August 9, 2011

Tablet Tuesdays with HP and Ebates!

This contest is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone that entered. Please join us on Facebook to stay informed about all our great giveaways!

In celebration of Back to School fever, Ebates has teamed up with HP Home to host not one, not two, but three awesome giveaways. Each Tuesday in August starting on the 9th, Ebates will be giving away a 32GB Tablet from HP.
To win, tell us how you would use a brand new 32GB Tablet from HP. We'll choose one luck winner from the comments below!


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I'd use the table in our RV while traveling - a great prize!!

I would use my HP tablet for school. I am a stay at home Mom, mother of 2. I have a senior in college that will be leaving home this year and a 16 year old junior in high school. I have always wanted to go back to school and am planning on it this year. So, the HP tablet would really come in handy for me..
Thanks so much!

I just started a business doing makeup for special occasions, specializing in bridal makeup. I really need something to help keep me organized for all my appointments and clients, and something where I can start a website/blog/facebook account, or whatever I decide to do. All I currently have is my heavy old laptop, which isn't really efficient to tag along, since I don't usually have someplace to plug in my heavy battery; or my smartphone, which can do alot, but isn't feasible to do everything I need it to do. I NEED a tablet! I don't have the money to buy one now, just starting my business, but hopefully if this takes off (since I'm also working full-time as a nurse) I can buy one someday. Winning this would be so totally awesome and would make my life so much easier! For one, I wouldn't have to worry about coming up with the invisible cash, and two, I could just get to work right away and things would go so much smoother! Please help me get started on my new endeaver! Even if not me, I hope someone else just as deserving will win. Thanks.

I just got a job as an Event Planner and this would be PERFECT to have for all of the traveling around I need to do. I hope I win:)

Would use it with my kids and study and work with them

The way I would use my brand new 32G Tablet from HP is reading books to my 2 boys. Also I would let my husband use it at work since he works in a hospital and sometimes he needs to look things up on the fly and a can't get to his laptop.

I would use a brand new tablet for work and school! I am always on the go so it would be great to have an up-to-date device that is lightweight, portable and functional at the same time. It would definitely help give me that edge up I need.

I'd use it to help me run my work from home businesses and to help the kids.

I would give this to my daughter for school purposes so she can continue doing well in all her subjects.

I would use it all the time. You can search internet, get your email keep on top of everything.

I would give it to my grandson who will be a junior in high school this year.

Ohhhhh .... I would soooo use this tablet to encourage and enhance my online (on-the-go) shopping! Is there anything else better to do while waiting in the lobby of the doctor's office? Oh, the places I would gooooo... The places I will go!

I would use the 32GB Tablet from HP in so many different ways. I would be able to help my husband start his new business ideas and take part in the scheduling and all the business end of it. I would be on the tablet ALL DAY LONG! If it wasn't getting the business started, it would be playing and surfing the web. I would love to have this!
Good luck everyone!!


I would use the tablet in my classroom with students who have special needs. Technology motivates most kids, but for my students it is key!

I would use the tablet to replace all my paper notebooks.

I'm going back to school to earn a Master's degree this fall, and I could really use the HP tablet to keep course materials on hand at all times!!

Oh my, reading, surfing, checking email and most important, creating a journal of gratitude !!

I would give this to my husband for his website business! He could show potential clients how great his work is in every type of viewing: tablet, smartphone and a PC!

Wow I could so use a tablet, and from what I have heard HP tablet is going to be better than iPads in terms of updating. I could use at school as I teach and then also at home to keep caught up on everything. I don't have a laptop so pad would come in handy. Could also use as a reader so a multi-use tech item.

I would use it for therapy with my daughter who has autism. We've been wanting to get a tablet for her for awhile.

I would give it to my son for a Christmas present. I already have one and love it so very much!

I would love to have this tablet. I would use it to stay updated on Facebook, blogs, shop, do homework for my Dental Hygiene classes, and help keep my kids entertained. There is just so much I would use it for. I know my boyfriend would use it too, guess I'd let him. ;)

I would use my new tablet to read books and magazines. And maybe watch a few movies.

Oh, and let's be honest, there will definitely be some Angry Birds! :)

I have no smart devices and would totally love to win. Following on twitter and use ebates all the time. Thanx for the contest

I'd be pretty much replacing my laptop, especially on the long road trips that I take a couple of times a month! Plus, I can let my daughter play the games she likes to play & has a hard time with because my laptop isn't a touch screen!

This will help me enhance my performance as the Church secretary. I have also enrolled as a beauty advisor and this will help me stay organized

If I won the hp tablet I would use it for class instead of carrying around my ancient heavy laptop.

I have chemotherapy every Tuesday and I would be able to connect to Infusion Center WIFI network to make the time go by much faster.

I would use it to keep in touch with my family while traveling for business

I would use my HP tablet to go back to school. I am a mother of a 3 year old and wife to a wonderful man but we have fallen on hard times along with the rest of America. My husband joined the military when we got married, so as of right now, neither one of us have a degree. I would love to go to school to become a graphic designer, or something similar and the HP touchpad would help out tremendously. To have the functionality and portability of a tablet with the dependability of HP would make school easier!

I would use the tablet for reading books - and playing games ;), but more importantly I would use it to help my son with homework and have him play learning games, because when you are having fun at learning you always want to learn more!

I would use the HP tablet to search Ebates and coupon blogs for deals.

I would use it to do everything!!!!! My son would use it everyday too. He is 5 but very good with computers and games. LOL. I've started couponing to make my foodstamps a little longer and I would find it mote easier with one of these!!!!! My computer is broken and overheats. My sob knocked it off the table so it cracked in half. So I have yo hold it a certain way or it will go in two pieces. I would love one of these hand tablets. And get rid of this cluncky laptop.

I would give it to my daughter for college

Wow...a really nice prize...I'd use it to learn a new language..I take the city bus and this is nice and small so it would be awesome to win it....ty;

I'd use it for everything!

I would use my tablet in my bed when I am too sick to sit up at my computer. I would still feel connected with the world and could actually email friends to get me through the rough patches.

