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January 31, 2010

After years and years of coloring my hair, the damage has finally caught up to me and become evident on my lackluster, weak strands. My blond hair looks limp and tired despite all the products I have tried to put a little life back into it. While most things have short-term results, my hair does look healthier after a deep conditioner (this one from Nordstrom is amazing, by the way), nothing has provided long-term relief. I know a complete overhaul is in order and I need to start from ground zero.

First I got a good healthy trim and next was a more simplified styling routine (less time using the hair dryer and no flat ironing). I felt that I needed a good clarifying treatment to get rid of all the buildup from styling products and treatments so that my scalp could breathe and my hair could grow healthier. Because I love a D.I.Y. beauty treatment, I did a little research and discovered that my Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar has yet another amazing use: clarifying hair rinse! I always get mine from Vitacost, where shipping is always one flat rate, prices are exceptional and I get 5.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Apple Cider Vinegar from Vitacost
There are many ways do do this rinse but I recommend this method because it is simple, does not take much time, and the vinegar smell is less apparent this way. First, wait until your hair is not clean, maybe a day or two after washing depending on how long you usually go between washes. Put one to two tablespoons of ACV into a one quart measuring cup filled with warm water (keep this ratio in mind if you need to add more water to saturate your hair). Stand over a sink or in the shower and pour the mixture onto your head, then comb through. Leave it on for up to half an hour, rinse, and then wash and condition as usual. Because the apple cider vinegar will reduce the product build-up on your hair and balance PH levels, your hair will be shiner and have more volume. It really is a great treatment that you can do one to two times a week. I am very pleased with the results and although it smells pretty bad, it is totally worth it because my hair feels (and looks) healthier.

Give it a try and pick up a bottle of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar for just $5.71 from Vitacost  with cash back from Ebates.


January 30, 2010

GoGamer.com DealsYou may recall last Saturday, when I wrote about how I finally got on the Xbox 360 bandwagon. I was so excited about getting the new console that I overlooked one major fact: a video game console doesn't do you much good if you don't have any games to play on it. Being the dutiful Ebates employee that I am, I did a little research; I went to our Video Games page, checked most of the major big-box retailers we have, and I realized one obvious fact: most stores have pretty standard prices when it comes to video games.

madden-10-coverThen I stumbled upon GoGamer.com. It's a bit dramatic to say I now have an idea what Columbus felt like when he first set foot on the shores of "The New World" but I'll say least say that I had one of those "woo hoo" moments the like of when you find your car keys in the least likely of places after hours of searching. Using perhaps the most necessary game for your average video gaming male (Madden 10) as a yardstick, I was thrilled to see how much I was going to save. Most stores offer the always-popular football title for somewhere in the $55 to $60 range. At GoGamer I found it for a mere $42.90 with a tasty 3.0% Cash Back. But the savings weren't limited to that one title - I was able to save an average of about fifteen percent on most of the titles I picked up.

I will give you one caveat about GoGamer: they won't necessarily have every title you want in stock. But then again, with prices like that, it's not surprising that they have trouble keeping things in stock.

With that out of the way - perhaps what impressed me more than the 3.0% Cash Back or the low prices was how fast they ship. I placed my order at about one o'clock on Tuesday the 26th, and chose their cheapest shipping method (alas, no free shipping... at least not at the moment) which means I expected to see it anywhere up to two weeks after I'd placed the order. I was shocked that when I returned home from work Thursday evening, what did I spy in the entryway to my place, but a box from GoGamer containing all the games I ordered! I knew they shipped from various warehouses in order to get the fastest time, and living in San Francisco, we have a pretty snappy postal system, but that is under 48 hours from the time I placed the order to the time the package arrived. My results may not be typical, but man was I thrilled!

Check out all the deals and price compare for yourself in our Video Game category.


January 30, 2010

I like to compare designer clothing, in particular designer denim, to quicksand. Both have suction qualities that make escaping a near impossibility, and both are seemingly harmless until disturbed. That may be a tad extreme, but such was my fate years ago when I tried my first pair of designer jeans. The way my legs, butt, and even torso looked was so improved from the days of generic denim that I've been trapped ever since. Spending upwards (and over) $200 just for the perfect fit.

Skinny ClassiqueThose days are quickly coming to an end thanks to what can only be described as a developing allergic reaction to designer costs. The thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a pair of jeans that will be useless in a year makes my head spin and my stomach turn. But what else can I do? There's no question designer fit comes with a price tag of at least $150. Right? Wrong! Blank Denim are jeans with a true designer fit. And the price? An affordable $68-$78. Piperlime sells an extensive collection of Blank Denim, and you'll get 2.0% Cash Back from Ebates. These Skinny Classique Jeans feature the same smooth fit of other top designer brands, but at $78, they're extremely affordable. The above pair is sleek, sexy, and fits like a glove. And that, my friends, is priceless.

Shop our Clothing category for the latest deals.


January 29, 2010

I have always been one to appreciate a gift that is a little out of the ordinary, especially when the gift is thoughtful and incorporates my interests. In terms of Valentine's Day gifts, I think chocolate and roses are always a good call, but there are also many women (and men) who would appreciate something a little different, but that still makes them feel pampered. Enter The Body Shop, who have increased their cash back to 8.0% for Valentines Day with coupons for 25% off select bath and body products and fragrances with free shipping on all orders over $60. This is truly enough to entice  any Valentine's Day shopper into finding a great deal on a thoughtful, and a little unexpected, gift idea.

Olive Body Butter from The Body Shop
I have gushed about my love for The Body Shop many a time on the blog, and I will again because they have a great selection of products, many of them natural and organic, and the company is socially responsible. To me, nothing says, "Thinking of you, my Valentine" like a luxurious, natural bath and body product to pamper with. A good place to start for a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift is the Olive Body Butter (a cult favorite), now 25% off and just $15. Add the Olive Body Scrub for a truly relaxing totally indulgent experience. Plus, get free shipping and 8.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates.

Find your perfect gift with increased cash back during our Valentine's Day Promotion!


January 29, 2010

free shipping coupons So good to see you all back here again for yet another thrilling installment of Free Shipping Friday here at the Ebates blog. Hope you all had a great week, and I hope you all have something fun and exciting on tap for the weekend to come. One thing you can look forward to is a whole mess of Free Shipping Deals. Behold!

Friday, January 29th
- All Bedding, Bath & Window Treatments on sale plus Free Shipping and Hot Buys at The Great Indoors

- Get free rush shipping when you order online every Friday in January at Men's Wearhouse. Code FOFP

- Free Shipping on orders of $60 or more at PETCO

Saturday, January 30th
- Free Shipping on any order at Bealls. Code SPRING

- Free Shipping on $50+ order at Champs Sports. Code LKS1JN65

- Free Shipping and Free 6 Piece Sample Collection with $50+ order at Lancome. Code NEWYEAR10

- Free Shipping on $25+ order at Walgreens. Code LOVE25 (Excludes pharmacy or photo orders)

Sunday, January 31st
- Free Shipping on $75+ order at RedEnvelope through this link

- Free Ground Shipping, Free Returns and No Sales Tax at Compact Appliance (Some Restrictions Will Apply. Offer Not Valid For Open Box Merchandise.)

- Free Ground Shipping on $99+ order at Adidas. (Restrictions Apply)

- Free Shipping on any order at Becker Surf. Code NEWYEARS (Excludes surfboards, sup's, and paddles.)

- Free Shipping on $85+ order at Calvin Klein Jeans

- Free Shipping on $69+ order at Designer Linens Outlet. Code FreeShip69

- Free Shipping on any order at GNC

- Free Shipping on $50+ order at Hot Topic

- Free Shipping on $39.99+ order at ProFlowers through this link.

- Free Shipping on $40+ order at Walter Drake. Code 20619101001

- Free Shipping on any order of $100 or more at Bluefly. Shop now!

Monday, February 1st
- Free Shipping on $75+ order at Kohls. Code FREE2U

- Free Shipping and Returns on our Newest Denim Fits at Lucky Brand

- 12 Red Roses for only $29.99, Plus Free Shipping at 1800FLOWERS

Wednesday, February 3rd
- Free Overnight Shipping on $100+ order at FOSSIL. Continental U.S. Only


January 28, 2010

Those of you who have become a fan of Ebates on Facebook know how much we love passing on the savings to our loyal members. Each day we advertise the Ebates Daily Double (featured store with doubled cash back), as well as a great sale/coupon. With so many amazing sales and promotions ending this month, it's too much for one post or several! Instead, here's a list of ways to save at nearly twenty Ebates stores. Hurry, these all expire by the end of the month (or sooner!). Enjoy and thanks for reading the Ebates blog!

