July 13, 2012

'Celebrate' Friday the 13th with $100

This contest is now CLOSED. The winner has been contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for our next exciting giveaway.

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th then with $100 in your pocket. 


Winners must be over 18 and residents of the United States. Good luck!


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I'd take my mom and sister out to dinner.

I would be chasing my Friday the 13th superstition away by shopping at my fav store Kohl's for back to school clothes for my children

i would buy all the fixings to make a great weekend BBQ/pool party

I'd spend it on travel to see my fam and friends!

I would spend it on this upcoming semesters textbooks

I would use it to purchase school clothing for my niece and 3 nephews! I could use all of the help I can get!

I would spend it on my next vacation! We're planning a trip to New Orleans!

I'd stimulate the US economy...perhaps even spending it through a link on ebates (of course)!

I would get my mom an outfit and new cookbook for her low salt/low fat diet. I'm lucky to have my mom and I'm thankful.

I would treat my parents to a nice dinner as a thank you for all they do for me.

In would spend it on gas! We are moving to Arizona from Seattle in a few months and will be making the drive...twice! It'd be such a huge blessing.

I would spend my prize on school supplies for the kids. Schools starts again in 2 weeks!

I would buy a new perfume from Sephora.com and earn 8.0% cash back!

I would put it towards that cross body bag I have had my eye on!

I would spend it on doing something special with my 15 year old son. The idea that there's only another summer or two that he'll even be wanting to do anything with me is not something I take lightly!

I'd buy things to fix up my house.... And I'd shop through eBates, of course!

Ill got casino..win more, buy half on ebates get more cashback and rest to charity now i remain equal..

I'd use to money towards one of my hospital bills! Boring, I know, but smart, don't you think? :)

I would go out to dinner.

I would use it to treat my self to some back to school clothes...I am a teacher! :)

I would go to Ebates and shop for back to school!

I'd spend it on my Walt Disney World trip.

I would invest in a stock that would payout a monthly dividend like PSEC.

I would buy a plane ticket home!

New clothing. I need workout clothing in particular and a new pair of cross trainers.

I am a makeup junkie, so I would buy some new makeup. :)

I'd give it to an elderly lady I know of who is desperately in need of all the help she can get right now. A beautiful soul of a woman who has more than paid her dues in this life.

I would go to ebates.com, look for a new summer grill, click through to make sure i got my cash back, buy it, get it home, invite some friends over for dinner and tell them about ebates and how I saved $ buying our new toy!

Start buying school shoes for my kids, online thru ebates. :-)

I would use it towards moving, we moved from CA to ND and it's been an expensive trip!!!!!! :)

I would take my 15 year old son and his three friends to the movie. They have worked hard all week and need to relax. What better way to stay out of the heat than a movie!!!1

I am graduating next month. I would use it so I can do something for a graduation get together before I move out of town..

hmmm.. how would i spend my prize?... i would treat my daughter to a mother daughter day: ) shes my everything, and DEFINITELY deserves it.

I'd buy some new toys for the Grandchildren!

I would shop til I dropped on ebates of course.

I'd take it to my daughter to help her celebrate her birthday on Sunday! We're planning a little bbq with a glass of wine (or two) to toast her big day! Love ebates....you may shopping much more fun!

I'd buy a rug (through Ebates, of course) for my daughter's room!

I would very easily spend the $100; I love Ebates! Looking for a new chair!!

hmmm.. how would i spend my prize?... i would treat my daughter to a mother daughter day: ) shes my everything, and DEFINITELY deserves it.

I'd take my mother shopping so she could buy her something nice because she's on a fixed income.

On something finally for myself, instead of on diaper and wipes!

i would take it and use it on the vacation we are finally going to take next week. Haven't had one in 7 years.. it will be nice even if its only for a weekend :)

I'd buy something for my daughter Sophia & for my husband's birthday.

I would use this money to buy supplies for my son who is headed to college for the first time. He will be 5 hours away so he will need alot of things for his dorm room.

