August 20, 2012

Win $150 from Ebates in Honor Of BTS and Shark Week!

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you to all of our wonderful entrants. We will be contacting the winner via email, so keep your eyes peeled!

The team here at Ebates has a special affinity for Shark Week. And while it may be over, we want to help our wonderful fans take a big bite out of their back to school budget with $150 in cold hard cash from Ebates!


Entry is simple: Mako? Great white? Hammerhead? Tiger? Just let us know your favorite kind of shark. 

You should also feel free to enter over on our Facebook page!

Open to residents of the United States over 18 years old.


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Hammerhead Shark!

Frankly, all sharks scare me to death, but I'm going to say tiger!

I love shark week!
My favorite is the silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis).
Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Tiger Shark!

Reef Shark!

Leopard sharks! Not only do they look beautiful, but they hunt by making their mouth into basically a vacuum. So cool.

Great White - King of the Ocean!

Hands down - hammerhead. Friendly, yet cool!

Great white is my favorite!

Nurse shark

Great White!

Great white. Watching them leap out of the water is downright terrifying.

Leopard Shark! Coolest looking shark out there :)

My favorite shark is the hammerhead. I liked it so much, I got a tattoo of one on my arm! That's commitment to shark week :)

Great White!

Hammerhead shark

Hammerhead-because they just look cool;)


great white!

The great white is an amazing species

Hammerhead. Absolutely fascinating.

Definitely the Great White Shark! :)

Definitely hammerhead!

Great White shark is my fav.

The Great White- I don't want to be on its receiving end that's for sure!


I love th tiger shark th best

Whale Shark.

My favorite shark is the hammerhead because it is so unusual!

The Goblin Shark!

The Galapagos shark!!! Saw them while shark cage diving in Hawaii! :)

Basking shark!! Have you ever seen one of those things? SCARY!

I love all 354 varieties of sharks but my favorites are the Mako and Great White.

I agree with many of the posters, I would have to think that the Great White is quite interesting, I would be scared if I were on land it was near by in the water.


of course its the great white

nurse shark. <3

Blue Shark

A stuffed animal shark. They are cute and cuddly and you dont have to worry about being dinner :-)

Nurse sharks are my fav.

The great white because it is an adaptive and evolving predator. I did not know that seals were not an original prey in their food chain, but they learned how to catch them.

Tiger Sharks. Vicious.

Whale shark

Cookiecutter shark-

It's small, but interesting. It has a perfectly round bite.

The Bull me that is the scariest and most unpredictable!

No question about it - Lemon Shark! When I hear Lemon Shark - I think dessert, maybe a healthy fish dish and don't panic. It sounds like we are back on the top of the food chain instead of a treat for Sharks - playing bobbing for people... I am so afraid of Sharks that I will not gargle with salt water. Besides Lemon Sharks are a popular since they survive well in captivity, unlike the great white that will not eat in a caged or pooled environment. Of the 22 known lemon shark attacks since 1580, none have resulted in death.

Whale Shark - such an amazing creature. Saw one at the Georgia Aquarium. Love Shark Week too.

Angel Shark!

great white!

Megalodon - the prehistoric giant shark

the Great White!

I am fascinated by Megalodon; as for a present-day shark, the Salmon shark is very interesting.

Leopard sharks are really cool!

SHARK great white

the cow shark!

The nurse shark because it is nice & gentle!

The Bull Shark !!! Considered to be the most dangerous shark in the world!!!

Great white as they are Great!

I love Tiger Sharks!

I think the Whale Shark is the coolest!

like ur url

Nurse Shark... I swam with one, once!

Whale sharks are cool!

I loove the whale shark! It's amazing every time that these animals open their mouths !!! luv it!

The Basking Shark is really cool!


Tiger Shark!

tiger shark

Hammerheads.. cause they're just so weird looking

Since sharks skeer me...I have to say Land Shark (loved SNL old school). But...if that isn't ok for an entry...I'll just say...whale shark.

Reef shark :)

Hammerheads! Their head shape is so bizarre!

Great White Shark.

Gummy sharks!


Great white !

Hammerhead Shark

dwarf lanternshark

Bala shark

Great White

Hammer Head Shark! Now where's my prize =D

Great white

Black tip!

the nurse shark, simple nice and not too big. I swam with them before. :)

I like the Whale Shark... the gentle giant of the shark world ;)

Great White. Jaws is terrifying and we watched a tv episode of them dissecting one, fascinating how they evolved

My Favorite is the Great White!

Leopard Shark the beauty of the sea

Shark steamer. :)

a hammer head is my favorite.

I prefer the fierce Great White Shark!

Hammerhead! Caught a baby hammerhead shark off the coast of South Carolina one summer!

my fav is the shark professional steam mop!! hahahaha.


"The GREAT WHITE". Is my favoret!! To look at.... Not to play with!! Lol

I love the great white Sharks !!

Hammerhead is just so fun to say. Go ahead, try it. That's how it gets to be the favorite!

My favorite shark is the black tip reef shark

My son is currently obsessed with the nurse shark.... "I like it because it sucks sand all day"..... Gotta love a 5 year old's reasoning :) He starts Kindergarten this year, I bet his teachers will have fun with him :)

Great White Shark ever since i saw Jaws!

tiger shark

Great White

Great White Shark

i love great white shark

The Great White Shark is my favorite shark because it the biggest, baddest, meanest shark out there ~ a true monster!

The Spined Pygmy shark

Everyone watches SHARK WEEK for The Monster !! GREAT WHITE!

