find gifts and deals is that you often (ok, all the time) stumble upon things for yourself. This becomes particularly precarious when you are shopping for your best friend, and when your favorite store has increased their cash back for the month of December. As if I needed more of a reason to shop at Shopbop, but now they have 8.0% Cash Back and as always free shipping on any order.

I will pretend for a minute that I don't at least make one stop to Shopbop a day and say that I was shopping for gifts for my friends when I looked down to notice that my absolute favorite grey tee shirt had a huge gaping hole and needed to be replaced. And as much as I hate to replace the basic items in my closet, it is always buying these items that ends up feeling the best in the end. And with 8.0% Cash Back, its hard not to justify a few items while you are picking up the last few gifts on your list.

Theory Geronne Tee at Shopbop
Putting this Theory Geronne Tee in my cart made me instantly happy and although it comes with a hefty price tag, it is a wardrobe staple and is a little more sophisticated then its stretched-out, ill-fitting predecessors. And I will wear it at least once a week, especially when these pants arrive with it. Both will be a great foundation for the perfect work look all year long. I will assuage my guilt about shopping for myself and grab this chic mix-metals Bangle set by Pade Vavra and these super affordable Madewell Chain Earrings for just $25 to polish off my Christmas shopping. Madewell Chain Earrings from Shopbop

Get more gift ideas in our gift pages (and find a few things for yourself at one of our December Double Cash Back month stores).


December 13, 2009

buy dot com dealsIf there's one thing about holiday shopping I hate, it's finding out that some other store somewhere has what I bought for a better price. I'd imagine some of you can relate; we're all savvy shoppers here, we know how to find a bargain, and so you can't help but feel a little defeated when you find you could have saved a few bucks.

Today I was searching around for a coupon code on a purchase, and wanted to check a few merchants that I thought might have what I was looking for. One of those merchants was They didn't necessarily have what I was looking for, but what they did have was a jaw-droppingly long list of specials, deals, promos, and price lists that can help with all of your holiday shopping needs. I'm not kidding - go check it out, I'll wait....



Crazy, right? It's almost like someone is there with you, recommending good gift ideas and great prices that you can get them at. Naturally, you will always get your 1.0% Cash Back through Ebates, but the real benefit of using us is having all those wonderful gift recommendations in one place. Rather than walking up and down aisles or clicking through page after page of merchandise, Ebates and have teamed up to put all those great ideas in one place.

Still looking for more gift inspiration? Then go check out our Gift Ideas pages!


December 12, 2009

Double Cash Back at Cabela'sYou are probably not surprised to learn that I am not a huge shopper of Cabela's. Because they have participated in a few of our sale promotions, I have become more familiar Cablea's and over the course of a couple of leisurely trips to the site, it has become very clear that if you are an outdoor enthusiast, it is the place to shop for the best selection. Or, if you are like me and have a few outdoorsy-types on your list it is the place to be for the best gifts.

Shop Cablea's now and get doubled to 4.0% Cash Back, tons of coupons ($20 off $100 or more through this link, free shipping on $99+ with code 9SANTA) and a wide selection of sports and outdoor items, whether your pastime (or the pastime of your gift-recipient) is fishing, hunting, archery, camping or boating, Cablea's will keep you outfitted with literally everything you need to make the most of it. They also have helpful gift guides, so if you are looking for the right gift in a particular sport or hobby or by price range, it is easy to find it regardless of how little you know about what you are shopping for.

Shop all of our December Double Cash Back stores and get the best gifts with the best deals. Or looking for more gift ideas? Check out our gift guides!


December 12, 2009

Shop J.Crew!When you're job consists of seeking out the latest deals and the hottest trends, it's easy to develop obsessions with different merchants. A few weeks back it was Horchow and the Acrylic table that now sits next to my bed. This week, I'm obsessed with J.Crew. Why? Well because their site is full of simple yet elegant pieces that are versatile and well priced. No one-shouldered, crazy colors that match nothing I own. Instead they have luxurious cashmere sweaters that look equally chic with leather pants as with faded denim. Not to mention jackets, blouses, and accessories that serve more than one purpose. Here are just a few items I am dying to get, and of course, by shopping through Ebates I'll get 1.0% Cash Back.