I would use it to buy some school clothes for the kiddos!

Use it at ebates to get money back on the money I won.

Gas money to go visit my BFF!

I would use it on ebates to shop on Walmart to buy my 6 year old son a bike .

Take my kids to a water park!! AZ heat is brutal.

one can always use a new pair of beautiful black pumps. :D

I would use the money towards my husband's upcoming birthday gift, would be so cool! Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

I am currently approaching my lay-off date from work and would use the $100 to buy something frivolous for myself since I know I won't be able to until I find other employment!

Easy! I would take myself shopping for once!

i'd spend it on the homeless folks living around here. 100 dollars could make a difference.

Back to school supplies for my 2nd grader!

Love to spent it to pay for my school loans!

treat my daughter to whatever she wants: ) she more than deserves it, and buy a little something for my momma : )

I'd get back to school items for my daughters and maybe a new dress for me!

We have baby #2 on the way in about a month and our video baby monitor has died on us, so we are in need of a new one badly!! We would use the money to buy a new one for sure. They make us feel so much better since our kids are on another level of the house than us.

i would like to help poor people by buying supplies for them

I would indeed spend half at my favorite store The Body Shop and the other half to my local animal shelter!


I woulduse my 100 bucks towards a Nikon camera to take pics of the next time someone decides to chew face in Miami. Happy Friday the 13th

I'd like to buy something to change the bedroom as a gift for my wife. I'd like to make our bedroom something special for us.

I would buy some fun groceries for when my husband returns from SEA. :)

i would donate it to my sons autism walk.

i would apply it to my bills because im a poor college student :(

something for my wife she is crazy about sephora.

I would take my wonderful husband who works selflessly 90+ hours a week at a public hospital to a nice relaxing dinner for 2!

I would use the money to shop on ebates for back to school clothes for my son.

I would buy my son some new shoes and clothes for his bday!!

i would go start school shopping for my 2 kids

I will shop at Nordstrom via ebates. I have been wanting, dreaming to have this CHLOE eau de parfume green...hmmmmm.............!!

Hubby & I would go out to eat as an early birthday gift for me. 58 on july 27. YIKES!! (-:

I would use it to pay for my GRE test! =)

A special summer outing with my kids!


I'd buy my kids back to school items.

I'd buy more apple cider vinegar and other healthy goodies from vitacost.com (through ebates, of course). :)

As a single Mom (currently unemployed) of three (two of which are teenage boys) - I would by more groceries with it.

I took the kids to mcdonalds and gave them to eat until they throw up :)))

I would take my family to White Water Bay to BEAT THE HEAT!

Today is my birthday, but I would probably spend the money on my children's back to school shopping.

I would spend it on my daughter, for school supplies and clothes.

The money would help fund a sewing project for my six grandchildren.

I would get my daughter in swim lessons and with the left over money have a family night at chuck e cheese.

Shopping on Ebates!

I would plan a night out with my hard working hubby. Treat him to dinner at one our favorite restaurants, and a catch a local concert.

i would spend it on me and my daughter AND
i have been wanting to do something for a while,
i would take 5, $10 bills and go around and see people who truly need it and give it to them. i want to do something good for people. there are so many bad things happening in the world that a little good would be nice.

I would have a BIG cook-out for all my kids and grandkids : )

I would shop for new makeup and a new hair dryer!

I'd use the money to buy a new pair of basketball shoes from Nike.com, and tell all of my friends how it was free and I got 6.0% cash back from using Ebates as well.

Buy some wine and celebrate Friday the 13th without incident.

I would buy my doggies a new set of toys!

I would spend it on school clothes for the grandkids! Love shopping for them!

Shopping for school stuff for my kids!!!

I would use the money to pay bills or for my son's tutor...

I would put it right towards my upcoming wedding!

I would spend on a romantic evening with my honey of 36 years!

I would put it towards traveling tickets!