Hammerhead shark!

My favorite kind of shark is the kind that don't bite!

Great White

The Great White!!

Ghost shark. He's spooky:)

Great White by far gotta love Jaws and how the great white has around 3,000 teeth at any one time!

i love the great white! such a crazy shark

Great White Shark....just like JAWS!! :) DA...Dumm...Da....Dumm...

I like the Hammerhead. I think they are funny looking!

mako. because it's a very curious shark that knows the differnce between food and people and will actually approach people out of curiousity, they are the fastest shark at a rate of 60mph.

Goblin Shark

Leopard Shark. When my daughter was barely 3, we went to the zoo with another friend. My daughter pointed at a shark and said, "That's a leopard shark." I didn't know the kinds of sharks, so I said "I don't know if that's what that is, honey." We walked around the corner and my friend pointed at the sign "Leopard Shark." :)

Nurse shark!!! ( I am a nurse....)

Mako shark

A Vegan shark would be my fav. then we could all get in the water with no worries! =D

The Great White would have to be my fav... after the Great White was my first Tattoo that I ever got :)

Great White

Whale shark.

The gentle giant, the whale shark, is my fave.

a very small one foresure!!! Kids were able to touch a leopard shark at the aquarium on vacation this year

I like the Great white shark!

They are all scary...but great white does it for me.


Have to love the great scares me the most but so impressive.

I love a good plastic shark . . . they come in all colors, you can pet them and they don't bite!

Well my favorite kind of shark is the sharks on the tv show "Shark Tank." Lol. But if we are really talking sharks, hammerheads are the most interesting looking ones.

I love em all! But I guess the Hammerhead......hammer down!

Hammerhead, Now imagine your eyes so far apart...

Definitely the whale shark! They look so cool, and they are harmless to humans :)

Mako Shark is my fav... YUM!!!

The Great White

The hammerhead - they're so funny looking - they make me laugh... from a safe distance beyond thick glass..

My favorite sharks are the: nurse, bamboo, and wobbegong.

Great White!

sand shark

My favorite is the nurse shark....I'm in my last semester of nursing school and my son tells me "I'm your little baby nurse shark". It fits.

Great White shark

a pool shark

angel shark

Great White Shark

Hammerhead shark :)

Great white or hammerhead :)

Leopard shark.

My fav is the Great White

Tiger shark is the greatest shark ever

Blacktip reef shark

Tiger shark

The Great White is my favorite. It's just so beautiful and majestic!

As a mom of four boys I can relate to the nurse shark :) Thank you.

Gotta love.....Land Shark!!

Great White shark

great white, for sure! : D

Great White Shark - "Jaws" style

I like the Hammerhead because it's just so odd.

Pool shark..i love watching people play that are really good!

On my bucket list to see a great white shark.

My 6 year old daughter is obsessed with sharks and marine life. We like the Bull shark because they are cool to look at and they are very very scary!!!

my favorite kind of shark is a healthy and happy shark :D

The Goblin's the craziest looking shark ever!


great white, for sure! : D

Tiger shark

Tiger Shark!

The whale shark because it is huge, but harmless to people.

It's a tie between a Land Shark (from Saturday Night Live) and a 3' Inflatable Pool Shark (that I cave my grandson for his 1st birthday last week)

Land Shark, like on SNL !! Ok, just kidding.....Great White like in Jaws..........

I like the great white shark.




I'm going to say nurse shark..we were in the Florida Keys and my husband had hooked one....took it on the boat and the kids got to feel it!! That was so amazing to watch!! Then we let him go back into the ocean...:)

Bruce from Finding Nemo....Land Shark from SNL...Seriously...Whale Shark because it is so amazingly friendly...for a shark...

Great White, most def! :)

Thresher shark

nurse shark!

the white Shark

I'm gonna say the Bull Shark. ,

Great Whites! They look MAD!!!

A WOBBEGONG SHARK: because they are harmless....Angel shark came in second only for it's ironic name!

Absolutely the Hammerhead shark. Very cool looking!!

Absolutely the Hammerhead shark. Very cool looking!!

Love the Great White...amazing creatures!

Great white shark! :)


Great White Shark!

A littl one.

I like the great white shark.

Great White, massive amazing creatures

Great white shark!

Great White Shark!

Zebra shark!!!!

Great white shark

great white!!! their so mysterious and graceful!

great white!!! their so mysterious and graceful! i would LOVE to see one in person

The whale shark, because it's known as the "friendliest shark".

great white!!! their so mysterious and graceful! i would LOVE to see one in person

Any SHARK.....=) but Tiger shark sound "scaryier"

grilled shark

great white!!! their so mysterious and graceful! i would LOVE to see one in person

great white!!! their such beautiful creatures!

Tiger Shark

great white!!! their such beautiful creatures!

Hammerhead shark!

Hammerhead - they're awkward and cute!

The angel shark becausae it isn't a meateater and lives off food from the bottom of the ocean...

"We're going to need a bigger boat." I would definately choose the great white. Jaws is one of my favorite movies... :)

My favourite shark would have to be the hammerhead shark!

The Tiger shark is my ultimate favorite! They are always on the prrrowl!

Pool shark

Card shark

Hammerhead shark

great white <3



Lemon shark

Great white sharks, especially ones named Bruce.


A Whale Shark! They don't attack and they look like beautiful designer sharks :)

Milk shark!

Goblin sharks are my personal favorite. Shark Week rocks!

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