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December 31, 2010

From all of us at Ebates we wish you a very Happy New Year! Thanks for making 2010 so amazing and we can't wait to share 2011 with you.

See you in 2011!


December 30, 2010

happynewyearThe last days of 2010. Hard to believe right? I'll spare you a sentimental time flies speech and instead get to the good stuff: today's top sales! I realize I'm jumping the gun by a day, but these deals last as long as 2010 does; in other words not long. Enjoy and happy shopping! 

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December 29, 2010


Not sure what to do with holiday leftovers? Foodie blog In Her Kitchen, shares their advice on making the most of your holiday meal. Bon Appetite!
If your family is anything like mine, then Christmas is an excuse for Thanksgiving dinner Part 2 with a table full of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and an assortment of desserts! I am always looking for a creative way to use up my leftovers, rather than a simple turkey sandwich or soup. Desperate to make a little room in my fridge last year, I came up with this Turkey Leftover Won Tons with Cranberry Salsa.


Turkey and Stuffing Won Tons

•    1 1/2 c cooked and shredded turkey
•    1 c prepared stuffing
•    4 oz cream cheese, softened
•    4 T thick prepared turkey gravy
•    1 14 oz package won ton wrappers
•    1 T water
•    3 c canola (or vegetable) oil
•    salt to taste

Cranberry Salsa
•    1 c dried cranberries
•    3/4 c lemon juice
•    2 T minced onions
•    1 T lime juice
•    1 t minced jalapeno
•    1 t minced garlic
•    1 t water


1.    To prepare, heat oil over medium-high heat in a large deep skillet. Marinate cranberries in lemon juice to plump. Mix turkey, stuffing, cream cheese, and turkey gravy in a medium bowl.
2.    Drain lemon juice from cranberries. In a small food processor, pulse cranberries until minced. In a small serving dish, mix cranberries, onions, lime juice, garlic, and water. Add in jalapeno to desired heat.
3.    Place about 1 T of the mix in the center of each won ton wrapper. Wet edges of each wrapper lightly with water, fold in half, and press the edges with a fork to seal. Lightly salt to taste.
4.    Place a single layer of won tons in the skillet. Heat for about 4-6 minutes or until golden brown flipping once halfway through. Remove with a large spatula onto plate covered with paper towels. Repeat for remaining won tons.
5.    Let sit for about 5 minutes and serve while warm with the cranberry salsa.

Please visit our blog, for more recipes and tons of pics documenting each recipes' directions. You can also follow us on Twitter at @InHerKitchen and like us on Facebook. Hope to hear from you!


December 28, 2010

SPHolidaysHave you started your Holiday shopping for 2011? Believe it or not now is the perfect time to start! The goal of stockpiling is to purchase items when they hit rock bottom prices. This can be applied to shopping for all occasions, not just the holidays. Each year after Christmas I make a list of who to buy for and the budget per person, then I begin shopping for the following year the day after Christmas.

What You Need: In order to stockpile you need a location to store your gifts. My husband built a huge window seat where I house my gift giving stockpile. In addition to this, I have two rubber maid containers for overflow; you never know when a great sale or clearance will come along!

Stockpile Toys: I do a lot of my Christmas shopping at Kohls. Not only does Kohls have great toy sales throughout the year, but Kohls card holders can save up to an additional 30% during special sale events. Of course I love to shop online through Ebates and earn cash back. I also purchase a lot of toys at Kmart during their clearance sale in July. This is a great time to stockpile for birthday's too!

Another great store to shop for clearance items is Target. I have picked up several toys at 90% off!  My best toy deal was the Tag learning system that I picked up for $13.99 after clearance and coupon. It is regularly $49.99! I also found tag books for as low as .98 cents! Always check for clearance items when you are shopping at Target.

Stockpile Stockingstuffers: By shopping at Walgreens I'm able to sign up for freebies and samples online, which make perfect stocking stuffers.

A Few More Tips: 1. My best advice is start shopping on December 26th for next year, however late January is also a great time to find those deep discounts. 2. Purchase gifts with your earned Kohls cash to bring down out of pocket expense. 3. Shop for toys in July when they go on clearance. 