I would get my toes did! :-D

I would use the money to buy some curtains. I just got married and moved into my husband's bachlorpad home and it desperately needs a woman's touch!

I would buy lots and lots of coconut oil and tea. LOL Seriously though, I would.

back to school shopping!


I would put it towards my wedding next year.

I would spend it on textbooks for grad school!

Well, Sunday is my birthday, so I would probably treat myself to something special that I normally wouldn't purchase, like a new purse or a massage!

I would spend it on my favorite Ebates site, Soft Surroundings to buy something I deserve but can't afford!

Savings since we have none!

I would use it spending it online with my ebates account so it would actually be more than 100.00 :)

I would buy some of my kids' favorite groceries!

A night at a hotel!

I'd use it to take my hubs on a date.

I would buy summer clearance or early fall clothes for my three girls!

I am purchasing a hot tub for my kids with my substitute teaching money and this would really help. Love ebates tell everyone I meet about it!!!

I would take my special needs son and my daughter out for icecream and a movie

I'd use it to buy something pretty from one of my favorite merchants on ebates :)

I would take my kids to a waterpark...they have never been to one and really want to go

I would use it to treat my kids to dinner out a rare event for our family of 6!

I would buy my kids new clothes for school.

I'd use it on Ebates to buy a new toner cartridge for my laserjet printer.

I would spend it on some online shopping through ebates.com!!!

I would spend it online and of course go thru EBATES as always!
Thanks for the BIG CHECKS thru out the years!!

I would finish uniform shopping for my son's first year in school!!! My baby starts kindergarten!

I have Triskaidekaphobia! I would spend my winnings on going to the Crescent hotel in Eureka Springs, AR. It's one of the most haunted hotels in America and I'd love to go revisit to catch more footage!

I would spend it all on the daily double!!!

I would put this in my travel fund. Its where I put my ebate checks. My regular paycheck goes completely towards my mortgage, so travel has to be saved for and planned.

I would buy a new pair of pants for work and the rest would be spent on groceries.

I would plan a girls day out with my 2 awesome daughters; letting them choose some new toys or whatever they may want!

I would take my hubby out for a night on the town!!

Love Friday the 13th...even have a black cat at home...he is my love bug...I would love to win a prize! :o)

I would take my 86 year old mom to see a musical.

I would use it to put towards my Yosemite trip next month. Its the first time I am ever going to this national park and I can't wait to see all natures beauty. Thanks for the chance to win.

I would buy me some new cloths and maybe even a handbag

I'd buy things that will be needed for my daughter's baby shower.

i would do retail therapy and lunch with my mom..whos up fron florida for the summer

I would buy my son his school supplies and some new shoes for him!

When am i getting $100, I need tablet for my daughter:)

I'd use it to FINALLY purchase a printer so I wouldn't have to bum off friends or run to Kinkos. Probably an HP printer and I'd use Ebates of course!

It would go right in the vacation fund. Saving for a 30th anniversary trip to San Francisco!

I would spend it online through ebates to get my oldest some new school clothes to kick off the 6th grade.

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary at Friday the 13th July 2012 :). We against the odd, in my country, they say it is an unlucky date for marry, but we proof it's wrong.......so far :D

Take my son to dinner and a movie.

I would definitely use the money towards groceries. My family usually spends a couple hundred dollars towards groceries. We're also on a budget and it's tough when you can't afford everything that you plan on getting. This would definitely make my family happy. :)

Would go vitamin shopping at vitacost.com

I would use it to go out to dinner once in a while. Probably put some gas in the car.

I would help my daughter with some college expenses as she works so hard, makes me so proud, and we are NOT superstitious - she is my gift born 20 years ago on the 13th!!!!!!!

It's funny, I've been working all day and never realized it was Friday the 13th - guess I'm not very superstitious. If I won $100, I'd take a day off and take my 7 year old on a day trip to see the ancient mounds that are in our region, that we just haven't gotten around to visiting yet.

