April 13, 2011

Murals Your Way $200 Giveaway!


When it comes to selection, no one offers more murals and unique mural art work than Murals Your Way. With thousands of wall mural images to choose from and custom sizes to fit every need, we make it easy to find the right mural for any decorating occasion, or for that any room!

And, right now, we are offering a $200 e-gift certificate to one Ebates member - just in time for Spring, aka: home improvement season!

To enter, visit MuralsYourWay.com and meander through the 1,000's of images, pick your favorite, and then comment on this thread. Let us know about your favorite mural and what room you plan to use it in. You can even create your own room using a mural, with furniture, etc.

It's that simple!

The lucky winner will receive a $200 e-gift certificate from Murals Your Way and Ebates. Entries must be submitted by April 19th and the winner will be chosen on April 20th. Whether you are looking for a mural for your family room, dinning room, kitchen, master bedroom, guest room or child's room, Murals Your Way has the mural for you, and Ebates has 7.0% Cash Back!

Good luck!


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I love Castle Rose! I love the idea of Smart Stick because we are in the Navy and move every two years. These are perfect!

I love the castle in the valley for my daughter's room. It would be perfect!

I would love something to spruce up my kitchen....off to look for idea's!

I would get a map mural for our playroom.

I would do a baseball field in my son's room!

I can't choose just one. My bathroom is already a Hawaiian theme so I'd either do "A day in the Sun" and add that to my bathroom wall to make it the perfect tropical oasis getaway. Or I'd pick one the toy story themes for my toddlers bedroom. So many great ideas!

Mural - called BLUE


Hello. I love the Botanical Bliss mural. It is beautiful and elegant. I would love to use this in our bedroom. Thanks you for all your great works of art.

love the asian blossoms square and would use this for updating our living room!

There are so many beautiful murals that it is hard to pick a favorite, but I am loving the Rainforest. I love nature and find it very relaxing and would put it in my bedroom. * fingers crossed that I win...

I would love to get my son a dinosaur mural for his bedroom. The room is so drab and it would perk it up.

mickey's the great outdoors would be wonderful for my kid's toyroom! how cool would that look!!!!

I LOVE the "Small Safari" mural. My daughter & son-in-law are planning for their first baby due in Aug. This would be perfect for his room.

I would love to win to make my son an awesome bedroom. He has autism, and we're moving him out of his brother's room, as his sleep issues are keeping our older son awake. A mural like this would make his "new" room cool, and fun, and he may not be so disappointed to not be able to share his brother's room. Fingers crossed that I win!!!

I love the Dragonfly Garden by Alan Giana. I am buying my first home and I will have a Den all to myself that I can retreat to. I plan to do my homework in there as well as sewing a lot of quilts. This would look perfect on the wall and would go with some other dragonfly things I have. It would also match perfectly with a dragonfly garden globe my best friend made for me with stained glass.

I Love the " Golden Times" Mural! It would look awesome on our guest room!!

I plan to purchase the snow white disney mural. My five year old loves it. We are building our first home and I want to give her a special bedroom that she will feel like a princess in. w are expecting another baby in november and our daughter has been amazing with it. Her own special wall mural will help her adjust to all the changes to come.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pirate Dreams for little boys !!
My son would be SUPER excited to see that after coming home from his Grandmas this summer.

I would pick our side of the river and use it in my sons room as he has a hunting/camo theme going on and this would complete the look

I love the pond fairies would use it in my office i think love anything with fairies on it!

I would really love to do a disney mural in our baby room. Our new bundle nof joy is due to arrive in early july, this would nmake a nice addition to his new room.

My daughter would LOVE♥ to have the "Fabulous" shopping street design for her room, which we are redecorating!!

i've actually been looking at murals off and on, trying to find something nice for our breakfast area. somehow i hadn't seen this website, but wow! the Mariposa Vineyards mural is just what i had in mind. it'd look great in our home. we'd have to scale it down a tiny bit...i think 6' might be just a little too wide.