Chimera JacketJackets
This Chimera Jacket is a great addition to my wardrobe because it features girly details like pleated silk trim and a lovely peach color. Made from wool, this coat will keep me warm without dark colors and bulky fabrics associated with other Winter jackets. On sale for $99, I saved $148 off the original price. Another option for all you coat addicts out there is this Silk Cascade Jacket. It performs double fashion duty as a blazer substitute and warm weather jacket. Also $99, you'll save $88 off the original.

Ankle JeansPants
It's so easy to neglect pants until you find yourself with a dismal supply. These Stretch Ankle Jeans are a dressier option, meaning they are appropriate for date night or the office. For those who must swear off jeans in their 9-5, the Monroe Wool Pant is cut like your favorite pair of slim denim, but features sleek wool. A trendy belt like this Satin Belt is a fashion "do".

Ballet FlatsShoes and Accessories
To make the most of your closet (and to spend less) buy shoes and accessories that are timeless and look great with just about everything you own. These Ballet Flats feature a classic animal print, and the above Crystal and Pearl Bracelet is on point with this season's jewelry trends. Both items will be current for years to come.

What's your favorite Ebates merchant? Browse them all here.   


December 11, 2009

Lancome Friends and Family SaleThe greatest thing about a beauty empire like Lancôme is no matter what beauty product you are looking for, they have it. So if you are on the hunt for the perfect taupe eyeshadow to compliment your bold-lip makeup look, they have the perfect shade; or if you need a tried and true makeup remover to take off the day, they have one; and if you need some serious wrinkle-fighting skincare, they have that as well. You can get it all in one stop. And when you shop at Lancôme through Ebates you can get 6.0% Cash Back and access to exclusive coupon to save when you shop. Currently, Lancôme is having their Friends and Family Sale, where you can get 20% off and free shipping (with cash back) on your purchase through December 13th (use code LNCEMPLOYEE).

Shopping at the Lancôme Friends and Family Sale you can surely rack up some serious savings when you stock up on your favorites (Définicils mascara, Color Design Eyeshadow, and discovering new ones like Ôscillation Powerfoundation, the first micro-vibrating mineral foundation. If you want flawless application and skin improving benefits with sun-protection and long lasting coverage, this is the mineral makeup for you. Try it now while you can save 20%, get free shipping and 6.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Discover new loves and old favorites at Lancôme!


December 11, 2009

free shipping couponsGreetings all, I know you all realize the importance of this coming shopping weekend - it's the last weekend for most stores' free shipping offers for standard shipping in order to receive your product before Christmas! And let's not forget that Cyber Monday II (the revenge) is coming up this Monday, and you can earn Double Cash Back at something like 445 stores from your friends at Ebates!

So let's move to the deals, shall we?

Friday, December 11th
- Free Shipping (up to a $35 value) on All $100+ orders at Babies R Us

- 10 Days of Happiness at Clinique - Get a different Free Treat every day, plus Free Shipping

Saturday, December 12th
- Free Shipping on $75+ order at Red Envelope

- Free Ground Shipping on $25+ order at Sony

Sunday, December 13th
- Free Standard/Ground Shipping and Deluxe sample of La Mer The Body Creme (30 ml) with any la Mer purchase at Bliss Spa. Code 129904

- Free Fed Ex Ground Shipping on $50+ order at Vans. Code GROUND09

- Free Shipping on any order at White House Black Market

Monday, December 14th
- Free Shipping on any order at Carolee

- Free Standard Shipping + 2 Free Sample in Cosmetic with any order at Lancome. (Can be combined with 7 Days of Luxury offers.)