Love to pay my school loans!

I have grandkids birthdays coming up so That would help take care of those gifts and would be so much fun to spend someone elses money!!

Towards my upcoming trip to NYC!

I would put the money towards either a laptop or tablet for my parents.

I would take my husband out for a wonderful dinner. He deserves it! Friday the 13th and the number 13 have been lucky for me!!

I'd use it for groceries, bills, ect.

Buying a house -- need some cash to add some "home-y" touches to it!!

I would defiantly use the money for baby gifts, since everyone's popping babies left to right. JK it would help me on my financial.

I would have to use it to get books for this coming semester at school.

Buy my daughter some dishes for her new apartment.

I would put it toward the iPad I'm saving to buy for my non-verbal autistic son.

Spend it on my family

Easy! Shop for the grandbabies of course! Thanks for the opportunity!

Give it to my husband as a gift to spend any way he wishes and thank him for marrying me 38 years ago today.

I would purchase a few lottery scratch off tickets for a chance to win more money.

I would spend it on new clothes for school since I'm finally losing weight on Weight Watchers! It would be a celebration of the new, healthier me!

I'd definitely do my back to school shopping :)

I would buy my 4yr old son and ice cream maker. He's allergic to milk so he can't have regular ice cream. I would make him homemade coconut ice cream!

I would spend it all on my grandchildrens birthdays, one on the 15th of July, she will be 2 and one on the 27th and he will be 7!

I would spend it on my to be born baby girl due in September ( probably on diapers! )

Donate this to my son's school who gave him a scholarship.

Back to school shopping the best possible way - through Ebates!!!

I would give it my daughter to add to what shes raising in her efforts with breast cancer awareness. She is training for two three day walks to raise money and awareness. One hundred dollars would mean alot.

I'd buy groceries!!!

I'd buy a flight to DC to spend much needed time with a few very dear friends.

I just got engaged ! I would take my fiance & son on a great night out !

I would use it on EBATES to buy my kids school clothes!!! :)

I would take my husband out for his birthday!

I would do the same what I do everyday. Came from office, going to play Tennis and then head out to dinner with my family.

I would spend it on food and litter for my 3 black cats(and one calico)

If I won I'd use the $100 to buy a couple Xbox games for my brother & I to play together ^_^ That's what I call Family Fun Time!

I would pay some credit card debt we have, then turn around and spend the credit on my kiddo's....

A much needed garbage disposal!

I would put it toward a dental crown.

Not sure how i'd spend it, probably buy my grandkids shoes for back to school... But would really like to get something at the COACH outlet store...

Unfortunately, I'd have to pay an overdue bill :(

I would use it to make my house payment. I am short and need it badly.

I would take me and my two daughters out on a girls day out! :) We need it...They are 12 and 9 and its been a long time.

I would spend it at ebates ... on my Fav. store :)

Books....more summer reading material for the family.

Spend it on books for my son on his upcoming Fall Semester classes at UTSA......

I'd put it toward my vacation in August!

I would spend my money on traveling books, specifically about Ireland. I love Irish culture <3
I'm hoping on going later on this year!!

i would spend it on me and my daughter AND
i have been wanting to do something for a while,
i would take 5, $10 bills and go around and see people who truly need it and give it to them. i want to do something good for people. there are so many bad things happening in the world that a little good would be nice.

I would pay my water bill that helped keep my garden alive during the drought

Take my kids to the go-karts!

I would go and buy my husband some more professional clothes.

buy groceries

I would have a girls night out with my daughter!


A late birthday present for me!

I would use the money for a really fun GIRL'S NIGHT OUT!! WooHoo!!

treat my daughter to whatever she wants: ) she more than deserves it, and buy a little something for my momma : )

I'd go out to dinner

I would buy that luxury called food. $100 could go a long way!

I would use it to buy postcards and stamps for Postcrossing!
“send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!” - so much fun!