I would love to study again in order to have a good job and be able to support my family.. 32GB Tablet from HP will help me so much in College:) Thanks much for this awesome giveaway!:)

Ever since the tablet went into the market i have been pinching pennies trying to save up for it. Of course shopping through ebates has been of tremendous help, but so far it has been impossible to save enough. Why do i want it so bad you ask? Well, in my quest for saving and earning as much as i can, i am trying to start an online thrift shop for kids clothing. I was using my reliable laptop for the task, until it broke 3 months ago. So i still take advantage of the deals on ebates through my office's computer (after all, kids DO need to get back to school), but can't work from home on my project.
Of course it's not all for work... i'm sure i could use the functionality of having ALL (3000+ lol) of my kids pictures in one handy place :)
THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!! :) :) :p

I travel a lot and find myself sitting around airports half my life. My laptop is to bulky and the 32GB HP Tablet would fit the bill quite nicely.One feature I would love is I can open multiple browser windows, which stack on top of one another in a nice neat pile. Facebook,Angry Birds, and Twitter all open would really be awesome.

I would use this to expand my notary business by accepting credit cards! I would also use it to keep tabs on my ebay auctions and Facebook! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

I would use my new HP Tablet to teach the children in my day care. I have a small (7 children) day care in my home and space is limited. I had an old computer in there for them to use, but it crashed. This would be wonderful to show them the many uses of computer technology! Thank you for the opportunity!

I'd use it for work and for updating my blog and social media channels. Have been wanting a Touch Pad for awhile!

Ever since the tablet went into the market i have been pinching pennies trying to save up for it. Of course shopping through ebates has been of tremendous help, but so far it has been impossible to save enough. Why do i want it so bad you ask? Well, in my quest for saving and earning as much as i can, i am trying to start an online thrift shop for kids clothing. I was using my reliable laptop for the task, until it broke 3 months ago. So i still take advantage of the deals on ebates through my office's computer (after all, kids DO need to get back to school), but can't work from home on my project.
Of course it's not all for work... i'm sure i could use the functionality of having ALL (3000+ lol) of my kids pictures in one handy place :)
THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!! :) :) :p

I'd give my eyes a break from starring at my tiny iPhone screen all day!

With five kids in the house, it seems we are always short on computers. We all love to go online to play games, shop, watch video, and do research for school.

I would use my HP Tablet to run my business, organize my media, entertain my child and play games with friends. It would revolutionize my life.

I'd be mobile. I'm always running here or there with my kids and we have only 1 desktop, so I'd be able to write and do various tasks on the road!

I had gone back to college after 20 years and had to stop because my computer died and I have not been able to afford a new one. I had to stop my classes because it was online courses. I would use it to finish up my courses and finally earn my degree!!

I'm a teacher of struggling readers in a small rural school. The majority of my students have no internet access at home, much less a computer. I'd use the HP Tablet in my classroom to allow the students greater access to the web's online reading resources where they could work on fluency and reading strategies. It would also be a very enticing way to get them to write their own stories, which they could then practice (again, working on fluency) and read to some of our kindergarteners. Everybody wins with this!!!

I'd use my hp tablet all of the time for facebook and email, and my daughter could use it to help her with her homework in the fall. She keeps asking for one for her birthday or Christmas, so I know she would really enjoy having this for a tool to help her with her homework.

I would use it to read ebooks and movies!!!

I'd use the tablet as my portable "hub"-- to be connected to all of my info at all times. I am very impressed with the HP and so glad I passed on the other brands!

I'd use it the same as I would a desktop computer.

I would use a tablet for college. On August 22, I am heading back to school. After being away from the classroom for nearly 39 years, becoming a recent widow, I am ready to start a new chapter of my life. Because I will also need to continue to work, a tablet would simplify things a bit for me, as I could take come classes online, while attending in a traditional school setting as well. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but now that it's set, there is no turning back!

I would give it to my oldest son for school - he could really use this. It would be a great surprise for him.

WebEx meetings - my pre-Intel PowerBook won't run them and viewing slides on a phone is a poor substitute.

Not only would a new tablet would provide me with better flexibility to work with students in my college success and composition courses, but the tablet would also afford my 1st grader some exciting opportunities to explore content in reading, science, and math.

EBATES=HP TABLET=PROMOTE GREAT DEALS/SPECIALS ANYTIME ANYWHERE! I am a Social Media Broker with Maximize Social Media. I need a reliable alternative to my HP Lap top. I will utilize our Social Media Platform to catapult EBATES into the 150+ followers and engage you guys LIKE CRAZY:)

Loooooooooooove Ebates. Looooooooooooooove Social Media. Loooooooooove HP

I would use the HP tablet as a companion to the PC at times when I need on-line access to read posting such as ebates' twitter postings or their web site or blog and for surfing the web.

I would use it for workn but mostly play. :)

I'm a real estate broker and would use the tablet with clients to preview homes, write contracts and have access to my calender. I could also use the tablet to search for comparable properties for the client. The tablet would be a great time saver compared to going back to the office on multiple visits.

I would use it to keep me occupied at work! :)

I would use this all the time! From shopping (using Ebates of course!), to checking movie times, to watching movies, entertaining the kids and sharing with my hubby to play games. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

I would use the HP tablet as an innovative way to get my 4th grader to read more!! She is a real techie like me, and this would be a great way to keep her reading while also giving her some fun "gadget time"!! I love HP products!!

I would give it to my nephew for his college graduation.

I have a feeling an 32GB tablet from HP would be my new favorite toy! I would definitely use it for the internet, but I have a feeling it would serve as my personal organizer -calendar, address book, to-do lists, project manager tool, home inventory center, recipe book, etc, etc, etc. And of course I’d read books, play games & music too!

I would use it to help teach my grandchild who is in Kindergarden

I would use everyday. From going to the internet to check the news to getting a new recipe for cooking to check my email from work. I would also use it with my kids 8, 6 and 2 for school and for entertainment when we are out. This portable device only opens the door to endless possibilities, and my whole family will benefit from it.

Gosh, what a dynamic tool for my hectic life!
Recipes for cooking, shopping lists and price checks on the fly, med lookups and lists for disabled hubby dr visits, kid's events,activites and homework organization, keeping family and friends informed via blog/FB on our lives from far away. Household tasks, budgeting, how tos. The list is endless for this money saving homeschool military mom!
HP would stand for;
From mental mommy meltdown to Happy Person Tasker!

