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March 31, 2010

teeA look that I have always loved, but rarely felt brave enough to pull of is the mixing of dressy and casual wardrobe items; the chic look is as easy to achieve as it is practical. You will often see the look in the following ways: a bold statement necklace with a worn-in tee, a party dress worn with an oversized cardigan or dressy jacket paired with a loose fitting button down and a pair of jeans. A good way to ease into this trend is by finding a great necklace and wearing it with a good tee shirt. A go-to brand for affordable basics is Patterson J. Kincaid, who makes this Sawtelle Tee, priced at $78 with 6.0% Cash Back from Shopbop. It is the perfect staple for the look. beadednecklaceWear the tee shirt with a great, fabulously over the top necklace. This Adia Kibur Beaded Bib Necklace fits the bill. It is certainly a statement but is still classy enough to look intentional when paired with an unexpected item like a tee. Get both for just under $140 and discover the endless ways in which each will compliment other items you already have. Use this trend to get the most out of every item in your closet and pick up a few extras at Shopbop, through Ebates and get 6.0% Cash Back on every purchase, with free shipping and free returns!

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March 31, 2010

From time to time, we luck out. See, usually here at the Ebates blog we do a lot of searching and planning to find either some kind of great deal or some sort of deal that is so of-the-moment, you won't be able to believe that you can earn cash back on it.

Today, I hit the jackpot. For those of you out there who are, like me, a fan of Mad Men, you probably know that the DVD Box Set for Season Three just came out last week. Chances are, like me, you were keeping an eye out to find a great price. Chances are, like me, you went to a whole bunch of websites looking for a good price, and found most prices to be somewhere in the thirty five to forty dollar neighborhood. As tends to be the case with all the great finds, it's always in the place you least expect it. For me, it was Target. I always think about Target for inexpensive housewares, for clothing, and even occasionally for electronics, but I seldom think of Target as being a go-to place to find DVDs. But sure enough, there it was: Mad Men Season Three on DVD for just $17.99. That's a savings of $31.99! That's a savings of 64% off the list price! That's absurd!

Mad Men Season ThreeThat's the kind of a deal that doesn't come around every day, so do what I did and click "add to cart" while you can, saving you a hearty amount of money, and earning you 3.0% Cash Back in the meantime. Also, take advantage of flat rate $2.99 shipping on Movies, Music, and Books through April 1st from Target, or search around for other great Target Coupons that you can use on items all over the site.

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March 30, 2010

From daily trend reports on one website, to a stylish blogger declaring "prints are dead!" on another site, it's tough to sort through the chaos that has become fashion. In an attempt to decipher what's going on, and more importantly what you should buy, I present you a breakdown of just a few of Spring 2010 trends. The key word being few.

Vince-KnitBack To Basics
One thing that's apparent this Spring is that dressing has simplified. Color palettes have softened and silhouettes remain rather simple. Think one shoulder dresses, long sleeves shirts in soft fabrics, and skirts with just the right amount of fuss. This Tank Dress from Shopbop encompasses this laid back style as does this Slub Knit Pullover from Saks Fifth Avenue. Both are low key pieces that layer great with Spring's next trend. You'll receive 6.0% Cash Back from Shopbop and 2.5% Cash Back from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Bomber JacketMilitary
I always want to laugh when I see trendcasters claim military is in this season, because when exactly is it not in style? Army fatigues, pea coats, and other items will always have a place in fashion just like this Bomber Jacket from J.Crew proves. Paired with other basics like a cotton button down shirt and frilly skirt, this jacket will look great with literally everything you own. Replace your suit jacket, toss it on over your favorite t-shirt, or for chilly nights, wear it over your coziest sweater with leggings and viola! You're looking like you were just photographed by The Sartorialist. You'll receive 1.0% Cash Back from J.Crew.

Hathor SandalAccessories
Although Spring clothing trends are subdued, shoes and accessories are helping to pick up the slack with embellished sandals, strappy wedges, and bold handbags. These Hathor Sandals from Nine West are a perfect example of how accessories can turn those basics mentioned above into a cute outfit. Worn with the dress and a statement necklace or paired with khakis and the pictured knit top, these shoes are versatile without being boring. You'll get 3.5% Cash Back at Nine West and get a hold on yet another Spring trend.

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March 30, 2010

roadrunnerball.jpgDuring these nice weather days at the beginning of Spring, we all whip out some clothing items that have been tucked away in the recesses of the closet for Winter. And while bringing out some Spring clothes is exciting for warm-weather lovers, it's also a rude awakening. This is usually a moment when many of us realize that we are a bit out of shape and maybe not as ready for short sleeves and hemlines as we had hoped. But do not despair! It is Sports and Outdoors Week at Ebates and Road Runner Sports has 7.0% Cash Back, coupons and some key items for a home gym that will get you into shape fast.

If you have weights and a mat, you are only missing one item to complete your beginner's home gym. Improve your flexibility, strengthen and tone with this exercise ball at Road Runner Sports for just $29.99 ( plus, spend $75 or more and get $10 off). Need to know how to use it? One of my favorite resources is Women's Health Magazine ( or Men's Health) where you can find workouts ant tips for your body type, fitness goals and much more. You can even download step by step workouts to your ipod for easy and on-the-go access.

Once you have mastered the exercise ball, you will need to incorporate some cardio workouts to really shed the pounds. Pick up shoes, clothing, heart-rate monitors, water bottles and everything you need to optimize your workout at Road Runner Sports and take advantage of increased cash back during Sports and Outdoors week!


March 29, 2010

cutting down netAs the month of March is winding down, so is March Madness. (Don't get me started on how the Final Four and Championship games will be played in April. It's just wrong) This year, even I got swept up in the excitement a little more than usual; my guess is that it had to do with local underdogs St. Mary's (go Gaels!) upsetting the heavily-favored Villanova Wildcats in a game that pitted the number ten seed against the number two seed.

No matter what the state of your bracket at the moment, you can always win when looking for college sports apparel at Champs Sports. They are so excited about the tournament that they created a custom page where you can shop by bracket. It's really a great idea - not only can you track each team's progress as they move throughout the bracket, but with one click you can go directly to a shorted page featuring your favorite team's apparel. Now, there are some shortcomings; most of the smaller schools don't have any apparel, so giantkillers like St. Mary's or Butler, who knocked off both a number one and a number two seed on their way to the Final Four, don't have anything available, though hopefully that will change soon. Of course, not only can you find a one-stop shop for collegiate apparel, but you'll also be earning 2.5% Cash Back on every purchase you make from Champs Sports as long as you remember to go through Ebates first.

In one week, a new team will be cutting down the nets and hoisting the trophy as National Champions, and no matter if it's Duke, Butler, West Virginia, or Michigan State, you will be sitting pretty with collegiate apparel from Champs Sports and cash back from Ebates!


March 29, 2010

Because I work in fashion there are a few stereotypes that could be assumed. Larger than normal selection of clothes? Check. Wide knowledge of trends, designers, and where to get the best for less? Check. City girl who can't handle the great outdoors? Whoa, hold on a second! Under my designer jeans and large sunglasses there lies a girl who is at heart, earthy crunchy. It's for this reason I am thrilled to welcome Ebates Sports and Outdoors Week. Not only does it come at a time when my shopping habits involve comparing packed weight over heel height, but it's also a chance for me to score some serious cash back on items that I intend to buy anyways. After years of procrastinating and wishing I'd do some outdoor activities other than day hikes, you could say Ebates is helping me to establish a can-do attitude.

Rock-TentWhen it comes to being outdoors, I have no problem sacrificing electricity or even plumbing, however I refuse to be cold and wet. This means buying a proper tent is numero uno on my list of gear. With plenty of research under my belt I've settled with this North Face Rock Tent from Cabela's. Priced at $209, I'll get 4.0% Cash Back and enjoy a 3 person, waterproof tent perfect for backpackers. See some reviews here.

Now that I've got my shelter taken care of, it's on to the next item on my list. A sleeping bag! 

Enjoy the great outdoors here.


March 28, 2010

springbeauty.jpgWhen I think about turquoise eyeliner I instantly think of my mother's wedding album from the 1970's. Pictured in the album is a bevy of bridesmaids all dolled up with full-on blue eyeshadow. And while the look was so en vogue at the time, it's hard for me not to think of that when I see reports about the blue eyeliner trend for Spring 2010. Even if you also conjure up outdated images in your mind when you think of blue eyeliner, when done right, it is a fresh look and worth trying this Spring. Use the shot from Nanete Lapore's runway show pictured left for inspiration ( photo courtesy of Here, the liner is placed under the eye and complimented by subtly orange cheeks and an of-the-moment orange lip. For an edgier look, line the lower lid. To take some baby steps into the trend, line the upper lid as you normally would. Make sure to use an eyeliner that is nice and creamy because while you want to trace a precise line, you also want to keep it a little smudged. One of my favorite eyeliner formulas is the NARS eyeliner pencil. This long-wearing pencil is perfectly creamy but also traces a good line that stays put. Try it in Kitty, a good shade of turquoise blue. Get it at Sephora, for $20 and take advantage of 8.0% Cash Back for March. Polish off the look with a beautiful, slightly sheer orange lipstick like Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Orange Shiver and a blendable cheek stain like Tarte natural check stain in Eco-Cheek a super-flattering coral hue with a touch of shimmer, also at Sephora.

