October 24, 2012

Mikasa Giveaway: Get your Holiday Table Ready!

Our amazing friends at Mikasa are ready for the upcoming holiday feasts and are here to help make sure your table is looking festive. They are giving one lucky Ebates fan this beautiful set of dishes!


Entry is simple: Just let us know what your favorite holiday dish is!

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I love sweet potato pie.

Turkey is my favorite holiday dish.

My favorite holiday dish is pumpkin pie!

I was recently introduced to Squash Gratin and it's definitely my new favorite dish!!

Bread pudding is my favorite.

favorite dish is: pumpkin cheesecake

corn casserole!

Cheesy hash brown casserole next to the old standby, green been casserole.



My favorite dish would be the prime rib. So good!

Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies like grandma used to make. Have to make them gluten-free these days though!

My Grandma's corn pudding. Delish!

My favorite Holiday dish is the one holding the Dumplings! :) ~Brenda

My favorite holiday dish is smoked, brown sugar, and honey ham!

My favorite holiday dish is my hubby's delicious sausage stuffing (YUM)

My Mom's giblet stuffing...always a crowd pleaser.

I love candied yams! So yummy! :)

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My favorite Holiday dish is Prime Rib with all the fixings!

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My favorite holiday dish is wild rice with dried cranberries!

Cheesy cauliflower bake!

Tough one, but probably the super lemony potatoes with onions side dish my aunt makes!

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My favorite holiday dish is turkey with stuffing.

My favorite holiday dish is Cranberry sage sausage stuffing!

My homemade apple pie is my fav. dish


sweet potato pie is the best

blueberry dream pie makes it a holiday!

my favorite holiday dish is Apple Crisp!

I love the Fruit cake all time favorite

My favorite holiday dish is Sweet Potato Casserole!

Cornbread sausage stuffing.
Those plates are GORGEOUS.

the day after the holiday the turkey- stuffing - cranberry sauce sandwiches - super yum

Favorite dish is apple sausage stuffing !

My favorite dish is my mother's stuffing

lobster rolls

dish is turkey with stuffing.

I love left over turkery sandwiches.

would love to win

Turkey with gravy! :)

Mashed potatoes & Gravy

My favorite dish is my dad's ham. I don't know what it is about the way he cooks it every year, but it's the best I've ever had!

Stuffing is my favorite!

Turkey dressing


Mother in law's broccoli casserole

There are so many holiday dishes I enjoy! One of my favorites (that nobody else I know makes) is my Cranberry Cream Cheese salad--it's delicious! I love this set of dinnerware. Thanks for the giveaway!

I'm probably the only person I know that makes Christmas Lasagna,

My favorite holiday dish is a Mikasa Christmas gravy boat.

Smoked turkey is the best! But my moms stuffing is a close second.

Homemade stuffing!

Oyster Dressing and Turkey Gravy

Love me some sweet potato pie!

Pumpkin Pie

I miss the Mikasa Outlet store!! Hmm, have to say the gravy as it's on everything!


My favorite dish is my grandfather's green bean casserole. He taught me all of his little tricks that he added to the original right before he passed away. Shockingly, both my boys hate green beans, yet they love the casserole!

turkey turkey turkey

My favorite thing is my homemade apple pie with cinnamon whipped cream...YUM!

Sweet ham...

Sweet Potato Casserole, sweet crunchy nutty topping, oh yeah, yummy!!!!

My homemade Dutch apple pie...my family loves it so much that we "joke" that it's the reason I get invited to my dad's house....LOL. He has dental issues, and it's the ONLY pie he'll eat!!!!



Pumpkin pecan pie- yummy!

Gotta love the homemade stuffing

I just love garlic mashed potatoes....made with love by my mom!

I can't pick - I love it all....sweet potatoes mashed with some brown sugar and cream, dark pieces of turkey, cranberry sauce in an amount more like an entree than a condiment, stuffing, all sorts of delicious veggie delights...no room for much dessert, but if you wait long enough, then pumpkin pie! Yum!

My favorite holiday dish is Roasted Maple Brussel Sprouts with Bacon!

I'm a sucker for my mom's pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie. Must have pecans on top!

turkey, turkey, turkey MMMMM

I have to say, it's a toss up between my mom's stuffing and her creamed onions!

My favorite dish is anything with sweet potatoes!

I don't think there is such a thing as a dish that isn't a favorite during the holidays!!

My grandfathers bread pudding!

wow dots are way too cute...they design is almost like the one on my wedding invitations, thank you cards and wedding tags. so pretty.

Cornbread Dressing

Love the stuffing


My favorite Green Bean Casserole would look fantastic on those plates! Good luck all and stay safe if you are on the East Coast!

Sweet Potatoe Bourbon Pie, oh my.

My favorite is homemade cranberry sauce

Yam Casarole!

stuffing :)

Sweet potato anything!

My favorite is the Turkey!! Yum! Can't wait!

I love "Green Bean Bundles"

These are so wonderful, My wife would lovethese...

My favorite holiday dish is stuffing!

My mom's mac and cheese and my grandpop's corn pudding! Couldn't pick one!

I'm a vegetarian, so it has to be Tofurkey! Yummers!

My mom makes this out-of-this-world cornbread stuffing... I look forward to it every year!

LOVE sweet potato casserole!

Chicken and dressing!!!

Sweet potato casserole!

Garlic mashed potatoes!

Hashbrown casserole!

Mashed potatoes.

sweet potatoes

Deep fried turkey

Saint Lucy's bread

My sister in-laws Sweet Potato Souffle

Turkey with all of the fixins, esp. gravy!

Stuffing. It is probably best it is a holiday dish, because I eat so much of it!

Sausage dressing - yum!

I love my mom's mushroom dressing! Yum!!

cornbread dressing

My Mom's yummy turkey filling!

Pecan pie

pumpkin pie :)

I love a raspberry Jello with cranberries and apple salad-from my Mom!

Turkey, please!

My favorite holiday dish is a cheese ball!

Pumpkin pie

pecan pie and homemade fudge

My favorite holiday dish is my mom's sweet potatoes! Yummm!

Pecan Pie...Yum, Yum :)


My favorite holiday dish is my homemade Ham paired with my freshly baked bread served and eat on a lovely festive china set from Mikasa.

green bean casserole

baked sweet potatoes


Mashed potatoes and gravy

i love casserole dishes, they are easy to use and one dish meals. I love these dishes.

We love making stuffing and the yummy way the house smells when cooking.

i like green been casserole in mikasa dish;-)

I just love stuffing!


Green bean casserole!

Cranberry salad!


My mom makes these awesome little sweet potato cups that use orange halves as bowls, topped with pecans!

rare roast beef at Christmas. I could eat it all day - and we do!

I love what my family calls "Grandma's Potatoes" - it is basically a potato/cream soup/cheese/butter SO BAD FOR YOU kind of dish but it is SO delicious, comforting and makes me think of my sweet grandma. :)

Creme Brulee....

Home made pecan pie!


Turkey and Dressing = Yummy!

I love green rice dish

My favorite dish isLeg of Lamb marinated in red wine, onions, garlic and lemon for two days. Then it is slow cooked till very tender. Serve with Greek cucumber sauce.

Pumpkin cheesecake!

Yams with pecans and marshmallows

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