If you change the way you shop, Christmas will become a more enjoyable experience. Instead of rushing around last minute, shop smart year round and take a breather in December! For more tips visit me at


December 27, 2010

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I'm not sure which is a crazier time: before or after. Before the holiday, shoppers are in a mad dash to buy the perfect gift. After the holiday is just as crazy with malls packed full of shoppers eager to spend gift cards, return unwanted items, and continue in the holiday cheer. Add to the mix countless after Christmas sales and the crowds become chaotic.

No thank you.

This year, skip all that fuss and shop the best After Christmas Sales from the comfort of your own home. We're offering double cash back at top stores, plus giving you direct access to the best ways to save. So go ahead, shop for yourself this time. After all, we're paying you to!


December 24, 2010

From All of us at Ebates we wish you a very Merry Christmas and holiday weekend. Enjoy and thanks for being such great members!

If by chance you're lounging at home and want to get a bit of shopping done, there's only one week left to shop December Double Cash Back!


December 23, 2010

Edible WreathToday's guest blogger is also from the Frugal Living Community. Melissa from Saving Cents With Sense. Enjoy!

One of our family traditions has been to make edible Christmas wreaths each holiday season. Not only are they fun to make (and eat!), but they make nice gifts for friends or family. Plus, they are easy enough for the kids to help.


Box of Cornflakes
16 ozs of Marshmallows (1 bag)
1/2 butter
Green Food Coloring
Red Hot Candies


1. Melt butter and rarshmallows in microwave stirring every minute until marshmallows are completely dissolved.

2. Add green food coloring to melted mixture - stir in until you reach color desired for wreath.  (Approx. 2 TBLS)

3. Pour hot melted mixture over Cornflakes. Stir quickly to coat all cereal.

4. Pour mixture over buttered bowl(s) - let fall in shape of wreath.

5. Place red hot candies around the wreath while hot, to look like berries.

6. Place one candy cane on each side of wreath.

7. Put bow at top if wanted. Remove bowl from center after partially cooled.

8. Optional: Fill center with goodies (cookies, candy, etc).

Enjoy your wreath and have a very happy holiday!


December 22, 2010

Ok, so you've bought the presents, planned the dinner, and wrapped every last item. Before the big exhale, don't forget the other part of Christmas: the stocking! These stocking stuffers will save you money and time. No need to think about what to buy, just check off your list and repeat after me: I'm done!

Slinky 5.0% Cash Back
Elmo's Favorite Places Flap Book 8.0% Cash Back

Squinkies 16pc. Set 3.0% Cash Back
Him & Her Prada Duo TOP PICK! 6.0% Cash Back

Snowman Boxers 8.0% Cash Back
Slipper Socks 4.0% Cash Back.


December 21, 2010

Today's guest blogger is from FabulesslyFrugal. As a fellow Frugal Living Community Leader, they know a thing or two (or ten) on how to live live smart. Enjoy!

With New Year's Resolutions right around the corner, some people are looking for ways to trim their budget along with their waistline. However daunting this task might seem, it doesn't have to be! By using the simple principle of sharing, you could save hundreds of dollars.

Here are the things I share in my life that save me money:

entertainmentbookA dinner plate at a restaurant. I often share a meal with a friend or my husband when we go out to eat. Because I'm very anti leftovers, the larger portioned meals often go to waste. Splitting a meal and therefore the check just makes sense! Or, shop smart and buy the Entertainment Book from Ebates!

Carpooling. I share the cost of gas by trading off carpooling duties in the morning when shuttling my kids to school.

Clothing. My sister and I occasionally share clothing. If I have an event coming up where I need to purchase something (like a fancy cocktail dress), I will raid her closet first. If this doesn't work I shop smart and head to JCPenney, Kohls, or any other store where I'll get cash back from Ebates.

dvdsMovies/Music. If you find your family is getting tired of the same old CD and DVD collection, swap with your friends or neighbors for awhile instead of purchasing new ones. Or, shop smart and go to where there's always great deals on entertainment.

Many of these might not be feasible in your own family, but adopting even one or two could save you hundreds each year and jump start that New Year's Resolution! Speaking of resolutions to shop smarter, check out Ebates After Christmas Sales for more deals!


December 20, 2010

As Christmas draws closer it's not uncommon to see wallets getting tighter. If you're feeling a tightening of the wallet, take my advice: shop these gifts under $25 and impress everyone on your list. For less! Oh, and don't forget to shop them with December Double Cash Back!  