Get the entire look and save with more cash back, free shipping over $50 and a ton of free gift coupons. And shop our Health and Beauty category for more gorgeous ways to save!


March 27, 2010

As Poppy told you all yesterday, we are happy to announce Sports and Outdoor Week here at Ebates, and hope you take a little break from your vigorous workout routine to score some deals at any of our eight merchants who are offering increased cash back.

One of the merchants involved in this special promotion is Eddie Bauer, who has increased from three to 5.0% Cash Back for the week. Not only is this a great chance to take advantage of some extra cash back savings, but Eddie Bauer is also in the middle of their Spring Sale, which ends tomorrow. So get cracking, and save even more on top of the cash back you'll be earning. The sale covers most products in the Eddie Bauer line, including Mens & Womens Apparel, accessories, shoes, and a small selection of outdoor gear.

Striped Brushed JerseyI know I have been eyeballing the Striped Brushed Jersey Fatigue shirt, currently just $29.99, which is a savings of about ten dollars off the list price. Long sleeved, yet brushed for softness, this top is the perfect option when it's not quite cold enough for a sweater or hoodie, but a t-shirt just isn't enough. I'm also a big fan of sporting long sleeved shirts under tees or short-sleeved button down shirts, and this shirt is perfect for just such an application. Naturally, you not only save the $10 off the top, but you will also be taking advantage of 5.0% Cash Back with Sports and Outdoor Week!

Find great deals on apparel, supplies, and much more with Sports and Outdoor Week from Ebates!


March 27, 2010

Excuse me for the corny title, but sometimes you've just gotta get silly. Of course there's nothing silly about saving money, earning cash back, and indulging on Easter treats, so we've put together 14 of our top merchants to bring you a basket full of savings. For countless ways to save this holiday check out our Easter Sales going on now! 

Ebates-Easter-SalesSilliness aside, there's no better time to shop for your family's Easter needs whether they includes flowers for you dinner table (shop Dutchbulbs for 6.0% Cash Back), chocolates for your family and friends (shop Ghirardelli for 8.5% Cash Back), or if you just don't feel like slaving in the kitchen but still want a tasty meal at a great price. Speaking of tasty, shop Omaha Steaks for 6.0% Cash Back.

On top of savings for the holiday, this is also a great time to show some Spring love. For those looking to say thank you to special friends or coworkers, GourmetGiftBaskets offers 8.0% Cash Back on baskets for every individual. If you've been called on baking duty for the classroom Dancing Deer Baking Co. has cookies, brownies, and other treats all with 10.0% Cash Back.

Now that you've got a taste of what stores we have, be sure to shop their sales and coupons as well. You'll find sweet ways to save and just in the nick of time. Easter is just one week away!

Shop Easter Sales.


March 26, 2010

tennis_max I am sure one of the reasons you love Ebates is that a special sale or promotion is pretty commonplace. Whether it be Shoe Week or our Easter Sale, we always have something in the works to give you even more cash back. Ever so often (ok, very often), a sale event comes along and I think, " I better take advantage of this". Sports and Outdoor Week is one of those sales. With Spring in the air, I am ready to enjoy the outdoors and start taking part in some recreational activities beyond my usual running on the treadmill at the gym. Now is my chance to gear up and earn double cash back at the best sports and outdoor stores like: Under Armour, Champion, Cabela's, Athleta, Road Runner and Eddie Bauer. With two out of the six participating stores offering double-digit cash back and the rest at 4.0% or above, it is easy to earn cash back like it was your favorite sport!

Check out all of the Sports and Outdoor Week stores and find special coupons, sales and much more.

And stay tuned to the Ebates blog where we will highlight the best ways to earn on all your favorite outdoor activities.


March 26, 2010

free shipping coupons Sorry this is getting posted a little later than usual, folks, but I was under the weather yesterday, and therefore couldn't get my research done in time.

Fortunately for all of us, the end of the month is upon us yet again, and that means the best thing I can do to deliver you the most deals is to send you directly to your list of about-to-expire Free Shipping Deals, and let you click around for yourself. Hope you all have a great weekend!


March 25, 2010

Before I get too excited about tonight's episode, I need to take a moment and say goodbye to my favorite (and aruguably most talented) designer Amy Sarabi. I loved that her designs seemed to be caught between two styles; one romantic, the other funky. Perhaps it's my own indecisiveness regarding personal style that I'm drawn to whatever she creates, but alas, the show must go on so congrats to Emilio and Seth Aaron! Not only did they make Project Runway history by being the first team with both members to win a challenge, but they created two distinct looks that can easily be shopped in today's stores.


For the day look, Emilio and Seth Aaron channeled the street vibe of Harlem by giving a nod to hip hop through flashes of color and lots of denim. Although this look is a bit dark for Spring, it's foundation can be shopped in any season as this Zipper Jacket by Baby Phat shows us. On sale for $49.99, you'll receive 3.0% Cash Back and can easily inject this item into your existing wardrobe. Pair it with dark denim as shown in the winning look, or throw it on over a sundress. Either way you'll be looking like a New Yorker in no time.


For the night look Emilio payed homage to Harlem's beginnings by designing a frock Billie Holiday would be thrilled to wear. His dress encompasses the jazz era with it's plunging neckline, elegant longer length, and open front. Equally stunning is this Black Charmeuse Dress from Bluefly. It too has the same 1930's va-va-voom feel, but lady won't be singing the blues because this dress is an affordable $218. Of course it needs no mentioning (but I'll say it anyways) that Bluefly is the official accessory store for Project Runway, and because you're a member of Ebates, you can shop the same trends seen on the show but with 3.5% Cash Back. So whether you're looking to own the winning look or just looking for a cute pair of shoes, do it with Ebates!

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March 24, 2010

amluoutfitOne of the many perks of my job here at Ebates is that I can spend a good amount of time checking out my favorite style bloggers looking for inspiration on what to wear, what to buy and the biggest trends to report. One of my favorites is Gala Gonzales via her blog "Inside Am-lul's Closet". Catch Gala reporting on her outfits and fashionable outings or find her gracing the pages of fashion magazines and featured on the best street style blogs. One of my favorite outfits is this layered look pictured above. I like this because it is wearable and perfect for Spring's unpredictable weather while being oh-so-chic! Here is an easy way to get the look with goods from Bluefly. Shop now and earn 3.5% Cash Back and save $30 off your first order of $150 or more with code EBATES30 at checkout.

Start with a maxi-dress like this cashmere blend strapless dress in cobalt blue, priced at a reasonable $96. Layer this simple boyfriend style black cardigan over the dress and then top it off with a leather jacket like this Marc New York motorcycle jacket, now just $328. Be sure to add a big leather bag like this one from Hype to polish off the look. Invest in these basics that you can wear together a la Gala or separately in a ton of different ways.

Find your style inspiration and get it for less when you shop our Clothing Category!


March 24, 2010

You always hear various stores on TV, the radio, or the internet tell you to "shop like a pro." Personally, this slogan has never entirely made sense to me. Despite the grammatical vagueness of what kind of "pro" they are referring to, it always makes me feel like I am doing something wrong when I just shop for things the way I've been doing most of my life. However, today I discovered Instawares, and everything suddenly became so much clearer.

Curious about their name, I clicked the link on Ebates, and I arrived at the site to find a restaurant supply super store. "But Bill" I suspect you might say, "I don't have a restaurant that needs supplying." You are absolutely right, however I'd be willing to place a tidy wager that you do own a kitchen, and since you read the Ebateable Blog, I also know that you love a good value. While I think just as much as the next person that nobody needs to spend four hundred dollars on a supercharged bar blender, or to buy cutlery by the gross, but if you weed through the mass-quantity bargains and specialized equipment at Instawares, you can find some great deals on everyday kitchen supplies at amazing deals. Colanders, cutting boards, steamers, and a whole variety of pots and pans can all be found for low prices, which come with everyday 3.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates.

Deep Fryer InstawaresHowever, if you really want to go crazy, and want to win the hearts of most anyone I know, pull some cash together and buy this free-standing deep fryer unit. As someone with friends in the restaurant business, I can say without hesitation that you would be flat-out shocked at the number of things you can deep free, and you'll be even more shocked when you find out how much better those things taste after they come out of the oil! Yes, I fully realize that it's nearly eight hundred dollars, but can you put a price on love? More importantly, can you put a price on deep fried tasty treats? I mean, come on, you save over eighteen hundred dollars and get free shipping!

Outfit your kitchen with deals from our Kitchen Appliances category!


March 23, 2010

Spring can be full of surprises; some good, some not so good. So far this season has brought me a won't-go-away case of allergies, a new favorite flea market to peruse for home goods, and now Bloomingdales Friends and Family Sale. The later of which was a much needed surprise after being told "you now have allergies, get used to it". 

