August 13, 2012

Back to School Bedding from BeddingStyle!

Schools across the country will be starting before we know it! Elementary students are hitting the stores with school supply checklists in tow to fill their new backpacks with crayons, pencils, erasers, notebooks and folders. And then there is the need for a new pair of tennis shoes for physical education class.

Middle school students may have a few more gadgets on their lists to include calculators, protractors, compasses and the like. Once the kids hit junior-high and senior high school age, their priorities tend to shift from wanting new school supplies to wanting new clothes for school, mainly to impress their friends.

Then there are all the college students wanting to deck out their dorm rooms for the new semester! Here are a few tips when buying bedding for college dorm rooms:

1. Find out what size beds are provided in your specific dormitory. Most of regular sized Twin beds, but a few have Twin XL mattresses which require special sheets that run a little longer than normal Twin sheets. Some dormitories even provide futons that use a Full size sheet set.  Both Twin and Twin XL mattresses can use Twin comforters, and a Full size mattress could use a Full or Queen sized comforter.

2. Since dorm rooms are usually compact in size, you have to consider that the beds are probably used as more than just a bed, but also as a couch, desk, table, etc. Knowing that, I recommend a color or pattern that will withstand stains as it's bound to get dirtier than normal.

3. Last but not least, look for high quality bedding, not only to endure the wear and tear I just described, but will also last the few years of dorm life. College is expensive enough without having to refurnish must-haves every year!

Here my top picks of bedding that not only fit the bill for quality college dorm room bedding, but are also "student-approved" as the trendiest college bedding styles:


romance floral.jpg


*This giveaway is now closed. Our winner will be contacted via email. Thank you for entering*

One lucky winner will be receiving a $500 gift card courtesy or BeddingStyles. Just leave us a comment letting us know which BeddingStyle is your favorite! Open to residents of the United States, 18 years old and over.


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Floral with Pink! Gorgeous!

Love that black and white bedding set, of course it would have to be for a girl.

Steve Madden's Juliet bedding is my favorite.

I love the black & white with the pop of pink!

Nicole Miller is my favorite. They clean patterns but warm and inviting colors/feel.

I'm in love with the second bed set. From the patterns to the colors, it just screams "BUY ME" It would turn my room from drab to total FABULOUS!

I am loving the striped bedding!

Wow, So hard to pick from all the great selections! Currently the TOMMY HILFIGER Hydrangea Petals is my favorite . This is why i never got a tattoo. I love changing styles for a positive Change.

I love the Addison bedding!

We like option 1 with all the browns and reds! thanks

Number 3. Simple and classy!

I love the second black and white one...There is a typo under the striped bedding as well. Where it says"or" it should say "of"...hopefully this won't knock me out of the drawing:)

Oooh! I love the Juliet by Steve Madden. So cute!!!

Wow! I like the second one which is the middle, for it could use for both men and women. Jesus loves you!

The sophia style is my fav!!

I LOVE the first image above! It's modern, uses inviting colors, and is artistic. I think it would add energy and flair to any room!

My bed needs an extreme makeover, possibly a new and much more comfortable bed! I'm a 21 year old, "BROKE" college student so I don't have the money to pay for one (money goes to tuition) and have been having trouble sleeping because of my bed. A part of my bed is also broken and I am slightly slanted to one side. HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED :) !

Love the 2nd one black, white and pink. Simply gorgeous!!!!

I love the Perry Ellis asian lilly bedding!

Orange Kay is nice.

I love the manor hill Paloma looks classy & comfy!

I love stripes!!

I really like the 2nd one with the black and white floral print. The hot pink accents really make it great! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, we could use some nice, new bedding in our home.
Amie Olson

These bedding sets are gorgeous!! Nothing gets me like a beautiful new bedding set! I'm definitly in need of one! :) :) :)

I absolutely LOVE the Vera Wang Origami set. It goes with my grey and faux crystal accents perfectly!

Black and white floral with pink!

Love the first bedding photo, those circles and curves are so cute!

My favorite is the top brown/red/tan mixture as it isn't too girlish or boyish either way. Thank you for this opportunity!

While I enjoy all 3, I think the striped bedding would be great in my teens room!

I'm a huge fan of nice clean lines. I like to change everything up regularly with different accent pillows. I do like the black flowers though, maybe fora guest bedroom!

I love the Tommy Hilfiger Bear Mountain design

I Love Striped Bedding Light Pink ,Blue,AND White,GO With Alot Of Driffent Color Walls !

I love the floral with the pink!

The black, white and pink one!

I love that last bedding. The pink and the blue go together very well. Not to mention it looks SO comfortable!

I love Number 2! The black and white floral with a pop of pink is absolutely gorgous.