P.S. - We love comments on our blogs, so if you've got them, pass them along!

Ann Taylor Loft - 20% off any full-price purchase of $100 or more with code SAVE20. Plus 3.0% Cash Back!

Babies R Us - Shop the Babies Clearance Store - Extra 10% off any order, 15% off $100+ or 20% off $200+ order! (Exp. 01/30/2010)

Botanic Choice - 20% off any order. Code THANKYOU. Plus 9.0% Cash Back!

Barnes and Noble - After Holiday Sale - Save up to 50% off Toys and Games for All Ages. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Coldwater Creek - $25 off $100+ order. Code WHH4304. Plus 2.0% Cash Back!

Designer Linen's Outlet - Save an extra 40% off Clearance Bin. Code CB40. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

DJ Premium - Extra 20% off Sale & Clearance items. Code 1JTWUQ. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Eastbay - $20 off $100+ order. Code LKS1JAN2 (Exp. 01/30/2010) Plus 5.0% Cash Back!

Florsheim - Additional 20% off clearance items. Code 202020. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Gaiam - $20 off $100+ order. Code JANSAVE. Plus 5.0% Cash Back!

GNC - 30% off $150+ order. Plus 7.0% Cash Back!

Hot Topic - 25% off $50+ order. Code HTA25OFF50. Plus 6.0% Cash Back!

Karmaloop - $20 off $100+ order. Code JOYX20. Plus 6.0% Cash Back!

Makeup.com - 60% off Everything in Boutique. Code CLEAN60. Plus 9.0% Cash Back!

Pink Mascara - Extra 30% off all Sale items. Code EXTRA30. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Shoes.com - 20% off entire order. Code 20OFFSALE (Excludes Handbags) (Exp. 01/30/2010) Plus 8.0% Cash Back!

Timberland - 20% off entire order. Code WINTER20. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Ulta Beauty - 20% off any order. Code 20680 (Exp. 01/30/2010) Plus 3.0% Cash Back!

White House Black Market - $20 off $100+ order. Code 8978. Plus 2.0% Cash Back!

Shop all coupons


January 27, 2010

With the season premiere of the final season of Lost just around the corner, I am feeling a little anxious about getting back into the dysfunctional relationship I have with the show. Throughout the five seasons on air, I have been in a constant love/hate cycle but remain totally hooked, and no matter how many times I swear I am not going to watch or that I am "done with Lost", I eagerly tune in the following week. Most devoted Lost fans have felt this way sometime or another. The show is inherently unsatisfying, confusing, and far-fetched. Why do I keep going back? Because no other show could make me feel this way.

I am a true fan.

Lost Season 5 at Overstock With 4.0% Cash BackTo prepare for the event (9 p.m. Tuesday February 2nd on ABC), I have all my previous season DVDs queued up so that I am fully prepared for another four months of punishment. If you too need to prepare yourself, pick up seasons 1-5 at Overstock, where you will get 4.0% Cash Back from Ebates and huge discounts on the  DVD's that sell for $18.99- $26.99 for various seasons. If buying the DVDs is too much of a commitment, prepare for the premiere and put $13 in your Ebates account when you sign up for Netflix through Ebates and rent the DVDs.

Get cash back on all your entertainment purchases in our Music and Movies Category.


January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day RosesYeah, apparently it's true. At least that's what I keep hearing from the people who are more qualified to make that statement than myself, you know, the married folk around the office, the guys who aren't single, and even the women. It seems like a pretty widespread consensus, women plus flowers equals happy.

Luckily for you, we have two of our most popular floral merchants offering increased cash back in our Valentine's Day Promo, so from now until Valentine's Day, you can make her day and earn extra cash back, no matter whom "her" refers to. So if you're looking for roses for Valentine's Day, a nice birthday bouquet, or simply a nice little "thinking of you" arrangement for a friend, you have a few great options: FTD is currently offering 14.0% Cash Back, which is a step up from their usual 10.0%, which isn't too bad itself. Since we are all about comparing prices and finding the best deal, you may also want to check out teleflora, where you can get 12.0% Cash Back, which is up from 7.0%. Not having a lot of need for flowers these days (they don't really excite me the way they do the female constituent of this blog), I haven't had a lot of time to compare the nitty gritty of cost and service and all that, but I'm sure both are competitive.

There has also been a lot of buzz around the blogosphere in the last few days about 1-800-FLOWERS and some of the deals they are currently offering, which can be paired with their everyday 12.0% Cash Back.

No matter where you end up getting them, make sure you start at Ebates in our Flowers & Gifts category!


January 26, 2010

Soap.jpgCleaning my shower over the weekend was a real rude awakening. I say this because the most laborious aspect of the job was clearing out my shower contents before I started to clean, rather than the actual scrubbing. In the process of  moving several bottles of near-empty shampoo, half-opened and now dried out sample packages, water-logged conditioner bottles, and three different facial cleansers, I realized that it was time to get rid of some things, even if there is a chance that some day I may be compelled to use the two year old conditioner I bought on a whim. I threw out all of the stuff I do not use on a weekly basis and realized that I was ready to streamline and employ some multi-tasking products into the shower routine on the condition that no amount of shower space was worth having products that I did not love. I'd rather feel like a hoarder than step out of the shower feeling unsatisfied.

I'd trust no other brand than Clarins to have a multi-tasking product that actually delivered. Lo and behold, they have recently launched this Gentle Beauty Soap, available for $15 with 7.0% Cash Back from Ebates. This certified organic beauty bar is made with 99% natural products (that's enough for me) and it is formulated for use on the face and body, and it is super gentle and lightly fragranced.

For just $15, I can keep my shower nice and spacious with this multi-tasking soap from Clarins!

Get cash back on all your beauty favorites in our Health and Beauty Category.


January 26, 2010

As a woman I will never turn away chocolate or flowers, let alone both at the same time. This makes Valentine's Day a particular favorite of mine, but I must admit, neither gift could be called original. Sure flowers smell great, but they die in a week. Yes, chocolate is divine, but gaining weight is not. So I say to you men out there: this year do something different and surprise her. Of course I'm not suggesting you skimp on the flowers, as those are standard procedure, but what I am saying is go above and beyond what's expected. Listen, when it comes to women, it's the thought that counts. When it comes to your wallet, cash back counts. Which is why Ebates Valentine's Day Double Cash Back is sweeter than any chocolate on the market. From now until February 14th receive increased cash back at twelve of our top stores, including 5.0% Cash Back at HSN.

Hot in Hollywood ScarfShopping at HSN is a breeze since they carry everything under the sun, including today's hottest fashions. Speaking of fashion, even the most clueless of men will recognize that women love scarves. This trendy scarf by Hot In Hollywood shows her not only do you pay attention to trends (a.k.a. what she's wearing), but that you made an effort. The latter of which will help you score big brownie points for later. At just $12.90, this scarf has all the thought without the cost.

Casa di Francesca Diffuser SetAnother item women tend to go gaga for is fragrance, especially home fragrances. This Diffuser Set by Casa di Francesca smells like sweet lavender and comes with a hand blown Murano glass vase. Not only does this smell amazing, but it looks amazing too. Priced at $79.95 this gift is sure to up your wow factor. Something that's never a bad idea!

Shop Valentine's Day!


January 25, 2010

Then you've come to the right place. See, as you may already know, there's this football game coming up, and it's called the Super Bowl. You might have heard of it. It's kind of a big deal, especially to football fans. But there's one thing you can count on every year, whether you are a football fanatic or someone who thinks a two point conversion is an economics term: amazing sales on televisions. The reason for this is simple: the Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events all year in the U.S., and for that very reason, retail stores try to offer the best deals possible for folks who are interested in impressing their friends with a new and sleek TV on which to watch the game. This year, eBay is running a special in their Daily Deals section proving why they're consistently our most popular merchant.
eBay Daily DealWhen I noticed that eBay was featuring HDTVs of all shapes and sizes in their Daily Deals, I couldn't believe some of the prices. By shopping through them, you'll be saving up to 39% on a wide array of televisions, ranging from nineteen inches all the way up to fifty five. Best of all for yours truly, all of these TVs will be shipped free. As always, you'll also be earning 2.0% Cash Back on your purchases when you shop through Ebates. If you've even been considering getting a new flat screen HDTV, even if it's just in the back of your mind, you really owe it to yourself to at least check the prices and discounts on some of these TVs - I know I was surprised at just how inexpensive a new HDTV has gotten.