- Save up to 50% & Free Ground Shipping on $30+ order at Warner Bros. Online Shop

- Free Ground Shipping on any order at Huntington Surf & Sport

- Free Ground Shipping on any order at Code LIDSDECFGS

Tuesday, December 15th
- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Dickies

- Free Shipping on $25+ order at Linens 'n Things

Wednesday, December 16th
- Free Shipping on $75+ order at Discovery Channel Store. Code FREESHIP

- Free Ground Shipping on any order at The Sak

- Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders at Under Armour with code: EBA3T433X32 at checkout

Thursday, December 17th

- Save up to 70% in our Gift Guide + Free Shipping at Jones New York

- Free Shipping on $25+ order at ULTA Beauty. Code 33069 (one coupon per order)

Friday, December 18th
- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Origins

- Free Standard Shipping on $25+ order at JCPenney. Code CR8JOY

- Free 2nd Day Air and 40% off Christmas Cards at 123Print


December 10, 2009

Shop For Gifts at Ebates!This installment of I Want It Now is dedicated to staying warm. Winter temperatures have officially hit San Francisco, and although my wool jacket fights hard against the cold, it's no match for the wind blocking, cold shattering abilities of a puffer jacket. Filled with goose down or polyester (which is surprisingly warm, and perfect for vegetarian folk) puffer jackets are a must-have this Winter. If you think this style of jacket belongs on ski slopes or in playgrounds, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Isla Fischer prove otherwise. Below are just a few of the countless option available through Ebates merchants.


Helmut Lang Short Puffer JacketThe Designer Puffer
It's no secret I am in love (read-obsessed) with designer Helmut Lang. His avant garde clothing has a sculptural element that I simply adore. No standard patterns, or boring prints like this Short Puffer Jacket shows. Despite the inflated nature of puffer jackets, this one manages to be tailored, and sleek. Selling at Saks Fifth Avenue, you'll get 2.5% Cash Back and find lots of coupons just in time for the holidays.

Long Belted PufferThe No Fuss Puffer
The term CYA applies to more than legal issues. In times of extreme cold, your bottom half needs warmth too, making the long puffer a necessity. This Long Belted Puffer from J.Crew has all the length a girl needs to avoid a frozen behind, and at $225, it won't make a huge dent in your wallet. Complete with detachable hood, this jacket is sure to become a favorite as the mercury drops. Like all purchases at J.Crew you'll receive 1.0% Cash Back.

Fleece Lined Vest From Old NavyThe Bargain Puffer
For most people the holiday season means shopping for others rather than yourself, however shopping at Old Navy means you can do both. This Fleece Lined Vest is just $34! Available in five colors, this jacket makes a perfect gift. You'll also find both long and short puffers priced $21-$55, and of course, 10.0% Cash Back.

Juicy Couture Puffa JacketThe Detailed Puffer
Whether you like fur accents, extra pockets, or colorful options, puffers have it. This Juicy Couture Puffa Jacket features both a fur trimmed hood and zipper detailing throughout. It comes in both white and black, and like all purchases through Shopbop, you'll receive 8.0% Cash Back during Ebates December Double Cash Back.

Shop more gifts in our Holiday Gift Guide


December 9, 2009

If there are two facts about me that have been made abundantly clear in the time I have been writing for this blog, it is that I am an unabashed book nerd and that I am a proud San Francisco resident. So when these two interests dovetail, I just have to tell the world about it. Through the end of the day today, Chronicle Books, a San Francisco mainstay whose offices I walk by every evening as I leave work, is having a pretty amazing Friends & Family Sale.

While you can still use coupon code HOLIDAYHINTS to get 25% off and free shipping on all your orders, ending tonight at midnight, you can bump your savings up another 10%. With coupon code FRIENDS, you can take 35% off your entire purchase at Chronicle Books and get free shipping anywhere. It's a funny thought to someone like me, that I can order something from them online and get it for much cheaper than I can if I walked into their store and bought it. Ah, the glories of the internet!

moleskine plannerSo what did I buy? It shouldn't come as a surprise, knowing me; I got a new Moleskine planner. After spending a year trying to decipher my scrawl in the pocket planner (roughly 3x5 inches) I am upgrading to the 5x8 standard size planner because, quite frankly, I'm a busy man. What's really nice about this particular planner is that it has an entire page face each week for notes, lists, and all the other things scribblers like myself enjoy.