I love the Enjoy the Journey mural. We are having a baby in a couple of months and this will be perfect!

I would choose one of the map murals because for now it will be a nice addition to our guest room and in the future it will work if we have a girl or a boy.

We are building a house that will be done this summer. My daughter (8) wants an "under the waterfall" type of theme... I've been looking at Castaway Cove or Hidden Sunrise. Though I keep finding new ones everytime a search. Loving "As a New Day Begins" right now. Would love to have an ocean wave one for my bedroom room too. Ahhh...

I love Nouveau Maize. It would brighten up my bedroom!

Madame under the sun would look superb in our basement room with our other pop art posters!

Would love to have the Las Vegas, Nevada design for our game room!

I love the Jurassic Jungle mural, I have three sons who are absolutely infatuated with dinosaurs and the oldest who is 5 years loves to pretend he is in a jungle, whether we are at home or away. This particular mural would open the doors of their imaginations and pretend play which I try to encourage.

Would LOVE to win the Old MacDonalds Farm 2 mural!! Our 23 month old grandson has been cuddling a stuffed cow for about a year now (yes, most babies cuddle a teddy or blankie)..He has lots of teddy's but, the cow always wins out*LOL*....So, I'm thinking that this mural that depicts the cows so nicely would make his bedroom his own little paradise!

Ocean Breeze. I'd use it in my bedroom, to remind me of past vacations and hopeful future vacations. (P.S. My bedroom of where I grew up had a full wall mural of a ship at sunset on the wall. It reminded me of Cape Cod, where I vacationed from ages 6-11.)

I LOVE the Boy Scene- in White named one... Weird, because I want it for my little girls room! But it's a little forest scene, and it's got touches of pink too. I love the little owl :)

I love the bamboo serenity of the Merry Goldie

I would love to surprise my Daughter & Son-in-law with either the "Softies" or "ABC" wall mural for the babies' room. Yes, babies, that is not a typo lol...they have a 3 yr old son & just had Twins (a boy & a girl) which was a huge surprise! So either of those would be perfect for both a boy & girl as the twins share a room. I'd like to take some of the stress off of them by being able to help & decorating the nursery is a big item on their wish list :)

I would love to have the "Ceiling Depicting Minerva" by Cipriani #CC2001 in my bedroom. It would be wonderful to wake up to that every morning.

I would choose Blossoms 'n' Black Birds for my craft room. It would be perfect on the pink walls!

I would choose the Disney Amusement Park for my 9 month old daughter's room. My daughter loves Minnie and Mickey Mouse and the other characters. I have some Mickey Mouse and the other characters stickers on the wall in her room by her baby changing table. She is always looking at the stickers. She really seems to like Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse cartoon, it's the only show she turns her head for. I took her to her first theme park a few weeks ago. She enjoyed riding the kiddie rides. I never really got to decorate my boys rooms so this would be a lot of fun. She is my only girl and last child. I waited almost 10 years to have her. There is a huge gap with her and my boys as they are 12 and 10, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The Disney Amusement Park would be perfect for her.

I would get a mural of the beach with an ocean view. Who wouldn't want to see that everyday!!

To many to pick just one!! They are all beautiful! "Dreaming Place" for the bedroom, any of the underwater reef murals to go with my reef aquarium, and a dragon or 2 just because! Love them all!

My favorites (so far) are "Dreaming Place" and "Your Moment Of Zen" either would be great in my bedroom! Any of the underwater reef murals would be great to show of my aquariums! They are all so pretty it's hard to pick just one!

Nature's Harmony is my favorite for my twin girls room. Right now their room is animal themed and this mural would fit in perfectly!

I would use the $200.00 to dress up a room for my new Great-Grandchild due on July 15th of this year!!!! This is my first Great Grand baby and I'm sooooo excited!!!! The baby is going to be a little girl and her name is going to be Zoey. Can hardly wait!!!!!