From now until March 29th I can save 20% on most full (and sale!) priced items with code FFMARCH. So besides blowing my nose all the time and worrying I sound like Millhouse from The Simpsons, I'll also be saving quite a bunch of cash. Speaking of cash, by shopping at Bloomingdales I'll earn 3.0% Cash Back. For the first time in weeks my cloudy mind is starting to think clearly.

Olivia-HarrisA clear mind is needed when it comes to shopping, and after spending the weekend cleaning out the contents of my closet, it's come to my attention I am seriously lacking in the bag department. The only remedy to this situation is a new bag, and because of the warmer months ahead a smaller, more colorful bag like this one by Olivia Harris is a great option. It's long cross body strap and smaller size are perfect for warmer days when wrestling with a large heavy bag just won't do. It also comes in three festive colors, although I prefer the subdued look of the blue. Thanks to Bloomingdales Friends and Family Sale I'll save $60 on this bag and look fashion forward but not overdressed. Something that is faux pas regardless of the season.

Shop Spring trends in our Shoes and Accessories category. 


March 23, 2010

cagesandalOver the weekend, I found myself feeling a little blue. I was not particularly "down in the dumps" but rather just a little listless and unenthusiastic. To mix things up, I planned to clean out my closet and reorganize my wardrobe. And while I never got to doing that, I did have an epiphany which helped me coast through the rest of the weekend and arrive at the office bright-eyed and bushy tailed Monday morning. I realized how important it is to constantly challenge yourself in big ways and small. One of the easiest ways to do this is with clothing and makeup. While it sounds superficial, the way we present ourselves has a big impact on how we feel inside. A good way to challenge yourself is to purchase something you like but could never see yourself wearing. Case in point are these Chinese Laundry Cage Sandals from  When I take advantage of 10.0% Cash Backfree shipping and a 15% off coupon during Shoe Week the $80 shoes come down to just over $60.

Although they make a huge statement, they are actually incredibly versatile. Perfect for a night on the town or even a lunch date, I plan to pair them with my favorite jeans, a slouchy white tee and fuchsia lipstick ( Girl About Town is the perfect shade. Get it at Nordstrom and take advantage of increased cash back for Shoe Week). In this outfit, I will be right on the edge of my comfort zone while pushing the envelope.

Find your inspiration at during Shoe Week!


March 22, 2010

If you're geeky like me, then hopefully you watch Discovery Channel. If you watch Discovery Channel, hopefully you've seen the trailers for (or even the premier installment of) their new series LIFE. Brought to you by the producers of the wildly popular Planet Earth, this series focuses on animal life here on Earth. It's hard to believe the work that went into a series like this; the eleven-episode series was culled from over three thousand days of stunning HD footage, and the production has been four years in the making.

But you know what, folks? After watching last night's episode, it's been worth the wait.

LIFE on Discovery ChannelThat's why I'm so excited to let you know that you can pre-order the entire four disc set of LIFE from the Discovery Channel Store. If you go through your Ebates account (and why wouldn't you?) you will get 5.0% Cash Back, and we are also offering a coupon code for free shipping when you order LIFE on DVD or Blu-Ray. Just enter code LIFEDVD for free shipping with your pre-order; but hurry, that offer expires on March 28th, so the sooner you order, the more you'll save!

One more great opportunity to mention to you: the Discovery Channel Store is also offering a giveaway of their own, with the grand prize winner getting a Wildlife Safari valued at nearly $10,000, five lucky winners will receive a Blu-Ray player, the LIFE Collector's Book, and select Discovery Channel series on Blu-Ray. Ten winners will receive the LIFE Blu-Ray and select Discovery Channel series on Blu-Ray, and twenty lucky winners will receive the LIFE Collector's Book, all for simply entering your email address. Just follow this link, and you will be prompted how to register for the sweepstakes!

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy and save!


March 22, 2010

Here at the Ebates blog, we tend to favor the female fashion perspective, but that's not to say we don't think men's fashion isn't just as important. It's just easier to write about things you plan on wearing, rather than things you would like your pretend boyfriend to wear. Fantasies aside, there are fashion do's and don't for men, and speaking on behalf of female kind, we swoon over a well dressed man. This being Shoe Week and all, I thought I pass along the one of my favorite shoe trends for men. You'll find it at Nordstrom where you'll receive 5.0% Cash Back.

Desert-BootJust as women make fashion faux pas in the shoe department (furry boots or "eskimo chic" as Bill calls it) men also make mistakes, namely thinking there are two types of shoes: sneakers and oxfords. A third option would be this suede boot known as the Desert Boot. Think of it as a hybrid shoe that pairs easily with both formal and casual clothing. For example, use these boots to dress up a pair of jeans (cuffed is a great look), or pair with slacks for a less formal look. These shoes even look chic with a suit, just be mindful of fabric. The suede construction of this boot means it's a best friend of wool, tweed, denim, even linen, so go ahead and be creative! Available in five colors, you'll spend less than one hundred dollars on a do-it-all shoe, and considering you guys spend three times as much for a do-it-all tool, this is a great deal.

Shop Shoe Week at Ebates!


March 21, 2010

mdfoteOn the first official full day of Spring, my thoughts have instantly turned to all the ways I can fully enjoy the new season. For some reason, this year I am especially excited about it. I am ready for some sunshine, which, may or may not happen here in San Francisco. We have had some sun for the past week and that is enough to kick start my "I have to look good for Spring" attitude. Bring on the self-tanner (this one from Clarins I have written about many a time, and its less of a fake tanner and more of a "rejuvenating skin treatment"). Glowing skin is always in style and with so many products out there, it is easy to fake a healthy glow all year round.

One of the best ways to achieve glowing skin is not to fake it, but instead to reveal it with a gently exfoliating, glow-inducing cleanser. A million cleansers promise to give you a glow, and I have probably tried a hundred of them. I need something gentle enough to use everyday but something that is also effective. My dermatologist introduced me to the Md Forte soap-free, oil-free Cleanser II with glycolic acid, and I have been using it ever since. I usually just picked up a bottle at the office when I went in for an appointment until I realized that I had been overpaying by at least 40%! Leave it to to have my favorite cleanser marked down 30%, now just $19.60 with 6.0% Cash Back. If you are looking for the most gentle (doctor approved) cleaner that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, pick this up and reveal your glow by the end of the week!

A handy tip for flawless legs: use a tiny bit of this cleanser added to your regular body wash.

Get glowing skin and lots of cash back in our health and beauty category!


March 20, 2010

As we have determined already, we are in the midst of Shoe Week here at Ebates. It's an exciting time as we re-visit one of the most successful promotions of last year, and we have high hopes for this year's version as well. While you'll see some of the more traditional shoe merchant names like or ShoeBuy this year, but most people overlook the great selection of footwear at Sears. I know, I know, you're all thinking about just work boots or tennis shoes, but in addition to wonderful selections of both of those items, there are plenty of fashionable heels, sandals, flats, and much much more.

Naturally, you get the benefits of double cash back on a lot more than just shoes; everything at Sears can get gotten with 4.0% Cash Back for the entire duration of Shoe Week. So you can get everything from power tools to perfume and everything in between (even shoes!) with the great cash back savings.

I spent a little time clicking around the men's shoe section, looking for something that might suit my fancy, and I noticed the word "Sale" calling to me like a lighthouse on a dark and foggy night. What shoes being on sale would drum up such a reaction, you ask? None other than the classic Converse All-Stars. Converse-All-StarNow through March 25th, you can save and undisclosed amount on a brand spankin' new pair of Chucks, and I will say this: for as much as the girls talk about seasonal styles and the hottest trends, a classic pair of Chuck Taylors will always be in style. However, they will not always be on sale, so act quick. One more friendly piece of advice: in my years of experience they always run one size larger than their stated size. For instance, I am a thirteen in every pair of shoes I own, except for my Chucks, which claim I am a twelve.

Find your perfect pair during Shoe Week!


March 20, 2010

David-Lerner-LeggingsHappy Saturday to you Ebates shoppers, and happy Spring! May it be filled with clothing deals, sunshine, and cash back! Speaking of clothing, my wardrobe is in the process of being switched from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer, and if there's ever a time to rediscover what you have "aha" and what you don't "oh no", this is it. Last Fall I decided to pack away my warm weather clothing so that I may focus on the current season, and the bonus of doing so means I have clothing I've practically forgotten about that needs unpacking! With Spring starting today, I thought there wasn't a better time to make the switch.

Whilst in the process of sorting through the chaos that is my closet, it's become clear to me there are a few essentials I am missing. The most alarming being a pair of leggings. I know, who in 2010 doesn't own leggings, but the pair I own are paint splattered, and as time wears on, becoming see through. Because leggings are the backbone of any good wardrobe, I can no longer put off the inevitable. I need leggings and I need them quick. Good thing Shopbop ships in three days or less within the continental US, so by this time next week, I'll be creating better outfits more frequently with this fashion staple.

Leggings by David Lerner. $77 at Shopbop with 6.0% Cash Back.  


