June 19, 2012

Win $250 from Ebates to Make Your Beauty Wishlist a Reality!

Bright lips, glowing skin, great tan. Don't you love looking Summer Beautiful?

Our fabulous Health & Beauty Sale kicked off yesterday. Loads of amazing merchants are participating, and we think this is a great opportunity for us all to celebrate our health and beauty goals for the Summer. We know that sometimes achieving our beauty goals isn't always cheap, so we are here to help!


Just leave us a comment telling us what is on your beauty wishlist and you will be entered to win $250! Must be a resident of the United States over the Age of 18.

Good luck!


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I'm ready for some new Dior mascara, some eyeliner and maybe a new summer perfume!!

I am looking for a whole new line of makeup from foundation and powder to eye shadow and lipstick. I just can't decide which is better to go with.

I need a new perfume, anti-aging serum and SPF moisturizer.


flatiron and hairdryer and some Ole Henrickson

I would love to win Hydroxatone and a Clarisonic.

Skin care cream, specifically eye creams. Something great for eyebrow color that won't rub off everytime I brush my hair away from my face and eyeliner that doesn't end up in my eyes making me cry.

Actually if I win I'm buying make up for the local battered women's shelter.

Some new makeup. There's some new colors I want to try for summer.

Well,I am beautiful enough already....but cannot get enough Chanel no.5 ever!

Something fruity

I wouly bare essentiails mineral make-up prducts and a brush set.

Lip gloss!! I'm obsessed with my lips

Something that will give me a ton of moisture in the face area!!! PLEASE MOISTURE!! Lol

Wanting a hairdryer & flatiron. Also, some new foundation.

Oh...to be able to buy all the Philosophy products I want!! heaven.

I wish I could find a great moisturizer with SPF 30. They really seem hard to come by...

Lash extending mascara

Right now a Dior Addict Lipstick is on my beauty wishlist!

A clarosonic is on my wish list.

A brand new, NICE blow dryer!!

whats on my beauty wishlist... hmmm.. LOTS AND LOTS! lol, a new foundation that doesnt make me break out. a curler that actually works lol. lengthening mascara, sunscreen!

I need a complete skin regimen to combat aging and the beginning of wrinkles...ASAP :(

A Clarisonic and some new lip gloss, mascara, and foundation.

oh and perfume!!! :) i think my fiancee is getting sick of me using his cologne lol... it just smells so good. haha

I need more Philosophy products!

Paraben free sunscreen, something to help my thining hair and hair loss, some nice shades of lip balm, and basically anything off the philosophy website!

I need a good new blowdryer, perfume, and makeup!!

Makeup from Pur Minerals!

Jo Malone cologne and Dior lipstick would be my wish list this summer. Thank you so much for always being generous, Ebates.

I just recently developed ocular rosacea, which has made every single item of makeup I own useless. My skin's completely different, I can't put ANYTHING on my eyelids without stabbing eyeball pain, and my lashes are falling out in big chunks - plus, can't wear contacts. I've been experimenting with mineral makeup and hypoallergenic products but there's been more failing than succeeding - changing a routine of 30+ years is kind of a crapshoot. So I'd use the money for more experimentation!

would love a new hair dryer with diffuser, flat iron, pedi set, new make up brushes!!!!! the list could go on and on.

More SPF moisturizer is on my wish list. Can't protect my skin enough!

A new hair dryer, better conditioner and perfume

would love a new flat iron, and hair dryer with defuser!!

I want a solia hairdyer, and something to make my ezcema scars go away, as well as a nice facial cleanser set.

I'm dying to try the Clarisonic Opal to get some serious TLC for my eyes! Thanks for the fab contest! xo

Hello! I so need a new make over! I am starting my life over in a way! I lost my leg last Spring and I was very sick and almost died! I am on disabilty and can not afford hair and skin products and I am desperate for a new fragrance!! Thank you and Happy Summer!

A good skin care regimen from head to toe!! And something run like a new red lipstick =)

A good skin care regimen from head to toe!

Retinol Fusion PM Kit

I'm ready for a facial, manicure and pedicure and a hair make over!

I want Dior Show mascara and Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette.

would love a whole new makeup kit,,with some refreshing idreas !!

Wow I could use a total makeup overhaul! I am in dire need of makeup products and I would love to get a flat iron to straighten out my frizzies.. and of course some new makeup or skincare products.

My wish list is new summer clothing.

i could definitely use a beauty wishlist make over. i havent bought any new make up lately, so i have a bunch of old makeup sitting in my drawer. new fresh make up would be such a help! my face would thank you.

several things:
make up
hair brushes
hair dryer
body wash
nail polish
...everything. lol

Anything from sugarpill cosmetics or urban decay ((:

Spf facecream, sunscreen,

i really want a new hair dryer and a Clarisonic Mia

foundation that is for very oily skin that will allow skin to breathe and anything that helps clear up acne

I've always wanted a Clarisonic Mia! Everytime I see them online my heart yearns for one, but they're just so expensive.

My wish list includes, but is certainly not limited to, new perfume (I haven't treated myself in years), the RIGHT shade of lipstick, charcoal eyeliner, and every shade of eye shadow under the sun. Plus I'd like mineral foundation and cream to lighten up my dark spots. Yes, all of those things would make me happy, happy, happy.

Garnier facial cleanser and facial lotion; and June Jacobs moisturizing mask

The Freedom Palette is really great and comes at a good price. I had so much fun picking out a 20 color one and I use them all the time. They're super pigmented and the color selection is really wide.

I could really use good hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.

Living Proof Restore Conditioner!

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