December 2, 2010

Last Minute Guests = Quick Pea Soup

Split Pea SoupToday's Guest Blogger is Diane from She shares one of her favorite Holiday recipes as part of Ebates Holiday Blogs.

Got vegetarians on the holiday dinner guest list? Homemade split pea soup is not only super cheap to make but it is a perfect soup to have on hand in case extra guests show up.

Last year I was making Split Pea Soup at least once every couple of weeks. I had a vegan in the house and this was about the only thing I could make that everyone would eat. After a few months, my husband started protesting about it not having any meat. Guess what happened next? I came up with a quick and cheap recipe that included ham. Did I mention it's cheap?


    * 1 cup chopped onion
    * 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
    * 1 pound dried split peas
    * 1 pound ham bone
    * salt and pepper to taste


    * In a medium sized pot saute onions in oil or bacon grease. Add split peas and remove from heat. At this point you can add the ham bone or chopped ham. Cover ingredients with water then season with salt and pepper.
    * Cook then cover until there are no whole peas are left, approximately 2 hours. Check to see if water has evaporated while it is cooking.  Add water if needed.
    * Now all peas should be soft and soupy, remove from heat. Soup will thicken.
    * Serve and Viola!


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Sounds a little bland but I'll try it. Maybe simple is better. I always have split pea soup or dahl makings on hand... I wouldn't put a ham bone in a vegetarians soup though! Just sayin'...


The ham is the non-vegetarian option. Although simple, it is easy and quick to make!

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