I Love all of the Marimekko prints, especially the Unikko florals.

I love the first set. The striped sheets and the funky pattern with red and a grayish color is perfect for my room!

love the black and white one too, definitely more my style then the other 2

Nice! I quite like the MARIMEKKO Lumimarja set.

The blue stripped one

Black and white floral and pink is cute just love it! The blue and white is ok the circles if they where a different colors maybe. I just hate brown and the darker colors.

The blue and pink stripes!

Perry Ellis Asian Lily wow love it!

I love the black and white with hot pink sheets! Such a nice color combination!!!!

okay, they are all wanting the same. The pink and black is just my style

The black and white with the pink... My daughter would love this on her bed!!! That is so her style!!!

I think the black and white is stunning. The touch of hot pink would be a reminder of my 4 daughters and their families who are not living close by:)

That is a hard one to pick. I love the stripped one .. thou all are very pretty.

I really like the black and white floral one with the hot pink accents. The hot pink adds a nice flair!

I absolutely love the Vera Wang French Paisley! It's too cute!

Steve Madden's Starr is my favorite!!

I love #1! It's kind of mod and reminds me of owls somehow. Gorgeous colors too.

I really love the Tommy Bahama collection!

My favorite bedding is the Nautica Pink Crew. My fiance and I just bought our first home and this would look great in the pink/aqua guest room we are decorating now.

Winston is my favorite!

Love the Quilts category, especially the Laura Ashley Venetia Sage Quilt. It would go perfect in my guest room! Like the prices too - discounted!

Manor Hill Azumi Garden

I would love that blue and pink bedding to change my style up a bit.

Floral with pink is awesome!

I love the second set. It is not very "typical" but is still very pretty and will brighten any room!

I'm loving the LAURA ASHLEY Rowland Blue Quilt, so beautiful!


I really like the 1st/top picture with the dots and stripes. Lots of color and attitude.

I like "Asian Lilly" by Perry Ellis. Fresh looking!

I LOVE the second black and white one. Especially with the splash of bright color

i love the bottom picture - the navy blue & pink w/ flowers - so cute!

Love the top one with the red/brown/tan circles & swirls...such a bold fall look!

The pink and blue striped.

I just LOVE the Asian Lilly designs by Perry Ellis!


It's hard to decide between the red retro and the Asian-Inspired B&W. I LOVE THEM BOTH but I'll have to say the black and white is my favorite!

Steve Madden Lucy

Laura Ashley's Wakefield is so pretty! It's my favorite!!

the stripes are my fav

Brown is my color and the big dots would make a dorm room seem bigger,right? Love it.

I like the Tommy Bahama Fiji Coast

The white with black floral and pink triming

Broadmoore! Thank you for the great giveaway!

Tommy Hilfiger All American Navy

Love the Perry Ellis Sweet Bay

My fav is the black white and pink one! So pretty! You can also add more colors to that scheme in your bedroom!

Thanks for the chance ebates!!

Earth tones is my favorite...

Number 2 so cute!

The black and white would look awesome in my bedroom!!

I love the black & white with the pop of pink!

Love this ,it looks so comfortable and cozy

i love the MANOR HILL Mirador!!!!!!!!! its sooooooo pretty!!!!

Love the Laura Ashley Collection

The first one that is neutrals and warm colors.

i love the PERRY ELLIS Asian Lilly White too!!! absolutely stunning! and so vintage like.

very nice pieces.

I really like the top two. I can't decide which one I like best. :)

Black, white and hot hot hot pink!

the 2nd style, black and white pattern!

i love the PERRY ELLIS Asian Lilly White too!!! absolutely stunning! and so vintage like.

Definitely Cleo's absolutely gorgeous!!

The black, white and pink set!

I really like simple styles, solids, stripes. that way I can add LOTS of colors with pillows, and accessories, and change it up often!

I love the black and white flower one!!

I have to choose? I have 5 that I love! My husband and I have a new home and we're happily recreating every room. We want a bedroom that makes us feel like adults and is a retreat from all the stresses of daily life. I think the Laura Ashley Berkley bedding set would serve that purpose. Love the patterns and colors, they're so welcoming!

Love the first ensemble, warm earth tones.

i like the Perry Ellis.Asian Lilly

Tommy Hilfiger-Hydrangea Petals :)

I love the Black and White one :)

I like the second and third sets

I like the black and white with fuchia accents!

Manor Hill Cleo bed set is my favorite!

Number 2 is super cute :D

I love them all!!! But my favorite is #1.

The Black, white and Pink is our favorite. My daughter is getting a new big bed soon and really like this.

Love the black and white with pink accents would go nicely in my guest room.

I love number 2!