Men's Crewneck Sweater 4.0% Cash Back
Paper Jamz 6.0% Cash Back

Women's Fleece Slippers 4.0% Cash Back

Men's Wool Gloves 3.0% Cash Back
My Favorite Vehicles Puzzle Set 3.0% Cash Back

Women's Performance Fleece Hoodie 8.0% Cash Back.


December 17, 2010

Haven't started your Christmas shopping yet? Having trouble deciding what to get loved ones? Procrastinators (like myself) can take comfort in today's promo; Free Shipping Friday. Today is the last day to get guaranteed delivery by Christmas, and what better way to help you cross off your list than with free shipping at your favorite stores? Today only enjoy free shipping at dozens of stores and enjoy cash back from Ebates.

Now there's no excuse not to shop!


December 16, 2010

There's no mistake children benefit the most during Christmas. This year, spoil the kiddies without damaging your wallet. These hot toys are listed $10 and under, and all come with cash back from Ebates! Don't forget to shop them with December Double Cash Back!

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster 1.0%  - 2.0% Cash Back
My Little Pony Pinkie 3.0% Cash Back
Robot Stencil Set 4.0% Cash Back

Baby's First Blocks 6.0% Cash Back

CandyLand Board Game 4.0% Cash Back

Dora The Explorer 3D Play Set 4.0% Cash Back.


December 15, 2010


Countdown the days until Christmas with the Frugal Living Community!

What: Christmas Twitter Party.

When: 7-8pm EST (4-5pm PST)

Why: Join us for our most festive twitter party yet! We'll be talking about last minute free shipping deals, cash back increases at Ebates, and other tips on how to shop smart - even though the clock is ticking!

How: Join the fun by following the hashtag #frugalliving. See you there and be sure to R.S.V.P.!


December 14, 2010

Today's Guest Blog is by Ann from Coupons, Deals, and More. Not only is she a Frugal Living Community Leader, but she's also a master of living well for less. Enjoy as she shares her tips for frugal holiday decorating!

The holidays are a time of great joy, but they can also be a time of tight dollars. Here are a few of my favorite frugal ideas to make your holiday decorating budget stretch further:

1. Homemade ornaments. These are simple to make: trace cookie cutters on cardboard,  cut the outline, then coat with fabric paint to decorate (leave until completely dry). Hang with a festive holiday ribbon.

pine cones 2. Craft Picks. Add sparkle to trees, wreaths, and garlands for as little as 29¢. These tiny tinsel bits are also great for filling in any gaping holes in trees.

3. Use Leftovers. A leftover sheet of holiday wrapping paper set in a frame is an easy table top decoration.

4. Nature Inspired. Spray paint tree branches and pine cones with metallic colors for a glittery and festive display.

5. Flameless Votive Candles. These are great for adding instant atmosphere, and a pack of 6 is only $12. Try placing them on a mirror with a little holiday glitter for an easy, inexpensive table piece.

tip96. Look No Further Than Your Kitchen. Make your own Holiday potpourri with household items. Pincushion cloves into oranges and place on a table for a fragrant, inexpensive, old fashioned holiday potpourri. For an added touch, cut out the top half and insert a tea candle

Ornaments7. Keep It Simple. Ribbons make anything festive; tie a bow around a vase, a frame, or hang ribbons with tiny ornaments from your ceiling lights or in your windows.

8. Don't Forget - String cranberry and/or popcorn for garlands, and Candy Canes hung on a tree (or stocking) is a time honored tradition.


December 13, 2010

In case you were out of town, sleeping, or otherwise engaged; here is a list of stores who will be doubling cash back today. What is today? Why it's none other than Cyber Monday 2, your last chance for double cash back before the big day. Shop now because that big day is just 12 days away! Now 15.0% Cash Back
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December 10, 2010

Friday-Sales-Round-UpChristmas is almost here, don't panic. Seriously though, you're fine. There's still enough time for your order to arrive before the holiday and with these sales, your budget will stay intact. Speaking of budget, why not add to it with extra cash back? What am I talking about? Stay tuned on Monday to see!

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December 9, 2010

Steal her Look-Ebates

Today's guest blogger is from VivaFashion. Read on for how to look like a star, while shopping like a pro.