March 19, 2010

shoeweekThe most exciting thing in the wardrobe that changes with the seasons is shoes. Whether or not you are into fashion, changing the type of shoes you wear is a big part of warmer temperatures, and anyone can appreciate casting off their old boots and giving their feet a little freedom in more airy footwear. Being that tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring, I have whipped out my favorite peep toe flats (which need to be replaced) and it feels great. The changing seasons, longer days, and warmer temperatures have made me fully aware that I need some new shoes, and there is no better time than the second annual Ebates Shoe Week to stock up on some new kicks and increased cash back! Shop at the best shoe purveyors on Ebates offering more cash back and tons of coupons just for the event. Find shoe deals galore at, Steve Madden,, Nordstrom, Sears, Crocs, Nike Store and DSW.

If you are looking for the hottest trends in footwear be sure to check out the Ebates blog, where this week we will highlight the must-have shoes of the season, so stay tuned and save!

Shop the second annual Shoe Week at Ebates!


March 19, 2010

free shipping coupons Another week has come and gone, and another Free Shipping Friday is upon us! That means it's time for more of our best free shipping deals from some of your favorite merchants. We're also thrilled to announce the proud return of Shoe Week to Ebates. Amid all these great deals and promotions, we have the same good ol' free shipping savings that we always offer, week in and week out. Here we go!

Friday, March 19th
- Free Shipping on $15+ order at PhotoWorks. Code SPRINGSALE

Saturday, March 20th
- Free Shipping on golf caps at Code CAPSHIP

Sunday, March 21st
- Spring Sale with Free Shipping & No Sales Tax on most items at CameraWorld

- Free Standard Shipping & 2 Free Deluxe Samples with any order at Lancome

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Monday, March 22nd
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Wednesday, March 24th
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Thursday, March 25th
- Free Shipping on $40+ order at Hot Topic


March 18, 2010

Although I have an uncanny ability to find items for less, I still manage to surprise myself from time to time. A recent example would be this St.James Nautical Shirt original spotted at Calypso-Celle. Not a member of Ebates, Calypso-Celle is an oh-la-la boutique with oh-no-no prices, but because of my love/obsession with this shirt, I've spent the past many months devising excuses for buying it. Priced at $135 and with 0% cash back, it's obvious why I would hesitate to buy this wardrobe staple.

Nautical-ShirtMy reasons for loving this shirt are as numerous as the people who've made it iconic. Coco Chanel wore this in the 1930's, Audrey Hepburn wore her's with ballet flats and capris in the 1950's, and today the shirt is trademarked by fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Because of it's timeless appeal, this shirt would be worth spending $135, yet I found it at J.Crew for $85 plus 1.0% Cash Back. How? Well without giving away secrets of the trade, let me say catalogs are the way to go. I typically read catalogs I receive in the mail while on my morning commute. Not only do they accompany a hot cup of coffee, but it also gives me a chance to peruse the men's section, something I rarely do while shopping online.

Side Note: While it's in fashion to wear shirts that mimic something your boyfriend would own, nothing beats the fit of a shirt made for a man. They're typically longer, have slouchier sleeves, and if you're petite like me, an xs does just fine.

It's because I went outside my normal online behavior and shopped men's clothing, I found this shirt. As soon as I got to work and signed onto Ebates, I clicked on J.Crew, searched for the shirt, and just like that, saved $50. Aside from broadening my fashion horizons, I have an exciting addition to my wardrobe, a bit of cash back, and a reason to stop making excuses!

Shop Spring fashion here.


March 17, 2010

chloedressIf you are one of the millions of men and women plagued with the terrible affliction that is the taste for designer clothes, I have a solution that can ease the financial (and often emotional) strain of battling such a terrible addiction: shop at YOOX. If you have never checked out YOOX, now is your chance to pick up some serious designer duds (from Prada to Chloe to McQueen and even vintage Dior) at up to 80% off with 6.0% Cash Back and free shipping when you shop through Ebates.

If designer names are not enough to lure you in, their unprecedented selection should. When you shop at YOOX, you could seriously outfit your entire wardrobe. Shop for shoes, sandals and boots, swimwear, accessories, and coats; they really have it all. It seems that Springtime is an especially good time to head over to YOOX and check out their selection of items all marked down at least 50% off the original retail price. Fulfill your cravings for a Spring fashion fix in the new arrivals at YOOX and make sure to pay attention to the many new arrivals in dresses, like this perfect See By Chole dress for just $120 with 6.0% Cash Back. Nothing says "bring on Spring's warmer temperatures and outdoor parties" quite like the perfect frock, and nothing makes you feel more like a million bucks than a fabulous designer dress that costs way more than you paid for it!

Get the best deals on all your fashion picks in our Clothing Category.


March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks. Hope you're enjoying the luck o' the Irish, and haven't forgotten to wear your green!

As most of you know, we are currently in the middle of our Lucky Cash Back week, and if you want to luck out with some savings, I've got just the deal for you. From now through the end of March, AccessoryGeeks is offering an additional 7% off of all orders with coupon code EBATES11. This offer runs in conjunction with their everyday offering of 9.0% Cash Back, so you are really racking up the savings when you shop for all your cell phone accessory needs. Whether you are looking for an all-natural wood case for your iPhone, or want a car charger for your Nexus One, AccessoryGeeks has you covered, and offers great cash back, a large selection of coupons, and free shipping on orders within the United States and Canada.

So just like at the craps table in Vegas, you have to remember seven and eleven: 7% off all orders at AccessoryGeeks with coupon code EBATES11, that's a savings combo that wins every time!


March 16, 2010

With Spring just four days away, I've never been in such a shopping mood. I don't need much this year, just the essentials: leggings, sunglasses, sandals, swim suit, cotton dress, a couple of tops, you know, the basics. Of course I realize this sounds like a hefty amount, but with Lucky Cash Back, I can earn a hefty amount as well. By shopping at stores like Gap, I'll receive awesome deals like $7 flat-rate shipping and 7.0% Cash Back.

Motorcycle JacketBefore I get ahead of myself and start buying frilly tank tops, shorts, and other warm weather clothes, I must remind myself Spring is still chilly. A lightweight jacket like this Denim Biker Jacket is a great find. The faded look and soft texture of this jacket mean I'll keep it rotating in my closet for years to come, but for now it looks great over sweaters and also compliments my over-zealous shopping. What's even nicer than its motorcycle design, is that this jackets comes with a $70 price tag.


Wayfarer-SkinniesEveryone knows sunglasses are essential for protection from the sun and for preventing wrinkles, but my unwillingness to spend money on something I'll probably loose has cost me days upon days of squinting. The time has come for me to bite the bullet and purchase a pair of stylish, yet protective sunglasses. These Wayfarer Skinnies by Ray Ban offer 100% UV protection and also sport a classier look than the traditional Wayfarer look. Available at Shopbop I'll get 6.0% Cash Back, look great, and keep those wrinkles at bay!

Try your luck with double cash back!


March 16, 2010

sleepmaskAs much as I love the time of year when Daylight Saving Time begins (nothing says Summer like sunshine until well after 7 p.m.), the time change always takes some getting used to. Judging by the cacophony of yawns around the office and the glazed-over looks of people on the streets, I am not the only one losing sleep. Since my sleep problems persist throughout the year, I have developed a few tricks to ease my sleeplessness, especially during times when it gets worse. If you have trouble sleeping, any doctor will tell you to develop a sleep routine that you perform every night. This routine will help tell your body that it is time to relax and prepare for sleep. While I will not bore you with the details of my sleep routine, I have found through many years of trial and error that a few items always help me catch some z's.

First and most important is a good set of earplugs. Earplugs are crucial to getting a good night's sleep, especially when you live in a city. Between the bus rolling by, a clanking radiator, and my obnoxious neighbor, the only way for me to attempt to sleep is with earplugs in place. has these for just $4.29 with 6.0% Cash Back from Ebates. While shopping at, be sure to pick up another shut-eye essential: an eye mask. This Earth Therapeutics Eye Mask is top-rated and just $8.

Once you have stocked up on some sleep accessories, you can try some teas and supplements to improve the quality and duration of sleep (please note: always consult a doctor or medical professional before taking any supplements). For everyday use, I am a big fan of Yogi Bedtime Tea, available for just $2.88 from Vitacost. Gentle but effective, this tea contains natural herbs to calm and relax the mind and body. For something stronger and good for short bouts of insomnia, Melatonin is your friend. All natural but potent, Melatonin will help you get to sleep and stay asleep longer. Dosage and instructions depend on the brand, so see the package for instructions. Get a bottle of Melatonin also from Vitacost for 60% off, priced at just $6.93 with 5.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Find many more tried and true sleep essentials in our Health and Beauty Category


March 15, 2010

Being someone who just owns fish, I don't really spend a lot of time with cats and dogs and all that. Perhaps it's a side effect of this that I am constantly amused by any instance of animals wearing people clothes or any other kind of costume. I've got such a passion for furry friends in costumes or clothes that I even have co-workers who send me pictures and videos of pets being silly.

