April 19, 2012

Birthday Express is Giving Away 3 $100 Coupon Codes!!


Help create the perfect birthday party for your child with the help of Birthday Express!! To help aide the planning, Birthday Express is giving away $100 one time use coupon codes to three lucky participants.

The contest is simple, to enter just leave a comment about your best birthday party experience! 

Three winners will be chosen at random. This giveaway will be open through Friday April 27th. Entrants must be over 18 years old and reside in the United States.


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SO PERFECT!!!! Today is my birthday!! My best birthday party was when my mom managed to round up all of my friends and throw a surprise celebration for me!! But i'm thinning my birthday festivities planned for tonight will top everything!

My best birthday party experience was when my mother in law made my son Cam's Star Wars cake, it turned out so well. Cam loved it!

My son Cam is turning 10 this summer and he would love an Angry Bird party!

My son and his friends have had a meet-up at a local park and had a nerf gun war. Girls and littles and grownups get into it too. The littles are so cute because they tend to have the bigger guns.

We provide cake and juice boxes. They come ready to play. It's so much fun for everyone.

my best experience was my first son's 1st Birthday. The doctor's told me I would never have any children. So to have one and celebrate his birth together was priceless.

We threw a pirate themed birthday party for my sons 5th birthday complete with a treasure hunt around the yard with Twinkies for gold bars as a prize. He loved it, Dad loved drawing his map, and even the little girls had tons of fun!

My best birthday experience wasn't my own-it was my sister's birthday. I was able to call her and let her know that I was in labor with my first baby, a girl! She and her aunty have the SAME birthday. February 13, 2013 is going to be a huge bash. My baby will be one, and my sister will be 18! How neat!

My daughter has never had a birthday party, but we always take a birthday vacation. She turns 8 next Sunday, and as a surprise we're taking her to Disneyland for the first time! I know that she wants a birthday party, but I'm running out of funds after planning a surprise vacation. The last few years have been spent at the beach, so hopefully this will be a good surprise!

My best Birthday memory is my son's 1st birthday. He had a Little Einsteins theme. So fun! This summer will be fun too with him turning 5 (Lego) and my twins turning 1 (Dr Seuss)!

Mine was my 21st. My hubs took me out to Cheesecake Factory. When we got back to our house, it was filled with our friends and family! Surprise! He had someone take a picture when I walked in, and the look of surprise on my face was priceless! I had no idea! It was a blast! The next day, my family was able to visit also. My husband went online and found out how to bake a cake, and made it into a cat for me. He NEVER cooks, so it was even more special!

My best birthday was my 14th b-day. I had no clue my mom was giving me a surprise party.

Our bet birthday experience was my kids first birthday party's.

My favorite party was my son's pirate party. The kids had so much fun!

Best birthday experience was a surprise party, with a live band and all my friends :)

Just spending my birthday's with my family is special to me.

I can't pick one favorite. I have 5 kids and when they were little, I always tried to have nice parties for them. One that sticks out was my oldest sons 13th birthday. He was into baseball so we had a party with all his friends at a sports place for kids with batting cages. He loved it!

Best b-day was a trip to the muesem with the kids! Would love to throw the next party with Birthday Express!!!

My favorite birthdays are now my daughter's. Last year I made her a cake shaped like a triceratops. She was so excited.

Last year we did my daughter's 4th birthday party at Build a bear. It was so fun to see them pick out the animals and then an outfit too. The pictures I have from it are priceless. This year she is wanting a Hello Kitty party so this prize would be great. Thank you for the chance.

One of the best birthday parties I had was when my son's whole soccer team came. He had a blast and really felt happy about it. One other party he wouldn't remember, but he was 4 or 5 and we went to Chuck E Cheese. In those days, they served an ice cream cake and then gave the birthday child a 45rpm single with the Beatles' birthday song sung by the Chuck E Cheese characters. My son wore out that record. He'll be 33 on Wednesday, April 25.

We just had a really fun minecraft party for an 8yr old...his little sister is next with a fairy party!

A 31st birthday is not a monumental one but I luckily got to feel like it was spending my birthday in Disney World! Getting told Happy Birthday by literally 200 or more people was something I will never forget!

My daughter's 1st birthday. I had it out at a local park/playground. It was great, all the kids had something to do, and could go and play.. while the adults could relax and enjoy themselves as well. I got all my supplies from birthday express and got tons of positive feed back on how great everything was. I'll never forget her birthday, esp.. her cake photo! September will be her 3rd birthday.....can't wait to order my plates, cup and party supplies. Last year I used your Mod Monkey (Girl, Pink and Green) party supplies.. everyone LOVED it and thought it was absoulety adorable! I couldn't have been happier.. I always turn to Birthday Express for my party supplies.