So this fine piece of planning power would normally run me $18.95 plus $4.50 shipping, in addition to nearly $2 more with CA State sales tax. Thanks to this coupon, I was able to get this out the door, tax and all, for $13.37, a savings of over $10. Now I have money to buy more books! That doesn't even factor in the 3.0% Cash Back that is heading on its way directly to my Ebates account.

Take advantage of this sale and more by checking our Coupons category!


December 8, 2009

I have never really been very creative about gift giving. I usually ask my family members "What do you want for Christmas?", or buy each of them something obvious that I know they will like. But with my budget tighter than ever this year, I need to get creative so I can give meaningful gifts that don't break the bank. Luckily, Barnes & Noble has doubled to 8.0% Cash Back as part of our December Double Cash Back and so the creative gifts I am looking for come with some extra savings. Plus, they have a Holiday Gift Guide which makes finding the perfect gift a little easier. Zagat America's Top Resturants 2010 My brother is a major foodie who will travel great distances for a good meal (he comes to visit me here in San Francisco often and is always dying to try the newest and greatest restaurants). Perfect for the foodie in your life is the Zagat America's Top Restaurants Guide 2010, 28% off and just $11.48. With a complete list of all the greatest restaurants across the country, it is a great reference for someone who loves a good meal or who travels a lot and it is under $12!

The Style Strategy by Nina GarciaPerfect for the fashionista or just someone on the brink of a life change (who might need a style change along with it) is The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia (of Project Runway and Marie Claire magazine) is the perfect gift and just $11.87. The book is essentially a go-to-guide on how to maximize your wardrobe, buy smartly, and get the chic designer look for less. No matter how much or how little you know about fashion, this is the book to have. I will pick up a few copies for all the women in my life (and even one for myself).

Shop Barnes & Noble and find gifts for everyone on your list at great prices with double cash back!


December 8, 2009

Clear Gem Bib NecklaceOne of my favorite fashion blogs is WhoWhatWear. Filled with celebrities and oozing with fashion, this site is famous for it's larger than life collages and jam packed editorials. While scrolling through it's contents today, I came across this glitzy statement necklace. Naturally I assumed something so cute would cost a fortune, but to my delight this piece is available at Ann Taylor Loft where I'll get 3.0% Cash Back from Ebates. Oh and the price? An extremely affordable $50.


Bib-NecklaceBib necklaces are everywhere this season. Packed with jewel accents, they're a perfect addition to any holiday party outfit. This Clear Gem Bib Necklace features a mesh trim that looks great on bare skin (hello strapless dress) and a white t-shirt as Olivia Palermo shows us above. Aside from being on trend with jewelry, Ann Taylor Loft also has slouchy leather handbags, cozy sweaters (right now buy one, get one free) and blouses for every occasion. The next time you think high end fashion is only available at high end prices, shop Ann Taylor Loft!

Earn even more cash back with December Double Cash Back!


December 7, 2009

You may have tuned in to the Today Show this morning and seen their special segment on "Food Gifts from Across the Country". Being an avid non-morning person, I will admit that I missed it, but some of my foodie friends made sure that I watched it online once I'd had my first cup of coffee. At first I was curious about what everyone was all excited about; most everything that the people were discussing was pretty standard as far as tasty treats go, but then, right about the five minute mark, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue: the Vosges Chocolate Bacon Bar.

Vosges Bacon Chocolate BarIt's no surprise coming from someone like myself that I am well-versed in this sweet and savory treat. I've had both the milk chocolate version as well as the dark chocolate version, however I haven't tried the latest addition, the bacon and chocolate chip pancake mix. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am mighty tempted, and almost placed an order at first mention. But instead, I will leave all bacon and chocolate ventures where they belong for the moment: on my holiday wish list.