I will use my new tablet to help my 2 children on the autism spectrum, they would thrive with the ability to have a tablet and the endless apps. available for special needs children....

I am beginning law school in 2 weeks and winning a tablet would be a major help for the next few years. I'd use it to stay on top of the massive workload that's about to slap me in the face.

I would use the tablet to continue to get great deals on Ebates of course! Anything I could do to save money since I've been unemployed now for 8 months. My daughter starts kindergarten in September this would be a great learning tool for her as well! We could read books, learning games etc. Thanks Ebates and HP for the opportunity to win this great prize!!

I would use my HP tablet for reading books-and playing games ;), but more importantly i would use it to help my son with homework and have him play learning games, because when you are having fun at learning you always want to learn more!

I would use it to design materials for myself and others. I have a Bachelors in Digital Design and I believe this would way much easier use that a mouse that I am using now.

I would like to use it in the kitchen instead of a laptop to view recipes and such.

I would use it to help feed the world's starving children and achieve world peace. Not really. My kids would play games and do homework on it. :-)

I would use the HP tablet to work more from home so I can spend more time at home with my kids!

I would use this is so many ways! It would be great for e-mail and Facebook while traveling. My whole family would use it as an e-reader! I teach a class once a week so it would be great for all of my info and sign-in sheets! I love looking up new recipes and it would be great in the kitchen too!

Between couponing, fantasy football, and ebates.. This tablet will never leave my hands! I'd constantly show this awesome gadget off!

I would use the tablet to keep track of my 4 kids ( ages 7, 6, 3 and 2 months) and my husband's busy schedule. Use it to look up my kids's wacky questions like why is there a score called Love when you play tennis? But most importantly I'd be the coolest mom at school doing it :)

If I won this tablet, it would become my main source for web searching, skyping with family, reading some of my favorite books, and keeping me online. We have always loved our HP laptop and desktop, so this would add another dimension for our HP internet sources.

I would love to have a Tablet for those days when my Fibromyalgia is flaring and it's too hard uncomfortable to try and sit and use my desktop PC. IT would be perfect for those days, so I can sit back, put my feet up and still have internet! :) awesome would that be!

I've been dreaming of of a Tablet for a long time now! And this girl is not giving up on a dream!!

I would use the tablet for shopping and to help my son with his reading

I'd give it to my wife as a gift because I can't afford one :(

I would use to the tablet to help my 4th grader with his math homework and to draw (if it has that feature) with my 20 month old. She'd rather draw that play! I would also read and play games. It wold be easier to put in the kitchen and pull up recipes than my big laptop too. Oh the possibilities!

Hi Ebates!
I would use my HP Tablet to make life on the go a whole lot easier for myself and family. It would be my all in one calendar, to-do list, meal planner and entertainment for my son (music/video/games). The ease of keeping up with friends and family (email/social network/video)...and shopping via Ebates of course, would be priceless. :D Thanks!

I'm a library science student and I'd love a tablet to help me keep up with this new technology trend. It would be another platform to read my e-books, and I'd love a chance to explore all the apps out there! Oh, and I'd score cool points with my kids :).

I would love to win this touchpad so that I could blog anywhere and everywhere! I am new to blogging and have a rather larger laptop do it is not convenient to carry it around with me. With this amazing touchpad, I could tote this in my purse or work bag and blog away! :-)

I would use it to surf the net while at the Dr's office... I suffer from a rare disease called pulmonary hypertension, and have frequent appointments...

I would use it to organize my life. With a sick hubby and two kids under 5, appts., playdAtes & my attempts to go back to school after being laid off two yrs ago, organization is key. I'd have the tablet to keep track of everything, let me do homework while the kids are at plaudayes or napping; keep track of my husnand's medications as well as appts. Basically, it would be my second, faster, smarter brain.

I would love to win this tablet to use for my job. I am a parent educator and I do home visits with children. It is really difficult to remember everything a child says or does in an hour, so this would be handy to take into the home with me and be able to note and record these special milestones.
Thank you for the opportunity!!

I would use the tablet in order to start my new educational venture that will help eradicate the educational gap!

I would love to win this for my daughter for her 16th birthday coming up in September. She would be so excited and surprised. It would make her day and mine for being able to give her such an amazing gift!!

I would use it for finishing up my degree and starting my own interior design/home staging business.

We would use ours as a family. As a family of 6 with 1 modest income a tablet would a huge blessing for our high school freshman and our 6th grader. I have also looked into the benefits, and there are many, for our 3rd grader who is dyslexic. Another full computer is not in the budget for awhile, this tablet would be a huge blessing.

I would use my HP Tablet to... do research for a class I teach, Skype with a friend half way around the world in Cameroon, upload photos and videos, surf the web, enjoy the function of having multiple apps open at once and then grouping the related ones together, syncing my messages and contacts etc. together, and enjoy the movies, tv and music apps that are available! I also love the portability of the HP Tablet and since I don't have a personal computer, this would be an awesome win!

My daughters and I could really use one! Our current computer is 14 years old and is sooooo slow! This would make homework go so much faster!

I just recently started homeschooling my 7yo Autistic son. This would come in SO handy! He loves computers, gadgets, really anything 'techy'. These things help him learn more easily. I've heard that there are some amazing apps that can help him with speech therapy, communication, etc. Would love to win this for him :)

I would use the 32GB Tablet from HP to help me stay organized. I am a volunteer firefighter and volunteer for an ambulance squad. Fundraising is a necessity for the fire company and I would use the tablet to maintain the database of 2000 names of people who purchase a ticket for our major fundraiser. I'm sure it would be much faster than searching all those names for the winning ticket numbers. Of course, in my spare time, I would definitely be using it for on-line shopping so I can take advantage of Ebates cash back!!