You can never go wrong with a LBD for holiday parties, but make that a sequined LBD and you are sure to stand out from the crowd. Kim Kardashian looked fab in this Alice and Olivia Sequined Dress with some black peep-toe pumps and chandelier earrings. We recreated her look for just under $120! Here's where you can steal her look for less:

Where to Buy:
Kensie Sequin Jersey Dress from Macys $69.95
Moda Spana Peep-Toe Pumps from DSW $39.95
Large Chandelier Earrings $6.80

For more steal her looks you can check out my blog at VivaFashion.


December 8, 2010

Much like my Thanksgiving appetite was bigger than my stomach, my shopping appetite is bigger than my budget. In this spirit I've picked 6 amazing gifts all $50 and under. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

19pc Barbecue Set $29.99

Deluxe Fragrance Set from Sephora

Marc By Marc Jacobs iPhone Case

Wilson Football

eBay Gift Card Mall. Get 3% Cash Back on Gift Cards!

Sterling Silver & Crystal Ring


December 7, 2010

You've heard of destination weddings. Well, why let the newlyweds have all the fun? You deserve a celebration of your own and that can come in the form of a destination holiday. With the holidays coming up, for many of us, it means travel. Either we travel to visit relatives or we take advantage of Winter break to get a change of scenery. With the travel industry still in a slump, it's easier than ever to get great deals on airfare, lodgings and more. With the money you can save, your gift to your family could be going on a destination holiday this year. Here are just a few ways you can go about making holiday travel affordable.

onlinebookingBook Your Travel In Winter
Fall and Winter is the cheapest time to fly almost anywhere, but it's especially true if you want to visit the UK or Europe. Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday for even better prices on airfare. Shops, museums and attractions will be open shorter hours than usual, but there will be fewer crowds, making it easier to see everything you want in less time.

hoteldiscountsTake advantage of rewards programs.
 Look for hotel sites that offer incentives for booking through them. At and you can earn free nights and cash off your next stay just by booking with them. With price-matching and no-fee cancellation policies, you're completely protected should you find a lower price elsewhere, or have to put off your vacation for any reason.

vacationrentalRent a house or condo to save money on food.
Make as many meals as you want on your own and your budget will stretch that much further. A fully stocked kitchen will really aid you in keeping dollars in your pocket. You can pop into a local grocer and buy enough food for breakfasts for a week for just about the same cost as going out for breakfast in a restaurant just once. Aside from the convenience of having your own kitchen, you have all the comforts of home, which usually includes cable and WiFi, and you aren't confined to just one room with beds and a bathroom.

travelFly on Christmas Day to avoid crowds.
This is one of the least expensive days to fly all year, because most people traveling for the holidays want to be at their destination before December 25th. Also remember to pack less as baggage fees can cost upwards of $50!

Double your discounts with Ebates!

While you're already saving as much as you can on your trip, clicking through Ebates to participating stores can save you even more. Remember, the more you save, the more you can do when you get there. Save big and happy holiday travels!

I love to travel and find bargains. I want to help my readers to take better vacations and save money by suggesting useful budget travel tips, websites and products. Find me on Facebook or follow my budget travel blog.


December 6, 2010

Shopping for kids and teens isn't an easy task. To make it a bit easier I've gathered 6 gifts that are sure to delight even the toughest of crowds. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Seventeen Magazine Collection Sleeved Blanket

Lego Hogworts Castle

GoGo Walking Dog from FurReal Friends  

Momiji Friendship Dolls
Knit Scarf and Gloves Set

Buzz Lightyear Action Figure


December 3, 2010

Friday-Sales-Round-UpIf you're having a hard time stomaching the fact that it's December, you're not alone. To make sense of the Holiday Season, I've done the work for you and gathered this week's top sales.

Extra 15-20% off select purchases in Bedding and take an Extra 10-15% off select purchases in Kitchen at Bloomingdales. (Exclusions Apply). Plus 3.0% Cash Back.

FREE GIFT - Free Mini Solia Flat Iron with $50+ order at Folica Beauty Supply. Code SOLIAGIFT. Plus 6.0% Cash Back.

5 days only! Nine West Friends & Family Event: take 30% off your ENTIRE purchase + free shipping! Plus 3.5% Cash Back!

Easy Spirit Friends & Family Event - Take 30% off everything! Plus, $5 flat rate shipping on everything. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Save 10-50% off Selected Toys at Kohls. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Get 25% off $150+ orders or get 30% off orders $250+ at J.Crew. Plus, get free shipping on all orders over $150! Enter code GIFTS at checkout. Plus 1.0% Cash Back!