If you think you know someone who might want a little bacon and chocolate love in their life, or if they just have an appreciation for such things like delicious truffles, wine or champagne and truffle gift sets, or most any other kind of gourmet comfort food involving chocolate, then Vosges is just the gift site that you're looking for. Best of all, you can earn 10% Cash Back on all your purchases when you shop through Ebates. Plus, through the end of the year, you can save 15% on all purchases of $100 or more with coupon code HOLIDAY15OFF, so that's a perfect chance to save a little extra on a whole bunch of gift shopping.

Plus, most food items ship on short notice, due to freshness concerns, so not only are these things delicious, they should get to your door lickity-split for you procrastinators!

Find all sorts of gift ideas in the Ebates Top Holiday Gifts pages!


December 7, 2009

HealthMasterI have to admit I do watch early morning infomercials. Typically I am able to ignore whatever must-have item these shows sell (usually centered around weight loss, make-up, and acne programs), but one show catching my attention was for something that I could actually use: a juicer. No, make that an emulsifier. Before I go into detail, allow me state this items sells at QVC for $30 less than what is advertised on TV, plus you'll get 4.0% Cash Back at Ebates.

I've owned juicers in the past, but the process was always messy and it seemed half of what I put in was being wasted. The whole idea behind juicing is to promote good health, yet many fruits and veggies hold most of their vitamins in the same skin other juicers discard. The HealthMaster actually liquefies food, eliminating waste, and the clean up process is half of what other juicers demand. This product is advertised on TV for $200, but through QVC it's only $169. Perfect for my dad who's vegetable intake is far less than what it should be, this emulsifier is an easy way to make juices, fresh baby food, even dessert. Instead of nagging loved ones to adopt a healthier lifestyle, give them the tools to do so. New Year's resolutions are being made now, so why not get a jump start?

Find more gift ideas here.


December 6, 2009

Twilight Fresh Face Glow From SephoraNo matter how much you love the holidays, this time of year is always a bit stressful and takes an obvious toll on the complexion. Holiday stress mixed with falling temperatures always makes me look rather peaked even if I am full of Holiday cheer. If you are looking for just the right pick me up for your skin, look no further than Fresh Twilight Face Glow, available at Sephora for $36 with 8.0% Cash Back. I was initially turned off by the price tag, thinking that it was way too expensive for something that would likely promise a lot more than it actually delivered. It delivers! Mixing a bit of this luminous cream with my moisturizer everyday adds just the right amount of dewy glow, a little bit of moisture and makes the skin look virtually flawless. Plus, it is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, smells nice, and feels so luxurious. It makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list, as you can give someone a little holiday glow.

If the full size is a little too much to commit to or you are looking for something a little more gift-worthy pick up this limited edition Fresh Star Light, Star Bright Set, for $28, full of get-pretty favorites and, of course, the Twilight Face Glow. It is temporarily out of stock, but too good not to mention, I'd think Sephora should be restocking before the holidays.

Get a complete list of all of Sephora coupons and offers here or check out all of our December Double Cash Back stores!


December 5, 2009

KarmaloopFor all you loyal shoppers out there, is the place to be, especially for this Holiday season! Founded in 1999 by Greg Selkoe, Karmaloop is a Boston-based online retailer. The global leader of streetwear fashion, Karmaloop carries over two hundred of the hottest and upcoming brands, both contemporary and street. Gearing up for the much-anticipated holiday shopping season, Karmaloop has provided its customers with a gift guide to make your shopping experience easy and efficient. Here are a few ideas for both guys and girls.

For guys, button-downs, varsity jackets, vests and fitted baseball caps are great trends that will keep them warm from the cold and looking fly. Check out the Pike Plaid Buttondown Shirt by RVCA, the Demons Stadium Jacket by Crooks and Castles, the Everest Vest by Artful Dodger, and the Original Snap Back Hat by KR3W.