I would let my wife use it so she would stop stealing my laptop! lol

I'll be honest I'll use it to play games I spent many many years in school and I'll also use it to maybe apply for a better job

I would us the tablet to help educate and inform my daughter and keep in touch with my husband who works out of state Monday through Friday. My husband works in the computer industry and has traveled to India for work. He is amazed at how far behind American children are in education compared to the rest of the world. Since the tablet is the future and all of our children will be learning on them, I would love to introduce it to her now at age 4 so that she can have a solid foundation of reading, practicing letters and numbers, skyping with Daddy, and becoming comfortable with a tool that she will use so often in the future. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Samantha

I'd use my HP tablet for entertaining my son on long car trips, and keeping track of my orders in my side hustle (homemage gourmet cheesecakes), and probably to read an eBook or two. I love how versatile they are!!!

i would use the Tablet for traveling and everyday use to watch movies and other videos on. I would also love to find an app to play with my nephew on it, he loves computers at 18 mos but there are too many buttons on them lol

I would use my tablet o help me in my pursuit of a bachelor's degree. For over 20 years I have been trying to get this right. I'm divorced now so there are no more excuses in the way!

This would be great for blogging on the go, especially when waiting for my daughter during extra classes!

I would use my tablet to Have a face-to-face conversation using Video Calling with my family back home. I don't get to visit them as much as I would like and talking on the phone is good. But with HP's large, vibrant screen its like talking to them in person. It would sure make me feel less home sick and my parents would worry a little less about me.

i would use it to try and keep my crazy,hectic life somewhat organized!!! :)

I would use my HP tablet when I am away from home to check email and surf the web.

Me and the hubby would use it as a cookbook. We have so many recipes on our laptop but it just takes up to much space in the kitchen to actually use them! He's trying to get into catering and myself into baking. It would be so nice to have all of our recipes in a tablet that we could also use for making appointments with clients and preparing cost estimates.

I would donate it to the middle school, my son-in-law is a social studies teacher and would love it!

I would use it to help my 3 boys with school. With the subjuects being a bit more difficult than what I remember this would help out a great deal and then that would free up more time for us as a family to do things together.

I would use the HP tablet to keep up on all of the deals and freebies that are out there when I am out and about with my kids. Gotta keep connected. :)

I would use the HP tablet for many tasks. Entertaining my children with educational software, online shopping, taking classes, and finding coupons to save money!!!

I would use it on our trip out of Alaska , heading to new york...would come in very handy....:)

What wouldn't I use it for? Read books, play movies when my family is watching something so very uninteresting. And keep track of my coupons and deals! That, I think, would be the most impoirtant use of all!

I have started a business on the side and this would allow me to handle the business' needs wherever I am. It would allow me to grow my business and eventually only work for myself. :-)

I would use the HP Tablet to keep track of my life, from everything to events to grocery lists! Plus, I could check Facebook wherever I go!

LOVE my chat w/ family I haven't seen in years and we can't computer is older then dirt....LOL

The question is how WOULDN'T I use this tablet? I've been holding off on getting an iAnything - I'm not familiar w/their operating system so was super happy when the HP tablet came to save the day. I would legit bring it everywhere - the store to help food shopping, to help job hunt, to have google on the go to prove my friends when they say I'm wrong about something - lol. This would be great!

Thanks for the opportunity! (Proud eBates member since 2002!) <3

What wouldn't I use it for?! Email, job searches, long car rides with my kids! Games, pictures, internet. You name it! Plus, the fact that it is an HP make it that much better. It's the only brand I buy! So reliable! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!!

I would use my HP tablet to help with homeschooling my son AND to work on my crafting blog. As a person with a disability, I can't always walk so sometimes school isn't fun for my son, but if we had an HP tablet I could use it to make all sorts of schoolwork seem "fun" and he wouldn't miss out on exciting things on the days that I can't walk or get around easily. As for my blog...the tablet would just create more ways for me to inflict my bad crafting on the internet population ;) ( is named that for a reason).

I would use mine for everything!!! My business and my personal use!! I am a grandmother of 5 and a great grandmother of 1!!!

I'm a farmer, and there's no way for me to lug even a laptop out into the garden or pasture .... but a Tablet! Woo Hoo! We record all kinds of data on our cows and produce that I currenty write down by hand when I'm out in the field, then type it into my computer when I get back to the house. Oh to only have to do that ONCE!

I would use it to keep up with school events and classes and stay on top of my schedule with everything important in my life.

I would use this for my entertainment needs such as watching videos, surfing the web, shopping, blogging and school work. This will also be very useful to keep my kids busy on future road trips this summer.

I would use it for everything. Movies, school, work, etc. I have been eyeing one up for a while but they are so expensive! This would be very cool to win and very well used 0-:)

I would use it to help my Dad who has Alzheimers. His sight is failing and to see things, it needs to be help really close. It is hard from him to watch TV, movies or look at pictures because they are so far away or small. He wants to see his great-grandchildren's pics but can't quite make them out.

I would use it to take notes during classes and as my textbooks.

I am a special education teacher. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to introduce technology into my reading, math, and English lessons. Having an HP tablet would open up a whole new world of possibilities for small group and one-on-one instruction.

I'd use it to teach my son his 123's and ABC's,dad would use it for college and i'm sure my tween daughter would use it as well!

I would use my tablet to do my shopping through Ebates of course :-)

I would give the HP Tablet to my 33 year old son who is going back to school to get a degree so he can get a job after being unemployed for 4 years. He is married and has 2 sons that he wants to be a good role model for.

I would use an HP WebOS tablet for just about everything that I do on my desktop and laptop and would hardly ever have to turn them on! I'm sure it would go about everywhere with me too!

I would use it for tons of things. First of it would go everywhere with me. I'd use it to take notes, check email, do a little online shopping, go on facebook of course, read books ....

I would let me children use my tablet because I think it is important that they stay up on technology. Also, I would love to use it so we can keep in touch with our families because we don't live close to them and my girls' are growing up so fast!

I would use the tablet for work on the go, in order to be more efficient, and show my 13 year old triplets that electronics are not only for fun but work as well.

I would use my tablet to launch my silk-screening business!

I would actually give this to my mom so I can keep in contact with her better while they travel the country in their RV. :)

"Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all. Fame! You’ll be famous as famous can be, with the whole wide world watching you win on TV.

Except when they don’t. Because, sometimes, they won’t.

