August 27, 2012

Win a New Backpack Courtesy of Luggage Online!

This giveaway is now CLOSED. We will be emailing the winners to take care of fulfillment. Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for fabulous upcoming giveaways!

If you are waiting until the last minute to grab a new backpack, you are in luck! Our friends at Luggage Online are sponsoring a BACKPACK BONANZA. Five lucky winners will get to choose one of the cool Jansport backpacks featured below. Luggage Online has an amazing selection of back to school bags, and these Jansport bags can help you rule the school year in style.


Entry is simple: Tell us which color (plaid, blue, pink, or green) you prefer!

You should also feel free to enter over on the fabulous Ebates Facebook Page!

Contest is open to legal residents of the United States over 18 years of age.


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I love the green!

blue but my daughter would love the pink!

These are all beautiful! My favorite is the nice plaid one!
Thank you for the giveaway!!!!

plaid is lovely

The blue bag is my favorite.

I am loving that green backpack.

I like the plaid and pink

I love the pink!

The blue although the green is nice too.

That is hard because my favorite color is green however I love that plaid bookbag.

I'll take the green or pink! Always been a big fan of Jansport!

The blue backpack

I love the plaid one!

Pink! Pink!

My Granddaughter would love the pink!!

Love the plaid!

I love the GREEN backpack! :)

I love the plaid


blue, Blue is my favorite color, just makes me happy :)

I would choose the plaid! Plain colors can be boring! :)


These are all beautiful! My favorite is the nice plaid one!
Thank you for the giveaway!!!!

I love the green!

Hi there! I love the plaid! It could be not only for my little guy's school work, but also to carry his Strider Bike gear in! Thanks for the chance & happy Monday to you! :D

The plaid is my favorite.

My husband would love the Plaid... He was in Forever Plaid!

hmmm, greens my favorite color, but I like how bright the blue is...and the plaid is so versatile-but seriously, I like them all even pink

The blue, please!


I would go with pink, to replace my daughter's cheapy-cheap backpack that is falling apart!

I think "PLAID" would be the one my son would really like, his first semester at "UTSA"....thank you!


I'd love the plaid one!!

Pink Please!

My son calls his plaid shorts his "college boy shorts", so I think he would like a "college boy backpack"! Thanks very much!

Hands down, the Kermit green one!

Love the green!!!

I fancy a JanSport wi' the the wee bit o' plaid.
If I received it, I'd be more than glad!

The Plaid One! It has the most character! :) but there are 2 guys in my family so we.compromise on the plaid which is actually kinda spiffy!! this.would be neat to win! thx!

I just Love the GREEN

I love blue.

I like the plaid. Or pink. Or green. But mostly plaid. Thanks!!

The plaid is cool! I'd love to win that!

I'd Love the green Jansport backpack! Thanks for the chance!

Green is my favorite color! :) Thanks.

My daughter would LOVE the PiNk one!! Thank you!

Green!!!! My favorite color and a great color for that backpack.


I like the plaid. :)

I like the blue backpack.

I like the green one...

I love the Blue

I really like the plaid! It's unique yet neutral enough to work with everything. Very fall.

My boyfriend and I were debating between the plaid and the green, but we decided we love the green!

plaid! Although the green is a pretty color too!

The green bag would be perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.

son says he likes the plaid

LOOOOVE the plaid!

I love PINK~!

The Plaid is my favorite!

This is awesome! I would love the plaid one!

Love the green!

I love the plaid!

I love the GREEN!

My little girl would love the pink on!!

I would love the blue one! I really need a new one! I've had the same Jansport backpack forever, and now that I'm in college it's starting to show some serious wear and tear.

Senior in college, been using my Black JanSport since Freshman in high school... simple math, 8 years?

I really love the green one what a great color, the plaid one rocks too!

I am loving the pink!

The pink one, so girly!

i love the pink : )

i love the pink : )

i love the pink : ) love love love it!!!!

Plaid to the bone! ;)

Love the Green!

Plaid please!

The Green one!

Plaid is nice (:

I love the green!

I would like to rock the plaid!

I'd look pretty snazzy with a blue backpack =)

I'd love to win the backpack in green because green is my daughter's favorite color. Thanks for the giveaway!

I would prefer plaid

I want the plaid or pink one.

I prefer BLUE!

I would choose green!

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