May 13, 2010

Big Fat Payments to be sent out on May 15th!

Getting a payment from Ebates in the mail is like getting a tax return check, you just don't have to work all year to get it! All you have to do is shop. The month of May means that we are sending out payments again.

This time we are sending out cash-back and bonuses that were earned prior to April 1st. Due to the size of the payment distribution, all payments are not sent at once. We will begin processing payments now so that they can be sent out in the next few days.

Your Ebates account may change, your cash-back may move from "Cash Pending" to your "Cash Back History". This process will be competed for all eligible accounts by Saturday, May 15th when the checks are mailed out. Paypal payments will be made on time, if not early.

If you are waiting on a payment, and don't see it coming, please make sure that you have at least $5.01 in cash-back for orders in your account dated prior to April 1st. Also, make sure that you provided your name and mailing address to us by May 1st. If you don't qualify, don't worry; any funds that do not get paid this time will be carried over to our next payment date in May.

We appreciate all of you using Ebates for your holiday shopping and telling your friends about us. Please enjoy your payment from Ebates, you earned it!

Happy Shopping from Ebates Customer Care


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I have not received my payment yet.. I selected Paypal as my Cash Back Method.

Me neither

Hi Stephanie - our records show that you have four accounts, we just need to consolidate you down to one so that we can issue a payment. This should not be a problem. Thanks!

what do I have to do to get the friend money I have 3 sign up and I'm not showing $5.00 each at all

Where is my money? No Paypal payment yet!

i havent recieve my paypal payment yet plz help me :(

Its the 16th of may, still no paypal payment from ebates, am i the only one or should i just wait?

hi i havent recieved my payment yet on my paypal , wats going on it now says august ?

yeah it says august, i aint gonna wait another 3 months

Same here, still no payment in may, it says august now

I have not received either via paypal and it seems there is no way to contact them.

Same here, No payment in Feb and May.

Never had this problem in 2 years on ebates but no payment for me either yet

We are sorry to hear about any delayed payment. We can answer these questions for you. Our Customer Care team will respond to you directly on Monday, May 17th if you provided your email address. If not, you can contact customer care and expect a response. Thank you for your patience.

No payment here either!

Victoria, it looks like we didn't have your name and street address until today. I'll see that your payment is sent out soon. Thanks!

How about me , plz can u check why I haven't recievemy payment yet

Hi Francisco, we have sent you a private email message. Thanks!

hi i havent got any email yet please let me know if im gonna get paid or if im gonna have to wait till august 15 thanks

Hi All - We cannot resolve payment issues in this public forum. Please send us a message, and we can assist you. Here is the the link to our Customer Care form.


I have sent you an emaill about my deley payment, but no one reply :( please help me

I still have not received my cashback payment via paypal that was due on 5/15 yet and now it says the next payment in on 8/15. Can you please look into this and get it processed right away? Thanks!

I haven't received my payment yet, and I sent an e-mail inquiry yesterday. When can I expect the payment/a response?


Hi Chris K. - you have multiple accounts, this is blocking the payment, please contact Customer Care. Thanks!

Hi Chris B. - you have multiple accounts, this is blocking the payment, please contact Customer Care. Thanks!

so...when will I get my money back? I'm trying to buy hard drive with that money..

Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that I had more than 1 account. I am sure that I have only been using the one for quite a while now, as I have it bookmarked with auto login. How do I go about contacting customer care? I sent an email through the main customer care email address yesterday and have not heard back yet. Thanks!

Where's my Big Fat Check? No PayPal payment yet!

I got it!! Rock on!!

Oh Also the link is not working how do I spread the word properly to received credit?

Still no paypal payment? says august

Still no paypal payment? says august

I'm still waiting for my Paypal payment as well.

Still haven't received my Ebates Paypal payment either and no one is responding from customer service

Hi Dong - You have two accounts, we'll need to consolidate them, please contact customer care if you have not done so already. Thanks!

Hi Kevin S. - We will see that a payment is sent out for you this week. Thank you for your patience!

Hi Chris K. - We responded to your email this morning. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Mohamed, We need to verify one order in your account prior to payment. We will respond to your email this morning. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Haley - It looks like you did not earn $5.01 in Cash-Back prior to April 1st, so your first payment will be sent out as scheduled on August 15th. Your patience is appreciated.

Hi Stephanie - Since you have multiple accounts there is a delay. We will respond to your email this morning. Thank you for your patience.

Nothing showing and I have more then enough! (way over the $5.01).. What is going on?

I'm still waiting for my payment, :( please help me .

Hi Lily - Our customer care team has responded to your email. Thanks!

I have not received my payment yet.. I selected Paypal as my Cash Back Method.

Hi Neville, we have recently responded to your email to customer care. Thanks!

hi i havent recieved my payment yet on my paypal , wats going on it now says august ?

hi i havent recieved my payment yet on my paypal , wats going on it now says august ?

I have not recieve my Fat Check yet. All my information is compelete.

I did not received payment on my paypal either and I have sent three emails with no response. What is going on will I get my FAT CHECK?????

Dear Yue, we have now responded to your email. Thanks!

Hi Cindy, we have now responded to your email messages. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks, finally got paid yesterday!

Same here, Im still waiting for my Feb and May payment. lol

Savy Shoppers - we cannot respond to each personal message on this forum. Please contact us regarding your specific payment by going to:


I think its time to post what the status is of May 15th cashback... yes? ive sent two emails and no replies!

Hi, no payment received here, and no customer service responses. Nothing has changed since Feb payment, so I'm not sure what the hold up is! Thanks.

I can see I am not the only one who is havin' this problem. I accumulated more than $195 in cashback trough February to May, it was going to be deposited into my Paypal account on May, 15th. Never happened. I contacted Customer Service and they told me I would receive a response from the right 'sector' within 24 hours. Never happened. On May, 18th, my account showed I have been paid $97.00 (the rest was on Pending, I don't know why), I checked my Paypal account. Never received.

Anyhow, I have contacted Customer Service multiple times with no luck, no response. This is totally unfair and we need a fix as soon as possible.

Hi All,

We are sorry for any delays in hearing back from us. Carlos, your payment was sent via Paypal on May 14th to the Paypal address that we had on-file.

Lisa and Richard, we will see that your payments are sent out this week. Your patience is appreciated.

That is not true. I have not received the Paypal confirmation of "You've got cash!". It does not take that long (8 days until now). My account is verified and perfectly working, I have also checked on my eBates account and it is well written, so what is the problem? How can you tell me I have been paid when I have got nothing? I need some help! or at least an explanation. Thank you!

Hi Carlos, Our Customer Care team has now responded to your email. We will resolve this matter for you on Monday. Your patience is appreciated.

I sent Ebates customer care an email on May 19, 2010 inquiring if my May 15, 2010 cash back check has been mailed. I still haven't received a response. My account shows that my next cash back check is due August 15, 2010 but I should have been sent one in May. Your assistance is appreciated.


I still have not received my paypal payment. Payment date was August 15.

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