Dog mustacheOne such link led to my discovering Moody Pet and all the various supplies they sell at PETCO. Needless to say, when you only own a goldfish, you don't really find yourself spending a lot of time browsing pet websites. But man, am I ever happy I saw these. What they do is attach comically over-sized items on the end of a rubber ball, so that when your pooch picks up the ball and shakes it around, it looks like it has human facial features; in this case, either a giant tongue or a handlebar mustache. Best of all, these toys are all relatively inexpensive (at least as far as I can tell in my limited exposure to dog toys), going from just under eight dollars up to about fifteen. Dog tongueThey're currently on sale on PETCO's internet-only sale, and when you shop through Ebates you'll be earning 6.0% Cash Back. Naturally, you can find all sorts of great deals site wide for all your pets, and you can use any of our PETCO coupons to help sweeten the deal even more.

Find great deals for you and your pet in our Pets category!


March 15, 2010

When obsessions are helpful, I like to call them hobbies. My latest hobby is finding comfortable walking shoes that are also fashionable. Before you say "duh, they're called flats" I should mention my dislike of traditional flats. I find the ballet flat and its various versions are too cute for my style, and because of my picky taste, I've been left wearing shoes that are almost at their end. With Spring coming up it's time for my dark boots to be replaced with warm weather options, and it just so happens has thousands of them. Here are just a few of my current obsessions. Er, I mean hobbies.

Ballerine-ShoeThe Weekend Shoe
This Ballet Flat/Sneaker hybrid known as The Ballerine is a fresh alternative to my standard converse sneakers. Not only is it Spring fresh with white body and peach linen detail, but it's also just $62. Factor in 6.0% Cash Back and free express shipping, and I can start looking cute (but not too cute) almost instantly.

Damask SandalThe Sophisticated Sandal
If there is one item I hate spending money on, it is sandals. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I hate sandals; on the contrary, I love them. It's just that no other shoe is so limited by weather. Finding a sandal that is inexpensive yet still fashion forward is perhaps the greatest challenge. That challenge is turning into more of an adventure thanks to this Damask Sandal by Dolce Vita. Compared to other options priced around $200, this is a steal at $73. It has a bit of funk, but is still average enough to be versatile.

Aldaline FlatThe Discreet Flat
If flats could talk, they'd scream obnoxious things about their owners. The moccasin would shout "this one's a hippie", the black patent leather would yell "this one's a snob", and the brightly colored, mixed print flat would peep "this one doesn't know what she's doing". If this Aldaline Flat could talk it would say "she prefers to go unlisted". One of the most understated flats I've seen in awhile, this shoe features cutout detail, and a small adornment that gives it just a touch of something. Like the other two options, this shoe comes with free express shipping and 6.0% Cash Back. It's tan color allows me to stretch it's life into Fall, but for right now Spring/Summer is fine.  

Shop Shoes and Accessories      


March 14, 2010

yslglossI have a decorative bowl on a table right by the door in my apartment. The bowl holds various items from earplugs to loose change, old and new makeup items, and even one of those tools that comes with Ikea furniture. Rarely do I feel inclined to reach for an old makeup item in that bowl and give it a try, but this morning I did and for the first time in a while I have rediscovered and I am now obsessed with the bowl-by-the-door castaway!

I bought this Yves Saint Laurent Lip Gloss on a whim after reading rave reviews in magazines. Normally, I would have opted for a peach or a pale pink hue but instead I bought the bright fuchsia (#5) and it has sat idle since the day of purchase. While I love the formula (it is not sticky, the brush glides color on perfectly, and it is not too "glossy") the color was just a little too bold for the day-to-day. Things have changed! Now I am obsessed with the perfect color that would flatter nearly every skin tone and be a perfect gloss for Spring. Priced at $30, this gloss is a tad on the extravagant side. Luckily, Sephora has increased to 8.0% Cash Back for the month of March, has free shipping on orders of $50 or more, and offers a ton of special offers listed here. With the extra cash back, the price dips below $30 and the price tag gets to be a little more reasonable. Plus, it definitely feels and looks expensive: the color is rich, the texture is divine, it is lightly scented, and it is not sticky.

Take advantage of increased cash back for March at Sephora when you shop through Ebates!


March 13, 2010

Those of you who know me, or even those of you who even read this blog on a somewhat regular basis, might have noticed that I enjoy a nice cold frosty brew from time to time. A number of my friends and co-workers who share this interest with me have also started the fun hobby of brewing their own beer using the Mr. Beer system. I would love to be able to brew my own beer as well, but unfortunately, as most of my spare money goes to musical instruments, typewriters, and wonderful tech finds, I don't really have the spare time and cash to get into the home-brewing game. Luckily, I have a number of friends who love it, so I get to reap the benefits of home-brewed beers without the work of having to make it myself! It's a win-win!

Mr BeerIf you too want to get into the action, Ebates is currently offering 3.0% Cash Back on products from Mr. Beer, whether you are just getting started and need the whole kit, or just want to get more supplies for your new batch of home brew, you can get cash back on all the wonderful products Mr. Beer has to offer. Even though I don't make it myself, I can certainly vouch for the quality of beer that comes from Mr. Beer kits -- I just had some at a friend's house on Sunday, and it was delicious!

So, while you might not have time to whip up a batch of green beer in time for Wednesday, you will certainly have plenty of time to perfect your recipe for next year, or you could take inspiration from the great folks at St. James's Gate Brewery and whip up a nice traditional Irish Stout that can be enjoyed at any point this year!

Whet your whistle with products from our Wine & Bar category!


March 13, 2010

Lattice-TableAs stated, hundreds, if not thousands of times before, I love Anthropologie. Recently my adoring aunt presented me with a gift card as a house warming present, and I have been stalking the store/website/catalog ever since. For those who don't know, Anthropologie is the big sister to Urban Outfitters, yet just like big sisters are different, so are these two stores. For me, Urban Outfitters has always been the place to find cute tops at affordable prices, trendy shoes that won't break the bank, and of-the-moment accessories, while Anthropologie has been the place to buy exquisite home goods that make guests jealous of my style. I never bothered to cross shop, because I assumed Urban's home goods were in the same young mindset as the clothing, but a recent trip changed my mind.

A quick peak inside the Urban Outfitters in downtown San Francisco opened my eyes to all sorts of home goodies and changed my perspective entirely. The above Lattice Table is a great way to add Spring decor to your home, and I would stack it with plants and design books, or use it outside for Summer parties. Made from iron, this isn't a cheap piece of plastic, but a legit table. Quirky and cute enough for even the snobbiest of designers. Like myself.

Tye-Dye-BowlsNow I won't say Urban Outfitters has changed completely, because they haven't. Most of their home goods belong in a dorm rather than a boudoir, but there are exceptions for those willing to look. These Tie Dye Bowls are very similar to what Anthropologie sells, yet they're priced significantly less. While big sister sells bowls like this for $16 a piece, you can score four of these at Urban Outfitters for just $20. Add to that 2.5% Cash Back (which is not possible by shopping at Anthro) and you've got a big addition to your Spring kitchen for little sister prices.

Shop our Home and Garden category.


March 12, 2010

free shipping coupons Well well well, another week has flown by here in the land of Ebates, and it's with great excitement that we welcome in our Lucky Cash Back Sale, where we help you get a little luck o' the Cash Back. In the meantime, let's find that little pot of gold I like to call Free Shipping Friday!

Friday, March 12th
- Free Standard Ground Shipping and Free 7 Piece Perfect in Python Gift with $25+ order at Elizabeth Arden. Code PERFECT

- Free Shipping on any order at Pugster

Saturday, March 13th
- Free Standard Shipping & Free Deluxe Sample on any order at Prescriptives. Code MARCHFS

- Free Shipping on $39.99+ order at HP Home and Home Office Store. (Exclusions Apply)

Sunday, March 14th
- Free Ground Shipping on any order at Code LIDSFREEGROUND

Monday, March 15th
- Free Two Day Shipping on Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cakes at Bake Me A Wish!

- Free Shipping on $60+ order at The Body Shop

- Free Shipping on $99+ order at Sharper Image through this link. (Exclusions Apply)

- Free Shipping on $50+ order at Code AP74

- Free Shipping on $75+ order at Kohls (Some Exclusions Apply)

Tuesday, March 16th
- Free Shipping on $49+ order at CHEFS

- Free Shipping on any Cross Trainer at New Balance

- Free Shipping on all orders at YOOX

Wednesday, March 17th

- Free Shipping on Easter Gifts at Gumps

- Free Shipping on select Home Office & Media at Home Decorators Collection

- Free Shipping on all orders at Dancing Deer Baking Co. Code LUCKY


March 12, 2010

Lucky-Numbers-WeekSuperstitions. Everyone has them, it's just a matter of how you use them. Personally speaking, I always cross my fingers when driving over railroad tracks, I never walk under ladders, and fifteen is my lucky number. How lucky? Well my birthday falls on May 15th (A.K.A pay day for all you cash back lovers), so I use my superstition to do what I do best. Shop!

