March 23, 2011

Congrats To Jenny, Our Travel Contest Winner!

We received hundreds of entries to our Travel Contest, and to say it was tricky finding a winner is an understatement! There were tales of airline mishaps, lost luggage, honeymoon bloopers, surprise engagements, and so much more. Some of your favorite travel destinations include Cancun, Hawaii, and Disney. Despite so many varying stories, one major theme prevailed: you go on vacation to celebrate life's accomplishments. Whether it's a birthday, relationship, or family reunion, taking time to enjoy life is important to you. On this same note we say congratulations to our winner, Jenny. Below is her travel adventure filled with laughter, a few tears, and most importantly, celebration. Congrats to Jenny and a big thank you to everyone who entered!

My craziest vacation was in 2008 when me and 3 of my buddies went to Jacksonville, Fla for a young survivors of breast cancers conference. You see we were all recently diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and were all under 40 years old. So, we all packed up and headed to the conference together not knowing what we were in for, having never traveled together, for that matter never even spent more than one or two hours together at support groups.

I can tell you honestly that I never laughed so much or cried so much in my life. Half the time I would laugh so hard I would pee myself...TMI..sorry!  We ate well, we drank, we learned, we met other women that were just like us, and we finally felt normal. I rode a mechanical bull, and two of us got tattoos (we are not the tattoo type). I saw other womens' mastectomy scars and it made me feel like I could finally get through what I was dealing with.

All in all, the weather sucked, the hotel was ok, but the camaraderie with my girls made that one of my best vacations.



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Great story, I think I just cried a little!

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