August 6, 2012

How to Make Back-to-School both Meaningful and Memorable

To the chagrin of students and joy of parents; back-to-school is just around the corner! Now is the time to take stock and begin the familiar back to school gear up.

Here are a few ideas to create a meaningful and memorable start to the school year.  Begin by addressing Bullying once and for all with the Bully Free Pledge Magnet and make sure every student signs one. The magnets stick around all year and will be a reminder to stand up against bullying. 

Atlas_ebates-FTO_07242012.jpgWith Bullying addressed, it is time to inspire, and what better way than to remind students of the great things they can accomplish in life! The Future Leaders of America Class Roster Ruler is printed with your entire class roster along with images of every President of the USA. It's a keepsake that will long be remembered and prized by the children who receive them. 

Finally, as you set out to tackle another school year ensure your kids are geared up with Personalized Pencils (89ยข per set of 3) and Teachers are stocked with a bundle of Custom Pens. In school there are plenty of distractions, make sure finding their pencil isn't one of them.

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For a chance to win one of three Back-to-School supply kits valued at $150 from For Teachers Only, leave a comment about your favorite back-to-school memory!


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I remember when lining up, we had to line up according to height from shortest to tallest.

My favorite memory was all the new school supplies, crisp new notebooks, pencils and bright, shinny new clothes.

I remember not being able to sleep the night before the first day of school and wearing that brand new outfit on the first day.

my favorite memory is picking out my first day of school outfit!

Seeing old friends, new school supplies, and the fresh brand new start each new school year brings.

My favorite school memory is my 1st day of 1st grade. I remember waiting for the school bus and waving goodbye to my mom & baby brother as I boarded the bus to my new school.

New school supplies! Nothing like the first sharpened pencils of the school year!

I remember going shopping with my grandmothers and buying new clothes and supplies and spending the whole day with them. I felt so special to have them and knew that my school year would be bright and hopeful because of them... tghose days going out with them made goign back to school a fun experience..wish I had them back...

I always loved saying the Pledge of Allegiance with the whole class and singingly Country Tis of Thee every morning!

My favorite memory as a child is when we looked on the School door to see our class assignments and the teachers we'd have...

I don't have a specific favorite moment, but I always loved planning my first day of school outfit! I would do that a week before, along with packing all my brand new school supplies in my back pack. :)

I remember picking out my first day outfit and how excited I was to have new clothes and shoes!

My favorite memory is buying the back to school supplies.

my favorite school memory was always back to school shopping. i loved going up and down the isles looking for new notebooks and pretty binders and pens. so i cant really put it to ONE specific memory, because every year, shopping, was always the best part of school. lol

My favorite memory is picking out new school clothes and getting ready in the morning. Both my parents worked, but they would always take the first day of school off. That way they could walk us to school and pick us up. Then we would get ice cream after our first day! Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful memory!!

The night before the first day of any school year, I was always so excited that I could never go to sleep. I did that all the way up to college. The first day was so exciting and everything was new each year. I miss that feeling of anticipation but, My kids have it now! So I know what they are going through and why they just can't get to sleep the night before the first day of the school year.

I loved the brand new school supplies! Who doesn't love fresh markers, notebooks, and folders. Being a teacher, I still love new school supplies!!

My favorite memories were seeing all my friends, visiting my teacher from last year and finding out what friends were in my class for the year!

I always loved putting on a new outfit!

My favorite part of going back to school was seeing my friends after that long summer break.

I loved the excitement the first day of school. Picking out a new outfit, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and learning about my new teacher!

My favorite back to school moment is from 2 years ago. I looped with my students from 3rd grade to 4th. I had an autistic child in my class and he was always very aware of his personal space, and very rarely was anyone allowed in it. I knew it was going to be a good year when he walked to my classroom door on the first day and gave me a high-five. Not only did it show me he trusted me but he was excited to be back!

I remember my first day of high school and seeing all of my old kiddie friends looking grown up; including me.

Memorys of lining up single file. Being the line leader was the best job!

My favorite back to school memory was coming home from the first day, jumping down the bus stairs and running into the house. I was so excited to tell my mother about all my friends and my teachers and she would be sitting at te table waiting for me with a plate if warm chocolate chip cookies and a cup of milk. She would sit and listen to me for what seemed like hours.

My favorite memory is getting school clothes for the first day of school. I always looked forward to picking out that first outfit and remember staying up most of the night before school anxious for it to start.

The best was getting new BTS supplies. It was the only time I ever got anything that was brand new like that! Writing my name on the brand new supplies and then covering my books after the first day of classes.

Seeing my classmates and getting school supplies!

I was always so happy to get new school supplies when going back to school. It was about the only thing I got that was new. My Dad was disabled and we were very poor. Now that work with poor kids I always buy extra so they can also have something new at the start of the school year too!

making new friends and shopping for new outfits!

My favorite back to school memory is after shopping all day
We would head to Wendy's and get a frosty! A tradtion
Passed on from my Grandma to Mom and now my boys!