Today is especially lucky because it marks the start of Lucky Cash Back Week. A brand spanking new promotion where you'll find seven of our top stores with increased cash back. Call us superstitious, but we feel cash back is even better when you've got luck on your side. Here's a taste of what's in store:

Lucky Number Three: Every culture in the world recognizes the power of three and we're celebrating with the store that sells everything in the world: eBay. You'll receive 3.0% Cash Back and find free shipping on thousands of items, things to obsess over, and of course, great deals.

Lucky Number Five: Not the most thought of lucky number, many cultures consider any number starting with five to be lucky. In Russia, bouquets of flowers and gifts are given in the amount of five, but for Ebates we'll give you Newport News and HP Home. Both have cash back amounts of 5.0%, and both are great places to shop for gifts. I did mention my birthday after all.

Lucky Number Seven: Probably the most common lucky number, we're celebrating with 7.0% Cash Back at the following stores; Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. For the really superstitious among us, it should also be mentioned these stores all have $7 flat rate shipping. Combined with seven participating stores, and 7.0% Cash Back, you've now harnessed the power of three. Mystified? Don't be. At Ebates you're always lucky!

Feeling Lucky? Shop it here.


March 11, 2010

From now until March 21st, Yves Rocher has more than doubled to a whopping 20.0% Cash Back. This means that in addition to their prestigious selection of natural beauty items, excellent coupons (currently you can save $10 off orders of $30 or more with code Ebates1030), and huge sale section of up to 50% off, you can save an additional 20% in the form of cash back from Ebates.

Spring is a great time to revamp the beauty routine. As the weather changes, so should our beauty regime, and this kind of savings is a great time to add some new items to the routine without breaking the bank. I need to pay more attention to what I use for body care, especially since most Spring trends require bearing some skin. I know a trusted name in beauty like Yves Rocher will have everything I need to sport a floral frock, Spring's shorts, and tanks without exposing my winterous skin! A best-seller priced at an affordable $21 (that's over 50% off) is this 14-Day Body Refiner, which claims to transform skin in just two weeks. Applied day and night, this can only help to tone, smooth, and moisturize problem areas as you give yourself some much needed at-home relaxation and spa time. Add this Argan Balm for $14.50 and you have earned $10 off plus double-digit cash back, and this luxurious body care routine is now amazingly guilt free!

Shop Yves Rocher and enjoy more cash back from Ebates!


March 10, 2010

bbdakotadressYou'd think that writing for the Ebates blog and working for Ebates, that we would become immune to great deals or at least that our excitement level would diminish over time. Surprisingly, that is not true. Although a 70% off sale doesn't have us sprinting to the nearest computer the way it would a year or two ago, a good deal is a good deal and when it is on something you need or love; it can feel rare even if it happens weekly! Case in point: this BB Dakota Flora Dress, priced at just $85 with 6.0% Cash Back from Shopbop with free shipping and now free returns!

For just $85 this dress can be worn a million ways. Throw it on with a blazer for work, layer it with a cardigan and flats, dress it up with chic accessories and sky-high heels, or throw a tee shirt on over it and make it a mini skirt. Truly, this is one of the most versatile-without-being-boring dresses I have come across in quite some time. And it is under $100. That is enough to get even this frugal fashionista's heart pumping.

One quick recommendation while we are on the subject of dresses: these Commando seamless underwear are an absolute must-have for any fitted dress. Nothing ruins a fashion moment quite like a VPL.

Find your favorite clothing with cash back in our Clothing Category.


March 10, 2010

I have to say, I'm impressed. Every now and again I happen across a site when I'm doing these blogs that I've never seen or heard of before (well, that happens on a pretty regular basis) and times like today, I am really wowed with what the site has to offer. I saw the name of today's site, Ju Ju Be, and I had no clue what they might sell, so I checked out the link and what did I discover? All sorts of great bags, wallets, diaper bags, and backpacks!

Ju Ju BeWhat makes Ju Ju Be even better is that it was started by two couples who wanted a little something more out of their diaper bags, and decided to blend fashion and functionality - proving that the two need not be mutually exclusive when it comes to porting around your baby's supplies. They've also got some of the coolest accessories, including the "Bottle Rocket", which is a zip-up mini cooler for your baby's bottles that not only keeps bottles cool, but it protects the inside of your bag from spills, and can be wiped clean for those spills that will inevitably happen from time to time.

So check them out, I think most of you, especially those of you who love to throw in a touch of style in everything you do, should love their products. Naturally, you'll be earning 5.0% Cash Back when you shop through your Ebates account. Better still, a lot of their bags aren't blatantly obvious diaper bags, so when your little bundle of joy grows up, you still have a functional tote or messenger bag to fit your needs.

Find everything your baby needs in our Baby & Kids category!


March 9, 2010

magazines.comI have been traveling a lot lately. Because of my irrational fear of flying, magazines are an absolute essential on a flight to distract me from the fact that I am flying through the air! Without subscriptions, buying magazines for a flight can become a costly affair, and while the Southwest Airlines magazine is interesting enough, if you fly a lot, there are only so many times you can read that until you become desperate for a new issue. For a frequent flier or an avid magazine reader, the only way to stay fully stocked on new issues of your favorites without breaking the bank is subscribing and having the magazines sent right to your mailbox with huge savings off the cover price. To get even more savings, shop, where you will earn 24.0% Cash Back (increased for Ebates Hobby and Collectibles Week) and get an additional $5 off select titles with coupon code wintermags at checkout.

Shop an unparalleled selection of magazines at from big titles like Time and InTouch to more obscure publications by interest or category. I will surely load up on fashion  and beauty magazines (with up to 80% off the cover price), throw in some health and fitness for good measure, and a couple gossip magazines to satisfy my guilty pleasure (you can get six issues of InTouch Weekly for under $10!). Plus, the more I buy, the more cash back I earn, and the more painless my air travel becomes. I will be a fearless frequent flyer, informed about all the gossip, fashion, beauty, and some fitness!

Get increased cash back everything you need to keep you entertained on the ground or up in the air during Ebates Hobby and Collectible Week!


March 9, 2010

I always say a well-designed home is a balancing act of three major elements: furniture, decor, and wall. Recently I've been indulging in the first two, but Hobby and Collectible Week is drawing my attention to the third and somewhat neglected element: wall space. Sure, there's always paint, but speaking from experience, paint is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are several ways to decorate without paint, and is just one of them.

American-Cycles-PosterAs part of Hobby and Collectible Week you'll receive 10.0% Cash Back at and find wall tapestries, prints, even vintage-inspired tin signs. This American Crescent Cycles poster is done in art nouveau style, but will easily compliment many design themes. Sized roughly two by three feet, this poster is perfect for jazzing up a kitchen, adding color to a bathroom, and, of course, as the third element to any space. If you're not sure about what kind of wall art to buy, allows you to shop by decor. So whether your tastes are country chic, modern, or traditional, you'll find art to match it along with 10.0% Cash Back!

Shop Hobby and Collectible Week.


March 8, 2010

eForCity Anniversary SaleHey all, I don't have a clever or punny intro for this blog, I don't really have a personal story to lead you in to the deal. Instead, I was contacted the other day by our friends over at eForCity, informing me that not only are they in the midst of a tenth anniversary sale, they have also tripled their cash back throughout the month of March to 7.5% Cash Back. I have always appreciated the affordable prices at eForCity whenever I am looking for tech accessories. Whether you're looking for a screen protector for your iPhone, a cooling lapdesk for your laptop, or new HDMI cables for your home theater setup, eForCity has quality products at competitive prices.

Another benefit of their current tenth anniversary sale is the variety of coupon codes they're currently offering to help you save even more. Just visit the eForCity Coupons Page at Ebates and you will see just what I'm talking about. Not only are they offering a sitewide savings of 10% through April 1st with code EF10YEAR, they also offer free shipping on $25 or more with code SHIP25, they also have a whole slew of coupon codes for anywhere from ten to twenty percent off specific accessory categories. There are almost too many to list in this one location, so I urge you to check out eForCity and see all the wonderful deals and discounts they are offering us.

Plus, one other feature that they offer, which I tend to be a huge sucker for, is a page dedicated to Daily and Weekly Deals. I don't know what it is about finding a price cut for a limited time, but I find myself buying things I'd never consider otherwise; but man, it's such a great deal!

Also, check out the eForCity Twitter Competition for your chance to win an Apple iPad!


March 8, 2010

Being a fashion blogger doesn't mean I'm always decked out in the latest trends and hottest labels, or that I never have trouble getting dressed in the morning. In fact, the opposite is true. Still, there are moments like today when a co-worker's admiration of my outfit (this top in particular) makes me stop and think "I got this" and reconfirms my style, taste, and train of thought. Feeling newly empowered, I decided to indulge in my bohemian style (yes I know the term is overplayed) with some much-needed jewelry.

Kenneth-Jay-LaneMax and Chloe may be one of the most current jewelry boutiques you've never heard of, and I'm out to change that. Not only do they carry brands such as CC Skye, Alex and Ani, and Wendy Mink, but they also carry my personal favorite: Kenneth Jay Lane. I've spoken about my love for his eclectic and costume-y jewelry before, and this Snake Bracelet proves why my love is here to stay. Made with crystals and 18k gold, this bracelet is pure gypsy/bohemian and comes with free shipping and 5.0% Cash Back. It's the perfect accessory to my wardrobe regardless of what I label my style, but if I must label myself, it is indeed boho. Earning cash back is tre chic, so as far as I'm concerned, I've got all aspects of style covered.