"It's a Beautiful Day"
My DD loves horses and this would be awesome on her wall!

I love the Girl Scene - White
I would put this up in my daughters room!
sendannealetter at gmail dot com

I love the Beatrix Potter mural as it would be perfect for my son's nursery. I love the classic look.

I LOVE Toy Story. The VHS first movie I ever received was when I was 5 years old from my oldest brother. I'd watch it day and night and now (I'm 19 years old), I was excited to watch Toy Story 3 with my girlfriend! With all this college stuff, work and the adult life, it would be nice to sit in my room, take a break and put a Toy Story movie to easy my mind!

I love the Wonders of the Sea mural... it would be perfect for our living room, where my 2 and 4 year old's play. They love swimming and learning about underwater life, and they would love this mural!

LOVE the space photos! They would be perfect for my little guys bedroom!

There are so many great ones. I would probably do Disney I heart Nature for a play area in the basement. But there are soooo many nice ones. Who knows?

We already have Dora decals in our daughters room so I would choose the Dino Valley Landscape for my son's room. He is 4 and dinosaur obsessed! He named all of the dinosaurs in the picture on the website!

We already have Dora decals in our daughters room so I would choose the Dino Valley Landscape for my son's room. He is 4 and dinosaur obsessed! He named all of the dinosaurs in the picture on the website!

I like the Wallich mural of the Basketball players. Both of my sons play, eat, sleep, and dream basketball and this would be PERFECT for their room

I absolutely LOVE the mural "Call of the Sea." This would be the perfect mural to put in my bathroom. I am a big fan of water/earth and having an image representing the sea would add to my theme I already have in my bathroom! That gorgeous mural would be the final touch. :)

baseball mural sounds good too for my son's room...he's in full swing (literally) this season

If I had the room in my classroom, Mantegna's Ceiling in the Camera Picta would be wonderful. I teach Art History and it would be an incredible teaching tool. For our nursery, I love all of the Beatrix Potter landscapes. Distant Sienna reminds me of our time just outside Siena, and I would enjoy having that in our dining room.

I'd put "Flo's cafe" from Cars in my son's room since his room is all Cars! It would be perfect!

My daughter and her husband are expecting their 1st child in October. I would love to be able to make a baby's room for my 1st grandchild. Tom serves in our US Navy, and may or may not be deployed when their baby is due, and next year he will be deployed for 9 months. I would love to give them something special. We don't live in the same state and not close as I am in NJ and they are in VA, and am missing out on so much already with my daughter, but I think this would be an awesome gift to 2 very deserving people. Thank you for considering them!

I adore the Tulip-Daisy-Daffodil Vases. My 2-year-old is obsessed with flowers and this would look fantastic in his room, we have a huge white wall with currently nothing on it, and as renters we can't paint.

My husband and I host Dungeons & Dragons games at our home 2-3 times a month. We have an entire section of our basement decorated in a dungeon/adventure theme, where we play the game. I think the 'Blue Dragon' mural would look awesome on one of those walls!

Cafe Terrace would look lovely in our living room.

I would put a garden mural in my bathroom, which already has a garden theme. They're all so beautiful, but maybe I'd choose Garden Walk or Monet's Garden.

I am in love with so many if I had to choose I would have to pick two My son is in love with Cars so I would love to put the tow mater up in is room and I love the Round Leaves I think it would look amazing in my living room. Give it just the right amount of color. I am in love with so many I could decorate every room in my house with one.

I would pick something like "With the Wave". I work at a not for profit that helps people with vision loss. I think a big mural would be a great visual asset to our entry way. It would get a lot of attention and it would be viewable to the majority of people who frequent our agency.

I would love to put the "spring fling" in my daughters bedroom!! It would look awesome!!

I really like the gallery steps mural.

I would have my mom's bedroom painted like a rain forest to go with her cricket sound maker.

I like the Ice Cathedral. It reminds me od something my Grandmother would like. Its hard to pick just one, they are all amazing.