I’m afraid that some times you’ll play lonely games too. Games you can’t win ‘cause you’ll play against you." ~Dr. Seuss

I have two children - one about to start kindergarten and one about to start preschool. It's amazing what they already know in terms of technology that wasn't even begun to be thought of when I was a kid (or maybe it was but back then, computers took up whole rooms!). I would use a new HP tablet to continue teaching them to explore their world and share mine with them... when we can't travel by car or plane...we can always travel the internet!

I'd use it when we're traveling, as well as when I'm enjoying time on my back porch. It would also be great for when I do my mystery shopping so I could write reports while they're freshest in my mind.

I would use my HP Tablet to replace my dying laptop. My laptop is several years old and recently developed a hard drive problem. I constantly have to restart it for it to function properly. I can't afford to replace it and I don't have the heart to ask my parents to after they paid for my expensive tuition fee with their hard earned money.

I will be entering my first year of college this fall and having the HP Tablet would make it so convenient for me to bring to school without me having to worry about it crashing completely at any moment.

Thank you so much for holding this giveaway!

I would use my HP tablet to help organize my chaotic life :)
Also for keeping in touch with my great friends who are spread out around the world.
Thank you for the chance!

I would give it to my daughter who is a paramedic so she can keep up on information with her job.

I would use it while nursing my 4th kid, and he eats a LOT!

I would use it while nursing my 4th kid, and he eats a LOT!

My son plays ice hockey, and my daughter who is 4 is dragged from ice rink to ice rink all season. I would load this up with games and movies to keep her occupied all season long!

I would use it to check my facebook, surf web etc. all those times my son is hogging the computer.

I'd use it to go back to school and also to download applications for my son to use since using the mouse is still difficult for him.

I definitely need to stay connected to my mark business when I'm away and have a little trouble doing so from my smartphone, winning this tablet will help me stay on top of my customers and inquiries while out and about.

I'd use it at home, work, traveling....heck, I'd just use it every where! :)

I am a pastor and I would use the HP Tablet in many ways, from sermon prep to hospital visitation, and even in the pulpit to eliminate using hard copy notes. The aspects seem endless.

I'd use this tablet to keep up to date with the news as well as great deals and freebies. I'd also use it to come to your site more often. I'm the only one in my family who doesn't have a cellphone for the sake of my family's budget and bills. This would surely help myself out as well as my family. I really appreciate giveaways like these, especially during hard times.

oh my gosh don't have a tablet and would love love to win!! thanks for the chance...I would use it for everything ..

I would use my HP tablet to keep the kids entertained while get some much-needed rest!

I would use the HP Tablet to stay in contact with my family that lives out of state. I am one of six kids in my family and I miss my siblings and nieces and nephews tons!

Oh my...I am a homeschool mom and would use this to follow along with my daughter's studies. What a fantastic thing to have. I hope hope hope I win would be so helpful. thanks

I would use its portability to help track coupons and grocery sales. I'm trying to save up for our trip to Disney next spring, and we hit a setback with a pricey repair on our van.

I would use the HP tablet to stream my lectures online so I can be learning while riding the bus!

I will do NOTHING educational with this, email, games, shopping. Forget these students & give it to someone who will enjoy it.

I would use my tablet with my daughter who just started kindergarten. We could use it anywhere to read stories and play learning games. It also would come in handy keeping her busy while we wait in restaurants or in the airport.

I'd like to use it for school, like checking Emails, taking notes, surf internet. It'll be a great helper of study and keep good track of things. Hope I can win this!

Reading- Subscription Magazine, newspaper, books
Calendar- For personal and work
Be more socialable with family and friends

I would love to win a HP tablet so I can stay in touch with my grandchildren. My 8 year old granddaughter has had a very difficult year and we have not been able to stay connected. If I won, I would give it to her and then we could reunite. Miss my grandkids so much.

I would use it to stay in touch with my family on the East Coast. Now that I live in rural Texas, I'm a bit isolated from the rest of the family. I miss them!!

I would use it for streaming movies and as an e-reader to catch up on daily news and books of some of my favorite authors. As a mobile device, it will come in very handy when I'm travelling and need to stay connected online.

If I won, I'm thinking our entire family would use the tablet. My husband is a pastor and is on the road a lot. We would be able to use this when we go together to make hospital calls to keep the kids entertained with downloadable movies, since our portable DVD player has given up the ghost. I would use it to help organize my recipes and meal plans, as well as having an easy way to blog on the go without lugging my 17.3" laptop along. Daddy could use it for studying his sermons in the waiting rooms, or for keeping track of his calendar or to do lists.

I would use this to hold all my students scanner paperwork. It would reduce waste, store all files electronically an eliminate the use of paper files!

I would use this to help my 11 yo daughter who struggles with autism. I can not afford a tablet on my own but it would be so beneficial to her! There are amazing apps that she can benefit from to help her learn and communicate. I would love to do this for her. Thank you for allowing me the chance to enter and possibly change her world.

I would use it to help my son with his homework and for me, my social networking.

I would use it for everything

I'd use it to entertain my kids! When we have to wait for one child to take a dance class or at the Dr.'s office or wherever having a tablet computer is the very best. However, Dad is kinda stingy w/ his iPad so I'd love a tablet I can drag everywhere and dedicate to the kids!

I would use it to shop of course! As well as tweet and Facebook, and check my email!

I would use my brand new 32GB Tablet from HP to curl up on sofa and be comfy while surfing the web. Also would be great to check out websites shown on TV . Nice and quick, not having to go start up the HP desk top.

I would use it to help my 11yo daughter who suffers with autism. I have not been able to afford one for her and it would be so beneficial to her. Thank you for the chance to make her world a little bigger.

I would cuddle up with my son and play games with him! And I would use it to play games myself when he's in bed :)

I would use my HP tablet for keeping connected when I'm on the go.

I would use this tablet for so many things...homework for the kids, studying for the GRE (me), my business, games, movies, facebook...and so much more! I think my husband would also love it for when he is scheduling events for Toys for Tots in the fall/winter.

I would you it for the new online business I am starting, and also hide it from kids!

A new tablet would assist me in my new business venture selling / buying antiques and collectibles.

I'm a beauty blogger and this is sooo perfect for blogging on the go!! Love it!!

