November 7, 2011

Prep For The Holidays With Ebates and Stockpiling Moms!

Join Melissa from Stockpiling Moms and Ebates as we prep for the holidays. We're giving away $850 in prizes including daily giveaways or "Stocking Stuffers" as we call them, and a grand prize of $500. 

Stay tuned to Ebates on Facebook for daily giveaways, and be sure to check Stockpiling Moms for your chance to win!


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I relly hope to win the givaway. need it more now then ever!

My tip for turning the holidays into a season of savings is to watch for sales throughout the year, use coupons, codes, and get rebates!

I save by buying the large package of products and break them up.

check around for after seasonal sales, especially after christmas..those are the best for stocking stuffers

I have never won any contest and would love to say I finally won something!

I shop aroud for stocking stuffers. The $1 spot in Target is a great place to find them! Also, combine sales and coupons throughout the year.

I save by buying the gifts all year round when there are special sales and everything is in stock.

after holiday sales are the perfect stocking stuffers. I just put them in my Christmas bin for the following year before I put all my holiday items away for the year.

I hope to win!!! Love Ebates and Stockpiling MOM!

I head to the travel section at Wal-Mart and use coupons to get those items for dirt cheap or free as stocking stuffers

I save by shopping the clearance sections in store and using Ebates when I buy online :)

I buy small items either with coupons or when they are on clearance, and gather a nice stockpile to share come Christmastime! Socks, lotion, lip gloss and candy all go on sale often and make great stuffers. The $1 aisles at Target and Michael's are also excellent places to look for cute but cheap goodies!

I shop the sales and start shopping for next year the day after christmas and shop all year. This year my daughter is completly done already!

I have already started shopping for stocking stuffers with the help of Ebates and coupons. This would be a great help since I have three kids to buye for.

I use the free samples from the makeup counters from like Macy's, and put them in the stockings.

I buy things all year round and put it away for holidays so I dont spend too much all at once!

Shop early ! Some of those online deals that are running right now are better than the Black Friday specials!

I use helath and beauty items my family likes that I get real cheap during the year. Plus other freebies and things I have won during the year.

I save money on stocking stuffers by purchasing the year before once it goes on sale after the holidays and then I save it until next year. That's 50%- 75% off . Also I shop around and check prices at different websites. Using coupon also gets me a few items for free which I save and distribute to the family.

I use coupons for free items throughout the year!

I buy items when they are on sale and also use freebies that I get in the mail.

I save on stocking stuffers by going to dollar tree and looking for sales thoughout the year.

I look for inexpensive items like the $1 section at Target, Dollar Tree, and bulk buying discounts for staples that anybody can use (chap stick, toothbrushes, lotions, etc.). I always price shop online and in stores for who has the best deals. I also like to make gifts for my friends and family and that includes stocking stuffers like Chocolate Biscotti or knitted pot holders. Finding a crafting project early in the year and work on it throughout the year means I have time to make the many that I need for everyone on my Christmas list.

Yes, my daughter and I use items from our couponing stockpile to make theme gift baskets for people for the Holidays and baby showers. We love doing that to help save money.
I hope I win $50 to help with our other Holiday shopping! :)

Purchase the year before when everything goes on sale, or go to a Dollar Store--sometimes they have name-brand stocking stuffers.

With 8 grandchildren I start stockpiling for the next Christmas the day after this year. It not only saves me money but saves a lot of I am not a "last minute" shopper.

Hope I win! Love to get great deals!

I shop at outlet stores but I sin up on their website first to get coupons before I go shopping. I also LOVE shopping on Ebates. I always check in there first then do my shopping!!

i shop sales all year long. I put all my samples and freebies in a big bag and let my girls pick what they want.( they are all grown up) I purchased items last year after Christmas and put them away for this year. And now I am getting CVS gift cards and will put them in the stockings! Hope all have a Merry Christmas!

Thx for tips

I buy multi-packs of whatever I can and split them with the six kids stockings. Also coupons on clearance items especially from Health and Beauty.

I've been watching sales and deals for months and slowly stocking up on gifts. I'm almost finished!