I would love to make my husband's "hunting clothing walk in closet"...look like the WOODS! :D

"What Lies Beneath" mural in my office because it's my favorite quote (by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I would love the Tangled one for my niece!

I love Castle Rose for my daycare playroom. It is in the basement in a room where there are no windows so this would really brighten it up and look like their is a door to another world.

I love the homesweethome2 theme. My house use to be an old school house in the 1800's, converted to a house in 1910 and I have tried to keep it looking that old americana type feel. I think the homesweethome2 would fit right in on my living room walls.

Spring Fling is my favorite!

Cupcake Vines for my baby girl!

Forest of Life I would put this in my kitchen it goes with the theme I kinda have and it would remind me of the things I did to get where I am today

I would fix up my grandchildrens rooms. Smart Stick makes it easy!!!! Would love to win!!

All Mural your way murals are awesome!
I would love to get to put in my living room.
It will be the center piece of the main room.
I am sure the quality will also be great making a living room a place where all my family and my guest have a very nice time!

I have multiple chemical sensitivities so painting isn't an option for me. These murals might be just the ticket to helping me bring some life to my white walls!
The Balustrade would be lovely on my dinning room wall. I also adore Mediterranean Terrace 2.
jsaake AT yahoo DOT com

I would love to spruce things up for spring

Oh I love these!! I'm planning on a mural for our future nursery and am in love with all of them - I can't decide but would definitely go with a Disney theme. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

The yellow brick road in the land of oz heading to the Emerald city with a field of poppies in the foreground....

What a wonderful selection of murals. I have been looking for something in my guest/ crafts room for a long time and finally found exactly what I was looking for. Wild Waters by Jim Warren perfectly blends my island home with the horses I love. The art is beautiful and feels so alive. I just love it. Someday that mural will be on my wall.

I love all the Italian scenes! My husband and I spent our 20th wedding anniversary touring Italy, the country of my familia. I took many pictures that I made into things that I display in our home bar. I also made pendant lights from some of the Italian wine bottles, and have them hanging at our bar. I would LOVE to add Venice with Bridge by Judy Mastrangelo! I had seen a leather tapestry when I was in Venice, but did not buy it. A decision I have regretted ever since. Also, I have GREAT pictures of my favorite band, U2...a mural from one of my photos in the music romm would be amazing!!!

Good tennis mural!! I used to play tennis almost evey day, and am just now returning after a long illness. I would PROUDLY display GOOD SPORT 4 by Julie Ueland. LOVE USTA!! LOVE ALTA!! LOVE TENNIS!!

I would have an outdoor life size mural of a Moose, I live in Vermont and i think that would be very cool for all the neighbors to see.

My husband and I grew up near the ocean but now live in the desert in Caiforna. It would be awesome to have "going to California" to remind of of the cool beach waters we miss...

My favorite mural is “No Problem Atoll” by Richard Shaffett, and I would use it in my bedroom! It’s such a fun mural, and would be a perfect addition to my little “getaway” room. I recently did a complete overhaul of my bedroom, and it is now ALL things beachy/blue—with lots of mermaids, seahorse, shells, seaglass, etc. It helps me unwind and relax after a long day at work…Plus, I don’t get to the real beach as often as I wish I could, but my beach-themed room helps to put me back in “island time” and the relaxed, beachy mood!

The castle window -- would put in my daughter's room to inspire many daydreams.

Love the Building Site and we'd use it in our little one's room. We really should spice it up!

Love the Willow Pond. Would love to use it on the wall on my eat in kitchen that leads out to the garden. Pretty transition. I love all that this artist does. i would really like to change it with the seasons! Hope I got into the contest for 200 as I went nuts looking all over their website to LEAVE a comment. Oy vey. it was a bit confusing! thank you!

I love the Spring Serenity mural - beautiful!

I love the Spring Serenity mural - It would be beautiful in my living room

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