Online Only! Save Extra $20 off $200 Toys & Games order at Sears. Code S20OFF200TOYS12. Plus 4.0% Cash Back!

Free Shipping on $100+ order at Nordstrom. Code HOLIDAY10. Plus 5.0% Cash Back!

Save up to 45% off the Holiday Gift Guide at Barnes and Noble. 100's of Deals and Gift Ideas plus Free shipping. Plus 8.0% Cash Back!

Crate and Barrel Trim the Tree Sale - Save 20% off every order with free shipping! Plus 3.0% Cash Back.


December 2, 2010

Split Pea SoupToday's Guest Blogger is Diane from She shares one of her favorite Holiday recipes as part of Ebates Holiday Blogs.

Got vegetarians on the holiday dinner guest list? Homemade split pea soup is not only super cheap to make but it is a perfect soup to have on hand in case extra guests show up.

Last year I was making Split Pea Soup at least once every couple of weeks. I had a vegan in the house and this was about the only thing I could make that everyone would eat. After a few months, my husband started protesting about it not having any meat. Guess what happened next? I came up with a quick and cheap recipe that included ham. Did I mention it's cheap?


    * 1 cup chopped onion
    * 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
    * 1 pound dried split peas
    * 1 pound ham bone
    * salt and pepper to taste


    * In a medium sized pot saute onions in oil or bacon grease. Add split peas and remove from heat. At this point you can add the ham bone or chopped ham. Cover ingredients with water then season with salt and pepper.
    * Cook then cover until there are no whole peas are left, approximately 2 hours. Check to see if water has evaporated while it is cooking.  Add water if needed.
    * Now all peas should be soft and soupy, remove from heat. Soup will thicken.
    * Serve and Viola!


December 1, 2010

Wine dot comToday's guest blogger is from and offers must-read advice for anyone throwing a holiday party this year. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from Ebates!

Throwing a holiday party this year? Great move - everyone loves a good party to celebrate the season. Unfortunately, host duties can also cause a bit of stress. Avoid added chaos by making sure you've got all your wine bottles in a row. Here are some helpful tips & tricks to do so.

1. Make sure you have enough wine! You don't want to break the cardinal rule, which is to never run out of wine. Generally, you want to have a half-bottle per person on hand - that's about two full glasses per guest. If wine is the primary beverage and you're serving little else, or if the party is set to run more than 4 hours, I up that ratio to a full bottle - or at least 3/4 a bottle - per person. Just make sure you have enough of something to keep everyone happy.

2. Be diverse! Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to be boring. It doesn't have to be complicated, but offer some choice in your wine - go for a sparkling wine, two white choices and two reds. Maybe choose a rich Australian Viognier and a crisp South African Chenin Blanc for your whites, and a spicy Rhone blend and a dense and jammy Zinfandel for your red selection. At we sort our wines by flavor profile, among other things, so it's easy to pick out something light & crisp and something rich and creamy to offset it.

3. Screw it!  When you are serving a lot of wine, the last thing you want to do is be stuck behind the bar with a corkscrew, hastily opening bottles. Screw caps aren't for bottom shelf wines anymore - top quality vino is bottled under screw cap these days, and there is nothing easier than opening one when you're rushing around a party. For cork closures, make sure you pre-open a few bottles to stay ahead of consumption.

4. Keep those white wines chilled! If you've got quite a few bottles you need to keep chilled, there is no better ice bucket than a bathtub. Throw a few bags of ice in there, mix with a bit of water and voila! instant (and large) ice bucket. Just be careful if the bathtub is also the restroom for the guests!

5. Name those glasses! If you are using actual glassware, use wine charms or tags to help people remember which glass is theirs. Saves people from losing their glasses and you from having to provide more! If you're using plastic cups, nothing like some white labels and a Sharpie! Again, cuts down on waste and half-drunk cups everywhere. You can actually use easy-stick labels and a sharpie for regular glasses as well.

6. Clean glassware in the morning! This goes against my "stay ahead of the mess" rule, but to preserve more stems and break less bowls, wait till you have a clear head and lots of patience and room to wash those glasses. Feel free to rinse them that evening, but when it comes to a good wash, save it for morning. I promise you less casualties. 

Though procrastination is all-too-popular during the holidays, we hope these tips help you prepare the beverage side of your party and avoid some chaos. Cheers, Cin-Cin & Sante!


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