Find the perfect TV for your needs with cash back and savings in our Televisions category!


January 25, 2010

During my years as a dedicated shopper I've come to a point where I refuse to pay full price. Call me stingy, you could even call me cheap, but with so many ways to save money (Ebates being one of them) paying full price just doesn't make sense. Take for example, the following two items. Originally spotted at another retailer, I found both these items for less. How much less? Well I'll saved roughly $35 off the total, plus I'll get $17 Cash Back. Like I said, why pay full price?

Angie Shirt DressThis Angie Shirt Dress by fashion newcomers Civil Smith is made from soft linen and that other retailer (who will remain nameless, although I will say they are NOT with Ebates) sells it for $128. CoutureCandy sell this for $123, but you'll save 15% by using coupon code LOVE. You'll also get free ground shipping. My original total for this shirt was $150, but at CoutureCandy it's just $115, plus 5.0% Cash Back.

Modern Vintage BootsThese rustic boots by Modern Vintage were everywhere this season, and now they're on sale at Endless. That other store charges shipping and tax! By purchasing these boots from Endless I saved 41% and got free overnight shipping. As for the cash back? It was 6.0% Cash Back from Ebates. I can't wait to wear these with leggings, or paired over my favorite jeans.

Shop more ways to save in our Coupons tab!


January 24, 2010

It has been a few months since the start of my Castor Oil Beauty Experiment. For all of you who did not catch that blog post, I will fill you in on the details of my makeshift experiment. I had been reading a lot about women who have used Castor Oil on their eyelashes to make them grow and thought I would give it a try. I bought a bottle of Castor Oil for just $4.99 at the Vitamin Shoppe with 6.0% Cash Back. The bottle arrived quickly and I started of the experiment religiously applying the oil on my lashes every night for a few weeks. My commitment tapered off, and now I apply about three times a week, which seems to be more than enough.

Initially, I was skeptical that the oil could actually make my lashes grow, but I thought that it couldn't hurt to at least try something new with realistic expectations. What I first noticed was that the oil felt like it did moisturize my lashes (I applied to to a sparse patch in my eyebrow too) and thereby made my lashes feel heather and look a little glossier. I recommend only using a small amount, and applying the oil to the ends of the lashes and close to the roots without getting into the eye. I used a Q-tip to apply, using a fresh end for each set of lashes.

Lash Growth 1-22

If you compare the photo to the left (I took it on Friday morning) with the before photo taken at the launch of the Castor Oil experiment (below), there is no significant lash growth to report. But if you are looking for a fun and affordable addition to your pampering routine, Castor Oil is a fun addition to the mix.

Find all your pampering essentials with cash back in our Health and Beauty Category.


January 23, 2010

I've always been a few steps behind the trends when it comes to video games. They've never been a major priority, as I usually prefer to spend my time playing music, reading, writing, or pursuing any of the other hobbies I love during the few hours I'm actually home. Still, in the last few months, almost all of my friends have purchased an Xbox 360. They talk about how fun it is to play games via the Xbox Live network because, let's be honest here, playing games by yourself against a computer isn't always the most fun or constructive way to play video games.

Xbox EliteSo I set out in search of a good deal. I have to, right? I mean, I'm an Ebates blogger. So I combed the internet for that perfect blend of cash back, affordable prices, and because I'm Bill, free shipping. I wound up at Abt Electronics, which is not necessarily somewhere I'd expect to find great deals on video game systems, but hey, it worked. They had the Xbox Elite edition, which comes with a headset, 120 GB Hard Drive, HDMI cable, and everything I could possibly need for fun video gaming, for $319 thanks to no tax and free shipping. Toss in 2.0% Cash Back through Ebates, and I just couldn't turn the offer down. So now I can connect to Xbox Live to play my friends, play solo games when the time allows, and even stream Netflix straight to my TV with the simple touch of a controller button.

Find your perfect system with the help of our Video Game page!


January 23, 2010

There's something about the right scent that makes a girl swoon, and for me, that scent is woodsy, with hints of patchouli and moss. Of course, I discovered this after spending countless dollars on perfumes I would later discard. But now that I know better, I shop at FragranceNet. Not only do they sell top brands for both men and women, but I'll get 10.0% Cash Back during Ebates Valentine's Day Double Cash Back. Think of it as insurance for a picky nose.

Narciso RodriguezFamed fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez came out with his self titled signature fragrance a few years ago, and I've been hooked ever since. It has notes of pink pepper, lavender, patchouli, violet, and amber to name a few, and it's seductive smell is perfect for Valentine's Day. Already selling below the retail price, I'll save $10 off $80+ orders at FragranceNet with coupon code VALDAY8. Not that I needed a reason other than 10.0% Cash Back and free shipping on orders over $70 to shop this site, but hey, who doesn't love extra savings?

Shop all Valentine's Day here.


January 22, 2010

In my elaborate fantasies about the life I don't have, I imagine having fresh cut flowers in every room of my apartment. While this is not something that is completely out of the realm of possibility, my extra money usually goes to other things, and I view fresh flowers in the home as a special treat or something for a rare occasion.

When our Valentine's Day promotion launched, I was excited to see Teleflora had increased 12.0% Cash Back and I felt that perhaps my fantasy would become a reality; I could have fresh cut flowers, and if I play my cards right, I could even be gifted a beautiful bouquet. If a whopping 12.0% Cash Back was not enough of an incentive, they have same-day delivery and an additional 10% off all orders (no code required). Plus, they offer a wide range of flower arrangements for virtually every occasion and with in every price range, so it will be easy to find something affordable to spruce up my apartment.

Valentines Day Roses from TelefloraAnd when I say a wide range of arrangements, I do not exaggerate. Find classic Valentine's Day bouquets packed with beautiful red, white, and pink roses for your love or something a little more off-beat like tulips, orchids, and more. Also, discover get well arrangements, birthday bouquets, and even have the florists make a special arrangement for you when you give them just a few guidelines. Check out shopping guides like the "rose color symbolism guide" and make sure you are sending just the right message with your arrangement (gentlemen, yellow roses may not be the right choice).

Find just the right arrangement for all your flower needs and earn 12.0% Cash Back at Teleflora from Ebates.


January 22, 2010

free shipping couponsIt's almost hard to believe that another week has passed already - it seems like just yesterday I was telling you about a perceived lack of coupons. Sill, here I am at the dawn of another Free Shipping Friday, and I am actually a little surprised at the number of available coupons for the coming week. As always, this is still just a highlight list, and you just have to click on the logo at the top of this post for the full run-down of all the free shipping deals from Ebates expiring this week.

Saturday, January 23rd
- Free Shipping on All Baby Products with $100+ order at Babies R Us. (Up to a $25 value)

- Free Standard Shipping on $35+ order at Prescriptives. Code FREESHIP35

Sunday, January 24th
- Free Shipping on $60+ order at The Body Shop

- Free Standard Shipping on $59+ order at Designer Linens Outlet

- Free Shipping during Fashion Week at Dogeared Jewels and Gifts

- Free Shipping on $30+ order at Kiehl's Since 1851. Code NEWYEAR

- Free Shipping on $75+ order at Vera Bradley

Monday, January 25th
Free Standard Shipping on $150+ order at Saks Fifth Avenue. Code SHIPFREE2

- Outlet Closeout Sale - Save up to 60% & Free Shipping on Winter Clearance styles at Onlineshoes.com

- Free Shipping on any order at Relax The Back

- Free Standard Shipping on $75+ order at Urban Outfitters. Code SHIPSHIPSHIP (Excludes Bikes)

Tuesday, January 26th
- Free Shipping and Free Returns on Swim at Aerie by American Eagle

- Free US Standard Shipping with order of any velvet eyeshadow at Benefit Cosmetics. Code NEWCOLOR

- Free Ground Shipping on all Go City Card & Explorer Pass orders at Go Card USA. Code NEWYEARSHIP

Wednesday, January 27th
- Free Shipping on most $49+ orders at Home Depot

Thursday, January 28th
- Free Shipping on $30+ orders that contain a Book, Game or Accessory at LeapFrog

Friday, January 29th
- All Towels, Accessories, Bath & Accent Rugs on sale plus Free Shipping and Hot Buys at The Great Indoors

- Get free rush shipping when you order online every Friday in January at Men's Wearhouse. Code FOFP

So there you have it, another wonderful week worth of free shipping fun from your pals here at Ebates!