I always shop thru Ebates if possible. I’ve saved hundred of dollars specially on big ticket items. I use coupons, stand in lines on black friday, always check clearance sections at my favorite stores all year long, use Scrip fundraising (gift cards) thru my child’s school and just never pay full price for anything if I can help it.

I hope I win this.

I save on stocking stuffers by starting right after the holidays hitting the clearance aisles! You can find some great buys and I just store them away with my Christmas decorations and they are there when I pull them out to decorate the next year! Sometimes I forget what I bought, so opening those decoration boxes is like Christmas! lol

I always shop clearance items, especially for kids' toys. Also accumulated a lot of freebies throughout the year, using coupons. And I take advantage of online flash deals whenever I can. I'm set!

You can help the environment and save money by using your gift bags from former gifts that your family has received and use them to gift to others.

I also keep freebies to use - some of the favorites are the Bath & Body Works mini lotions they do for free several times a year!

I shop the after Christmas sales for gifts for the next year. Lots of great buys between Christmas and New Years.

I use a lot of the freebies that I receive through the year for stocking stuffers :)

I watch for sales throughout the year and use lots of the freebies I receive.

I put their favorite snacks that I get in bulk in the stockings. And always a little money, of course they like that the best!

I use freebies that i get with coupons. I also purchase gift cards when stores offer extra fuel points.

I purchase candy after Halloween when it is on clearance.

The "tradition" has always been socks in the stocking -- so I watch for holiday socks after Christmas and put them away for the following year. With the kids being adults now it is more of a joke, but we have a great time with it

I LOVE stock piling (not hoarding)(useful things!). Saves SO much money.

what a wonderful gift with money so tight this year!

I love all the savings, and look for great online deals whenever I can. Thanks!

I need coupon tips. I have friends that go stockpile and actually get money back! I also want to win a $50 gift card!!

Stockpilingmoms sent me! I shop around all year, ahead of birthdays and Christmas.. and try and plan ahead wherever possible, usually in sales or clearance.. this is super easy if you have kids as you can plan ahead with toys and clothes. never wait for black friday or christmas sales as there is no guarantee you'll get what you want. I try and put things away for 'spare gifts' etc and just in case situations. If I need something in particular I shop around and compare prices.. and always go via ebates to see what coupon codes I can get and where I can save on shipping and where I can get the best Ebate!

I would love to win but never really lucky at thing like this. We could sure use the money.

I using ebates to earn cash back

It would be awesome to get the stockings stuffed for free this year. We are really trying to cut back on the Christmas expense. Jesus is the reason for the season, not gifts and debt! Thanks!

I really hope I win. Moneys tight and I really want to get my family something extra special!

I love turning our photos into gifts...I find lots of freebie photo gifts too. I have also earned some cash by consigning some of my kids old stuff.

I use coupons or compare the price before i go to stores!

Stockpiling Moms sent me with my stocking stuffer tips: I use some of the freebies I get for stocking stuffers coupled with gum, tic tacs, and candy I get for free or on clearance after other holidays. My daughter gets free or clearance d make up and nail polish, free earbuds and whatever else I can get inexpensively. For my son, it's a bit harder, cheap black friday DVD's, free gift cards and clearance video games will do just fine.

I save by making my Christmas list right after Christmas so that the reactions to presents are fresh in my mind. Then as I see sales I pick up gifts throughout the year.

I use my free money certificates from JCP and Kohls to get stocking stuffers.

I search using Swag Bucks search function and redeem the Swag Bucks for $5 Amazon gift cards to buy stocking stuffers and other gifts.

I watch for sales all year round, use coupons, gather swagbucks in exchange for gift cards, shop online through Ebates and compare prices before I shop.

I love this site and all the great bargains it helps me find. As a single mom of 5 it so helps my limited budget. Thanks for all you do to help and find us the deals to make our dollars stretch!!

just what everyone needs right now, $$$$$, can use it to buy new microwave, which i desperately need.

I look for items throughout the year to use as stocking stuffers. I'll also purchase inexpensive items and personalize them myself.

I'm saving so much money using Ebates.

Would love to win!

Sweet! This is awesome!