For the ladies, fitted dresses, winter trench coats, mini skirts, crystal encrusted jewelry and woven handbags are all styles that are on every girl's wish list. Take a look at the Helen Dress by Motel, the Grable Coat by BB Dakota, the High Tide Scrunch Mini by Free People, the Swarovski Pow Gun Ring by Melody Ehsani, and the Luella Woven Hobo by Deux Lux. For more gift ideas, check out the gift guide, for full collections of all brands, check out Karmaloop, and for 6.0% Cash Back on all your orders, check out

For a fun new way to save even more at Karmaloop, check out the LOCKDOWN! Sale: A new door opens daily, revealing a special offer to make this season just a little more spicy! Come back daily and check out what we have in store. We don't care if you've been naughty or nice, Karmaloop has your goods on lock!


December 4, 2009

Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere ScarfFashion enthusiasts everywhere love the holiday season, and it's not hard to see why. The abundance of sales, the copiousness of deep discounts. It's the one time of year when prices are so good, there's more than enough room to cross off those on your gift list, and get a little extra for yourself. Take the Bloomingdale's Buy More Save More Event. From now until December 6th, enjoy 20% off $250+ or 30% off $500+ orders. To make this sweet deal even sweeter you'll find 30-40% off select handbags, and up to 50% off designer shoes, men's apparel, even jewelry and accessories too. Yes you read right, double the savings. Of course there's still 5.0% Cash Back to be had, which after all that shopping really adds up.

It's rare that you can shop for everyone on your gift list in one place, but such is the case with Bloomingdale's. For the women in my life, a sentimental piece like a silver plated Juicy Couture Necklace is inexpensive and straight from the heart. For the men in my life nothing says you're special like the gift of cashmere. The above Polo Ralph Lauren Scarf is made from a cashmere blend, and is just $79.

Find more savings and cash back with December Double Cash Back!


December 4, 2009

free shipping coupons
Well hello again Ebates lovers. So good to see you here. As we are in the midst of the madness of the holiday season, and Cyber Monday 2 is waiting just around the corner for us, there are tons of Ebates merchants offering all sorts of great deals. There is even our December Double Cash Back promotion, where you can get increased cash back on top of all sorts of other great sales and coupons. Below are the highlights of the upcoming week in limited-time Free Shipping Deals!

Friday, December 4th
- Free Shipping on any order at Carlos Santana Shoes

- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Dr. Scholls Shoes

- Get free shipping on all furniture orders at For 3 Days Only! Enter promo code SHIP2U at checkout

Sunday, December 6th
- Free Shipping on full-price Skis and Snowboards at REI - limited time only.

- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Vans. Code STANDARD09

Monday, December 7th
- Free Shipping on any order at Code OSPFREESHIP

- Free Shipping on All Orders at

Tuesday, December 8th
- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Gaiam. Code EMBFSH

- Deal of the Week at Aerie by American Eagle - Free Shipping with any Gift Guide item purchase.

Wednesday, December 9th

- Free Shipping on any order at Saks Fifth Avenue. Code HOLIDAY9

- Free Ground Shipping on any order at Robeez

- Free Shipping on any order at ShopPBS

Friday, December 11th
- 10 Days of Happiness at Clinique - Get a different Free Treat every day, plus Free Shipping


December 3, 2009

My absolute favorite part of holiday gift giving is the stocking. I love to gather special trimmings and trinkets and I always include several bath and body items, as they make the perfect stocking stuffers. Just in time for my stocking stuffer hunt is The Body Shop Friends and Family Sale, where my entire order will be 20% off with free shipping (on orders of 50+) with code FNF2009 at checkout.

20% off Body Shop Shave Brush
I will get perfect items like this bristle shaving brush for my brothers ($11 and now just $8.80), an Almond Oil Cuticle Pen for my Mom (now $9.60), Hemp Hand Scrub ($9.60), the perfect remedy for flaky winter skin and a few more of these amazing Ultra Gentle Cleansing Cloths20% off Ultra Gentle Cleansing Cloths at The Body Shop (now only $4.80) that I wrote about a few months back. Honestly, they make a simple face cleansing a perfect exfoliating experience especially for those with gentle skin. Plus, I find that the cloths take off every trace of my makeup. They fold up into cute little wedges with a delightful bow, so they will add a little something different to the stocking and everyone (even my Dad) will appreciate having one! Plus, I will save 20% on my order and get 5.0% Cash Back. Hurry, The Body Shop Friends and Family Sale lasts just three days and ends on December 6th.


