March 20, 2010

Shop Shoes at Sears and get 4.0% Cash Back

As we have determined already, we are in the midst of Shoe Week here at Ebates. It's an exciting time as we re-visit one of the most successful promotions of last year, and we have high hopes for this year's version as well. While you'll see some of the more traditional shoe merchant names like or ShoeBuy this year, but most people overlook the great selection of footwear at Sears. I know, I know, you're all thinking about just work boots or tennis shoes, but in addition to wonderful selections of both of those items, there are plenty of fashionable heels, sandals, flats, and much much more.

Naturally, you get the benefits of double cash back on a lot more than just shoes; everything at Sears can get gotten with 4.0% Cash Back for the entire duration of Shoe Week. So you can get everything from power tools to perfume and everything in between (even shoes!) with the great cash back savings.

I spent a little time clicking around the men's shoe section, looking for something that might suit my fancy, and I noticed the word "Sale" calling to me like a lighthouse on a dark and foggy night. What shoes being on sale would drum up such a reaction, you ask? None other than the classic Converse All-Stars. Converse-All-StarNow through March 25th, you can save and undisclosed amount on a brand spankin' new pair of Chucks, and I will say this: for as much as the girls talk about seasonal styles and the hottest trends, a classic pair of Chuck Taylors will always be in style. However, they will not always be on sale, so act quick. One more friendly piece of advice: in my years of experience they always run one size larger than their stated size. For instance, I am a thirteen in every pair of shoes I own, except for my Chucks, which claim I am a twelve.

Find your perfect pair during Shoe Week!

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