I'd give it to my daughter who is entering medical school

I was just laid off from my job of 16 years. And am thinking about going back to school. This tablet would be great for school and a great asset for a new job. Not to mention I could keep up with facebook and ebates.

I babysit 3 little girls so I would let them practice their alphabet and other academics so they can get ready for kindergarten. For me I'd like to use it for games on vacation. Anything and everything! Thanks!

I am a fashion design student in a university, so I would use my tablet to help with taking notes in classes AND to take down ideas and fashion sketches and to keep my inspirations all in the palms of my hands in one tablet. It would be a lifesaver!!

I would use it for school and work. I can follow the lectures with my notes on the screen, study without carry all my heavy textbooks and binders around as I can access them from HP tablet. I also can maintain my connections to the world through social network sites with a finger touch while study and work. I'm 21 and in post-secondary school as well as funding my own tuition. HP tablet would help me so much in every aspect from school to personal life.

I would use the hp tablet for my business. I work from home as an entrepreneur and this would help bring my business up to speed with everyone else. I'd be able to stay in contact with my clients and employees at all times.

I'm in need of a new tablet, especially a 32GB. I travel a lot for business and I have to bring my laptop with me and I'm all to often referencing it to review presentations and documents. I HATE how it looks when I have my computer pulled up during meetings. I feel like it looks like I'm not actively listening. I AM, but its necessary for me to have my presentations and documents available for quick reference. That and IM with the team back home is crucial. If I had a tablet, my computer wouldn't have to come out during meetings and it would be much smoother. Look more professional and aid in the convenience, ease of use concerns I have. So, I would LOVE a new tablet and would greatly appreciate the 32GB HP! Thanks for the opportunity.

I would use it to start writing a book that I've been planning for so long....also to do research on our special need daughter's condition. There are so many uses for this--too numerous to list!

Not only would I use this tablet for everything from work to entertainment, my family would too! From Angry Birds to Homework assignments, reading reports on the airplane to surfing the web - it is the ultimate multitask tool for people on the go (like me!).

I would use the HP Tablet when I travel. It would replace my hubs laptop, which is old, heavy and out of slow. What a treat it would be!

i'd keep it in my diaper bag!! reading on the go!

I would use my HP tablet to keep the kids busy on vacations, to watch movies, to do presentations, to search the web, to show customers the potential in their

I'd want it all to myself to read bottom-feeder celebrity news while on the go, but know my kids would take it over to play games. Time well spent no doubt!

A tablet would be great for me to take to work for personal use and for my kids to use for apps instead of a small android phone.

I would use my HP Tablet to post deals for friends, find freebies and samples as well as coupons. I would also share with my daughter and husband!

I would give my iPad to a 16 year old student that disparately needs it. He is an honor student, being raised by a single mom. He makes sacrfices of his personal pleasures for their family, he looks out for others and doesn't expect anything in return. His wants to major in film production and the ipad would assist in that knowledge. He is truly an asset to society. I am a tried & true MS user , this is a no brainer.

I would also use the tablet to show my elderly mother all of her pictures in living color. She is constantly amazed at how the tablet looks.

Personally, I would use it for my embroidery business that needs the flash player.

It’s a win/win for us. I’m a huge Ebates fan and would have better access of all the great Ebate Deals!

Thank you for your consideration.

I am a soon-to-be college freshman already taking out loans for my education! I would never be able to buy one of these myself. Having this would be like a dream! It has so much to offer that I would use every day like internet, mail (so I could write to Mom), a calendar to keep me on schedule, chat and photos. I also LOVE the Bing maps since I'll be in a foreign area!

I would use my tablet everywhere!! How wonderful to be able to tuck it into my bag and have ready to use whether at work, home or play!!

I NEED this!!!! My PC is a dinosaur and so sloooooow, that I would use this constantly and get rid of the PC!!!!!

I would use the HP tablet to help keep up with the activities of my 11 month old twins. It would make life so much easier to track their lives and stay organized on the go.

I would use it to download educational apps for my 2 year old daughter. When she's not learning, we will download the top recommended apps and then use the heck out of it! I would love to get books on there to use it as an ereader :)

I would use my HP tablet for many things ... from checking e-mail to keeping scores at baseball and basketball games. I might even share it with my husband and sons!

I would use my HP tablet to help organize my chaotic life :)
Also for keeping in touch with my great friends who are spread out around the world.
Thank you for the chance!

I'll use it to shop through ebates and earn cashback.

I'm a nurse in a rural ER and I would use it as a reference for drugs, procedures and emergency life support.

If I win it I will hide it and go somewhere to use it when the kids aren't looking. They will wonder why I have stopped fighting them for our other tech gadgets. It will be fun to watch their bewilderment. And then when they find out I have it, I will taunt them with it and play with it and not share AT ALL! ;)

I would use it to save the world...or at the very least make my life easier by having something portable to utilize my endless list of things to do and remember. Like saving the world!

Well let me tell you. I am a Mom with a full time career as well as being a fulltime MOM....I would use this thing all the time. I would use it for finding the best extreme couponing deals while in the stores...I so many times have to print the transactions now I could pull it up right on the Ipad. Not to mention if I have an ad to show walmart that they need to match I can use it to show the ad. I will have it for all of the appointments that my children and family have to attend..both boys being in football, baseball and wrestling it's a chore trying to get all the practices, games, etc together, not to mention the fundraisers that these clubs all have, I will have it all right there in my ipad using it to be able to also surf the website if I need directions to the place that I need to be. I will be able to grab a recipe that will show me ingredients I would need while I am at the store without making that pesky written grocery list. Using the calulator as well will be awesome. yes I could use my phone but it is so hard to see some of the applications and havin the option for the ipad is great. As well I can also use it as an ereader in the evenings when I am ready to settle down to a good book.

My career would be filled with using excel/word option as well as adding those appts to my calendar and making sure I don't mess up meetings for work and meetings for the kids. havine the availability to use the excel / word options to be able to access those reports when i need them and then put them into a presentation from the ipad would be great.

Hope this tells you how I would get the Ipad to full use.

Thanks so much for the opportunity.

i would use my tablet everywhere i go and wish to have one !!