My special memory was having my mom being home and taking me back and forth to school, and instilling within me, that education is the most important thing for a great future. Now that my mom has dementia, I reflect back on her wisdom, and I try to push my students to reach for the stars...

I always enjoyed getting new things, like a notebook, pencils, pens, and especially crayons! There is nothing better than the smell of a new box of crayons! Even though I am a teacher now, I still love getting these items new at the beginning of the school year!!!

My favorite memory would have to be heading to the bus stop with my sister on her first day of kindergarten (I was in 4th grade). I was officially the "big" sister, and of course had to show off with all of my friends, haha. We had a great time at our bus stop though!

My favorite memory is when I made my California mission in 4th grade. I can remember the nights when my family and I worked on it together. Laughing and talking filled the room as this little assignment brought our family together. The most memorable part of the experience is when I walked into class, with my mission, and the entire class gasped with amazement. A beautiful hand-made masterpiece could not outshine the smile on my face in that moment. I had never felt that good about myself in my entire life. At that moment I realized that hard work and family support were the key components to success.

My favorite back to school memory was seeing my friends again and sharing our Summer stories.

I always remember getting a new outfit and getting my picture taken on the first day of school. I always got excited about new school supplies, and I still do!

Shopping for back-to-school clothes is a favorite memory of mine.

Seeing all my friends!

I remember getting to see all my friends I didn't see all summer, since we lived so far out from everyone else. I also remember being excited to start a new year of learning new stuff.

I remember never being sure who was going to be in your class (thinking you would never know anyone) and then being pleasantly surprised. It was so fun to see how everyone changed over the summer (esp in elem school) and having all the nice new shiny school supplies!

I remember sitting in the gym with all my friends and our stuff and waiting to find out who my teacher would be. The principal would read off her list and we would either be thrilled or not-so-thrilled with the news.This was a first day of school ritual that I still don't understand, but it was fun.

My favorite memory was going shoe shopping and picking out a brand new pair of shoes for the first day of school.

Mom taking our picture on the first day of school with our new clothes!

My favorite back-to-school memory is going shopping for clothes with my mom as a kid every year through high school. When we got home with our bargains we would have a fashion show for my dad. :)

First Day with a new backpack and new outfit...and old friends. Awesome!

Every year my grandmother bought me a new outfit, I was always so excited for the first day to arrive so I could show my friends. I also loved having brand new supplies! It's now one of my favorite things about being a teacher, equipping my classroom with new supplies!!

As a student, my favorite memories included writing about what I did on summer vacation as a first writing assignment. I also loved meeting new students who transferred in, and missed ones who moved away.

As a teacher, my favorite memories include seeing all the enthusiasm in my students eyes and attitudes, as the grew and mastered new ideas and concepts.

I also loved seeing all the talent in talent shows.

same every year- the feeling of wearing a brand new outfit and brand new shoes, big family so we usually only got one new outfit....the smell of the classroom which was something like floor wax and new erasers- and the excitement of finding which of your friends were in your class.

My new back to school outfit. Also getting all my folders and book covers.

I remember the first day of school and making sure my hair was perfect and I had the newest and greatest trapper keeper :)

I remember walking into my 3rd grade classroom and seeing a bathtub! I quickly learned we could read in the bathtub for fun! This year was by far my favorite because of my teacher, Miss Bakley, who fostered a love of reading in me!

New shoes, socks, and underwear!

Every year that I make it through the first day of school successfully becomes my favorite back to school memory!

i remember i always get excited when my mom got me new school supplies! also seeing my classmates again to see if we're all on the same class again!

I always liked the smell of the new crayons and markers and playground balls. I think that was one reason I became a teacher.

I remember purchasing school supplies every year. As a future teacher, I can't wait to buy them again for my students.

Lineing up for the first day of first grade with my hair in a side ponytail. That was the best day ever!

The smell of a fresh new year of new material and GREAT KNOWLEDGE.

The newness--new teacher, new classes, etc.

I remember i liked to see my classmates, listen to the stories they shared and first lessons, oh, how i liked them, because i always promised to myself study for straight "A"s.

My favorite back to school memory is from my first year teaching. I was so excited to meet my class. I spent over a week setting up my classroom. I loved meeting them and introducing myself to them as their teacher. I will always remember how I felt.

There is nothing more magical than the first day of kindergarten. Backpack on, supplies at the ready and enthusiasm abounds!

I loved just being back with friends- summer back then no computers, no easy transportation, missed my friends and loved the smell of new crayons and loved how sharp they were

I remember riding the bus home on my 1st day of kindergarten and not knowing what to do. When we past by my house, I just sat there. At the end of his route the bus driver turned around and saw me still sitting very quietly in my seat and had to drive me back to my house.

Getting new crayons and pencils and tablets and a new bookbag too! mmmmmm, loved the smell of the crayons and their nice sharp points!

Getting to wear and use all the back to school stuff my mom bought me finally!

I will always remember my first day of kindergarten. I told my mom that it smelled funny as we were going up the steps inside the school. She laughed and told me it smelled the same when she went to school as a little girl, too. That memory is special to me because my grandmother, mother and I all went to school there and now I'm preparing to start my 8th year of teaching in the same school district.