January 21, 2010

Shop Ice Cream Chairs on eBay!When your tastes are as varied as mine; decorating your home can be a tricky endeavor. Recently I found help while reading an interview with Keith Johnson, senior buyer and design guru for Anthropologie. In it he said when it comes to decorating your home, throw away any magazines, photos, or other images, and instead envision your fantasy life. Would it be to own a chateau in the south of France, or to have a modern condo in a metropolitan area? This fantasy is ultimately an extension of yourself, and any shopping should be done accordingly.

Of course reading this was alarming since I've spent the last several months (and spent $$$) on countless decor magazines, and have nearly ruined my eyes searching design blogs. But despite my reservations, I closed my eyes and conjured up my fantasy life. In it I live in a small cottage filled with contrasting items and although nothing matches; everything goes together. After writing down a few more points, I hopped on to eBay, because let's face it, I'll find everything under the sun and get 2.0% Cash Back.

Ice Cream ChairIn need of a kitchen table and chairs appropriate for a cottage kitchen, I came across what are called Ice Cream Chairs. The right amount of scruff and sweet, these chairs look as if they've spent decades on a farm, yet with a few coats of paint and a seat cushion I can transform these into a more modern and girly option. Selling from $30 per chair to $250, you'll find enough options to satisfy your fantasy, no matter what it is. I'm just getting started on mine, but I've already received 2.0% Cash Back from Ebates. Not bad considering I have an entire apartment to furnish!

Shop more design ideas in Home and Garden

*Top left hand image courtesy of Fluffy Flowers   


January 20, 2010

If you listen to any of the weather reports or if you reside in California, you know that we have been hit by a series of big storms. The rain has been incessant and coupled with sixty mile per hour winds, so it's nearly impossible to stay dry if you are out in it even for a second. With the wind blowing so hard I had to angle my umbrella to shield my body from the diagonal rain and large gusts. While this tactic worked relatively well all things considered, it was impossible to see where I was going and to safely navigate  the cars and obstacles that crossed my path. I have always wanted one of those clear bubble umbrellas for the "cute factor" but now I want one for practical purposes. 

 Clear bubble stick umbrella from TargetA quick quick search of my favorite Ebates stores produced this little beauty from Target. Priced at just $16.99 with 3.0% Cash Back from Ebates, this umbrella has positive reviews and looks to be exactly what I have been wanting for my rain-gear arsenal. The bell shape keeps more of your body dry and holds up to gusty winds. While it may be a little late to get this umbrella for these storms, I will be grateful I have it when the next one blows through.

Spend $50 on select merchandise and get free shipping from Target!

Find more rain gear in our shoes and accessories category!


January 20, 2010

Jelly BellyI sure as heck hope you know Jelly Belly. If you have never had a Jelly Belly jelly bean, then, my friend, you have not lived. They are the premier jelly bean on the market right now, to the point that I almost hesitate to lump them in with all their competitors. At this point, you're probably asking me why I'd be writing a "Did you know" blog about a famous candy seller, and you would be valid in your curiosity. But there are two things that you might not realize or know about Jelly Belly that makes it blog-worthy. Two things beyond the fact that they offer 5.0% Cash Back, that is. Behold:

1) Jelly Belly Sport Beans: Yep, sports candy. You heard it right here, folks. Delightfully tasty little jelly beans that are loaded with vitamins, carbs, and (perhaps most importantly) caffeine. Considering that blogging is a pretty low-impact undertaking, I haven't had the opportunity to try these for their intended purpose, but the buzz around the internet is pretty positive. If you have tried them, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear a firsthand account of how good they are.

2) Valentine's Day: Yes, I know, you're supposed to give chocolate on Valentine's Day. Still, normality has never been my forte, and doing something a little outside the box can score you major points with your loved one. All I ask is that you step back and think first about who you're giving these candies to, since I don't want to be held responsible for someone getting upset at a lack of Valentine's chocolate. Also "But Bill from Ebates said it would be cute" is not an excuse if your loved one gets upset - I'm just planting a seed in your mind. But with that caveat out of the way, I will say that the array of gift ideas from Jelly Belly for your favorite (or least favorite) romantic holiday is pretty staggering. Plus, if you spend $35 or more, you qualify for a free box of conversational jelly beans. They're like conversation hearts - but tasty!

So check them out, or if you're more of a traditionalist, you can find all sorts of standard Valentine's fare in our Flowers & Gifts category.


January 19, 2010

PJ Salvage Pajama SetThe weather in California has been nothing but rain, more rain, gusts of wind, and a bit of thunder and lightning. In other words, I love it! Nothing says it's time to relax like dark skies and the sound of pitter patter on my window. Of course, days spent at home are also days spent in loungewear, and Bare Necessities sells a huge selection of loungewear. As part of Ebates Valentine's Day Cash Back, you'll get 10.0% Cash Back and enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

Besides loungewear, Bare Necessities also carries active/yogawear, shapewear, and of course, lingerie. They carry top brands like Cosabella, Calvin Klein, Elle McPhearson (a personal favorite of mine) as well as a full collection of undergarments for men. Speaking of men; guys -  if you want to impress your lady without breaking the bank, shop the outlet sale and save up to 50%. That's how I found this quirky and comfy pajama set by PJ Salvage. Made from flannel cotton, these will keep me warm and toasty when it's cold and wet outside. The popcorn print is a cute touch considering popcorn is on the agenda for rainy days as well. At $49.99 I'll save 25% and because I want to get free shipping, I'll shop more Valentine's Day appropriate pieces. They carry those too ;)

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January 19, 2010

Golden Globes Fashion 2010
I will try to be diplomatic here and evenly distribute my affections to many of the perfectly dressed stars who attended the Golden Globes Sunday night. Cameron Diaz looked gorgeous in a form fitting red dress, Emily Blunt looked beautiful draped in dusty pink, and I loved Maggie Gyllenhaal and thought she looked stunning in a shimmering mermaid cut gown. There was no shortage of stars dressed in gorgeous gowns on the red carpet, but the one who stole my heart was none other than Diane Kruger (pictured above with Emily Blunt and Maggie Gyllenhaal)* . She always looks fabulous and clad in a high-fashion, high impact Christian Lacroix gown at the Globes was no exception. The color looked amazing on her fair skin and the dress fit impeccably.

Ruched Dress With Belt from Shopbop
While some of you may not agree that Diane Kruger was best dressed of the night, no matter who you thought dominated the red carpet, chances are they were wearing a brightly colored gown. Long or short, jewel tones, metallics or pastels, most of the best dressed wore some kind shade of vivid color.  And this is a great trend to incorporate into your own evening wear by trading the uniform little black dress with a bright colored frock. This Foley + Corinna Dress packs a lot of punch. Available with 6.0% Cash Back from Shopbop, it can be worn with our without the detachable belt and the ruched jersey fabric makes this little number extremely versatile.

If pink is not your color, try something like this Nicole Miller Teal Strapless Gown from Bluefly for 40% off and now $396 with 3.5% Cash Back from Ebates.

Find your best-dressed material with cash back in our Clothing Category.

* Photo Courtesy of Catwalk Queen


January 18, 2010

Dear readers, I'm coming down with something. It's not something fun like "cash back fever" or "money saving malaria" - nope, I think I'm getting a cold. Again. I was laid up at Christmas time with a pretty wicked something that had been going around, and now I'm starting to feel the standard symptoms coming back around again.

Unfortunately, I can't say I'm surprised - I ride public transit five days a week, one of my best friends is a school teacher, a handful of my co-workers have been painfully ill in the past week, and I don't take care of myself or keep regular hours. Still, I have always been able to just rely on my usually-staunch Scandinavian immune system to power through things in the past, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

drugstore.com DealsI fear, however, that now it's time to get a little proactive and kick this cold in the teeth. Despite the fact that I'm currently in my cubicle in the office (don't worry, I'm in a pretty remote location, so I won't risk infecting those around me), I am daydreaming about the comforts of my bed and how much I'd rather be there. (I don't dislike being in the office, but let's be real - wouldn't you rather be in bed right now too?) No matter whether you're in bed fighting your illness, or if you're working in the office like yours truly, you could be ordering your cold-fighting supplies right where you are. With the help of drugstore.com I'll be able to stock up on all my needs: vitamin C tablets, cough suppressant, decongestant, the whole nine. It's sad, but considering I almost never get sick, I don't have any of these basics on hand.