Both my husband & I would use the HP tablet to work on our homework for college. We both went back to school in the last year (after we both lost our jobs early in 2010). We have 3 young daughters who are ages 9, 8 and 5, who we seem to fight with in order to get time on the computer we have now, so a tablet would help end some of the fighting! We don't have alot of extra money to buy one on our own so winning this contest would probably be the only way we would be able to get one in the near future... Thanks much for considering us!!

I'd try to use it at work (I'm in the medical field) and at home, see how it stacks up with my wife's ipad!

I would use the tablet for work and home. I am an art teacher at a school that has very little new technologly (I mean not even computers in most classrooms, and if there is they are the huge ones that are very slow and old). I would use the tablet to teach my students the possibilities in advancing technology. I would project the screen to show 3D software being used, walk through museums, read and see news from around the world, and so much more. Considering that my laptop at home holds a charge for about 5 minutes a tablet would be great. I would be able to plan my lessons easier, by carrying the tablet with me and working when ever I can. Not only would I benefit from this, but my 300 students would too!

my kids will love to have one!

I would use my tablet to capture all those amazing photos and miracles of everyday life that we all take so for granted!

I would give it to my son for school!

I travel a lot.want a tab to use it when I travel.

I would use my HP tablet, visiting daily so I would not miss out on receiving cash back on great deals that I would normally miss out on.

I'd use the tablet to stay connected on the go when I travel or am out and about.

Winning a 32GB Tablet from HP would be such a blessing. I would use it as a tool to learn American Sign Language (ASL) for me and my youngest son and really the whole family. My son was born with a very rare brain disorder called Pachygyria and although he comprehends language, he has only a few words that he can actually verbally say. He is currently learning Picture exchange communication which I reinforce with sign language however my sign language skills are not that good. Therefore I would love to win this to use to teach myself, my youngest son and others in our family ASL to help us communicate with my son and to help him communicate with others. Thank You so much for the chance to win.

MYy tablet would be my best friend :) It would go everywhere and I would use it allll the time for just about everything from reading books to paying my bills. I would absolutely love to own one! :)

I would use it to read my local newspaper!

I would use this to do all of my online shopping while on the go.

I'd shop, read ebooks and most of all make my kids jealous : )

I would use this as a communication device for my son. I have a 4 year old son who is autistic. He communicates use a picture exchange program. It can be very cumbersome with many little pictures everywhere. With a tablet, he could easily touch the pictures in order to communicate his wants and needs. The tablet what be a wonderful tool to help with communication.

I would love to be able to use this Tablet when I go to my Volunteer job at Olde Towne Medical Center. I hope to be able to use it to translate into English some of the more difficult medical terms for the patients. If I can’t translate it, I could at least show them where in the body the organ is located.

I would use the tablet to help me keep things organized, especially school schedules/events/projects/research. I'm sure my kids would love it to play games.

If I won this, I would give it to my very special daughter for her birthday next month.

As a student and aspiring Graphic Designer, the HP Tablet PC would rock my world! The touchscreen stylus capabilities would help bring my artistic visions to reality in pioneering my own business.

I take classes online so this would be PERFECT for my online classes!

Would love to have this when I am at Drs, chiropractors offices, or on the road. Would be awesome to use when I am on the road & be able to find different things in areas.

I'm constantly on the go with my 4 kids and my home business. Would use this constantly! School, work, home would all run smoother. There's a limit to what my smartphone can do.

I would make a world of change to my life and others. Simplely by the creative ideas a new tablet would spark any Tuesday from HP and Ebates!

I would use my HP Tablet to kick the paper fragment habit.

Don't know what I mean? You're surfing the net and stumble on a cool new product... You developed a sweet idea... You pass a bulletin board with an interesting flyer... Then what? You tear off the corner of some paper and jot it down. And then you're bombarded with hundreds of these torn papers with countless information cutlets. Carrying the Tablet with me will cut out this habit (pun intended) for a more organized one.

I would give it to my son. So he can use it on the bus on his commute to and from school. Hopefully he would use it for school work and research not social networking.

I would use this to load eBooks and educational apps (on ASL, math, ABCs, etc) for my kids. And for do my social networking and online shopping:D

Let my son use it for school this year. He would love it!!

I'm a beauty blogger, so I would use the tablet to keep up with social media and postings throughout the day. My kids keep me pretty busy, so it would be nice to be able to check up on things on the go (no, I don't have internet on my phone) <--- stoneages. lol

I would use it to help me look for a job.

I would use it to help me look for a job.

I would use it on the go as I need to keep up with my emails. My daughter could use it for college while she has breaks between classes.

I could of course use the tablet for personal use, my personal blog, as well as for school (going for my Masters) more than that though I could use it for my new website Im setting up and since it will have a lot of interaction out in public it would help to have something I can take with me.

I would use it to stay in touch with FaceBook and all the specials and coupons available!!

I'd give the tablet to my husband! Poor thing works in the heart of Seattle startups and is always behind in technology (he doesn't even have a smartphone). The hubby needs to get with the times and he'd NEVER allow me to purchase one for him because he "doesn't need one." His world will rock when he's finally connected to everyone else...

I would use it like how Manny Pacquiao used it and make my kids laugh!! They absolutely love that commercial. Also, I would use it for social media, internet surfing, reading ebooks, checking emails, and a host of other uses.

I'd use it to work on my novel on my lunch breaks at work. Portable would make life so much easier.

My daughter has hijacked my IPad and since I travel every week, I would let her keep it using superior technology.

I would use it to keep my family of five's schedule, to stay on top of emails etc while away from home waiting on kids to finish practices etc, or to read books. I would also use it to help kids with their homework or to help entertain my youngest if he is with me in the car or at an appt.

I would use it to keep up with the outside world...A retired person needs to keep a fresh mind and a positive attitude and what a help it would be...

I would give it to my 32yr old husband as a "congrats on getting in to medical school"gift!

I would love this tablet. I have signed up to return to further my nursing knowledge to get a bachelors in nursing. This would be a nice treat to look up information and do my work. Thank you for the consideration. I would share and show the kids. Sincerely, M

I would be greedy and keep it for myself! There are some many ways it would come in handy.

I would use my tablet to score more discounts. This will allow me to give more to charity! Talk about a win-win!

