March 21, 2010

Reveal Your Best Skin This Spring And Save 30% At!

mdfoteOn the first official full day of Spring, my thoughts have instantly turned to all the ways I can fully enjoy the new season. For some reason, this year I am especially excited about it. I am ready for some sunshine, which, may or may not happen here in San Francisco. We have had some sun for the past week and that is enough to kick start my "I have to look good for Spring" attitude. Bring on the self-tanner (this one from Clarins I have written about many a time, and its less of a fake tanner and more of a "rejuvenating skin treatment"). Glowing skin is always in style and with so many products out there, it is easy to fake a healthy glow all year round.

One of the best ways to achieve glowing skin is not to fake it, but instead to reveal it with a gently exfoliating, glow-inducing cleanser. A million cleansers promise to give you a glow, and I have probably tried a hundred of them. I need something gentle enough to use everyday but something that is also effective. My dermatologist introduced me to the Md Forte soap-free, oil-free Cleanser II with glycolic acid, and I have been using it ever since. I usually just picked up a bottle at the office when I went in for an appointment until I realized that I had been overpaying by at least 40%! Leave it to to have my favorite cleanser marked down 30%, now just $19.60 with 6.0% Cash Back. If you are looking for the most gentle (doctor approved) cleaner that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, pick this up and reveal your glow by the end of the week!

A handy tip for flawless legs: use a tiny bit of this cleanser added to your regular body wash.

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