The only upside of the timing of my illness is that currently Ebates is in the midst of our Valentine's Day Gifts promotion, and drugstore.com is currently offering 8.0% Cash Back. That way, when I buy my cold-fighting supplies, I'll have enough left over for some supplements once I'm feeling better to make sure I don't get sick again!

Take care of yourself with cash back in our Health & Beauty category!


January 18, 2010

Vanilla-CupcakesAh, Valentine's Day. Whether this year finds you single, happily attached, or whatever label you can think of, February 14th is about love. In honor of St.Valentine I'm throwing a party for my true loves; my friends. Along with bubbly there will be yummy appetizers, good music, and, of course, treats for my sweets. Speaking of sweets and treats, Godiva is one of twelve stores participating in our Valentine's Day Double Cash Back. Until February 8th you'll receive 9.0% Cash Back at Godiva, and find scrumptious desserts like the above Limited Edition Pink Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes. Yum.  

When it comes to hosting a party for upwards of twenty people, making sure I have enough food is my top priority. It's for this reason I'm thrilled Godiva has an online bakery shop filled with mouth-watering items like chocolate ganache cake, chocolate macaroons, and chocolate chunk brownies. If baked goods aren't your thing, Godiva also sells gift baskets and other specialty items like biscuits, assorted candies, and, my all time favorite, hot cocoa. No matter what your plans are February 14th, add a little sugar and 9.0% Cash Back!

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January 17, 2010

Love is in the air here at Ebates because of our Valentine's Day promotion is in full swing. With a month of increased cash back at twelve stores, there will be plenty of time to search for the perfect gift for your valentine. In the meantime, it really can hurt to do some shopping for yourself while you earn some extra cash. My first stop was at Beauty.com. As part of the V-Day promo, they have increased to 8.0% Cash Back and have a coupon for $10 off with free shipping on orders of $60 or more. Coupled with the increased cash back, I am set to save a ton.

Hemming My Way From Beauty.comI stocked up on some less exciting things (shampoo, some skincare items) but really got in deep to the Beauty.com site and found the most genius invention ever. This is a real life-changer for anyone who has had to pay for expensive alterations to hem the length of their pants only to wish that the pants were a little longer or  for those of you who alter pants different lengths to work with flat shoes and heels. Hemming My Way is a snap hem with adhesive backing that allows you to snap and unsnap the hem of your pants for any heel height. Or, keep them hemmed at one length and save in alteration costs. Each set is removable and reusable eight times (perfect for traveling with several pairs of pants) and works on most fabrics. For just under $20 this will truly save me hundreds on alteration costs... which leaves me with much more to spend on all the things I love.

Shop all twelve stores with increased cash back!


January 16, 2010

Searching back through the blog, it looks like I haven't yet talked about how fond I am of Gap denim. It shouldn't come at a major surprise - they're a major manufacturer of quality jeans, they make a consistently good product, and it won't cost me a week's salary to buy a pair.

Quite some time ago, I bought a few pairs to work into the rotation to help usher out some older pairs which had served valiantly. I got one pair that was relatively similar to the pairs I'd owned in the past, but I decided to take a bit of a gamble on the other pair. I decided to splurge a little bit and pick up a pair of their selvage denim authentic fit jeans. While they cost a bit more than I'm used to paying, I have to say that months later I couldn't be happier with my decision. They fit just right, the wash has remained dark, there's no imitation "distressing" to make my brand new jeans look like my old, messed up jeans. Just classic dark wash selvage denim that's comfortable as can be, even if they do have a button fly.

I was so happy with these jeans that I went to buy another pair during our Black Friday sale, only to find that they no longer carried my size. I continued to check throughout December, and the supply grew thinner and thinner in all sizes. Then, hoping to take advantage of an after-Christmas clearance, I checked Gap's site once more and my jeans were gone. No mention, no picture, no clearance; just gone. You can imagine my dismay when I discovered that I'd never be able to pick up a backup pair.

Gap Authentic Fit Selvage DenimSo Friday afternoon I was cruising around some clothing sites, and decided to take a peek at Gap just for good measure. Staring me back in the face, there they were: selvage authentic fit in a rigid rinse. Same price, same picture as before, the whole shebang. Now all I need to decide is whether to get one or two pairs, since I can earn 2.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

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January 16, 2010

Get Cash Back This Tax Season!I must admit I'm not one for giving sage advice when it comes to filing taxes. My past habits have been to ignore Uncle Sam until the very last minute while I frantically search for documents and receipts. Another dirty habit was to file my taxes without going through Ebates. I know, it's a waste of money not to do so, but this year I've learned my lesson and won't be making the same mistake. If you've never filed your taxes online, or if you have but haven't gone through Ebates, check out our Finance Category for cash back and coupons at tax gurus like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, OnePriceTaxes, and more.

For years I've completed my taxes through H&R Block. They maintain a high level of security (extremely important considering every two seconds a person's identity is stolen) and all my info from previous years is neatly organized and ready for use. No more worrying I recycled what I thought was an old bill, all my info is right at my finger tips. Also a benefit of filing your taxes through H&R Block are their countless options for getting the most deductions. Hey, getting a bigger check takes work, but the payoff is great! By using H&R Block through Ebates, you'll get 14.0% Cash Back. See? Doing your taxes isn't so bad after all!

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January 15, 2010

When it comes to Valentine's Day, people are generally divided into two groups: those who love the holiday and those who absolutely don't. I always thought of myself as being a member of the latter group until I had an epiphany of sorts. Rather than feeling that Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate only romantic love, it is instead a time to celebrate anything and everything you love, and I love cash back!

Increased Cash Back for Valentine's Day at EbatesJust in time for my Valentine's Day revelation is the Ebates Valentine's Day promotion, where twelve stores have increased their cash back to show you some love! Shop at a wide variety of stores for flowers, jewelry, lingerie, chocolates, and health & beauty items, all while earning increased cash back from Ebates for an entire month. Get the best selection of Valentine's Day gifts (and perhaps even something for yourself) with exclusive coupons and special deals. And of course, stay tuned for a ton of clever Valentine's Day gift ideas from your devoted Ebates bloggers!

Shop all the stores with increased cash back and celebrate what you love!


January 15, 2010

free shipping coupons  As another week is crossed off here at Ebates, some of us have noticed a trend: in the first month or so of the year, coupons become a bit scarce. Perhaps it's because we're used to the glut of coupons that comes at the end of every year, but it seems like this year our usually overflowing lists are a tad shorter. But fear not, good folks; I am still going to bring you the best free shipping deals every week, whether there are five or fifty. But if there are fifty, I probably won't type them all out. I'm just saying. Still, here we go!

Friday, January 15th
- Free Shipping on any order at bebe

- Free Shipping and Free Six Piece Sample Collection with $50+ order at Lancome. Code NEWYEAR10

Saturday, January 16th
- Free Shipping on any order at Limoges Jewelry. Code SHIPSHARE

- Instride Step N Tone - Now $39.99 & Free Shipping at Walgreens

Sunday, January 17th
- Free Shipping on New Arrivals at Karmaloop. Code FREE2010

- Buy Three Items, Get Free Shipping at Maurices

- Free Shipping on $65+ order at New York & Company. Code 1254

Monday, January 18th
- Free Shipping and a free travel-size Bliss Spa fatgirlslim sample with Fat Girl Sleep order. Code FGS110

Wednesday, January 20th
- Free Shipping on any order at Cyberguys. Code FREESHIPCG

Thursday, January 21st
- Free Ground Shipping on any Camcorder or Camcorder Accessory at Canon

Have a great weekend everyone!!


January 14, 2010

Get The Look In Our Home and Garden Category!Like all women with a pulse, I love, no make that LOVE Anthropologie. Their bohemian clothing and kitschy home decor make my heart pound each time I step inside one of their stores. Despite my passion, I can't overlook a few simple facts that make shopping elsewhere a smarter decision. Prices at Anthropologie can range on the higher side, and if you're shopping online, there are no free shipping deals. Ever. There's also the issue (read: lack) of cash back. After being an Ebates member for a year and a half, I've become accustomed to getting paid to shop. So accustomed that I've made it my personal mission to get the Anthropologie look through Ebates stores. Below are just a few ways to get this look, and all are $100 or less.