I love the Laura Ashley bedding sets. Caroline was probably my favorite. There are so many to choose from.

Manor Hill Cleo is gorgeous!!! A definite improvement over the hunting-themed "bachelor bedding" that's been here since I moved into my husbands house!! YIKES. I need a bedding intervention!!

Oh I love the Manor Hill Cleo Sapphire! So so pretty! I cant wait to win lol! thanks for a chance.

I love number 3. The stripes.

I really like the Tommy Bahama Broadmoore set.

Loving the black and white print! Classic and chic!

There is nothing better than freshly ironed white sheets, and a cozy down comforter!


I like the blue striped bedding set with a touch of pattern.

I've loved MARIMEKKO since my first trip to Finland! Gotta go with Pieni Unikko Blue!

I love the City Scene Medley. Very classy.

Black, White, Pink of course=AWESOME!

I love the first set. It makes me want to go lounge in my bed. I love it, where can I find it?

I am a fan of the Tommy Hilfiger bedding. I have had my Nantucket Blue set for way too long!

I love, love, love the black and white floral, with the touch of hot pink, I want it!!!!!

Love the third one with the stripes. Lovely.

I like the Manor Hill Mirador

I like Nicole Miller Westwood and could use some nice bedding!

I love the Perry Ellis Sweet Bay.


I like the earth tone bedding with the circles!! Reminds me of so retro!!!!

I like the Vera Wang Dip Dye Dots. Seems a simple beauty which also looks comfortable!

I like the Steve Madden Camille style

Floral with hot pink! It's goes with my room!

i love the bottom picture - the navy blue & pink w/ flowers! Beautiful

The Black & white with the pop of pink!!!!

I love the bedding by Steve Madden called Juliet. I would love to purchase it for my daughter, or win the contest so that I can get it for her. :)

Steve Madden Lucy. I absolutely love it for our master

Black and White is my fav

I love the blue/pink stripes with the cherry sheets...too cute!

Love the Black/White and Pink bedding. Thanks for the chance!

Black and white w/ pink

Really loving the Manor Hill collections, especially Paloma and Daniela (though I adore the Sierra Sapphire shower curtain).

The black and pink ensemble! It is so my style!

Love the first one that the writer picked! Great choice. Easy to match and add accessories to it. The striped sheets reallly set it off. And I love Ebates! I have been ebating for several years now!


I really like the black white and pink! SO CUTE! If we are being asked which style from the actual site we like, I REALLY like the Manor Hill Paloma and the Vera Wang Love Knots

Laura Ashley Sophia

I LOVE the first bedding set! Those colors and design are right up my ally! Beautiful set

love the retro style..It is my style..

Perry Ellis Asian Lilly is perfect for my freshman little girl. She will love it. ^_^

I like the Marimekko - especially the bright red!

I like the first one best. Real nice pattern.

Definitely the striped! Makes me smile.

The L'erba Platinum Zen bedding is a classic, modern style.

I don't really "do " pink but the pink with the black is very pretty.

the black and white with a splash of pink. Trendy but classic

The Jaida collection by Manor Hill is very pretty. I'd love to have this for my bed! I also like the Andros Chocolate quilt by Tommy Bahama. It looks soooo comfy!

Love the Manor Hill Paloma!

The black and white floral with pink trim is the one I like the best.

I love the Steve Madden Rose Coverlet!

Ilove the striped bedding.

Really love that first one with the circles, very cool!

The Laura Ashley style named Sophia is my favorite. It's beautiful.

high thread count! awesome!

Laura Ashley Addison with the purple damask... so pretty!

I like the modern tans and taupes on the top!

I would chose the Manor Hill
Azumi Garden set. Elegant, yet sophisticated, inviting and uplifting. A serene escape where I could rest, relax and find peace. It would be my sanctuary! It's a dream set! It's beautifully made! It would be would become a family heir loom. I would never want to let go! Just gorgeous! Only a dream for someone like me!

Oooo love the earth tones one!

Love the marmekko ones, especially the Marimekko Silkkikuikka Blue

The black and white with the pink is perfect! The contrasts in the colors makes for a clean look with a little pink "flair!"

I like the blue and pink striped. :)

#2 ~ LOVE the black & white with "just a touch of pink"!

I love the bedding called Juliet by Steve Madden! I would like to buy that for my daughter. I know she will absolutely adore it!

I'd go with the first design. Reminds me of the pyschedelic of the 1970s.

Love the Black and White with the Pink! Awesome.

love Tommy Bahama Orange Cay bedding set!

I love all of them.

I'm kind of torn I like the first and second design. It depends on what kind of mood I'm in and the time of year.

I think the first bedding set with the earth tone browns and reds is gorgeous and versatile.

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