I would save it to buy my books for college this fall. :)
Good luck everyone!

A summer pass to our neighborhood pool!

Par-tay with friends and family.

I would buy plants, seeds & supplies for our new community garden!

I would buy some books that will give me rebates and just read, read, read...

Already shopped and used ebates today! 6% cash back with school uniforms! Add this to the Lands End rewards I cashed in, the $20 off coupon, and the free shipping - I scored! Thanks ebates! You made Friday the 13th beautiful!
So - I guess the $$ back would be an extra bonus to help with the rest of school shopping!

I would buy some adorable clothes for my 22 month old son :). Thanks!

I think i might buy a lot of different flavors of ice cream and cones then take my cooler to the highway and street and give all the outdoor workers a free cone! I know they could use it esp when it is 100 + degrees all the time lately.

alot of nice comments, but I would use the money to take my wonderful wife out to a nice dinner and movie. She is more than deserving

I've recently graduated from grad school (June 2). However, I'm still unemployed this summer and have no lineups, which means I haven't been able to shop at my favorite stores for quite some time. To top that off, today I received a phone call from my student loan company (which is the only bill I haven't been able to pay since graduation) asking me to pay my bills. Therefore, I would use $100.00 to pay on my student loan. Less debt means more shopping eventually.

there are a couple of concerts coming up this summer and i would really like to go to at least one of them- so i would get tickets for me and a friend

I'd give it to my granddaughter to help buy her school books for nursing school.

I would spend it on Kohls.com so I could get the extra 6% back from ebates! :)

I would spend it on some fun kitchen gadgets to cook up some more tasty dishes!

Give my living room a mini makeover with new toss pillows!

I'd buy textbooks next semester. : D

seed money for my new ebay venture...for eventually buying a car since i haven't had one for over two years!

I would go buy some new clothes.

Pay my rent so that I can stay in NYC forever!!

Why lie I'd blow it on myself and by myself some new clothes.

Fund Furniture for my empty living room.

Well, I would either buy school supplies (2 kids going to school) or birthday presents. I have 5 family members with birthdays in August!

I would buy some groceries, and buy my 14 month old little girl some new summer clothes and shoes!

ill give it to my mom.. just to help for her check up in Hospital...

I would take my husband out for an awesome 40th birthday dinner.

Spend on my medication which i need it all the time...

I would buy my kids new school backpacks!

Pay for my garage organizer that I'm looking to have installed soon. Love stuff to organize more stuff!

I'd use it for gas for our upcoming trip! Oh how nice would that be! :)

Buy my loving Aunt who is turning 80 a beautiful birthday gift to celebrate her 80 years on this earth <3

I'd buy some pet food for our local animal shelter and also a new toy for my dog Marley. Of course I'd be shopping on petsmart.com and going thru Ebates!

I'd spend it at an Ebates stores!

I would buy my daughter a dish set and pots and pans for her first apartment.

Spend it on my annual summer pedicure. I know. Ick. Just not your primpy type, but I do like to get one during the summer. Also would treat my daughter to one.

Have dinner with my wonderful hubby!

I would spend it on some nice steaks and party with family and friends! ;)

clothes and/or date night

I would take my grandchildren school clothes shopping.

I would buy new shoes!

I would pay off some medical expences that really need to be taken care of

I would use it for some fun shopping!

I'd love to get some new shoes for the family.

put it away for a rainy day :)

I'd spend it on a day trip to the beach

I would spend it on dinner and drinks for my closest friends!! :)

I'd head to the casino. What better way to tell bad luck to take a hike?!

Want to buy a couple of beds for our local animal shelter.

I would buy my husband that special t-brush system he wants!

I would spend it on a trip to Vegas!


I love ebates and would spend the prize money at Macy's. I would buy something that was made in the U.S.A. Superstition be gone...

Diapers for the newborn

I would shop online for some back to school clothes and of course I would use ebates. =)

I would spend the money to buy my mother a present for her birthday that's coming up in a week! Thank you for the opportunity.