Stromberg Carlson PhoneVintage-themed accessories reign supreme in this store, but I think purchasing the real thing through ebay is a better option. This Stromberg Carlson Telephone features an art deco design and comes with all original parts, even the distinct ring. Unlike expensive replicas, this item is listing for $5.99 and you'll get 2.0% Cash Back by shopping through Ebates. The above table lamp from Ballard Designs features the same antique look, but at $99, it's an affordable version compared to Anthropologie's $400 options. You'll get 3.0% Cash Back at Ballard Designs.

Roses PillowTravel to your local arboretum or menagerie, and you'll often find postcards, posters, and other items featuring vintage reproductions of horticulture, botany, and even entomology. This Roses Pillow from Burke Decor has the same aged feel, and looks great as a centerpiece on any sofa. Priced at $100, you'll get free shipping on orders over $50 and 6.0% Cash Back. The final step is to buy a rug that has the same bazaar/ global market feel as those sold at Anthropologie. Overstock carries thousands of rugs in every shape, size, and color, and you'll get 4.0% Cash Back at Ebates.

Create your look in our Home and Garden category!


January 13, 2010

Most women have that one clothing or accessory item that they feel they have been searching for forever. Whether it be the perfect black heels, a pencil skirt that hugs all the right curves and disguises all of the wrong ones, or the made-for-you jeans, no matter how long it takes, we will not settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to this one elusive item. In my case, it has always been a chambray shirt. I want it to be just the right balance between tailored, sophisticated, and worn-in perfection.

Selvedge Chambray Shirt from JcrewSome viable contenders have crossed my path, but have never really been close to perfection. That was until I stumbled upon this Selvedge Chambray Shirt from JCrew. This shirt is made from high-quality Japanese selvedge chambray cotton that has been stonewashed to achieve the ideal softness with all the right details. Shown in the photograph above with a sequin skirt, I imagine wearing this a multitude of ways: to dress down flashier items as seen here, layered over the perfect striped tee shirt (like this one from Bloomingdale's for just $54 with 3.0% Cash Back) for a Parisian chic look, or paired with something unexpected like these pants, also from J. Crew. And with denim being such a big trend for spring, I will be so pleased that I have found my perfect match. 

No matter what your style, a chambray shirt can work in your wardrobe. Snag this one now (you will not find it in J. Crew Stores) for $98 with 1.0% Cash Back from Ebates.


January 13, 2010

Unless you've been living under a rock over the past few days, you've heard all about all the controversy over the Jay Leno vs. Conan O'Brien late night time slotting fiasco. It's been everywhere, everyone is talking about it, and the entire future of the outlook of NBC's late night lineup lies in the balance.

Conan LenoImage courtesy of MSNBC

While I'm not here to sway your opinion (go Conan go!), I just wanted to remind you all that no matter whose camp you are in, you can get all the officially-licensed merchandise you could ever want at the NBC Universal Store. So if you want to get your hands on some short-lived Jay Leno Show schwag (think about the collector's value!) or if you want to show your support of Conan's hosting the Tonight Show by picking up some Tonight Show merch, you can find it all at the NBC Universal Store with 3.0% Cash Back. Hey, you can still score some older "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" products on clearance. Same thing with all the old "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" merchandise, of which there is a ton, I'm telling you. (I have a Pale Force lunchbox with my name written all over it)

So, no matter what happens with this late night feud, remember - if you want Conan and Leno merchandise, and you want 3.0% Cash Back, make sure you shop through Ebates.


January 12, 2010

In fashion, as in life, seeing the bigger picture can be nearly impossible. Getting caught up in the details is easy when around every corner is a new trend, a new must-have item, and a new sale to entice even the most reserved of shoppers. I must admit I am guilty of such behavior. My tastes are always changing, and I am powerless over great deals such as these recently purchased heels. Despite my blunders, I am streamlining my ever-growing wish list, and focusing on things that will make getting dressed in the morning more fun and less stressful.

Bruno Premi Suede BagAs part of my resolution to see the bigger picture, I've begun looking for wardrobe staples like jeans, shoes, and bags; but great bags (stylish and under $300) are hard to come by. Or so I thought. For years I've shopped YOOX for their wide range of designers, prices, and styles, but I still assumed I would have to bite the bullet and pay upwards of $600 for the perfect handbag. This Bruno Premi bag is made from luxurious suede and comes in a deep steel grey color. Both the material and color are everywhere in fashion, however this bag will remain in good taste for years to come thanks to its neutral design. Considering this designer handbag is only $240 and I'll get 6.0% Cash Back through Ebates, this is a smart investment. The picture is not only bigger now, but looks better too.

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January 12, 2010

Around this time every year my skin wages an outright revolt against the cold temperatures. My already-sensitive skin seems to become a hundred times more sensitive during the Winter months, and I always find myself desperate to calm my skin without having to overhaul my entire skincare and makeup regimen.

Right when I find myself desperate for a solution, I head over to Clinique and find just the right thing to calm my skin that will work with everything I already have. I have only heard good things about Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder ($32.50 with 4.0% Cash Back). Formulated to instantly reduce redness, this "unique mineral formula" cools irritated skin on contact and keeps redness at bay for hours. This sounds like just what I need to calm my red, blotchy, and sensitive skin and make it look better in no time.
Clinique Redness solutions Instant Relief Mineral PowderAnd my timing is perfect because from now until January 17th, I can enjoy an exclusive (just for Ebates shoppers) offer from Clinque. When I Spend $25 or more I can get a limited edition cosmetics bag (to keep all of my beauty loot organized) and two travel sized best sellers; Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and the ultra-gentle High-Impact Mascara with code EBATES at checkout. I am always looking for travel-sized beauty items and these will be perfect. Plus, I can never resist an exclusive deal, especially when it comes with buying something I actually need.

Find more exclusive offers or free gifts and get cash back on all your winter skin solutions when you shop through Ebates!


January 11, 2010

It's cold out. Really cold. Even here in San Francisco, where it never really gets all that cold, I am wearing a sweatshirt in the Ebates office. For those of you who don't know me, I am a warm-blooded person. I'm that guy who is happily wearing a t-shirt when all of his friends are shivering in jackets. The guy who will head out at night without a jacket and still be warm. So when I say it's cold, it's seriously cold.

Merino Wool Argyle Sweater at TargetBut I digress. It is cold, so it's time to fix the ol' wardrobe accordingly. When it gets cold like this, there's one thing that always restores me to the oven-like warmth I enjoy most of the time: a wool sweater. Now I know that a lot of people out there tend to shun argyle. You associate it with nerds, and socks, and nerdy socks, but the fact of the matter is, it has once again become socially acceptable, if not fashionable, to don some argyle in your day to day life again. And I couldn't be happier. Even for a gentleman of my more ahem "ample" proportions, a little argyle can really make a statement; and no, not the statement of "oh man, is that guy wearing argyle? I thought only nerds wore argyle."

Leave it to Target to offer a quality 100% wool sweater for just under $30. (or just over $30 if you're an XXL like me) The Merino Wool Argyle Sweater is a great addition to most outfits: you can pair it with jeans and a t-shirt you can wear it over a shirt and tie, or even under a blazer. Plus, it's available in an array of colors, so you can find the perfect coloring for your style. Plus, with 3.0% Cash Back you can start saving towards something to wear underneath that sweater.

Bundle up in cash back with deals from our Clothing category.


January 11, 2010

It's Travel Week here at Ebates, which can only mean one thing for a travel enthusiast like myself: it's time to stop daydreaming, and make those plans happen! For years and years, I've longed to hop on a plane and see the world, but roadblocks such as money, planning ahead, and other poor excuses have stopped me. Perhaps my determination is in the spirit of the new year, or maybe it's that I haven't been on vacation (visiting relatives does not count) in nearly three years. Whatever the reason, the chance to visit a friend in Asia has presented itself, and I'm grabbing it by the horns.

Travel with TravelocityOf course flying halfway around the world isn't going to be cheap, but I've found great deals at Travelocity, like round trip fares as low as $697. Of course by using Ebates, I'll also get 2.0% Cash Back on top of great savings. After a few weeks spent in paradise, I'll need the extra cash to soften the blows of reality. Now that I'm on the road to accomplishing my goals, I'm left daydreaming again. This time it's about what to wear!

Catch the travel bug with Ebates!


January 10, 2010

Here at Ebates, we're always trying to find the best deals around for you and yours. Take for instance our Travel Sale, going on now through the fourteenth. But say you don't want to travel or (like me) can't really afford to at the moment; what are we to do?

