March 1, 2010

Cruise Into Savings During Travel Week!

Cruise-With-EbatesLike most people I tend to associate cruises with giant buffets, bottomless drinks, and Las Vegas style entertainment. To some extent this is true, and was my experience when I sailed the Mexican Riviera on board Princess Cruise Lines, a.k.a. the Loveboat. Since then I haven't considered taking another cruise due to my assumptions (and you know what they say about that), yet with airfare sky high and hotels not exactly cheap, paying a one time fee for an all-inclusive vacation seems rather practical. After reading this article from Travel and Leisure, it also seems enjoyable. If I needed any more persuasion, Travel Week has encouraged me to go ahead and start shopping for the cruise of a lifetime. I'll get double cash back plus huge savings on cruises, hotels, and more. But because this is a cruise blog, let's stay focused!

Today ships sail everywhere from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, yet there's more than just dinner and drinks to be had. Cruises now offer themes (my personal favorite being Pink Floyd) as well as special interests like Nascar, baseball, even scrap booking. For those not into psychedelic rock, Carnival Cruise Line offers a Rick Springfield cruise, and Holland America features a Jazz themed cruise. Oh, and for all you soap opera addicts, Celebrity Cruise Line allows you to rub shoulders with your favorite soap stars from All My Children, Days Of Our Lives, and more. If Austin Peck is there, count me in!
Of course there are other reasons to take a cruise, like the exotic ports, the on board activities, and the whole "basking in the sun" thing. If you're itching to get started booking, be sure to shop Travel Week before you buy, and say hello to the high seas and higher cash back!   

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