October 11, 2012

Halloween Coffee Can Candle Holders

Fall is by far, my favorite time of year. I can cuddle up with my husband and son on the couch, drink pumpkin flavored Starbucks, and listen to the band play at the high school football game all from my house! I love to decorate and take our son to the pumpkin patch, and go on hayrides. So, when I found this adorable craft on Pinterest (somewhere in my thousands of pins) I told my husband this was on his honey-do list for this fall!


This is an extremely simple and CHEAP craft! The only materials we needed were:
  • empty coffee cans
  • black spray paint (You can always use another color. We wanted ours to match our black electric jack-o-lantern).
  • A small drill bit
  • Sand Paper


  1. Use the power drill to create the words using a small bit. I recommend having an extra coffee can to practice on before you begin.  I always try to have a test model of any craft I create.
  2. Decide what words you want on each can. You can do "trick or treat" on one large can, or "trick" on one and "treat" on the other can if you are using two cans.  Hubby decide he wanted "trick" on one and "or treat" on the other, so this is entirely up to you! REMEMBER: You can also do other words like "fall, leaves, wonder, hope, etc."
  3. After created your words, it helps to rough up the outside of the can with some sand paper to help it stick better.
  4. Paint the outside of the can black (or whatever color you choose).
  5. Let them dry, then wait until dark and insert a candle. You now have a SUPER cheap and easy fall decoration.

Stephanie Brandt is the author of DebtFreeSpending.com where she blogs about frugal living, coupons, crafts, recipes, and more! She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband of fifteen years and her seven-year-old son.  She is a teacher by day and blogger by night. Check her out on Facebook as well!

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