Shop your style in our Jewelry category.


March 7, 2010

sunblockThis is a necessary, albeit not life shattering, message from your self-proclaimed Ebates beauty junkie. I am fully aware that I have written about the subject of sunblock more times than I really care to count. And yes, I am aware that everyone knows the importance of sun protection, especially in this day and age. But I know how you can try one of the highest SPF, best-for-your-skin sunblocks for less, with cash back from Ebates and a free gift!

When I stumbled upon this Limited Edition size Shiseido 'Ultimate Sun Protection' SPF 55, at Nordstrom for just $19.50 with 3.0% Cash Back, special $5 shipping with a free gift offer, I knew it was a great deal that must be shared! Now, I know that is a lot of information to process at once, let me break it down. Normally, a full-sized bottle of this Shiseido sunblock costs $35, which is a hard price tag to swallow, even for such a great product. But, the limited-edition size (which is great for travel or a perfect introductory size or can be easily thrown in your purse for on the go) is just $19.50. Yes, the larger size may be a better value, but it is nice to try something that comes in under $20, especially when just a little of this product goes such a long way. Plus, when you add cash back into the mix, the Nordstrom $5 shipping offer (on orders of $50 or more with code BEAUTY), and Shiseido's fantastic free gift offer (see site for details) you have lots of savings coming your way. 

Shiseido was one of the first to fuse skin care and sun care, and this sunblock has tons of good-for-your-skin ingredients, works perfectly under makeup, and lasts all day without being greasy or chalky. Get your travel size now for just $19.50 and keep your skin protected on the go!


March 6, 2010

As you probably already know, we are in the midst of our Hobby and Collectible Week, and I got to thinking about what my hobbies are. Some would call me a guitar collector, and I certainly do like spending my spare time working on guitars and amps and just music stuff in general. Others would talk about my comics, but I don't collect comics, or keep track of what is coming out when, I just read them for the stories, usually as a trade paperback, rather than issue-by-issue. Instead of a cool and interesting hobby like, shall we say, Sharpie art on Styrofoam cups, I tend to find my weekends filled with car repair. It may not be glamorous, but it fits the criteria of working with my hands, and it is something that, in a somewhat backwards way, I do take a certain amount of joy in.

I told you some time ago about how you can earn cash back on tires from Sears. Today we're getting a little more complex; see, for some time the rear window on the tailgate of my Rodeo hasn't been staying up. I'll push the window open, and for some reason, before I can even begin to get things in or out, it starts gradually shutting itself again. It seems that after fifteen years, I need new window struts.

JC WhitneyWhen I need auto parts, I tend to start at JC Whitney, where they have a huge range of parts and supplies for everyone from your most experienced grease monkey to someone who barely knows what a socket wrench is. Better still is the fact that they offer 4.0% Cash Back when you do your shopping through Ebates. Another nice feature is that they have a chat option, so if you're not sure of the name of your part (don't worry, I had no idea what to call a window strut until I started looking around), their professionals can help, and you're protected by their compatibility guarantee.

What kind of Ebates employee would I be if I didn't have a coupon code to throw in with this little tale? Not a very good one, I'll tell you that much! So if you want to check out JC Whitney, and get anything from a new turn signal bulb or floor mats to new big-bore pistons, use code AAWBC10 before April 1st, and you'll get 10% off $100 or 15% off $200 or more!

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March 6, 2010

Here at Ebates, we're always having some sort of promotion, and with so many under our belt (and many more to come) it's normal that I would be partial to some more than others. My past favorites include Shoe Week, Boots & Bags Week, and Home & Garden Week to name a few. But nothing has enticed me quite like Hobby and Craft Week, and the reason is simple: it marries my love of design and crafts. Also pleasing is the timing of this promotion, and more importantly, the money saving decision I made because of it.

CarmelitaFor months now I've been searching for the perfect pillows to place in my large bay window, yet the task has me feeling like Goldilocks. Any possible contenders are either too shabby chic, too modern, or simply not what I'm looking for. You can imagine how months of let down would affect a girl, yet offers a silver lining and a chance for me to get crafty.

After browsing their extensive fabric selection I came across what is known as silk velvet burnout. During my quest for the perfect pillow I've seen examples using this fabric priced around $350, so imagine my surprise when I discovered sells the same fabric for as low as $7.98 a yard. A resolution to my pillow problem has been achieved. Make them myself and save hundreds. Sounds good enough, but I'll also get 7.0% Cash Back on the entire site including this beautiful silk velvet burnout known as Carmelita. Making my own pillows may take a little more work on my end, but the end result will not only look just how I want, but allow me bragging rights as well. And that is priceless!

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March 5, 2010

In all the beauty magazines and blogs I come across in my weekly hunt for inspiration I have seen the same advice repeated over and over about Spring makeup: Lighten it up, go au naturale, and do pastels. I will admit, even to me, the advice seems a little daunting. Of course we would all love to go without much makeup, especially as the temperatures rise, and would prefer to embrace Spring trends without having to think about things we need to conceal or cover up. But realistically, even the au naturale makeup look requires much more than bare skin and a little gloss. 

New Makeup CollectionThe key to this look is not necessarily to abandon all of your makeup, but rather invest in a lighter, more sheer collection of colors and go from there. Perfectly suited for this is the brand new Philosophy The Color Of Grace Collection. The new collection is named after the cult favorite fragrance Grace, and features all things pink and beautiful for lips, cheeks, eyes, and face. Add some glow to your skin with the Heavenly Light Pink Illuminator and Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder, define your eyes with the Eyelighting Shadow Duo, and polish your lips with the gorgeous pink Angle Kiss Lip Gloss. With these gorgeous colors, you will achieve that "barely there" look without it actually being barely there. You will be Springtime ready, gorgeously pink, and glowing in no time. 

Shop Philosophy now, through March 7th and get free shipping on orders of $75 or more and a free gift with your order when you use coupon code gracecolor at checkout. Plus, you will get 4.5% Cash Back on your entire order when you shop through Ebates.

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March 5, 2010

free shipping coupons
I can't believe the week is already (almost) over. It literally feels like maybe two days have passed since I wrote last week's post. Still, here we are again for another thrilling installment of Free Shipping Friday! I hope you all had a good week, and are ready to usher in the month of March with some great free shipping offers from some great merchants. What do you say we get right down to it?

Friday, March 5th
- Three Days Only - Free Shipping on any order at Kipling

- Free Shipping on $49+ St Patrick's Day order at Oriental Trading Company through this link

Saturday, March 6th
- All Samsung LED-LCD HDTVs on Sale, Plus Free Shipping at Best Buy

- Free Standard Shipping on all $45+ Mailable Tool orders at Sears

- Free Shipping & Surcharges on Select Furniture at Cost Plus World Market

Sunday, March 7th
- Free Shipping on any order at Autosport Catalog. Code U7TP244Z

- Free Shipping on $75+ order at RedEnvelope

- Free Shipping on $49+ order at Hanes

- Save on Faves: Free Shipping with $99+ purchase at macys. Code FAVORITE

- Free Shipping & Free 4 Piece Gift with $75+ order at Code gracecolor

- This week only get 10% off your order at! Shop now & get Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $50

- Free shipping on $45+ on greeting cards, gift wrap, scrapbooking supplies, stationery & more at Current Catalog

Monday, March 8th
- Free Shipping on $75+ order at Urban Outfitters. Code SHIPIT

- Free shipping with $35 purchase at DSW! Code FEBSHP

Tuesday, March 9th
- Free Standard US Shipping with stay-put primer for eyes purchase at Benefit Cosmetics. Code STAYPUT9

Wednesday, March 10th
- Free Shipping on $20+ order at PhotoWorks. Code SHIPFREE20

Friday, March 12th
- Free Standard Ground Shipping and Free 7 Piece Perfect in Python Gift with $25+ order at Elizabeth Arden. Code PERFECT


March 4, 2010

Coffee-Table-BooksAs much time as I've spent studying design, I'm still baffled by the use of coffee table books. Their existence seems to be much like that of a tattoo, purely for display and conversation, although both can be argued as having deeper meaning. Whatever the case, I've never been the type to purchase books for display purposes, and my general attitude toward them was as serious as Kramer's The Coffee Table Book Of Coffee Tables. Which if you've never seen, is just another reason why Seinfeld is genius. 

Recently my attitude toward coffee table books has been changing, and it's not because of the design aesthetic or because I want to show off my love of obscure subcultures. No, my indifference is waning because, quite frankly, there are a slew of jaw-dropping design books on the market, and I'm like a kid in a candy store. Where else can I place these beloved treasures once the bookcase, closet, and storage boxes are full? Why, a front row seat on my coffee table, of course.