Another great way that I save is to shop post season sales; after Christmas, after Halloween, after Easter, after Summer...and save the items for the following year! It takes a little planning, but it sure does help you save! I just picked up several Halloween costumes for kids and adults, as well as decorations for 50%-75% off! Cant beat that! :)

We save money on Christmas by not buying any presents at all. We take a family trip sometime instead.

I save by shopping the after season sales and of course by using coupons!

Like everyone else, this would be AMAZING to win! I have tried my best to shop early this year, and to look around for the best deals!

I wait for sales~I love a good deal!

I usually wait for sales but I guess it depends on the item.

I shop all year round:) especially after christmas for birthdays ect that come up through out the year!

I always wait until items go on sale. No matter how many of my friends have an item, I KNOW that it will go down in price. I will wait, and wait, and wait until it goes on sale. Then price it with every store I can find, and look hard for a coupon to make it even sweeter!

I like to wait for sales, but sometimes I am in desperate need or the items don't go on sale so I buy new!

I buy new if there is a great coupon for it, otherwise I wait until it is on sale.

I would use coupons along with homemade gifts to save.

I wait until they are on sale and make sure to always use ebates.

I try to wait until items are on sale before I purchase.

I try to only buy items when they are on sale.

Buy on sale, with a coupon, and in multiples, if possible, to stock up.

I usually wait for sales

I save by shopping all year, and only making purchases when they are fantastic deals.

I definitely buy stuff on sale - I don't think I've ever paid full price for any clothes my daughter wears (she's three and grows out of them so quickly, it is like throwing money down the drain *LOL*).

I always wait to see if the price will go down and compare stores and online prices to get the rock bottom price.

I want to save this holiday season with Ebates.

There are so many $1-stores, and some of them have great things for stocking stuffings.

I save year round by waiting~ in my entire adult life I bout NEW one time and it was the worst $300 ever spent!

No sale, no purchase. Unless of course the coupon is great.

I wait for sales!

I always wait for sales, cannot afford to pay full price for anything!

I only buy things that are on sale or wait until it is. GRanted somethings never go on sale.

I try to wait for sales and then stock up on the items that we use...but there are sometimes, in dire emergencies, when I have to buy something not on sale but use a coupon!

I try to wait for sales and then stock up on the items that we use...but there are sometimes, in dire emergencies, when I have to buy something not on sale but use a coupon!

I'd love to win this giveaway! Every little bit of extra money helps. Thanks, Ebates!

I don't really buy toys other than board games, but I see a lot of sales around the Christmas/Thanksgiving time of year :)

I watch for toy sales year around coupled with coupons makes everything very inexpensive. Also after major holidays and season changes, when the stores are changing out all their inventory for the next best items.

I usually find the best toy deals after Thanksgiving.

Day 3 Black Friday and Cyber-Monday..I also love the after holiday clearances.

Best toy deals are on Black Friday as long as you can survive the crowds

handmade gifts,dollar store or buy bulk and ahead of time..

I buy sale items throughout the year and put them away. Even garage sales have yielded me some great used toys that were as good as new, for a fraction of the price.

I just found Ebates site, and it's great!! <3 it

Black friday has the best bargains on toys!

I keep a price book of things I want or need to buy, like gifts I know I will need. Then when I see a sale or when Black Friday comes around I know which deals are the best. Online sites like Ebate and pricegrabber are great to use!

Black Friday

For me, it is Target. They have clearance periodically and I love it. The place to find the best deals on toys.

Save the freebies you get during the year for stocking stuffers

Black friday and cyber monday!

I look for sales at the end of summer and after Christmas.

I'd have to say you can find some good deals right after Christmas because of clearance.

I find the best deals year-round! Just have to look carefully :)

I buy on clearance throughout the year, as well as after Christmas and other holidays. Love to save as much as I can!

I have two girls with birthdays in January and always find the best toy deals right after Christmas.

Day 4 Our family is so big that we pick names for the adults with a set limit and and the kids get something small..usually a $5 or less gift. Any little cash I earn, I put aside for the holiday.

I make a mental list of who I need to buy for and what kind of gifts I can afford.

I find bargains and buy throughout the year, and we draw names for the adults.

We have a very large family. We set a limit of $25 per adult and we draw names. The kids usually get an article of clothing they need whether it be a shirt or jeans.

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