SmartBargains Coupons.gifLuckily, there are sales at merchants in this sale that aren't strictly travel, such as eBags.com and one of my favorites, SmartBargains. During the sale, SmartBargains has increased to 4.5% Cash Back, but that's not it - they are also running a sale for 10% off when you click through this link, and you will also get free shipping on orders over $75. Considering the selection that they have, it shouldn't be hard at all to find $75 worth of merchandise that will catch your eye, regardless of whether you are looking for apparel, home and garden goods, or even something new and exciting for the bathroom. No matter what, you can find something you like and find some great savings, all with the help of Ebates.

I know that most of you who read this probably already realize the fact, but this is just another great example of how much you can save when you find a good sale at a merchant (especially one with already-low prices like SmartBargains) and can make it even better by earning cash back by shopping through Ebates. This is pretty exactly what we Ebates "pros" do - we look for an already great deal, and we find a way to save more (in this case 4.5% more) by shopping through Ebates!


January 10, 2010

If you are like me and did some holiday traveling only to return home vowing that the next time you take a trip it will be for a "real vacation", then now is your time to seize the day during Ebates Travel Week! Book vacation packages, airfare, or hotels through one of our Travel Week stores and get exclusive offers and increased cash back. It was just the incentive I needed to turn "I must go on a real vacation" to "New York City in the Spring, here I come!" Now that I have my airfare booked and my travel dates on the calendar, I have plenty of time to think about wardrobe options for the exciting getaway.

Soon after booking my trip, I started thinking back on how tedious my holiday travel experience was and realized that I am in desperate need for a good travel satchel for traveling that I could also use for my everyday commute. I want something that looks chic (as opposed to a messy, beat-up carry all) and that is practical to hold snacks, small-sized cosmetics, magazines, and my laptop. Right at the halfway point between practical and Cynthia Vincent Studded Grovery bag From Shopbopfashionable is this Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent Studded Grocery Bag, available at Shopbop with 6.0% Cash Back and free shipping! Made of real leather and roomy enough to hold everything I need while flying the friendly skies, this bag is also sophisticated enough to be used everyday, so I do not need to pack another handbag to use while vacationing. Plus, it is great for lugging what I need to the office and for errands on the weekend. For $230, it's worth every penny. Plus, with all the money I saved and the increased cash back I earned booking travel during Ebates Travel Week, it made the purchase even more justifiable because I didn't tap into my vacation spending money.


January 9, 2010

The feeling of contentment, excitement, and even euphoria one feels when stepping into a well designed space is not an easy task to achieve, but one that is well worth the effort. Great design, the kind that makes company swoon and declare "I love your place", is all about having the right accessories. Easy to switch in and out, never requiring intense labor like painting, (as I had the unfortunate chore of doing this weekend) accessories like pillows, kitchen goodies, and bathroom items are the home equivalent of playing dress up. Except, of course, your home will never remind you just how bad the holidays have been for your figure.

Lily Bird Soy Sauce ContainerOne store that specializes in accessories and homewares is Alessi (3.5% Cash Back). New to Ebates, Alessi is an Italian homewares company famous for its collaborations with designers and artists like Salvador Dali, Michael Graves, and Philippe Stark to name a few. Of course I don't shop here for the name dropping (although it doesn't hurt), instead I am madly in love with Alessi's quirky designs like this Lily Bird Soy Sauce Container. Just $32, this container is made from bone china and adds a playful touch to your table top. Other fun finds are banana shaped salt and pepper shakers, and tealight holders made from stainless steel and featuring intricate designs. Reasonably priced, Alessi carries kitchen appliances, jewelry, lighting, even children's toys. All with sharp design and 3.5% Cash Back.

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January 8, 2010

No matter what your makeup style a well defined brow and lush lashes are an essential part of a polished look. Defining your eyebrows creates a framework for your entire face and always takes your look up one notch, Elle UK has a slide show of all the celebs who have nailed the look, check it out for some inspiration. With thousands of products out in the beauty-sphere with big promises, it's hard to know what's just right to get the look. In my tried-and-tested opinion, brow fillers, dyes, and hair-growth serums are no match to the good old standard brow pencil. No beauty brand is better equipped to make the classic even better than Dior, with their recently released DiorShow Brow Styler, available for a limited time in a set with a mini DiorShow mascara for $28 (same price as the Brow Styler alone) with 4.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Dior Brow Styler Set With 4.0% Cash Back at Sephora
As a part of Dior Beauty's runway-inspired collection DiorShow, the brow filler is intended to give you the look of expertly-styled runway brows anytime. The perfectly precise pencil tip (that never requires sharpening) fills in brows, shapes, and defines subtly, but with noticeable results. If you don't believe me, check out the seventy-nine reviews for the Dior Brow Styler on the Sephora site (my new favorite feature - who better to inform me of my potential beauty buys than other Sephora shoppers?) most of them five star.

Spend $50 and get free shipping and three free samples with every order!


January 8, 2010

free shipping coupons Greetings everyone and welcome to another installment of Free Shipping Friday here at the Ebates Blog. Now that everyone's weeks have gotten back to a somewhat regular state again, let's also get back to some great Free Shipping Deals. Whaddaya say?

Friday, January 8th
- Up to an Extra 50% off Juicy Couture Hoodies, Denim, Sunglasses and more & Free Shipping on $75+ order at SmartBargains through this link

- Free Standard Shipping on any order at Cafe Britt

- Free Ground Shipping on any order at Lee Jeans

Saturday, January 9th
- Free Shipping & Three Free Bestseller Samples with $35+ order at Prescriptives. Code FAVES

- Free Ground Shipping on qualifying $100+ order at Brookstone. Code FREESHIP

Sunday, January 10th
- Free Shipping on $20+ order at Amy Adele. Code FROSTYFREE

- Free Shipping on Holiday Gifts at Cheryl & Co. Code HOL2009

- Free Shipping on any order at etnies. (Excludes Custom Shoe Orders)

- Free Shipping on any Ultra facial Collection order at Kiehl's Since 1851

Wednesday, January 13th
- Free Shipping and Free Deluxe Sample of Creme de la mer with any la mer order at Bliss Spa. Code LMGIFT

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January 7, 2010

I'll admit it, I've become a bit swayed in the past year. After years upon years of being a PC faithful, I am favoring my Mac more and more. I have gone on about the MacBook at length on a few different occasions, so I'll spare you all another round of that gushing. I will, however, subject you to some high praise for a few great accessories that I recently picked up. All purchases were made through the Apple Store where I got 1.0% Cash Back.

Apple Magic MouseFirst off, the Magic Mouse. You've all heard about it, some of you have seen it, maybe some of you even own one. At $69.00 they're kind of pricey, I'll admit it, but man, I'll be damned if I've ever found a more comfortable mouse to use. As with all mice, I encourage you to go to the settings menu and make sure the touch is set to your specifications - that is usually one of the biggest difference makers from my experience. Still, the touch scrolling and multi-finger gestures make this a very comfortable switch from the multi-touch pad that I love so dearly on the MacBook. Also, since it's bluetooth connected, its range goes on far past when I can no longer see what's on my screen.

Apple Wireless KeyboardIf you have a wireless mouse for your laptop, what good is it to you if you don't have a wireless keyboard? I bit the bullet and paired my wireless mouse with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It's also bluetooth connected, and while it doesn't have a numerical pad at the far right, it does have the wonderful touch of apple keyboards and a form factor that's so skinny I sometimes forget it's there. Also at $69, you're paying $20 for the wireless convenience, but again, if you have one great bluetooth accessory, you might as well pair it well.

Rain Design mStandThe final piece of the puzzle is the Rain Design mStand. If you spend long bouts of time on your laptop like I do, surely you notice the strain it can put on your neck and shoulders. Being six foot one with relatively poor eyesight, I noticed myself hunching down more and more as I used my MacBook. The mStand helps by lifting the laptop to a much more natural eye level when I'm seated. This stand is sleek; it's in the same silver anodized brushed aluminum that Apple uses to make its laptops from, so it matches perfectly, and it's sturdy as all hell. The rubber grip system keeps the laptop in place perfectly whether it's holding my thirteen inch MacBook or my friend's behemoth seventeen inch MacBook Pro. Plus, if you have one of those ovens we affectionately call a MacBook Pro, the metal design of this stand also acts as a heat sink. For $50 it's a visually appealing and sturdy as anyone could ask for.

Put all three of these things together, sprinkle in some Ebates cash back, and  you've got yourself a great desktop station for your Mac laptop plus a few extra bucks in your pocket.