Fashion show for my parents with my new back to school clothes!! Clover was the 'hip' place to shop around our parts....

I remember shopping for new school shoes in August each year - one "fancy pair" and one pair of gym shoes. I always wore the gym shoes home!

Walking to school on the very first day -- such a sense of excitement and possibility... and I still feel that every first day of school as a teacher!

Our school didn't assign students to classrooms until the very last minute so I remember rushing into the building to check the list outside the class doors for my name and my friends' names.

I always liked going to the stage for a film. It was always so hot at the beginning of the year. They would set up metal chairs on the stage they were ice cold when you sat down. It was one of the few spots that had air conditioning. It was also pitch black in there. No one made a peep during those films. They were a treat. I remember watching Paddle to the Sea, Free to Be You and Me and lots of those educational Disney movies. I loved them.

My mother and grandmother made new school dresses for me and my sister each August. We got to go to the material store and pick out the colors we wanted. Then we went through the trials of having the dresses fitted and hemmed....when we wanted to be outside enjoying the last of summer's freedom.

finding out which class i was assigned to and finding out if my friends were in the same class

Getting new school supplies and clothes for the first day.

Back were I went to school all the basics where already bagged up, but you did get to pick out yarn and what color folders you wanted. I loved picking them out and would take ages to do so. I loved going to my school to meet my new teacher and of course picking out my first day of school outfit.

I was called out in public during a special ceremony for writing the best poem! I was in the moon! lol i was only like 9

I remember the excitement of my parents taking me to school. Unfortunately, I did not like school though.

I loved shopping for back to clothes and of course couldn't wait to see all my friends that I missed over the summer!

Its gotta be the new school clothes!

My favorite memory about going back to school was that when I was little the teacher's could hug you. It was a warm gesture to say they cared like a mom would.

It would be nice to be able to have extra supplies to give our kids in need a little help. What a nice gesture to say we care.

school and school supplies needed are alot different than when i went to school. everything is so different especially when you're trying to take care of two special needs children. this would be son unbelieveably helpful.

I used to love go clothes & supplies shopping! Then came the 2nd day of school! Wanted summer to be back! lol

My favorite memory: 1st day of Kindergarten. My mom used to tell me that I was so excited until the very first day. My dad had already been teaching me how to add/subtract and was telling me about something called "multiplying." I thought I was going to get kicked out of kindergarten because I could multiply. I have to admit I was nervous the whole day! -- I guess you could say that my dad influenced me to be a Math teacher :)

My Mom would always take us school shopping to buy new clothes. I remember the fun of looking at all the new things and wondering what to wear. How truly blessed we were to be able to afford that. <3

My favorite back to school memory? I think I was going into 1st grade. The first day of school my mom was going in for surgery and I was very scared. I told my teacher, who then had the whole class each make their own get well card for my mom. It made me feel so good, and it made my mom feel good too, except for the fact that I told them what kind of surgery she was having and it did embarrass her a little (she was having all her teeth pulled and the children tried to make her laugh by drawing big mouths with lots of was so cute when I look back on it). But my mom was such an awesome mom (she has since gone home to be with her Lord and Savior), she made cupcakes for each of the kids in my class 2 days later!! Sure do miss my mom, but what great memories!!

It'll reveal my age, but the smell of paper fresh off the mimeograph machine was always a great way to start the school year!

Favorite Back To School memory was the secret shopping trip my grandmother took me on right before I started my Freshman Year :-)

I remember being chosen as class monitor on the 1st day

My favorite memory is of back to school shopping! Always so fun to get new stuff! It still is :) That is why as a teacher it would be so great to win this contest! <3

My favorite BTS memory was laying out all of my new school supplies and new backpack. Then I would use mom's "special black marker" to put my name on every item!

I remember, every year, my Mother would take us and buy us new clothes and supplies so we could look great for school, no matter what her budget was like. I think that was my favorite part of back to school!

My youngest sister, then 5 years old, was picking out her outfit for the first day of school. She told us, "I want to dress like a heart-throb!". Ready for her first impression!

My memories is of my daughter's first days of school. I always took pictures of them in their new school clothes and with their backpacks. Now the tradition goes on and my daughter does the same with her boys. Precious memories.

Comment here. This is bullshit. It won't let me enter

I remember walking through my neighborhood and seeing everyone dressed up for the first day of school, getting to school and waiting excitedly to meet my teacher.

When I was in Kindergarten, I would only go to school if I was wearing a dress, and tights. I remember wearing a black dress with gold trim. I cringe thinking about it now, but I loved it back then.

My favorite school memory is the smell of fall in the air as I walked to the bus stop in my brand new clothese carrying my new books in my new book bag and my new lunch box. The smell of leaves and a plastic lunch box takes me right back to my desk in elementary school with my hair in pig tails.

Clothes shopping with parents and siblings at Sears:)

I do not remember the first days of school but I was always excited to get back together with friends I had not seen all summer.

I loved getting new binders and labeling all of my folders to put inside of them!

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