French-HomeTopping my list of so-glad-I-bought-it books is French Home. Available at Borders, this hardcover edition simplifies the mystique that is French decor thanks to the brains of antiques dealer and stylist Josephine Ryan. Priced at $29.95 for new, (or as low as $12 for used) I received 4.0% Cash Back and yet another book to accompany my Sunday morning coffee routine.

Elle-DecorAnother juicy, glossy photo book is Style and Substance: The Best Of Elle Decor. Covering the first two decades of Elle Decor, this book deserves proper ogling time, and if I may say so, looks great on my coffee table. Available at Barnes & Noble, I earned 8.0% Cash Back thanks to Travel Week, not to mention saving 28% off the list price and receiving free shipping. With hundreds of expertly designed rooms, I know I'll be reaching for this when I need a little inspiration, or even when I don't.   

So maybe I do understand the logic behind coffee table books. Maybe their owners aren't the showy type after all, maybe they're design/art/fashion/whatever addicts with storage issues, people who would rather have their passions on hand (or on table) instead of stashed away in a closet. Regardless of how I justify this new design approach, I saved a chunk of change and earned even more with Ebates.

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Top image courtesy of Desire To Inspire


March 3, 2010

On Sunday March 7th, this year's Academy Awards will air on ABC. Breaking away from the tradition for the 82nd installment, expect to see not one but two hosts (Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, it begs the question if the stage is big enough for both of them!), a plethora of nominees for the top categories (the best picture slot has ten), and lots of other new and unexpected twists and turns during the show. In an effort to attract viewers, the Academy has stepped it up, alienating those who would prefer they stick to tradition (ahem Blogmaster General) in order to attract and keep viewers interested in the rather long awards show. For someone like me, I fall somewhere in between the Oscar purist mentality and the "bring on the new" attitude. While I would rather not dilute the Best Picture category with so many slots, I do think it allows for a broader spectrum of nominees. And no matter what, I will tune in if not just for the fashion, the glamor, and the cringe-inducing preshows!

No matter where you stand, Oscar time is a great time to review some of your favorite movies from years past or brush up on this years many nominees. The most cost efficient way to do this is to sign up for a Netflix account, through Ebates where you will earn $13 Cash Back and have all of your Oscar movies on their way to your house (or streaming instantly) in no time. If you would rather own the Oscar Films in the flesh, shop at Barnes & Noble (who have increased to 8.0% Cash Back for Ebates Travel Week) who have a complete selection of Oscar classics and this years nominees all at great prices on DVD. My pick, is Inglorious Basterds. I rarely buy movies these days, but I loved this one so much I cannot resist. Ill get it for $22.04 and increased cash back from Ebates.

Shop all of your Oscar Favorites and tune in for this years show! And tell me, are you excited for the new format or are you an Oscar Traditionalist?


March 3, 2010

When I saw this site name, I was hoping that it would be an entire site dedicated to products for people who adore mathematics. Being a geek who at one time knew Pi to twenty-five places, I was excited. When I visited the site, I was intrigued.

HeartMath emwaveThese days, we all need to take some time here and there to take a breath, relax, and de-stress. As we all lead increasingly stressful lives, it is important to take a little time for yourself. This philosophy is what drives HeartMath; with their system, they have developed new and different ways to help recognize the onset of stress and deal with it in a healthy way. Their equipment and methods differ from the standard heart monitors and deep breathing in that it bases its readings and soothing techniques on coherence in heart rhythms, rather than mere heart rate.

Moreover, you can analyze the data collected to determine if there are specific triggers for your stress, or certain periods of time that cause you more stress than others. In addition to these systems, there are books and music available to help you understand and combat the stress in your life, to help create a life that's a bit more comfortable and relaxed.

With the stress reliever averaging about $199, or the desktop program system starting at $299, these are not cheap solutions or quick fixes, but eventually you have to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend for your well-being and peace of mind. Plus, with 7.5% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates, you can help relieve a little bit of the stress of spending a lot of money on these products!

So check them out and see if there is something there that might help you sleep a little better and get through your day with a little less stress.

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March 2, 2010

Skip-This-Shop-EbatesI know what you're thinking, shop a sale section? Please. But before you start assuming all sale sections are alike (filled with three year old merchandise available in either the smallest or largest size, out of fashion, and probably smelly too) allow me to crash your theories and say Saks Fifth Avenue has a sale section so complete it rivals new season merchandise. Aside from last season's sweaters, outerwear, and boots, you'll also find items perfect for the upcoming months. Not to mention odor free.

Elizabeth and James Silk TopA neutral palette is everywhere this season and this Silk Femme Top by Elizabeth and James has four tiers of mauve silk that can easily transform any outfit into something romantic and feminine. Originally priced at $295 I snagged this top for just $117. That's a savings of over $175! A deal as great as this made me want more, so I also purchased this Silk Racerback Top for $100. In case you were wondering how much I saved, I did the math below:

Original Price: $548.

Sale Price: $217.

Shipping Cost: $0 with code SHIPFREE2.

Add 2.5% Cash Back and I received $5.42 for my savvy shopping. Not bad considering I also saved myself a trip to misery land known as the department store sale section. In a week's time I'll have a few more fashionable items to hang in my closet, more cash back in my account, and the satisfaction of knowing I truly am a Deal Hunting Diva.

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March 2, 2010

I am totally the unseasoned traveler: fawning and flailing in the security line, dropping things, hurling my suitcase, and setting off the metal detector. My main problem is that I have the wrong suitcase. I have a tiny weekender that works pretty well, although given the unpredictable weather in my recent travel destinations, the small space has left me unprepared many a time. It is a better size for a local trip. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is a giant suitcase on wheels that I must have bought at a moment of complete delusion. It is time to rectify my suitcase size problem once and for all, and glide through security like the travel whiz I will soon be. No better time to update my suitcase than Ebates Travel Week, where eBags has increased to a whopping 12.0% Cash Back and has a coupon for free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

If I haven't made it obvious, I have a problem picking the right suitcase. Luckily for me, eBags has a section of customer top rated and best selling suitcases and roller bags for someone just like me. I can read reviews from eBags shoppers and know what is the right option for me. They are also having an End of The Season Sale where many top rated suitcases are up to 70% off. Find everything from four piece travel sets under $100 to designer rollers under $150. This Travelpro Expandable Roller, is on sale and top rated. Plus, it comes in a color other than black (my worst nightmare would be losing my luggage!). Priced at 58% off and now just $195.49, this bag is an investment that will save me time and money. When I add 12.0% Cash Back into the mix and free shipping, the good deal gets even better.

Now I am a "Travel pro" when I shop Ebates Travel Week!


March 1, 2010

I know a lot of the time people ask us "How can I save the most money possible when I shop?" Personally speaking, while shopping through Ebates should be a given, I can't over-stress the importance of using coupons. Whether you are shopping online or in stores and especially restaurants, having a coupon that will help get a little extra money off your bill is essential. That's why we are happy to offer cash back on a great money-saving opportunity: the Entertainment Book.

Entertainment BookFor those of you who aren't familiar, the Entertainment Book is a collection of coupons for greater metropolitan areas usually, where one can use coupons on a wide range of things, from restaurants to travel, museums, and other attractions all around the area. While the coupons expire at the end of November as memory serves, you'll find that there are almost more deals than you can tackle in a year. I know in the past I've used mine on car rentals, dinners, sporting event tickets, and much more, yet no matter how many coupons I feel like I've used, there still seems to be half a book when the end of the year rolls around.

Best part of all is, at the moment, since we have crept into the month of March, the books are currently just $17.50 with 25.0% Cash Back. It's scary but true, for just over $10 you can get an entire book of coupons for businesses in your area, shipped free!

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March 1, 2010

Cruise-With-EbatesLike most people I tend to associate cruises with giant buffets, bottomless drinks, and Las Vegas style entertainment. To some extent this is true, and was my experience when I sailed the Mexican Riviera on board Princess Cruise Lines, a.k.a. the Loveboat. Since then I haven't considered taking another cruise due to my assumptions (and you know what they say about that), yet with airfare sky high and hotels not exactly cheap, paying a one time fee for an all-inclusive vacation seems rather practical. After reading this article from Travel and Leisure, it also seems enjoyable. If I needed any more persuasion, Travel Week has encouraged me to go ahead and start shopping for the cruise of a lifetime. I'll get double cash back plus huge savings on cruises, hotels, and more. But because this is a cruise blog, let's stay focused!

Today ships sail everywhere from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, yet there's more than just dinner and drinks to be had. Cruises now offer themes (my personal favorite being Pink Floyd) as well as special interests like Nascar, baseball, even scrap booking. For those not into psychedelic rock, Carnival Cruise Line offers a Rick Springfield cruise, and Holland America features a Jazz themed cruise. Oh, and for all you soap opera addicts, Celebrity Cruise Line allows you to rub shoulders with your favorite soap stars from All My Children, Days Of Our Lives, and more. If Austin Peck is there, count me in!
Of course there are other reasons to take a cruise, like the exotic ports, the on board activities, and the whole "basking in the sun" thing. If you're itching to get started booking, be sure to shop Travel Week before you buy, and say hello to the high seas and higher cash back!   

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