January 7, 2010

Here at Ebates, we welcome new stores with as much fervent anticipation as our customers. After all, we too shop for cash back, exclusive coupons, and other great deals (those who doubt should meet the UPS man) so it's no surprise the Ebates office is abuzz with excitement over New Stores Week. Since October we've added over 118 stores, which, as you can imagine, is a huge deal. While it may be easy to get carried away into the land of shopping, I've zoned in on my favorite new merchant: Tory Burch. Here I can stockpile my wardrobe with classic leather satchels, luxurious silk tops, and other must-have items. All with  5.0% Cash Back.

Shop at Tory BurchSpeaking of leather satchels, this season they're everywhere and I've been dying to get my hands on one. This Anna Satchel is a perfect complement to tailored pieces like blazers and black pumps, but it also looks great with less formal items like baggy cargo pants, or even a flowy bohemian dress. It's a nice change from my standard oversized, slouchy leather bags, and I'll get years of fashionable wear with it. If only I could say that about everything in my closet!

Shop our New Stores!


January 6, 2010

While most people seem to be inspired by the new year, it is usually this time of year that I find myself in a rut. It's nothing serious, but it's just a feeling after the holidays and into the new year, where I could use a little pick me up. While I do recognize that there is something inspiring about the prospect of a fresh start, it feels like the new year is more of an expectation let down. A failsafe remedy is to take the "out with the old, in with the new" outlook and give myself a little boost. Good thing Ebates New Year, New Stores promotion is in full swing, so that I have some new stores to check out for a new outlook.

Dogeared Make A Wish Necklace
The perfect store to satisfy my need for inspiration is Dogeared, offering 8.0% Cash Back on a huge selection of inspirational and fashionable jewelry and gifts. One of their bestsellers is this Make A Wish Necklace. You make a wish when you put on the necklace and when it wears off, your wish is ready to come true. Made of silk thread and adorned with a charm of your choice, this is the perfect whimsical pick- me-up. I love the wishbone on red silk (pictured above) for $30. I owned this exact one in the past and believe it or not, my wish did come true. I am willing to try for the same luck the second time around, if not only just for fun. They also have similar styles on chains that are not meant to wear out (like this "Keep it Simple" Bracelet, a great reminder for the new year), check out all they have to offer and get increased cash back!


January 5, 2010

During the first full week of 2010, I cannot help but feel that my over-gorging during the holidays has had an effect on how I feel and how my clothes fit. Slipping on my favorite skinny jeans this morning was a rude awakening! It was time to grab 2010 by the horns and make good on my pre-holiday decision to take good care of my body and be healthy in the new year. Eating good foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water, and getting plenty of sleep is all part of my new year health overhaul. But those things take some time to show results. Good thing we have recently added Spanx to our group of stores, and to celebrate they are offering 8.0% Cash Back (along with several other new stores). With the double cash back, I can pick up a few shape-slimming accessories to help make my body look as good as I want to feel in the new year.

Spanx Tight-End Tights
One thing that I will definitely pick up are a pair or two of Spanx Tight-End Tights, for $26. They are available in eighteen different colors, made from an ultra-tick (but not bulky) matte yarn and fabricated with comfortable body-shaping to slim the tummy, hips, thighs, and rear. They are the perfect compliment to dresses and skirts, as they subtly slim and shape without feeling like a girdle. Plus, the ultra-matte fabric makes them much warmer than other brands.

There is an excellent selection of slimming products at Spanx beyond the Tight-End tights. Find body-shaping slips, shaping panties, bras, and camis; virtually everything you may need to make your clothing fit a little better and give you a little confidence boost.

Find all of our new stores with increased cash back here and celebrate the new year with new stores at Ebates!


January 4, 2010

When I first set up a wireless network in my house three or four years ago, I didn't give a single thought to what kind of router I bought. I just clicked the simple option for whatever router was packaged together with the laptop I'd bought. I will also say that is has served me faithfully and tirelessly for the entire four years I've had it. However, I've recently noticed things are slowing down a bit more, and my signal strength seems to be dwindling. I actually saw the other day that I got a stronger wireless signal from my neighbor's house than I did from my own router, which was about forty feet from my couch. So I decided as a present to myself, I would spring for a new wireless router.

Linksys wireless routerI have the benefit of being friends with a number of engineers and general tech geeks, so after a consultation with some of my technological gurus, I have settled on a winner, and boy am I ever happy with it: the Linksys WRT610N dual-band router. I won't bore you with the specs behind a simultaneous dual band router other than to say I can connect multiple computers via my wifi network, and not sacrifice connection speed. As someone who has a habit of watching streaming video on one computer while running multiple web applications on another, this little magic box has already proven itself invaluable.

As always, cost and cash back are both factors in my decision, so I was able to find mine at Office Depot for about the going rate: $169.99 with free shipping and 2.0% Cash Back. It may seem a little pricey, and I'll admit that it was more than I had initially planned on spending, but as soon as I consider how many hours in any given month it will save me, it could well be the best money I've spent in the last few months.

Fill all your tech needs in our Computers category.


January 3, 2010

There are days when all I manage to accomplish is searching the internet for new home design ideas, and the only thing stopping me from losing myself in imagination land is the reminder that lunch is approaching. Today is one of those days. After a night filled with disappointment (my once fawned over paint color is horrific on wall) I'm back at square one deciding over theme, colors, and of course, direction. This isn't the sort of thing easily worked out, but shopping at Burke Decor has put me on the right path. Until the end of the year, I save 10% off any order with code HOLIDAY. Very nice, considering this site carries all sorts of lovely items for the home, including the following items. You'll get 6.0% Cash Back too.

Matryoska PillowPillows
Burke Decor has hundreds of drool worthy pillows like this Matryoska Pillow. Made from 100% silk, this pillow is a steal at just $70. Other great designs include antique looking birdcages, nautical imagery, and damask prints.

Shop Burke DecorCarry-alls
Totes declaring "Save The Earth" and "Go Green" are so 2009. Yes, saving the environment by eliminating plastic bags is a must, but doing it without the soapbox is a fashion do. Burke Decor carries an assortment of pouches for laptops, eye glasses (shown above) and this Parrot Canvas Tote. I know these look expensive, but prices range from $10 to $50. Thank me later.

Knee Length KimonoLoungewear
What good is lounging in a fab home with less than fab attire? This Knee Length Kimono is not only gorgeous, but it's also just $66. It's the perfect addition to any woman's lounge wardrobe.

Shop more ideas in our Home and Garden category.


January 2, 2010

In light of the fact that New Year's Eve is not too far in our rearview mirrors, I just stumbled across this little gem from drugstore.com that might have possibly changed my luck a bit when the ball dropped at midnight. While I practice what my hygienist calls "exemplary oral hygiene" there are still some days when all of us still have to question the freshness of our breath. Plus, as an avid coffee drinker and lover of exotic foods, I have to be vigilant in order to make sure my breath is nothing short of delightful.

Kiss Me Bad Breath DetectorThat's where the Kiss Me Meter Bad Breath Detector comes in. No more quickly breathing into your hand and sniffing, or asking a very understanding friend for their advice, this meter detects a number of various odors caused by a variety of different sources, including garlic, alcohol, cigarettes, and a number of disease-caused scents.

With a simple to read LED system ranked from "Kiss me" to "Never", this meter will let you know just how confident you should be before you lean in for that romantic embrace, or before you have that one-on-one meeting with your boss in close confines. Plus, for just $19.99 with free shipping and 6.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates, it makes for an inexpensive gift either to make up for a tardy Christmas present, or just to drop an ever-so-subtle hint to someone who lets their breath do the talking for them.

Make sure you are smelling as fresh as a springtime flower with products from our Health & Beauty category.


January 1, 2010

free shipping coupons Happy New Year! The changing of a calendar doesn't mean that we won't keep working just as hard to bring you all the latest in free shipping deals and all sorts of other wonderful sales and coupons. Because we are in the process of adding in all of our new coupons for the year 2010, I don't have a terribly exhaustive list of free shipping to come this week, but here's what I was able to track down.

Friday, January 1st
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Saturday, January 2nd
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- Free Economy Ground Shipping on any order at Elizabeth Arden

Sunday, January 3rd
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- Free Shipping on all orders at Anne Klein

- Free Shipping on any order at Jones New York

It may just be a weekend's worth of shipping coupons, but that's about all there is to offer at the moment - for the complete list, click here.


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