December 2, 2009

eBay Twelve Days of DealsNow that it is "officially" holiday shopping season (thanks to Black Friday and our personal favorite Cyber Monday), shopping for gifts means weeding through deals. It is easy to become confused and disoriented in a sea of deep discounts. My advice: ask yourself, "Is it really a deal if it is something I wouldn't want to give or receive if it was full price?"

This line of rational thought has saved me from giving loved ones $5 toaster ovens, Ove Gloves, and an array of other items that were deeply discounted but not at all appropriate. Another gift-giving savior is eBay whose unparalleled selection of items and great prices makes gift-giving a fail-free breeze. To make it even easier, they have kicked off their Twelve Days of Deals (November 27- December 8), where each day they have a new featured deal (20-90% off with free shipping) on a hot item at an amazing price. Today's deal is a pair of these stunning 14kt White Gold Pink Diamond Stud Earrings. Trust me, she will want these. Get them for less and get 2.5% Cash Back at eBay when you shop though Ebates and give a gift that is a great deal and something they want!

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December 2, 2009

Macy's Freinds and FamilyStarting today through December 7th, shop the Macy's Friends and Family Sale (use code EBATESFF09) and get an extra 25% off with Free Shipping on orders of $99+. Plus you will earn 5.0% Cash Back from Ebates (increased for December Double Cash Back), to get even more savings on the best selection of gifts, clothing, accessories, items for the home, and much more!

Be sure to check the Ebates blog for more Friends and Family Sales!


December 2, 2009

Do you like your finger to light up like a Christmas tree whenever you flash your hand? Do you want to look like a rich heiress without spending your entire inheritance? Then you should check out Eternal Sparkles. What do I love about this merchant? Simple: they give you exactly what they promise; sparkles. If you want a little bling for your buck or you want to find that perfect cocktail ring to set off your dress for the holiday party, you will find it at Eternal Sparkles. Yes, I know I'm just a male, but I recognize style when I see it, and there are a number of rings to suit almost anyone's tastes, whether you go for elegantly understated or if you prefer a ring that looks like it should come with its own mode of transportation.

Eternal Sparkles Another thing that I like about Eternal Sparkles is that their site is incredibly well designed, especially for those of us who are not jewelry inclined. There are a number of different ways to search the site including by stone, by price point, or just by hot sellers. You'd be lucky to find brick-and-mortar stores that gave you that much assistance. Plus, through December 7th, you can take advantage of the coupon code Cyber60 to get 60% off of all your purchases, in addition to everyday free shipping on any order over $50. Those are some deals that make buying a sparkly little something for the ladies a little bit sweeter, and 7.5% Cash Back is really like the icing on the cake.

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December 1, 2009

Gold Flower LanternsIn life as in home decor, it's either tasteful or tacky. A tasteful home should never house tacky holiday decorations. Just ask West Elm. In fact, they're offering 20% off holiday decor just to prove it. And although you should never procrastinate, this sale does end on Christmas day. So if, like me, you are in complete denial about the holidays being here already, you do have some time.


Honeycomb ThrowInstead of plastic ornaments, fake snow, and other design no-no's, take a hint from David Stark. The above Gold Flower Lanterns are part of his uber chic collection for West Elm and they're just the thing to get your home feeling in the spirit while maintaining a level of sophistication. On sale, they're now $9- $27, plus, like all purchases at West Elm, you'll receive 3.0% Cash Back. The collection also includes ornaments, miniature trees, and lovely garlands. I should also mention that West Elm carries throws and pillows from luxury knitwear line Lutz and Patmos. This Honeycomb Throw performs double duty as a decor item and as a toasty treat on cold nights. Both items also make great gifts (gentlemen take note) so shop now before items sell out. You wouldn't believe how many people have great taste!

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