Being a military family with all the traveling and with our belongings always being packed up this would come in handy for the whole family from school work to just surfing the web.Also so the kids and i can always write there dad e-mails when on the go since he is deployed...

I volunteer for a literacy coalition a couple times a week and I would use it with my student. She is visually impaired and something like the HP tablet would work wonders with making her work larger. Large print is not big enough for her and there is a "whole wide world" out there for her to use.....I just need the help getting her cyber!~ I would appreciate that alot.

I'm a teacher and active volunteer; I would use a tablet for my work at school and then be able to continue using it for my work directing children's drama groups and plays. There is no way I can afford to buy one but it would make my life so much easier!

The tablet would augment my laptop. I tried to use the iPad for school and work but I didnot like the neutered experience. A coworker mentioned the HP tablet ran flash so I tried it and was surprised, the entire web on a hand held.

If I won this tablet, I would be so happy because my 13 year old continually asks me for the Ipad like I have that much money just to buy him an Ipad. I don't even have an Ipad. I would let him borrow my new toy but I would use it to replace the crappy Compaq laptop I have now where the keys stick so you have to watch what you type. Please pick me! I would use it for web surfing, emails and Facebook.

I volunteer as the Holiday Decor Chair For Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Festival of the Trees. We work 9 months out of the year writing letters to donors and sposors, decorators, printing reports, lists, etc. My current HP tablet does the job, but is getting old. A new one would be just the thing I need during this busy time.

I would use my tablet at school where most of my students do not speak English as their primary language. Our school has very limited technology so this is something that could make a real difference.

I would load all my photos on my Tablet and show them to my mom who is in a nursing home with Altzheimers, the photos would help her remember who everybody is in her family. She has trouble recognizing people and I think this would be very helpful to her. Plus I could use it to store my favorite recipes that I use the most. I love to cook. a Primary President Counselor(for church), the imagination usage is finite as from tracking individual childrens' progress, preparing lessons, art work, get well cards and Happy Birthdays, design charts/forms for organizational purposes, along with fun games to draw and learn gospel precepts. a hairstylist, the ability to display new cuts, and have a program to apply pictures of clients to see what hair cuts look good on them, book keeping (which I hate to do),use to take credit cards a genealogist, keep all my family records, charts, and know who is who at family reunions or find a connection to another part of your family(you find them in the most unusual places.) a gardener, to keep track of each growing seasons, what plant did well in what area, got the most berries(raspberry,blackberry,strawberry,cherry,blueberry,honeyberry, papa's), planning and canning food supply. ...... for coupons!!!!!!! tracking expiration dates, grocery stores sales cycles, price book charts, spending and saving cost. This is just a little of what I truly can do.

To do all the things my phone is too small to do. I love smartphones, but it would be really nice to read articles and books, research recipes, etc. on a bigger screen. Oh yeah...and play Angry Birds!

If I won this super awesome tablet, I'd keep it a secret and hide it until Christmas morning when I'd give it to my hubby so I could see the surprised look on his face when he opened it! He taught himself how to be a computer programer and works his bottom off to provide for our family. I can't think of anything he'd enjoy more.

I would use it for work, I take written notes instead of lugging a company laptop. A tablet would really help my work life. At home my daughter could use it because our netbook is a little past its prime.

It's great to hear this big deal....I will gift this to my younger brother who is coming here in USA Yo study HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT from PROBIDENCE....this will help him in his studies and will b te best gift of his life....would like to win this for my brother....thank u Ebates....

I just started a job doing Door-to-Door sales for AT&T. The way my job works with the notes I have to take and the constant amount of info I have to do deal with. Anything I could use to make my job standing out in the 90 degree weather the slightest bit easier so that when I'm done with my 10 hours outside and come home I can spend more time with my daughter instead of working even more would be soo greatly appreciated. With our bills and schooling for all three of us and everything else. We just don't have the money to buy one. If I could get something to help make me more efficient and better at my job that means I could also be looking at a promotion sometime soon!! I would go crazy if I could win this and so would my daughter!

This would be a perfect gift for my boyfriend. He's supported me financially through my unemployment. I recently got a job and would love to give him a thank you gift.

I would use it for school, for my current job search, to surf the web, to update my Facebook and tweet about how great it is to have won an HP Touchpad from Ebates!

I would use the HP Tablet for my new business. It will help me advance and grow the company. Thank you.

Oh heck, how wouldn't I use it? :) I am a tech geek, so I would LOVE a tablet right now. Paying bills, shopping, researching, watching videos, email, LinkedIn, FB, Picasa, - you name it. The sky is the limit.

BUT, if you pick my entry, I say give it to one of the posts who wants to benefit a child with special needs, because surely that person could use it more than me.

Good contest!

I would use my HP tablet to check my emails and use as a substitute for my laptop since it would be smaller and easier to use.

I would use it for taking notes in class!

I would use the tablet to help my children and myself with our homework.

Always loyal to HP, I would use this for everything school-related. College is hard enough and my lap-top is rather large, and I am dying to try this tablet out! I can't wait to get my hands on one. Who knows, I may write the great American Novel on it because I am always finding fabulous descriptions when I am sans lap-top or desk-top, so this would really help me out. And make me look pretty cool.

We have a winner - Louise! Who wrote:

I would donate it to the middle school, my son-in-law is a social studies teacher and would love it!

Congrats, Louise! We will be in touch via email :)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

This contest is OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

Please check back next Tuesday for another tablet giveaway!

that's cool i would use it all day and go on the internet

I would use the tablet to download all the parenting apps available! Along with kid friendly keep them entertained apps for travel. I have a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old so having parenting advice available on the go would be great.

We are expecting our 8th baby- with 7 kids +back to school, a husband working full time AND attending school, I feel like I need better organization! Since tablets have hit the market, I've been drooling for one but it's just not in the budget with our 3 oldest in school, twins in preschool, babies at home... well- you get the picture. It's busy, chaotic and winning one of these fabulous tablets would not only make life a little easier on me, but it would totally make me one VERY happy Mama! (Plus, who doesn't love to shop from the comfort of bed? Haha!)

My son, a sophomore in college, could really use this - he currently has a notebook computer which is several years old already and can't perform all of the functions of a tablet. This would be great for him at school!

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