Was the birth of my 4th child 25 years after my first. A blessing truly from the good Lord above.

The best one was a Muppet themed one where we had a Miss Piggy & Kermit cake and a Miss Piggy pinata.

The best was my daughter's 10th birthday but I think this year, a surprise party at the rink after practice will top it!!

My best birthday experience was my son's 1st b'day! He was soo excited about everything from the presents to the balloons and of course loved the caked!

The best birthday party we did was when my daughter turned 3. She had a sushi themed party with fake sushi made with rice krispie treats, swedish fish and fruit by the foot. We also had real sushi, a cake that looked like a bento box and the gift bags were chinese take out boxes stocked with chopsticks and oriental candy.
She even received wooden sushi play sets! It was great! and a party that we want to repeat!

We came to America on July 22nd, 1977 from Russia. Four months later we celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday, and our American neighbors came to help her to celebrate. They brought party favors, Cool Aid, gifts, cards, homemade cookies and a HUGE cake... Many kids were her classmates and they were the ones who decided to make her birthday special. We were simply overwhelmed with American friendliness, hospitality, good will and abundance of colors, tastes, sounds of a great kids party!

My best birthday experience would have to be the 1st birthdays of both my children. I can't choose one...sorry!!! Firstly, cause my son was my firstborn and secondly cause my daughter (my second born) came after having an ectopic pregnancy and an 8 year age difference!!! Plus I made both of their cakes!!!

This would be perfect!! My two daughter's birthdays are both coming up in the next couple months! I didn't have to many parties growing up, but the few I did have all hold special memories for me! I would have to say that my favorite parties though weren't my own, but the two "first birthday" parties for my girls...such sweet memories!

My best birthday experience hasn't happened yet! I finally convinced hubby that we should take a trip to Disneyland and are going for my birthday this year!! My birthday is in December so I have lost count of the times my family forgot my birthday, but this year is going to be AMAZING!!

My best birthday experience was my daughter's 4th birthday party. We did a zoo theme, went on a safari where the kids had to use our "Zoo" map to find each animal exibit and bring back one of each animal (animal shaped easter eggs).

My best birthday party was when my family made the four hour drive to my college apartment to surprise me on my birthday. It was a blast and so good to see them. All of my best birthday parties have been those spent with my family!

My BEST BIRTHDAY RARTY EVER was in 2010 when I finally shared with my kids that I never had nor recieved a birthday party nor birthday cake ever in my 35 years of living thats how old I was at the time. So my youngest daughter tells her dad and she tells him she wants to give mommy a party which is lovely me when she gets home from school on my Birthday. I had no idea they had planned this and they got me the PRETTIEST CAKE I'VE EVER SEEN IT WAS DECORATED SO NICE. THEY EVE PUT UP A FEW BALLONS AND DECORATIONS AND BROUGHT MY FAVORITE FOODS. IT WAS JUST A FAMILY THING. BUT TRUST ITS A BIRTHDAY PARTY I'LL NEVER FORGET CAUSE IT WAS MY FIRST. OH HOW I CRIED SO HARD AND SO GOOD ALL IN ONE. DANG THIS BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES NOW JUST TYPING THIS.........

My best would have to be when I turned 23. Huge party with surprise dj and the whole spread!! All mu family and friends! Biggest party ever for me and nice surprise!!!

My best birthday party experience would have to be from when I was very very young & we went to my cousins birthday party at DZ (Discovery Zone) It was 100x better than any place they have for kids these days! There was a funny slide that rolled you down. I wish they would bring it back for my nephews & nieces!

I actually managed to surprise my daugter on her 12th birthday. It was great I got to know her friends very well while they helped me pull it off. Priceless.

Birthdays are a huge deal in our family so choosing one special memory is difficult but the best was throwing the most amazing surprise party for my mothers 60th. To see her smiling and laughing the whole night was perfect! She thought no one could ever surprise her.

My favorite birthday was my son's first birthday. He was so excited and everything was decorated with the number one. He ate the cake with a big mess and everyone had fun. Thanks for the chance!

I have boy/girl twins that are 9 now and it has always been a challenge finding gender neutral party themes, but Birthday Express has always had great options for me! On their 5th birthday I had a Luau themed party for them. I had tiki torches around the yard, grass skirts for all the guests along with a whole bunch of Hawaiian party favors, decorations, signs, tree lanterns and games. It was a great time had by all!

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