On our anniversary trip next month that we booked through eBates! Who doesn't love cash back on a trip along with some spending money! :)

I so need some new clothes!

With back-to-school around the corner, this would really help! Thanks so much!

I would spend it at 6pm.com for back to school shoes for my three kids! Right here on Ebates ;)

I would treat myself to a much needed massage! I take care of my family all day including grandkids so I need a little "me time".

Camping gear!! We need a mattress and some lanterns and camping stuff to go with our new tent! It's time to be in the woods!

I would put it into savings. That student loan won't pay itself!!!

i would buy summer clothes.

As of lately my mom and I have had that type of troubling luck, a partial building break in, an unexpected purchase of locks, a confusion with the water company with a shut off and shut on panic and auto drama, I would split it with my mom, or take her out, but certianly something to make her smile, her bday is the 21st.

If I won a $100 from Ebates, I would shop for my upcoming vaca to Hawaii!!!! Hello Bikini!

A pack n play for the new baby.

I would use to get my prescriptions filled.We have NO insurance and my husband is the only one working so i cannot afford my medication and unfortunately am not eligible for any state or county programs.

Things are tight around here as they are for so many these days. I just got some more clothes for my growing like a weed daughter and I know she needs more clothes and shoes, so that is where it would go.

Much need money for back to school shopping for my boys.

I will buy my kids tickets 2 Great America since lately I been really broke I haven't done anything fun for the summer and that will make them really Happy.. :)

One word: SHOES


I would host a big dinner party!

shopping online, through Ebates!!! Love Ebates!!!!!

I would have to put it toward a new air conditioner...we're having a heat wave & ours died last week!

I will use it to fix my car that broke down yesterday. I could really use it!

I would fix my car it broke down yesterday

I need gas :( bummer of a necessity to spend a prize on...) and it would be really nice to be able to drive for the rest of the month. Way to hot for bicycling!

I would use it to help pay for the time my husband needs to take off for our 18 month old son's brain surgery that is coming up in September or use it on one of my other three kiddos:)

Have a fun day out with the family!!!

would spend it on Kohls

Back to school shopping for my children.

Shoes, shoes, and shoes........................

I would use it to help me pay for centerpieces for my wedding!

I would give some to my husband for a new Xbox game, I would would perhaps get a new purse. Our favorites!!

School clothes for my soon-to-be-Kindergartner! :)

I Love Friday 13th and Ebates!!
I would buy tickets to take my Grand Daughter to Seaworld and let her ride the rides see the show then go shopping at the gift shop! Our grandson is Autistic so I know she would shop for him more then herself.

I'd use the money to buy more supplies from Lowe's for the loft bed we are building our daughter. Thank you!

I would buy my son a couple of books @ B&N and start on the back to school shopping!

I'd buy paint for the living room & get rid of "builder's beige"!

I would Take My Grandma , Grandpaw, 2 Cousins , Uncle , Dad, Step mom, Sisster And Brother Out To Dinner And Buy Themm A Toy (:

I would spend it on my Mom & Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary this Sunday. They are the best parents and deserve the best. They never spend money to go out and eat fancy or to the movies so if I won this my dad could take my mom out on a nice date :)

It would go toward something for my kitchen.

I would spend it by paying my credit card off!! I also dont get paid enough from work!!

We just booked a trip through Ebates for our anniversary, which is next month. We would use the money (along with the cash back we're getting!) as spending money on our trip.

I would spend it on travel.

I would spend it on others .thats what life about

I would donate it to the Tallahassee Animal Shelter to help care for
all the homeless animals there.

Id make my checking account read $100 instead of $0.

I would buy matching gemstone bracelets for my granddaughter & I :)

A nice dinner with my family and a coupon of course

Take my sweet hubby out to a nice restaurant for dinner!

I'd buy a joovy groove stroller!

I would spend it on my new grandson ,Braydon, who was born July 6th

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